EW Emmy Party video: 'True Blood' sexy beast Joe Manganiello teases Alcide's 'unfinished business'

truebloodjoe-320.jpgIt’s nice to see that fame hasn’t gone to Joe Manganiello’s head. True Blood‘s breakout werewolf—and newly-minted Entertainment Weekly cover boy—was his usual humble, down-to-earth self at EW‘s Emmy shindig last night. “I never anticipated being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly this soon,” he confessed. “I called my publicist and asked if it was real. I couldn’t believe it.” Manganiello confirmed that after being MIA last week, Alcide returns in this Sunday’s episode to “take care of some unfinished business.” For more on that, as well as the actor’s thoughts on his big “sniff scene” with Anna Paquin, press play below!

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  • Thiago

    Delícia de homem!

    • HD

      Love him. More Alcide in Season 4!

      • sharon falconer

        Alcide and Hoyt together 4EVER !

  • CC

    Why did he make the cover when Eric kicked his ass in the poll??? The man has yet to do anything on True Blood yet. I’m all for him if he has something to offer besides abs but I’m not seeing it.

    • L

      Agreed. It annoys me that he’s getting more attention then the other cast members that are actually talented and deserve it (Deborah and Kristin didn’t get made regulars until season 3!).

      • april

        I think Deborah was a regular in Season 2; her name was featured on the opening credits.

      • Fatima

        I’m pretty sure Kristin Bauer was a regular in two because I remember noticing her name changing when she got married.

      • JAMES

        You HAVE seen his abs right?

      • inda’nep

        hey joe deserves it,,the sexiest werewolf ever,,seen the abs too? oh my

  • Kate

    I love Alcide, i am so hoping him and Sookie get it on, they have well more chemistry, more then she does with Bill and Eric! (Now ill just wait to get attacked by all eric lovers lol)

    • i agree with you. way more chemistry and it feels more natural. the only reason she’s into eric is because his blood is in her.

      • CC

        Sooo, You don’t think the fact that Eric is hot as hell might have something to do with it?? NOOO.. of course not, it must be the blood. LOL Denial aint just a river in Egypt.

      • lucy

        Well, then why isn’t she bonded with Bill more than with Eric? She had so much more of his blood. I think the blood bond thing isn’t as stong (yet?) as in the books.

    • Mandy

      Eric lovers? What about Bill lovers? It’s fine with this Eric lover if you don’t like them. To each her own, however I for one can’t wait for S4 and don’t see any chemistry at all with Alcide and Sookie. I am sure some Bill lover will pop up and go on about how deep and true the love is for Anna and Stephen, er, I mean Beel and Sukhe. I’m sooo sick of them at this point Sookie and ANYONE els will be fine with me.

    • L

      I think they (Anna/Joe) have the worst chemistry out of all Sookie’s “men” because they’re both such bad actors.

      • Joe

        Anna Paquin is a great actress. Just look at her performance in X Men or The Piano.

      • MCS

        Whoa! X-Men was your first go-to movie to exemplify Anna’s acting. I’m sure even she isnt proud of that. But don’t worry, I’m on your side, she is a terrific actress (Piano is amazing), although True Blood isnt her best

      • issah

        hey joe’s a good actor,,you’re just jelous i know because he’s sooooo sexy,talented and handsooommmee..

      • E

        Bad actors??? Ummmm she won an Oscar at age 11 and he is classically trained!!

    • Mrs. Frisby

      Well, if the show follows the books, Sookie and Alcide do get together, albeit briefly.

  • L

    I don’t like this guy or Alcide. A six pack can only get you so far when you can’t act.

    • Mandy

      What you said, 100%.

      • sharon falconer

        He’s a million times better than the actor portraying “Jesus.”


    • Zturk

      Anna Paquin was a terrible choice for sookie and she is written to0 whiny and too blustery in the novels she was a well-rounded character in body(size 8 in the Books)and personality with emotional issues she had to work through but without the very annoying in your face attitude that Anna Paquin has.For the record i actually started watching the show first and still like it better but they really messed up sookie in the show and TARA is sooooooo annoying! Eric is spot on and Bill is just a little more dark in the books.

  • Arabella

    Joe Manganiello is a good actor, the fact that he graduated from a prestigious school, had some theater acting experience, and always had a cult following for his television appearances. That alone says about his acting. And give the guy a break, he’s only been shown in 4 episodes of True Blood, and the upcoming last 2 episodes. Stephen Moyer and Eric Skarsgard have been true blood veterans for you to compare his acting with them. You can’t base his acting prowess with True Blood alone. Better wait for season 4 till and he’s a regular till you bash him for his acting.

