'Dancing With the Stars': The season 11 celebrity dancers are...

dwts-new-castImage Credit: Barry King/WireImage.com; Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Marion Curtis/Startraksphoto.com; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos (2)The 12 participants for the next edition of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars were announced Monday during a live teleconference in Hollywood. They are:

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, from MTV’s Jersey Shore

David Hasselhoff, best known for his roles on Baywatch, Knight Rider, and America’s Got Talent

Rick Fox, retired pro basketball player from the Los Angeles Lakers. “They had concerns about my height,” Fox told EW after the press conference. “Jason Taylor broke a little bit of the mold, which made it possible for me. There aren’t a ton of tall female dancers, so it puts a strain on those women. But I’ve shaken a lot of the fears of whether my body could actually do some of the things I’ve seen on this show.”

Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin. For more on her comments after the show, click here.

Kurt Warner, retired NFL quarterback

Florence Henderson, best known for her role TV’s long-running comedy The Brady Bunch

Audrina Patridge, from MTV’s The Hills. “When they asked me, I was like, `Yes, I want to do it!’  We get to learn from professionals, very talented dancers. But it is intimidating because it’s live, and, I mean, there are so many different dances to learn. I’ve never done this before!”

Michael Bolton, singer-songwriter

Brandy Norwood, singer-songwriter and star of the old UPN comedy Moesha

Margaret Cho, comedienne and current co-star of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva. “I’m so out of my element. Everybody is so classy,” she told EW. “If this was Dancing with the Whores, I would do better. But it’s not, so we’ll see.”

Kyle Massey, best known for starring in Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven

Jennifer Grey, actress best known for starring in Dirty Dancing. “It felt like the right time,” said Grey, who’s been approached by the show before. “It felt like, `OK if not now, when? What if I did something that would be fun? What if I just went for it I love the idea of it. It’s not what I used to do but I feel like, right now there is where my head is at. I have to walk through fear to go to joy.”

The professional partners won’t be revealed until Wednesday. Dancing with the Stars returns on Sept. 20.

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  • Liz

    Go Jennifer Grey and Kurt Warner!

    • wakeforce

      This is the exact list that was rumored last week on EW.com.

      • Anon

        Whew! What a relief. Now i can remove this from the list of what to watch on which nights.

      • SLB

        Me too. Won’t be wasting my time on this hunk of crap cast. Has maybe, what? Three “actual” stars on this season? I think we need to change the name of this show.

      • KB

        Worst cast ever, won’t be watching this season, very disappointing.

      • J

        Agree, worst cast ever.

      • Blue Silver

        Big deal! Everyone on this board will be tuning in, regardless!!

    • TheCriticizer

      Who watches this show anymore? It was big when it first came on but the ratings dropped significantly after that. I predict this will be its last season. Also, the answer to my question “Who still watches this?” is divorced housewives going through a mid-life crisis. And women whose aunt mary has come for her monthly visit.

      • Kelson

        Um, last season was the show’s highest rated season. Beyond that, everything else you said was just a lame attempt at sophomoric humor.

      • KL

        Also, it’s your Aunt Flo you douche!

      • jake

        Yes, dancing with the stars had it’s highest ratings and actually beat american idol to become the number 1 show this past spring — so yes, people do watch the show.

      • lollerskatesgtfo

        blahablahblahablah STFU. kthnxbaiiii

      • sharon

        Are you nuts? This is the hottest show on T.V. This show has changed our dance world, I know because I own a very sucessful dance studio. These people, the pros, are like rock stars because of this show.

      • Rush

        The show overtook Idol in the ratings last season, douche.

      • Timbo

        Wasnt it the highest rated show last season. Beating American Idol too?

      • Tee

        I’ve never seen it but my grandma sure loves this show.

      • AuntFlo

        Heehee Aunt Mary! You are to funny!

      • kris

        Agrre cast sucks this season, but FYI to those who talk about that which they do not truly know:
        DWTS had better ratings for at least a few episodes then American Idol did last season

    • brandy

      Ugh. It’s getting harder to resist watching every season.

      • matt

        Especially since you’re also starring in it, I’m sure.

      • anthony

        anthony 6ft2 225

      • KC

        Now I know for sure I am deleting this show from my DVR. Last season only got good ratings when that #&(@%*# Gossilen was on and she was horrible, which is why most probably tuned in. This used to be a good show, now it is in the crapper.

    • PIMB

      Jennifer’s body is on the show. Her face disappeared a long time ago.

