'Criminal Minds' star Kirsten Vangsness calls A.J. Cook's firing 'a galvanizing experience'

If you thought Criminal Minds scene-stealer Kirsten Vangsness was suffering from a case of survivor’s guilt in the wake of costar A.J. Read the full post.

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  • Cheryl

    They fired Paget Brewster too! CBS you royally suck! You had a brilliant show like Criminal Minds and instead of appreciating what you had and simply tweeking it you ruin it in Season 5 by firing your 5 best writers and now mutilate it even further by firing two of your main characters all for what to put out a second rate duplicate of it?
    What nit wit pencil neck made these brilliant decisons?

    • Joy

      Paget Brewster replaced another actress on the show – so I can’t understand all the noise about her and AJ going. Criminal Minds is one of the shows that I set to DVR and keep for the entire season – the only other one was 24. I like the show’s intelligence – it is gruesome at times but it always challenges the mind.

      • Jason

        Maybe people like Paget better than the other actress. I know I do. Actually, Paget joining the cast is the only reason I started watching the show.

  • Guy B.

    In every show you have mom and dad, the brother and sister, and the kooky cousin, and of course the wise grandfather. AJ had to go cause you can’t have two sisters… American TV is just way to predictable. Formula formula formula, when was there actually a new idea on a TV show, not in a really long time.
    I hope this star gets a new show that breaks this trend.

    • KO

      Wait…who’s the Mom?

      • Guy B.

        Like My Three Sons, the mom roll is the second male lead…

      • KO

        I get your point Guy and yes, CBS shows do all seem to follow the same formula. I’m just trying to figure out how CM fits the pattern. So Hotch is the Dad and Morgan is the Mom? (cause Rossi has to be the grandfather.) Well, they do disagree a lot. Ha. Did somebody tell Shemar this???

  • Kat22

    AJ was one of my favorites on the show, I will be less likely to watch without her. Sad that they cut her loose, and a bad move.

  • Lindsey

    Wow. Some of you think a lot of yourselves. Boohoo CBS is losing you as a viewer just because…business is a part of life? Guess what? Cook will move on to bigger and better things. I’m pretty sure she can handle it and find great new things to be a part of. AJ was a great character and while it’s sad to see her go, she has a bright future. But so does Criminal Minds. They still have a phenomenal cast in tact with room to grow further because of this. So, they won’t be moping around just because YOU might not be watching anymore. Your loss rather than theirs for missing out on some great characters and great potential stories. And sidenote: Kirsten Vangsness is just fantastic. Can’t wait to see what they do with her character next.

    • Mike

      You’re missing something: as viewers of the show, we’re what you call “consumers.” Businesses completely ignore consumers at their own peril. You’re probably too young, but CBS tried to save some money on “The Dukes of Hazard” by replacing Tom Wopat and John Schneider. It was a business decision, the consumers (aka the viewers) hated it, and it destroyed the show. These moves regarding Emily and JJ have similar potential here.

      • Joy

        Wopat and Schneider were the Dukes of Hazard, but Emily and JJ are not the leads in Criminal Minds. You may remember that Emily replaced another actress in that role and the show did not miss a beat. As much as I like JJ, I think that someone else could fill that role just as well.

      • Anon

        ITA As long as Morgan, Reid and Hotch are there the rest can change.

  • jo

    The show is great. I’ll miss her however she just a part of the entire show. Every change the have made (Mandy leaving) was nerve wracking for this here fan but each and every time it’s been carried off really well…so let’s take a breath and just wait to see…

    • Lindsey

      The voice of reason.

    • Mike

      It’s different, though, Mandy left. It was easier to like the show because, hey, he abandoned us and we move on. This time, they told the fans: “We really don’t care what you want, one of your favorite characters is going.” Not cool.

  • seriously

    What does she think ‘galvanizing’ means?

    • right

      Yeah, that confused me too…

    • Probably…

      As an intransitive verb,
      to react as if stimulated by an electric shock — ‘they galvanized into action’.

