'Grey's Anatomy' Exclusive: Closure is coming for Alex/Izzie fans

Few can forget the moment in last May’s killer Grey’s Anatomy finale when Alex—fighting for his life after being shot in the chest by that crazed gunman—screams for his MIA ex, Izzie, and not his current lover, Lexie. The takeaway message was obvious: Despite Katherine Heigl’s abrupt departure last spring, her character’s arc—specifically her love story with Alex—is far from over.

Grey’s boss Shonda Rhimes tells me that finding closure for Alex is one of her top priorities as she heads into season 7. “We’re talking about it [in the writers’ room] obsessively and trying to figure it out,” she says. “We’re approaching it pretty carefully.

“I want how ever we deal with Alex growing up and moving on and moving past that relationship to feel authentic,” Rhimes continues, “and not to feel like something that’s patched together.”

One thing Rhimes can say for certain is that the story line will not take “the expected form.” Hmm… What could be more unexpected than a reappearance by Heigl herself? When I spoke to the actress last spring, she admitted she’d “love to come back” at some point. So how ’bout it?

Rhimes hesitates before letting out a somewhat suspicious “I don’t know.”

Thoughts? Can Grey’s adequately wrap up the Alex/Izzie romance without Heigl? Sound off below!

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  • Fernando

    I really want katherine back!!!

    • lorna

      so do i, if only to wrap up her arc. they should have had her return for the finale and killed her off though.

      • srfhy

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      • Nikki

        That would have been fantastic! Only Alex would have ended up way depressed..

      • Emma

        Yeah, I really think it was so pointless not to kill her off, after her cancer struggle (and that other much more talked about struggle concerning a certain dead guy, and then that poignant wedding, and then the finale with the prom dress and the elevator and George in his uniform! Then Heigl just came back for like five eps as they ruined her character with even more bitchiness and winyness and divorcing the guy who leaned her over in a bar stool to kiss her the first kiss and married her even though she was supposedly dying. It’s kind of ironic how all the soap opera plots and cast claw fighting that goes into Grey’s these last few years actually makes the show more like real life! (Relationships end really f-d up and people don’t get a neat character arc)

      • Renee

        Can we get her hit by a bus like george?

    • TheCriticizer

      Honestly, who watches this show anymore. People don’t talk about it as much as before. Ratings went down. I’ll give it a few years until its completely forgotten and cancelled.

      • ruth

        I LOVE the show and cant wait for it to come back on.

      • Bee

        um actually grey’s still kills in the ratings. the finale averaged 15 million viewers and hit almost 17 million towards the end. and when DVR and final 18-49 adult demo ratings were factored in, it was the #1 finale for a scripted show (beating LOST as well) and #2 finale overall for any show, behind just idol. and EVERYONE was talking about it cus it was absolutely amazing. and ratings went down for everything. if a show is lucky, it’ll be stable. grey’s still owns in ratings and buzz after 6 years. just thought you should know. and if a show is one no one watches, it gets canceled immediately. you contradicted yourself there by saying it’ll last a few years (which it will) when it’s already on season 6.

      • Kris

        Ellen said she’s probably leave after Season 8 so I think that will be the end of the show.

      • Zach

        Hush, Bee, it’s already past its prime and you know it.

      • David

        Zach, even if it IS passed it’s prime it still does better then half the shows on tv.

      • Kervin

        I don’t think Grey’s has become insignificant amongst today’s TV shows, neither has it lost its prime. Like David said, its doing better than most shows on TV and when it comes to medical drama, I think its the best and rivaled only by House.

      • Jenn

        it’s not past it’s prime if it still puts out episodes like the season 6 finale which some called it’s best episode ever.

      • Zach

        One good finale does not make up for a subpar season. The only thing still excellent about Grey’s is Chandra Wilson.

      • teresa

        I’m a new viewer. Just started watching the reruns this summer. I can’t wait to watch the new shows!

      • Zakry

        Folks, you’re being baited. Don’t respond to these idiots. When someone calls themselves The Criticizer, they are just giving themselves a license to snark.

      • pmc5121

        I still watch it and so do all my friends, i think the show is still great, it has to go in different directions, what do you want? Yeah lets still talk about merideth and derek forever, Christ! come on. I definitely think Izzie should come back, to give Alex (and the fans) some kind of closure… That is the least she could do…and then she could die …although that would be sad, it would make sense.