      • Raab

        Yes .. utterly unrecognizable.

    • IAA Evan

      As soon as I read this I thought “Go Jennifer Grey!”

      • Potato Bug

        IAA Baby?

    • Elaine

      Shame on you for glorifying an unwed,
      teenage mother as the most famous
      teenager in Alaska. Not a role model
      that I would choose for my teenage
      daughter. Family will not watch show this season. David H. does not belong either.

  • Regina

    Will Bristol and The Situation be mating?

    • deegeezee

      they’re both famous for their stomachs, and for associating with stupid people. could be a match.

      • alex

        ha ha. that’s hilarious. i hope she gets boo’d off the stage for being part of her mother’s 3 ring circus nightmare

      • DW

        Now that’s funny!

    • Cyn

      Ewww sick that guys like 30. and she’s like 18. Disgusting…

      • strongblackman

        Im 40 and date a 20 year old. It’s all about game. And its not disgusting!

      • Lee

        Your GF could be your kid, dude. Calm down.


    lol jk but she is a total MILF

    • Kim

      Ugh. I thought she was doughy faced because she was pregnant. She still looks that way.

    • MILF

      MILF really does not apply to an uneducated teenage mom.

      • Diggity

        If she’s a MOM and you’d like to F her, she’s a MILF. Education really has nothing to do with it.

      • oh really

        Did you coin the phrase? It really wasn’t created for teenagers you pedophile.

      • ShotgunShogun

        How can you be a pedophile if she is of legal age? Also since you don’t know how old the commenter is it’s a rather stupid statement. He could be 18 and your argument would be dead in the water.

  • JC

    Kyle Massey … forgotten about him. Michael Bolton … seriously

    • Seriously?

      Why the HELL did they choose Kyle Massey?? Seriously. His last project worth noting was a Disney channel original movie! I thought no one knew about him except kids like me that were born in the early 90′s! SUPER D-List!

      • Pisces228

        Disney owns ABC, hence they like to promote the Disney Channel via young actors from their shows. Remember that kid Cody from Hannah Montana? Have no idea WHERE he’s at these days, but he was a sweet kid to watch on DWTS.

      • Lee

        Really? He’s a kid, guy, relax! He’s trying to make a move on his career. Yay, KYLE!

  • Kylie

    Aside from MAYBE Florence Henderson and Jennifer Grey are any of these people stars?

    • Potato Bug

      Kurt Warner is.

      • Al

        He’s the only reason I would even turn in this season. Well, maybe Baby too. But I think I’ll just read Annie…..

      • traci90

        Without even seeing Kurt Warner dance yet, I think he’ll go far this season. He has a lot of football fans on his side, and he just recently retired. If he’s a halfway decent dancer, he could be a lock for the final 3. It will be fun to compare Kurt and Rick Fox’s dance skills (if any)! LOL

      • Stevex

        Warner will get the football fan vote AND the born-again Christian vote. Look for him in the finals.

    • Kevin

      Well, from a guy’s perspective, Kurt Warner is a huge star. Super Bowl MVP, 2 time NFL MVP, future Hall of Famer who just retired a couple of months ago. You tell me, is that a big enough star?

      • SuzyQ

        HUUUGE star, even from a female point of view

      • Dede

        Matt Leinart knows Kurt Warner is a star. He schooled that punk and took his job.

      • HM

        There are a lot of females who also think that Kurt is a huge star for all of the reasons you just stated. Plus, he is one of the greatest Cinderella stories in the history of sports.

      • Gwen

        Not just from a guy’s perspective…he’s one of my favorite football players and I was sorry that he retired.

      • TPo

        I agree some women think he’s a huge star and great Cinderella story of the NFL.

      • JP

        I will be rooting for Kurt. He is an amazing person/athlete with a giving heart.

      • IAA Evan

        Edyta usually gets the sports guys – If he is any good maybe it will be Edyta FTW!

      • GS

        I love Kurt Warner! He’s one I’m excited to see. Rick Fox, not so much. Jennifer, Kurt, and Margaret will be who I watch for.

    • leev

      I love Margaret Cho! Funny, funny lady. I hope she doesn’t absolutely suck at dancing.

      • alan of montreal

        Same here. Hope she gets in some awesome zingers like Cloris Leachman did.

      • Bibi

        It’s kind of hard to envision her humbled by the judges. She has so much spunk.

      • IAA Evan

        I’m really excited for M Cho!