  • Suncatcher

    At the rate CBS is going, if we don’t stick up for what’s left of CM1, there will be nothing left of it! Stop saying Kirsten is a mole and Mantegna must go! Geez, folks! We are already down JJ and Emily! Don’t give the idiots at CBS any more ammo than they already think they have!

  • Lindsey

    Paget wasn’t fired. She’s still on the show… Get your facts straight.

    • Mike

      Her episode count has been significantly reduced, though, so “demoted” is probably a better word.

    • Tracy

      This is her last year on the show. She announced it on her twitter page.

      • Mike

        If ratings follow roughly the path I expect after the changes, it might ALL the actors last year on the show.

      • bklynny

        I agree, Mike.

    • Arie

      Lindsey, Paget was told that the number of episodes she appeared in would “significantly decrease” During negotiations they bumped up the episode count but she was told this is her last year. So basically she was fired just not this season. Kind of a delayed firing so to speak.

  • nan

    Garcia is needed for a little comic relief.The show is so tense and real,that’s why she is here,also she is so very smart.we just love her.

  • Mike

    So funny. Love her, always have. I like most of the characters, and I still find I have absolutely no desire to watch the show without JJ in it. Still down a viewer, CM.

  • ann

    It sucks what happened to AJ – I signed the petition for her to stay -, but lets be realistic. A large TV group like CBS wouldnt risk dismissing a castmember if they werent entirely sure that it wouldnt damage hugely the show’s profits. They are exec producers that work solely on numbers. Why are we seeing so much more of Vangsness? They must have realized that she is one of the fan favorites – if not the one. And why is Vangsness in the spin-off? Because they want the show to work, they have a great budget to recuperate. They are not trying to make amends to AJ-Paget fans. They are trying to lure CM-original viewers to also watch the spin-off. That is all there´s to it.
    And why are they doing it? Because they know that CM audience ratings will remain huge, despite their recent decisions. It’s a calculated damage. If we take it from the petition, we may agree with them. There 60000+ signatures on the petition. That’s a lot of people but they’re not even 1% of CM average ratings on Wednesdays. It was a document available to anyone with a PC to sign it. Even if we consider that all of these petitioners will quit watching the show, plus some more who didnt think signing would do any good, the show should survive by a landslide. That’s how all TV groups work so me stopping watching a show that I love – and I love all the other characters – because of this pitiful episode wont change a thing.
    Again, I’m really sorry for AJ. I think I´ll cry in her last episode next season. I wish her all the best but, unfortunately, that´s how TV world go on.

  • Barbara Watkins

    I Love A. J.on the show. I ddont plan on watching it any more.Good Luck A. J.

  • FedUp

    AJ Cook is a decent actress. She has grown on CM along with her character. But she is not indepensible. JJ had more personal interaction with the other team members in the beginning of the series. Her character has just grown stale. Blame CBS if you will, but they are spending the bucks and therefore they have the right to make the decisions. For everyone here who says they will no longer watch, there will an equal number who don’t care. Happens all the time with series’ changes.

  • Paco from NJ

    I cringe ever time that ditz comes onscreen. The idea that there are some kind of romantic sparks between her and Shemer Moore makes me want to vomit. Her character is not even one note, more like a quarter note. Typical CBS took a decent show and ran it in to the ground. Will watch this year only if nothing better is on another channel–and with an airsickness bag on hand.

    • Anon

      Agree. Garcia is not one tenth as interesting as Abby on NCIS. And as for anything between her and Morgan, AS IF!!!

    • Mama’s Jwls

      A ditz??? Wow, I’d like to see what you qualify as intelligent… :o/

  • Sheryl

    I hope Charlie Sheen is worth it. Personally I can’t stand his show and don’t think he is worth the $ he’s getting. CM is not the only victim, CSI NY and a few other shows are losing characters, unfortunately good female characters. I’m done watching CBS.

    • Mike

      Watch “Community” on NBC instead — it’s a great show and needs the viewers. :P

    • Rumplestiltskin

      Love CSI/NY can’t be bothered with CSI/LV. Lost interest when Fishburne came on board.

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