Exclusive: Witch 'True Blood' character is Alan Ball conjuring up for season 4?

true-bloodImage Credit: John P. Johnson/HBOThough this season of True Blood still has three episodes to go, I’ve already got scoopage on the next one: Long story short, it might as well be titled “Season of the Witch”!

Series creator Alan Ball reveals that he’ll be introducing Hallow Stonebrook, the were-sorceress from Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie novel, Dead to the World. Preferring to refer to the character as a necromancer, the boss man says she’s “actually a medium. She communicates with the dead, and she’s interested in developing further powers.”

In the book, Hallow casts a spell on Eric, so um, not sure what more desirable power there can be. Anyway, she’s described as a tall, trim brunette—or, to me, Juliet Landau, Buffy’s nutso Drusilla. But who do you see in the role? Below’s your casting couch. Have fun! (Additional reporting by Tim Stack)

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  • Cookie

    Think another Buffy alum would be better – Charisma Carpenter.

    • Lia

      Ugh, NO!!! That’s not an actress… a nuisance maybe?

      • K

        What? She’d be amazing!
        Or Amy Acker maybe? I always go to the Whedon girls first, they’re all amazing.

      • Josh

        Boo to lia. Charisma is awesome though I think I’d prefer Juliet for this role. She’s so much fun when she’s crazy :-D.

      • Lily

        If you’re going to go with a whedonverse girl let it be Summer Glau!

      • Tania

        Good lord, not Charisma Carpenter. The woman is highly overrated. She’s a one-note actress.

      • Brett

        And please, not Juliet Landau. I know the show’s high camp, but almost all of the performers in the show are able to act. Let’s not lower that curve.

      • Tony

        I’m with Lily! Summer Glau is perfect. Sexy, hell, she wouldn’t have to cast a spell. All they’d have to do is look at her.

    • Jeremy W.

      Wrong to all of the above. They should cast Sarah Lancaster from Chuck.

      • Veronica

        She’d actually be great but I prefer Ellie to stay in Chuck, I love her character, she’s so cute and charming!

    • wooster182

      I love my CC but I do think Juliet would be perfect.

    • Melissa

      Juliet has the better look in my opinion. Charisma looks too bubbly to play a witch.

    • lorna

      No Summer Glau. Juliet would rock!! They need longer seasons, 12 just isn’t enough. 15 would be better.

    • dylan

      I’m with you on Charisma. She is simply goreous….

    • Girlcrush

      The character is described as tall and trim. Charisma is very curvy, which I love, but it’s wrong for the role. Juliet Landau or Summer Glau if we’re going Whedonverse here.

    • JJ

      Anyone from the Whedonverse would be good. I like either Amy Acker or Juliet Landau. I have missed Druisilla, so it would be good to see Ms. Landau in action again.

    • BJohnson

      Nahh, I’m afraid she’ll bail on the role. Juliet Landau would be great. Cast a spell on Eric to just strip every hour on the hour. LOL

  • Kiddo


    • Daniel

      Super cool!

    • JR

      No!!! Less time for her to do appear on Glee :(

      • thin

        I think she’s done with Glee, at least in a regular role.

    • Just Jules

      Wicked! ;o)

    • Kim

      Great choice! I’m so excited about this development. It means we might get Eric under the spell and all that happens next…

      • Ashly

        Agreed! I want the whole Eric don’t know jack for a season! That was one of my favorite books in the series, and I would love to see that play out with Sookie in True Blood! Hurray!

      • reginaphelangy

        I agree, Ashly. That was one of my favorite books in the series and it lays the groundwork for so many other story opportunities.

      • She’sCrafty

        I could care less who they cast as long as the character does what needs to be done….

      • mark

        She’sCrafty, don’t be an idiot. The phrase is “couldn’t care less.”

      • Amanda B.

        Actually, both phrases are okay. “I could care less” is a clipped way of saying “I could care less, but I don’t.” Either one is perfectly acceptable in modern usage.

      • michelle

        i LOVE that book – definitely my favorite in the series — and yes – eric really, really, REALLY needs to lose his memory for the season — :)

      • Anitamargarita

        Amanda B, I wouldn’t call either of you idiots, but nowhere I have ever worked in an editing capacity has found that phrase acceptable usage. Mark is a jerk, but he’s right.

      • Rockin’

        the 4th book was my favorite too. I can’t wait to see it played out on screen.

      • RedSoxLUv

        I wonder if they will go forward with Eric having amnesia, they have gone so far off the books in the last 2 seasons. I mean Sookie and Bill are still together

    • Olive

      I can see it


        I can see you through the window Olive. I like Olives. I like ‘em hard.