    • no way

      he’s the crappiest actor on the show. Which makes the fact that he went to Carenegie Mellon extra sad. He sucked on HIMYM nd he sucked on OTH and he sucks on TB.

      • Jay

        Agreed. Joe can’t act for crap on True Blood. He’s so wooden in his acting.

      • Jay

        OH PLEASE! True Blood has the best casting on T.V…and Joe M. is great so far…Alcide’s character arc/story is just getting started :)

    • MCS

      Please. Marshall Allman as Tommy Mickens is painful to watch. He definitely gets the worst actor award, closely followed by the dude playing Jesus

  • j

    what a hot piece of werewolf tail. finger lickin good!

  • mary

    Alcide hasn’t done anything on TB. His character is useless and he’s not even good looking. Eric kicked butt, yet Alcide is on the cover? Makes no sense.

  • Andrea

    I don’t know where all this, “he can’t act” stuff is coming from. So far he’s been saddled with a boring character, but he’s been just fine in his portrayal. I haven’t seen a single scene where I’ve thought he wasn’t convincing or was wooden. Can’t say the same for Stephen and Rutina, both whom bugged me a lot in the 1st season especially.

  • lunchboxthermos

    it’s weird, his voice is completely different in real life. on TB, his voice is pretty low, so this is a bit strange to watch!

    • Samantha

      I think I prefer his voice on TB.

      • E

        Omg too funny I said the same thing!

  • Valley Girl

    Was at a GNC and saw on the counter a copy of “Muscle & Body” with Joe Manganiello on the cover. Hubba hubba! No wonder he’s a TB regular now…

    • Norlinda

      werwolve’s are stronger than vapirme’s and more psychotic than vapirme’s we have a strange need too hunt even me i do it nightly we don’t walk around on two leg’s quite the contrary we run on four we look like real’y big dog’s set loose we can be kille’d by a silver bullet and we hate water we don’t shift and we hate wolfsbane we are also reple’d by garlic and the holy trinty just some basic fact’s we don’t fall in love with human’s we eat them and we also eat vapirme’s i know sad existence i know we die so early in life our body’s eventuall’y give out on us

  • jacoblover

    I heart Alcide/Joe!! He’s so gorgeous. I’m so jealous of you, Michael. Goodness gracious just the way he was looking at you during the interview makes a gay guy like myself melt. I’m so happy he’s a regular cause I wasn’t sure if he would be.. Thank you Alan Ball for making him a regular. LOL!!

    • Musab

      Tara annoys me a LOT! (sorry but i have to say it), Alcide will not stay away when Sookie could be in dgnear totally agree with you, that was the first thing in my mind when a saw the video.

  • Mike

    Blah, blah, bad acting emergency, blah!

  • Blahcide

    Humble? When he was leaving the EW party at Comic Con he was the ONLY person to not stop for autographs/photos. Even Charlaine Harris, who you could tell was extremely busy, stopped for photos/autographs. It seems like everyone’s fondness for his muscles has gotten to his head already.

    And in terms of True Blood, he is pretty useless. I hope they actually do something with the character because the actor isn’t impressive.

    • Xtine

      I love it when people trashtalk an actor. It just goes to show he’s popular for the right reasons. Lol.

      I don’t love his acting in True Blood, he needs better script and more screen time. I can’t really attest that he’s a so so actor ,since he was good in the play unusual acts of devotion. But he does need more screentime.

    • Connor12

      Have you asked Charlaine Harris to marry you yet? Please. ‘Extremely busy’ at a celebration for tv stars?

  • Jay

    He does let fame go to his head. He self promotes himself way too much. Just read his other interviews and watch some of them. He over exaggerates his role on the show too.

    • lynn

      agree with you.

  • Arabella

    It’s funny that men are the one’s who mostly hate him. Hahaha.

    • nessa

      You couldn’t have said truer words. There is so much penis envy flying around on this post it’s embarrassing. Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful. When people take valuable time out of their lives to trash you, you know you’re doing something right. Joe is a great addition to the cast and one of my favorite new characters (next to batsh*t crazy Ruby Jean). F-ck all the haters. Go on with your bad self Joe.

      • sharon falconer

        perfectly said !

        (I think it was Shakespeare who once said, “I’ll sock it to ya, daddy!”

      • E

        nessa you said it!

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