'How I Met Your Mother' Scoop: New deets on the mother of all twists!

That noise you hear is the plot of How I Met Your Mother‘s top secret, game-changing sixth-season premiere thickening as we speak.

Although a Mother rep declined to comment, sources confirm that the Sept. 20 opener will feature—prepare to clutch your pearls—a wedding!

The who-what-where-when-why of said nuptials remain under the tightest of wraps, but I strongly suggest you go back and comb our July 29 interview with exec producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for clues. I also urge you to come back here when you’re done and start spewing theories in the comments section.

What are you waiting for? Get crackin’!

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  • Danny

    Ted and his future wife aka “The Mother”.

    • Jersey Jeff

      You are so smart, how did you ever figure this out! and also who cares

      • Danny

        Well, it took me 5 minutes to figure it out. So… i am not that smart. ;)

      • Jersey Jeff

        Oh you Danny, I want to give you a big kiss.

      • Danny

        Sounds kinda nice, but no, thanks.

    • Jake

      It’s funny to me that anybody even cares who the mother is. I know it’s the premise of the show, but aren’t we truly just along for the ride as we would be with ANY sitcom? I don’t care if it’s leading anywhere really. The show is funny and inventive with a great cast and interesting characters. That’s all I need to be entertained…

      • HIMYMYO

        I agree that the journey is more fun than actually finding out the mother. Same with The Office…I tuned out once PB&J became official.

    • EmperorCheese

      It’s Ted’s gay wedding.
      That would fit the mother of all twists, the writers finally recognizing that Ted is actually in love with Barney.

      • Bella


      • Doctorevil

        Agreed! Huzzah!

    • mac

      It’s Ted and the Mother, we see her, this season is about their romance and the last thing we see in the series is how exactly they met.

    • Duncan Houst

      It’s Ted’s wedding, but it’s not with the mother.

    • Scooptress

      This is one of your lamest “scoops” in a long time, Ausie.

    • nick C

      Do people still watch this?It jumped the shark in a BIg way last season.The cast is so great i wish it would just end so they could do better work on a better show.

    • violet

      who is it lol

  • Amanda

    Clearly it’s Ted’s wedding, and Rachel Bilson is there as “the mothers” bridesmaid or friend or whatever

    • Jersey Jeff

      Rachel Bilson called off her wedding.

    • JB

      They already showed a snippet of Ted’s wedding to the mother in a past episode.. if they don’t show the mom then that’s hardly ‘game changing’.

      I bet it’s the Mother’s Funeral. That would change stuff.

      • ktcarleton

        See, I agree, where’s the fun in that? We’ve already seen snippets! Maybe Bilson marries a friend of Ted’s and the mother is there too. That makes more sense to me.

      • Liz

        except they said it was a wedding.

      • Mikos

        Bah, details!

      • JB

        It says there will be a wedding.. it does NOT say the wedding will be ‘the game changing event’. So flash to a wedding.. and then the news that he and the mother are divorced or she’s dead.

  • Jack

    Finally getting to see Ted’s wedding, sadly we still won’t see his wife.

  • Michael

    Ted’s wedding, Cindy will be in attendance. Boom.

    • jk


      • laylagalise

        Well done.

  • Blair

    hmmm, i’m thinking flash forward?

    or a random wedding, but that would be such a cop out!

  • Luke B

    I’m fairly certain the first episode will have snippets of Ted’s wedding day intercut with the rest of the episode. I’m betting we’ll cut away just before the bride removes her veil.

    • yay

      haha YES! You are so right. I bet it’s going to happen exactly like that.

  • Coleman

    I’m guessing it’s Robin and The Barnickles wedding.

    • D

      Oh I hope so!

    • Liz

      Dude I would be so freaking thrilled if that were true but I doubt it.

    • Heloisa

      it should be their wedding, but they should save for the end, so the writers don’t ruin it again by turning them into a boring couple.

    • Swarley

      I doubt it would be with Barney but it will definitely be Robin’s wedding. It is a significant moment in Ted’s life both because she is a friend and an ex. They wouldn’t go with the obvious and show Ted’s…

  • Feddo

    ‘The Mother’ will wear the yellow umbrella, won’t she? :D

    • Jersey Jeff

      Ouch! That is gonna hurt.

  • Mia

    I’m like everyone else; I think what they’ll do this season is start with Ted’s wedding, then spend the rest of the season recapping how he finally met her. We all got the biggest clue with the Bilson episode from last season. Now, it’s just a matter of getting them together.

  • MTK

    I used to love this show but they really are grasping at straws to keep the mother secret interesting. Also after 6 years without a character to invest in that ends up being the bride it really loses the suspense factor and is wandering into “who cares” territory. Also why not reveal the mother now and give us a year or two of Monica and Chandler like relationship and end the series?

    • Gina

      because they want to pull a Ross and Rachel, and save it for the last episode

      • MTK

        yeah but we saw ross and rachel for ten years. Reveal the mother in the finale and no one cares because we never got a feel for her.

      • b

        Plus, we already KNOW that they end up together. Once we know who she is, there can’t be any will they/won’t they.

        I’m hoping they show the actress in the wedding, and then they can drag out the actual meeting a bit longer but still have it be a bit fresh and new. They can show near-misses, they can show her meeting some other members of the gang first, etc. And then when they do meet, it won’t require any “Oh, and that woman was your mother” explanation.

    • jari

      Yes, but I’m sure we all agree that Monica and Chandler was the best of all! I sorta see Barney and Robin as Rachel and Ross: people wanted them together, they got together and nothing else to do with them. If they would’ve done what they did w/ Chandler and Monica, kinda change them up a bit w/o losing the comic it would’ve been nice, but the writers were not up for the challenge. I hated that. But I like Don waaaay more than Barney for her in the end.

    • Regan

      I care way more about the last slap than I do the mother.

      • liz

        I love Slapbet. Every once in a while I will randomly but out Marshall’s “You just got slapped” song. You just got slaaaapppedd whoaaa oh oh oh oh oh

      • Anneka

        Sad, but true.

      • Paige

        Completely agree

      • Doctorevil

        Damn straight! I wantthe slap countdown website up and running again- instead of slapsgiving maybe this year slapoween? Martin Luther slap day? Slap Patricks day?

    • Melissa

      Because it’s How I Met Your Mother. Once they meet, it’s been explained how they met. So we know how.

  • Michael

    Ted’s future wedding, but when we actually see the mother she’ll be wearing a bull mask for some cheap gag and we’ll never see her face?

  • Diane

    20 years in the future we go to Marshal and Lily’s daughter’s wedding. We get to see the back of the head of the mother

    • Sarah

      I like that idea!

    • AJ

      How about we see the back of her head in every episode, kind of like Wilson’s mouth was always covered in Home Improvement? =)

    • Arcade

      Too bad they’ve said they have a son. (end of last cigarette ever)

      • Izzy

        Just because they have a son doesn’t mean they don’t also have a daughter.

  • Josh

    Yeah I care not so much about the mother anymore, I’m more invested in the characters. By the time they reveal her, it will just be a big shrug.

  • Gary

    I’m bored with the premise of this show. I stopped watching last season.

    • Your mom

      I’m bored with your comment. I stopped repl…

      • Lala

        I’m bored with…ugh, never mind.

      • Steve from Canada


      • Crisa

        That’s a great comeback. Too funny!

    • fci

      STOP reading anything to do with HIMYM if you are so bored and spare us your whining.

  • Anitamargarita

    What if we do see his wife? We still wouldn’t have heard the tale of how they met; therefore, game on.

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