    • lorna

      Idna would be amazing.

  • man

    God Juliet Landau in True Blood, that would be perfection!!

    • Megan

      I could see Juliet Landau in the role. It would be interesting to see her as another character!

    • Austin


    • tamara

      yeees!! it would be great!!
      I loved Book 4, and I am looking forward to Eric in *that* situation. Won’t say cause I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read the books.
      But it’s gonna be REALLY good!!

      • Moth

        Right Right I just starteed Dead in The Family….I am looking forward to “all” that happens with Eric….nudge nudge!

    • ship

      How about Claudia Black (of Farscape and Stargate)

      • ksen820

        YESS!!!! Vala is the only reason I watched Season 10 of SG1 :)

      • Veronica

        Agreed! Claudia Black’s awesome, she’d do a perfect witch ;)

      • Brad

        Very good choice.

      • deeannek

        I agree Claudia Black would be awesome. I really miss seeing her on tv-I wonder if they could figure out a way to get Ben Browder too. They had the best chemistry together.

      • Karen

        Genius! I too see this character being played by an actress who is strong physically with acting chops to match. Claudia Black would be perfect in this role.

  • lily

    zomg, u R sooo dumb! its spelled which!!!!!11!!!1!
    *roles eyes*

    • Valcan Krull

      Apparently you missed the point of the play on words. The article is about a witch being on True Blood. So instead of using WHICH the writer used WITCH. lol

    • Tom

      Who, Lily, way to not notice one of the oldest forms of humor in existence. It’s called a pun — and unlike your misuse of the word ‘role’ when you meant ‘roll,’ it was intentional. How dare someone who uses ‘U’ instead of you and ‘r’ instead of ‘are’ comment on someone else’s writing? You’re an idiot, Lily.

      • shotgunsamurai42

        And you perhaps missed the second oldest form of humor, Sarcasm. Does that make you an idiot too?

    • vlahopg

      i think you mean rolls eyes…

    • Natalie

      I think Lily was kidding. She used “zomg,” “R,” “!!!111!,” and “*rolls eyes*” in the same post. Definitely a joke. I think…

      • Stevex

        My money’s on “Lily is not kidding, just clueless”. Just a hunch. As Craig Ferguson says, “I look forward to your letters.”

  • Viv

    Does this mean we will get to see *the* shower scene? (The one last episode had the wrong vamp in it!)

    • becca

      tee hee. you said it!

    • sarah


    • Giselle

      THE scene, with THE vampire. WOW!

      I hope Bill is not anywhere near them, such as in the 4th book.

      • Nicole

        I agree…he needs to go to Peru ASAP

    • MCS

      I love Eric too, but I am getting so sick of everyone complaining about a shower scene. Im sure your time will come

    • Cheye

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Flora

      It was definiely the right shower in the show! With the right vampire! I mean, come on! You can see the chemistry between Sookie & Bill, it’s so obvious!
      And Bill is Sookie’s soulmate!

      • Emm

        You obviously haven’t read the books….

      • Deana

        Bill is not Sookie’s soulmate. They’re already pushing it on the show, considering Bill and Sookie in the book, do not have the scene that just played out in the last episode. Eric is by far the better choice, and it’s great to understand the depth of his character. That’s what book four, and hopefully season four shows, how many sides there really are to Eric.

      • Sandy

        LOL. Is that you Alan??

    • jamie

      Amen about the wrong vamp in the shower..wishing that Sookie would just stick to the break up like in the books.

    • Rachel

      Gosh I hope so. More naked Eric is always appreciated.

      • TMRZoo Neil

        Only if it comes with more naked Sookie with it



  • Adriana

    Landau would be perfect. Work your mojo, Ausiello!!!

    • Jenn

      I LOVE the books have read them all a couple times and I love Eric and wish he and Sookie will end up together on the show. HOWEVER – the show is not the book and for the most part I’m okay with that so I think we need to stop expecting Alan Ball to create Charlaine Harris’ books because it aint’t gonna happen (and before the grammar police arrest me – that was intentional).

      • stony

        Well if he followed the books exactly, there wouldn’t be any surprises.

  • Steven

    I think Juliet Landau would be perfect! I loved her a Drusilla, she’d fit right in with the rest of cast on True Blood!

  • Michelle

    Didn’t AB say he was introducing Hallow back at Comic Con? And before that even. Some reporting there, Mike. As long as we Eric lovers get our shower scene, AB could introduce Attila the Hun.

  • Sheri

    This is by FAR my favourite book out of the first five i’ve read!

    • Megan

      It was favorite too!