      • Patrick

        Obviously a lot of people still do!

      • Ivon

        Strange, on the contrary, I think this is one of very few shows that are still great even after so many seasons and didn’t get pathetic and stupid.

    • LOL

      It’s a Heigl world and we just live in it.

      • MsDaisy

        Heigl lives in her own little world and no, I do not live in it.

      • Spike

        Please, if the world revolves around that hag, then space travel just got a lot more attractive.

      • Erin

        The sad thing is, in real life she’s actually one of the sweetest people…

    • eddie

      I REALLY don’t want her back

      • Karen

        PLEASE keep Seattle Izzie free!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      Ghost Izzie! Confirmed.

  • yayaya

    they can’t wrap it up without heigl. it would be like the whole ethan/silver/dixon thing in 90210. terrible.

  • Rachel

    Katherine can come back if Shonda can promise Izzie wont be so depressing. I miss old Izzie.

    And she can only come back if Lexie is happy. I don’t want a sad Lexie either!

    • justjack

      Lexie belongs back with Mark.

      • Liz


      • Kristen


      • Kervin

        Ditto that!

      • Jenn

        i like her with alex also. they grew on me. but yes, she was best with mark

      • BJohnson

        I almost passed out when he said he could be her husband, Lexie knows she still loves him. She really grew him up for being younger than him.

      • stacey

        yuck, he could be her daddy.

      • Megan

        def. lexie and mark!!!

      • tvtv

        sooo true

      • CC

        TOTALLY agree!!

    • Kay

      I want Lexie with Mark and as for alex he can leave never like him anyway. Yes bring back izzie but Make her Happy maybe find her with the new DR. coming to help with the aftermath of last season.

  • Dominique

    I’d give anything for Katie to come back, I still flove Izzie and now more than anything want her and Alex back together. It’ll most likely not happen, but I hope that, however they’re gonna bring closure, they will leave open a possibility of an Alex/Izzie reunion IF Katie would ever return.

    • Chalky

      I comepletey agree with you. I love Izzie, and always will, and I love her and Alex together.. but I don’t think they can have Alex/Izzie closure without Izzie.

    • Grey’s watcher

      I agree 1000%. I LOVE Alex and Izzie together! Always have. Even if Kate came back for a few episodes to get them back together (re-marry them) and then Izzie can go to work at a different hospital close by so she doesn’t have to be in the weekly episodes (but they’re still together) and they can focus on Alex at work, his development as a doctor etc.,OR like Martina’s comment below – keep Alex single, a la ER’s Nurse Hathaway, until the series finale or Justin Chambers decides to leave the show(whichever comes first), and then reunite them — the true soul mates! But I can’t see nor do I want Alex with anyone else but Izzie!

  • Megan

    Let’s do it with out Heigl! I’m over her self absorbed self. Yeah she came and took back everything she ever said bad, but at this point it’s just too late. Let her die in her sad attempt at a film career. The saddest part of it all is I started watching this show because I loved her so much in Roswell…

    • Eliza

      This woman loves to bite the hand that feeds her. It’s a shame because she does have talent. I miss the Roswell days!

    • Ana

      Word. Word. Word.This can happen without her!

    • Karen

      Bring back Ava for Alex!!!

      • Megan

        Make her uncrazy and bring her back yes! But the actress (her name escapes me right now) is doing the last of the Twilight movies soon…

  • Cory Myers

    Without bringing Izzy back fully… they can do 1 of a 2 things … either A: Kill her off screen… or B: Alex finally meets someone new and either in a voice over letter or a phone call with Izzy off screen, tells her he’s met someone knew, he forgives her for leaving her and hopes she has a happy life. Stuff like that….

    • martina

      They don’t need to bring Izzie back to give her and Alex a happy ending. Well, they do, but Shonda could pull off an ending à la ER, where George Clooney and Julianna Margulies’ characters united in a 2-minute, non-talking scene. That way, Shonda and us, the viewers that can’t stand Kate’s acting no more, will be happy :)

      • Rachael

        I don’t watch the show anymore, mainly because I HATED what they did to Izzie. That’s probably Katherine’s fault as much as anyobody’s, but as you stated, ER did it right. That ending/beginning to the Doug & Carol relationship was one of the high points of the show for me. Coincidentally, since they moved to Seattle, their characters could make a realistic cameo on Grey’s.

