Courteney Cox's ego 'bruised' after failing to earn an Emmy nod for 'Friends'

Courteney Cox told Emmy Magazine that her “ego got really bruised” after being the only member of the Friends cast to never receive a Primetime Emmy nomination. “When everyone did but me, that doesn’t feel good at all,” the star of ABC’s Cougar Town told the magazine. “There were certain years I thought, ‘Maybe I have a shot,’ like the Monica-Chandler years. But I don’t know how it happens and why… maybe I wasn’t ready.”

Cox, 46, was also a favorite to earn a nod this year for her work in the ABC comedy, but she was overlooked in favor of perennial favorites like Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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  • Kirokai


    • TheCriticizer

      Boo Hoo. Who cares you big beautiful baby. You’re a funny lady and you were great on ‘Friends’ and you are awesome on ‘Cougar Town’. Don’t let the stupid Emmys get you down.

      • J.

        Seriously. Does any of that really matter when she was earning an easy Million an episode in the later years of Friends? Come on!

      • Trey

        Yes J, it does. It doesn’t matter how much you make, if you were the only person at your job where you worked for 10 years that never receives any recognition for your hard work, while everyone around you did, you’ld have a reason to b**** too. And on top of that, have someone say “J makes enough money anyway, he should just shut his trap.”

    • Rosalie

      She was the glue that kept the Friends together! Although she did not get a nom, I would not let that hurt her ego. Her character along with Chandler’s did the most grow throughout the series. Anyhow, I feel bad for her because I always thought she was the best. I think everyone else just got overshadowed by Jennifers tabloid life.

      • dm

        I 100% agree. I always thought she was funniest, best part of Friends. She’s also great on Cougar Town.

      • Carlarosa

        She would have been nominated and would have won every year if she had been the one that married Pitt and that’s the sad truth. I think Aniston was the weakest of the three ladies on Friends, comedic wise. Courtney should have been nominated for her work in the episode when Ben was born, when she wore the fat suit in the prom video and when her frizzed up in the Bahamas!

    • Paul

      Never realized she was the only one not nominated. She should have been hurt. She was certainly funnier than Aniston throughout that show. No disrespect to Jen, but Cox was hands down funnier. She was funnier than LeBlanc for most of it too.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Its not necessarily about being funny as it is in being “good”. There was a lot of “heart” in Aniston’s portrayal that got her an Emmy on her shelf. Its a shame but there are many performers who do rather well and don’t get recognized. I think the popularity of the show and her paychecks speak for that.

    • my opinion only


      I hate when people act like celebrities who show any kind of negative emotion about any aspect of their jobs are whining. The girl is a television actress, and an emmy is how good work is recognized in that field. It doesn’t make her a whiner to want at least a nomination. All kinds of people like to be recognized at work, and she’s not any different. Its not like shes saying she hates the world, just that she was disappointed.

    • Jake

      I think the really great piece of this is that Cox recognizes when her ego is at play. Egos are funny beasts. She’s not claiming her work warranted accolades; she’s simply acknowledging how she felt. I think it illustrates a heightened level of self awareness. Good for her!

      (For what it’s worth, though, I think the Monica character was hysterical, and left in the hands of a lesser actress may not have been so great…)

  • Jonathan

    Courtney Cox should definitely get an Emmy nomination. She was hilarious in FRIENDS and COUGAR TOWN showcases her great comedic timing. Let’s hope CT has a great sophomore season and she can get a nomination next year.

    • AlexC

      I agree with you!!!

    • m1

      Yes! Let’s wait until next year!

  • Jason

    could have something to do with her horrible acting skills. just sayin…..

    • Eric

      Budarpfut. Just sayin…

  • brad

    and what shows have you been on. just sayin

  • Bee

    love courteney and she’s amazing. emmy people are just fooools. seriously though, don’t know why they ignore her constantly.

    • jean-huy

      same reason that they kept ignoring some really good stuffs, like “Buffy” who got snubbed for every major acting nonimations throughout their 7 amazing years! f*** the emmy!

      • Misha Lauenstein

        Knot’s Landing was snubbed as well.

    • Marci

      Oh, get a clue! Courtney, Buffy, Knot’s Landing? Trite and mediocre is the best you can say for any of them.