    • Liz Lemon

      I loved it as well, but I think my favorite was Club Dead and All Together Dead.

    • Olive

      My favorite too. I am so excited

    • zee

      i’ve read all 10 books and Dead to te World is still my favourite…

  • SonR

    just as long as we get Eric running down the road in red lace panties (like in the book)

    • shellibelli

      it was red underwear not red lace panties.

      • Rubysun 03

        It was actually his jeans and no shirt. But he stripped down to his red bikini undies later.

    • Tiera

      lol i thought he was only in undies too until i reread it. the stuff your mind thinks up huh?

      everyone wants a shower scene… i just want to see him on the couch watching Buffy DVDs. and letting Sookie lead him around like a toddler.

      • SonR

        yeah, he was wearing jeans. i read the book a year ago. don’t own a copy. but i swore they were lacy non-men’s underwear. but i don’t think it would be bad if they changed it to him wearing only underwear…the shower scene and the buff dvd are good too. they could have him mocking Twilight

      • Robyn

        Wouldn’t it be kinda hilarious if they cast Juliet Landau as Hallow, and then had Eric watch a scene from Buffy with her in it? x)
        But, I just want to see Eric watch Buffy. It would be hilarious.

    • jackie

      Eric was shirtless and barefoot wearing only jeans and as we later discovered tiny red briefs when Sookie found him running down the road on an extremely cold New Years morning. “Dead to the World” was my favorite book in the series.

  • Jon

    Another Juliet – Juliet Lewis

    • dan

      That’s what I was thinking… She’s the kind of crazy that character needs!

      • Clam

        Please no. Keep that crazy, grating, one-note Scientologist away from anything I like.

    • s

      I could see her being more annoying than fun

    • soz

      I don’t know how I feel about Juliet Lewis. I would say Asia Argento, Carrie Ann-Moss, or maybe Natalie Dormer might be better. Juliette Lewis could have been Debbie.

  • Kate

    I really hope AB sticks close to the book on the spell cast on Eric cause that’s the start of the hot Eric/Sookie romance… It begins with a cast spell and a lost memory!! Can’t wait!!

  • Deion

    So, then Hallow’s first big move will be this season’s cliffhanger, eh?

    • Zoe

      You mean the Eric spell? I have guessed for a long time that Eric running down the road blankly, and found by Sookie, would be the cliffhanger this year (the last two season cliffhangers bear this out, as each was the beginning of the next book)). And Russell’s vendetta against Eric would be a great reason for the spell to be cast. (Honestly, I’m blanking on why the spell was cast on Eric in the book anyway!)

      • Deion

        Yeah, I think that would be it. And I think Eric refused to either sleep with her, or be her man in the book. Something like that.

      • MaggieMae

        In the book the spell was cast because the witch WANTED Eric in a major way and he wasn’t interested. She was trying to force him and the spell backfired I think. In book 8 or 9 he reveals that the spell was for him to be near “his heart’s true desire but not know it” hence why he poofs to the road leading to Sookie’s house. Come on Season 4! I’m all for THAT shower scene too!

      • reginaphelangy

        wasn’t she also trying to get him to give her part of Fangtasia or get him to pay a certain portion of his profits to her? didn’t he refuse to do that and reject her advances, so she cast the spell on him?

      • Olive

        No Regina that was book 2 and it was the Maenad that wanted money from both him and Sam

      • jackie

        Hallow wanted Eric to spend 7 nights with her and to take over 50% of his business. When Chow killed the witch who brought Hallow’s message the spell was activated and Eric had no memory.

  • Deion

    Also, hell yes to Charisma Carpenter.

  • Elissa

    I think I really am going to have to break down and read the books! :)

    • TrueBlood Junkie

      You can start with book #4…IMO it was the best of the series.

      • Ayn

        You aren’t the first person I’ve “heard” say to begin the series at book 4… a number of my friends who have read the books have said that book 4 is the best in the series and, even though the HBO series isn’t 100% true to the book, having watched it all three seasons, I’d be able to catch-up and not get lost.

    • Liz Lemon

      The books are great, but the writing takes some getting used to. Charlane is a great storyteller.

      • Daxx

        Charlaine Harris is best when she’s musing as Sookie and having conversations with the other characters. She lacks a little on the action scenes, which is why the show is great in that respect.

        I always saw Hallow as kind of a bruiser. She needs to be tall and built more sturdy. Say, a tall Michele Rodrigues.

    • jackie

      You will NOT be sorry. I have read the series several times and although “True Blood” is different the spirit is the same. I think it is like seeing different aspects and sides of people you are very found of. I start counting the hours until 9:00 Sunday night almost as soon as I get up on Sunday morning.

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