      • martina

        Yeah, and since the show copied SO much from ER, they could copy that too and actually get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Grey’s, but the show’s getting a little bit annoying, I hope this season they get it right and bring good plots back.

  • garricks

    Meh. All of the off-screen drama really ruined the show for me. I really don’t want Heigel back. Word that her character succumbed is enough.

  • Tati

    They can’t be over :( I’m really hoping that Katherine bitch will come back at some point, even if just on the series finale, for them to have a happy ending. No one’s better for Alex than Izzie.

  • Nadine

    My problem is that I doubt I’ll ever believe Alex loving someone the way he loved Izzie… which is sad, since I really just want him to be happy (with or without her).
    I would love for Heigl to come back even if it’s just for a few episodes.

    • Zach

      So true.

  • Julio

    A good closure isn’t possible without izzy. Just my opinion…

    • Claudia

      I absolutely agree.

    • the girl

      Cosign. And I love Izzie, one of my favorite characters. The show can live on without her, but this situation is incomplete and needs her.

  • Holla Atcha

    Tumour comes back and kills her. Alex goes to funeral and moves on. Easy. Next?

    • Waaah;-(

      LOL !!!

  • patrick

    someone asked Shonda on twitter whether katharine would be back. she replied “um…..No”

    so no, i don’t think izzie is coming back.

    • Lyn

      Works for me!

    • Zach

      Shonda is so snide and nasty. She’s ruined her own show with the numerous cast changes.

      • LexieBlah

        YES… Shonda Rimes is the most stubborn and bull-headed creator of any show I’ve ever seen. She insists a post-it can make a marriage, and hates the actress Katherine Heigl so much she can’t see past the end of her nose, that the majority of GA viewers cared about the character of Izzie and her relationship with Alex. That is more important than some contractual grudge.

      • Claudia

        You are so right!

      • Waaah;-(

        Yup and that’s why we keep watching the show and commenting about it!

  • SaraS

    The Alex/Izzie relationship ending so abruptly was definitely the most disappointing thing in Grey’s Anatomy for me, and ultimately lost me as a viewer. Even when they had Katherine Heigl, they wasted her episodes with that stupid Denny/ghost thing.
    From season one with immature but scarred Alex flirting with Izzie, to their beautiful friendship and the way they’ve saved each other so many times, to the beautiful wedding.. and then BOOM, end it? She was the FIRST girl he could actually trust and then she just leaves? Ridiculous.
    Ugh. Thanks for letting me vent EW :)

    • Zach

      Same here. There were many problems with Grey’s over the past few years, but Heigl leaving after George died, while the rest of the characters including Yang got boring and pathetic, lost me as a viewer.

    • Rachael

      SaraS, you are so right. I will probably get a lot of heat for this opinion, but I felt the same way with Doug & Carol from ER: the show would be better without him, but make it clear that he is with Izzie. They don’t even have to have her come back on-screen, she could work at another hospital or something, but make it clear they are together. She could have cameos if Katherine and Shonda could patch things up. Either Alex + Off-screen Izzie or together, but both off the show.

    • Renee

      Heigle left on her own accord she had a baby and wanted out. Oh yeah and her wonderful movie career too. She has been bitching for 4-5 seasons now about working hours, salary and her long abiding contract. SR finally said GO ALLREADY!

  • annah

    Actually, this is the WORST possible news for Alex and Izzie fans. Him being able to move on ISN’T good. Not when the writers made it clear in the last few seasons that she really is the only one for him and vice versa.

    What the writer’s need to do is let him revert back to season 1 Alex, sleeping around with half of the hospital/random chicks at the bar (while focuing on his career in pediatric surgery) for the next two seasons. Then when the show is about to end, bring Heigl back for one or two episodes. That way, they wind up together but she doesn’t have to come back full time… it worked for Doug and Carol on ER. Those fans were satisfied with that ending. I’d think Alex and Izzie fans would be too!

    • Dominique

      I totally agree with you! Throughout the seasons, GA has always showed us that no matter what, Izzie is and always will be the one for Alex and he will never love anyone the way he loves her. Hell, even Shonda wrote it on the GA epi’s website. So if Alex would suddenly meet someone else and they call THAT closure… Well then that’s really it for me. Alex can never really have closure because he will always love Izzie.

  • Thom

    Sure they can. I don’t ever want her back on GA. Never liked her on the show from the very start. Maybe she should go with Denny

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