      • jennrae

        Pipe down. You’ve obviously never seen Buffy. Educate yourself before trying to contribute.

      • Crystal

        BUFFY? Are you serious? Inconsequential tripe about a teenage cheerleader fighting demons?
        Yeah, THAT screams Emmy material…

      • G

        Crystal, you have no idea what you are talking about. If you actually watched the show instead of read the summary, you would know how great the show is…….. The whole concept of the show is using demons and vampires as a metaphor for the idea of “high school as hell”

        It was a thick layered show that could evoke emotions from me I didn’t know existed…….

  • Michael

    If Jenn Aniston got a nomination, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t have. She was far and away funnier than her. Don’t even get me started on the horrid Matt LeBlanc. CC has great comedic timing and sometimes made Monica funnier than she should have been

    • Aaaa

      Agree with you here. I even think Aniston was nominated for Best Actress – seriously?

    • Bee

      and she won too ;) and deserved it!

      • Aaaa

        She did? Aye, ye, ye

      • Beth

        Yeah she won it, CC really did deserve an Emmy when she was on friends, her and Perry were the two funniest IMO.

    • Chris

      You’re so right. In the hands of other actresses her character would have been annoying, but Cox found a way to make her funny and even endearing.

    • PJM

      Here’s the irony to the whole thing: Aniston and Lisa Kudrow won their Emmys during the seasons when their characters were pregnant. Courteney spent the 10th season of Friends actually being pregnant. Although I think Courteney would take a beautiful daughter over a statue any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

      • Carlarosa

        I read once that for the first few years, the six of them never submitted reels to the Emmys because of that whole “we are 1 and we will negotiate as such” etc

      • steph

        @Carlarosa: Well they had nominations from the first year on. But the whole “negotiate as one” thing is right, they always submitted either all in the supportive or (later on) all in the lead categories.

    • steph

      “horrid Matt LeBlanc”? Come on, you can’t seriously tell me you didn’t laugh about Joey! LeBlanc was friggin hilarious! And it can’t be easy playing a dimwitted wannabe actor, but apparently he did a really good job since everyone now seems to think he IS Joey… All six of them are very funny and talented actors, and all of them deserved a win. And I’m saying this even though I never liked the Ross and Phoebe characters. Anyways, I love LeBlanc, Jen and Courteney, and most of all Matthew Perry, bring on the 2011 Emmys for Mr. Sunshine!!!!! And of course the long overdue one for Courteney Cox… no wonder she’s got a “bruised ego” with everybody else getting recognized but her…

  • T

    The Emmy people always nominate the same people over and over again, that’s why I don’t watch the Emmys anymore

    • Chas

      Yeah, those stupid Emmy people. Oh, wait…do you know who the “Emmy people” are? They’re the peers of the people that win. In the case of actors, only actors get to cast votes. If the category is for best director, only directors get to vote. In the case of categories like “Best Comedy Series” and the like, all Academy members get to vote.

      So, when you’re saying that “the Emmy people” keep nominating the same people over and over again, what you don’t understand is that it’s their peers that are nominating them. Clearly they must be doing that because they think that they’re the best. Do you think that they should not be allowed to nominate someone two years in a row, so that the poorer actors get a shot at an award? If so, I don’t think you understand the point of an award…perhaps you grew up playing baseball on a team where every player got an award, no matter how poorly they played. What’s the point of that? Oh yeah, to make everybody feel special despite the fact that they suck.

  • echeevo72

    Cox might have change if she could act her way out of a paper bag. She’s not the first woman in Hollywood to make on on looks alone, but that is clearly the case here. She got her start being “the cute girl” in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” video. No acting required for that.

    • Ben

      What does “Cox might have change” mean?

      • Marci

        obviously “Cox might have a chance…” c’mon, you knew that.

  • graeme

    Yeah, she was robbed big-time for “Friends”…but even bigger-time this season for “Cougar Town”. She gave the best comedic performance on tv this season.

    • Dave

      Actually, Portia de Rossi gave the best comedic performance on TV this season, and even she was robbed of an Emmy nomination. But I agree with you, Cox deserved a nomination too.

  • Stefan

    who cares, she got richer with that show than Scrooge McDuck .. i am pretty sure she was able to get over it

  • Danny

    All of the “Friends” were wonderful … but Cox definitely deserved an Emmy nomination [at least during] the 1998-1999 season for the Chandler-Monica romance. They eclipsed Ross and Rachel as the show’s main couple. Her Monica was amazing. And I love her on “Cougar Town”!!!

  • sara

    Personally, I think Monica has been one of the most underrated characters on TV. She was certainly my favorite “friend” and in my opinion deserved it more than Jennifer Aniston. Having said that, they are all very talented and will go down having one of the most popular shows on television ever. Screw the Emmys!

    • P77

      Amen, Sara! I agree with you completely. Monica Gellar was probably the most fleshed out character of all the “Friends.” I think Courteney has razor sharp comic timing and there were more than a handful of episodes that were Emmy worthy. The Thanksgiving episode that guest starred Christina Applegate…Monica and her prized china…I mean, come on, that was comic gold! The one with the Christmas candy, the one with the boots, the one where Monica is sick but would rather die than admit it…the one with the routine! She was robbed year over year and unfortunately, that continued this year with “Cougar Town.” Granted, it’s a tough field, but she should’ve grabbed the spot that when to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in my opinion. Next season, hopefully.

      • KarlHall

        Haha rmb how she wanted to have sex while sick? FUNNY!

      • Jen

        Now, see, I was just thinking that the reason she was never nominated was because over the years Monica turned into such an annoying shrew. Especially in the last couple of seasons, her acting was just so overly broad.

        But if Matt LeBlanc got a nomination, for pete’s sake …

    • Mac

      Why does it always have to be Courtney or one of the other girls on the show (specifically Aniston)? Of the past nominees, the weakest was David Schwimmer. I personally think that Aniston was the strongest, along with Matthew Perry. Cox was also deserving, especially in during the Monica/Chandler years. I repeat, Schwimmer was worst of the six.

  • edward cullens hair

    Wait, hold on, so David Schwimmer actually got a nomination for playing Ross?? She was definitely better then him.

    • Michael

      David Schwimmer was brilliant as Ross. I don’t think people give him nearly enough credit. Everything from his timing to his expressions were perfection. More importantly, David and Courtney weren’t competing in the same category.

      • Jen

        I’ve always thought that David Schwimmer was underrated. His character was annoying, granted, but his physical comedy skills were pretty great.

  • Brigette

    Courteney SHOULD have gotten a nomination for Friends. She always deserved it. I hope she doesn’t think that the lack of nomination reflected her work. Those awards area always about flava of the week anyway. I love Monica!

  • Mary

    I think she deserved a Emmy for her portrayal of Monica on Friends. I don’t know about Cougar Town. Gave it a couple of episodes, but it’s not my cup of tea.

    I’ll probably never take the Emmy’s seriously. They snubbed Buffy for so many years, but nominated True Blood. Seems like it’s because of the network it’s on, and because True Blood is so popular right now.

    • Liz

      I agree on all counts and would like to add that I’m ashamed that I’m still bitter about Buffy never getting a nod. Some of the best television I ever saw were Buffy episodes. True Blood sucks anyway. People only like it because it’s graphic.

      • Pete

        True Blood was nominated for an Emmy Award because everything about the production is outstanding. From the acting, to the directing, to the filming and so on, the end result is always outstanding. That’s the reason I like it. Buffy was decent most of the time, but it was never deserving of an Emmy nomination for Outstanding drama. Sorry, but that’s painfully obvious. It was still enjoyable, though, just not Emmy worthy.

      • Jenny

        “People like it only because it’s graphic.” What an ignorant generalization.

      • jennrae

        Come on you guys, Buffy and True Blood are both great, but vampires is the only common element between the two. Personally, I think Becoming Part 2 shows why Buffy deserved at least a nomination for best drama. Buffy could always move me in ways that True Blood never has, and was as funny if not funnier than True Blood, but True Blood doesn’t have to fill 22 episodes. Every moment has a purpose, and it’s usually always exciting. Last week’s episode, in particular, had me on the edge of my seat.

      • Chas

        “Buffy was decent most of the time, but it was never deserving of an Emmy nomination for Outstanding drama.”

        Drama? I think I would classify Buffy as a comedy.

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