      • Jenn

        I was all set to NOT watch this season (Jersy Shore GARBAGE and a teen mom with an idiot mother who will probably show up…no thank you). But Margaret Cho will keep me watching for a while longer.

    • Dave

      Brandy. She may not be as popular as she used to be, but you can’t argue with the hit songs she’s had over the years and the number of albums sold.

      • alan of montreal

        probably a good opportunity for her to put a little shine back on her image after that fatal car crash she was involved in.

      • Brett

        And the fact that her brother’s a slimy whore chaser.

      • Lee


    • Fatima

      You count Jennifer Grey as a star but not Brandy? Ok.

      • Catherine

        Yes, Jennifer Gray is a star. Go read her resume of work. Oh, and she is also a dancer.

    • whatevs

      Is anyone on this show ever a star? The purpose for going on it is to get back in the limelight.

    • Anonymous R

      Kurt Warner! I’d vote for him. So far he’s the only likable person I know in that cast.

  • tvfan

    What happened to Nicollette Sheridan?

    • Andrew

      Oh! That would’ve been too cool!

    • jones

      Michael Bolton is on. My guess is that they would not have both of them since those two were formely engaged (twice).

      • dctoronto

        UHHM and the fact she is suing ABC.

  • Andrew

    I can’t wait to watch Brandy! I loved her as Cinderella! I hope she dances just as beautifully as she did on there.

    • JoeC

      I like Brandy as well. However, I keep thinking that when they cast these proven “movers” (like Kristi Y, Evan L, etc.), it gives them an unfair advantage. Isn’t it obvious that Margaret Cho is going to be eliminated long before Brandy?

      • KarlHall

        Hey but Margaret is SURE to get some good quotes in.

        “I think I might have broken my partner’s foot… or dick, I’m not too sure.”

  • Alicia

    Hmmm…not sure how I feel about this cast. No real excitement yet, so we shall see.

    Oh Hasselhoff…

  • j

    at least ali and vienna are not on the list…thank you abc

    • Zach

      Yes, at least the reality stars are kind of legit for the genre, dare I say. It’s better than the Bachelor winner/loser of the year.

      • carolyn

        i’m sorry did you just call audrina and mike “the situation” legit?!?

      • bootsycolumbia

        There’s no such thing as a legit reality star.

      • reason

        I get what Zach is saying…like it or not, reality TV (especially The Hills and Jersey Shore) are a big business, there is a reason Audrina made $100,000 an ep

  • ella

    I thought I heard Kirstie Alley was going to be on? She would have been a riot…

    • Zach

      I heard she turned it down. Would have LOVED her.

      • deegeezee

        scientologists aren’t to dance.

        unless it’s with aliens.

      • ZOMG Leemurs!

        OMG she would have had some AMAZING meltdowns. I bet when she looses her weight she will jump at the chance. Too bad though, this season sounds so boring!

      • bootsycolumbia

        This show would have been a great way for her to lose weight. Jerry Springer and Joey Fatone both said they lost considerable poundage while competing.

    • Rush

      Too much of a clutz.

  • Kevin

    The Hoff is indeed a favorite as the front runner for the mirror ball trophy.

    • Rush

      Jennifer Grey is the ringer.

      • Perdita Semcasa

        Jennifer Grey is 50 years old and her formal ballroom dance training was 24 years ago, when she prepared for filming Dirty Dancing. That’s a pretty loose definition of a ringer if you ask me, although Derek Hough’s reputation has been built on making his partners look good.

      • Catherine

        Pedita: Jennifer has been dacning since she was a kid. It’s in her genes.

      • Lee

        Yeah, maybe the ringers are Jennifer and Brandy

    • IAA Evan

      The Hoff will be great – he’s done a lot of musical theatre – dancing included. He and Brandy will probably be 2 of the top 3.

      • Potato Bug

        Sorry, dear, but fans in Germany can’t vote ;-)

      • PIMB

        hahaPB. I guess Hasslehoff fills the Plastic Surgeery slot most famously held by Patricia Presley.

      • PIMB

        Sorry that was Priscilla

  • grindy

    I was hoping for Leslie Jordan. He had a big campaign on facebook.

    • Stephanie T.

      Interesting idea except, he’s way under 5 feet tall. The idea worked with that female gymnast two seasons back, but in professional gymnastics like figure skating, they train you in dance so she had prior experience. It’s an ok cast but, eh.

  • jacie

    I hate to say it but this is a cast of losers. They should’ve gone with Betty White and Justin Beiber if they want spectacular.

    • STFU


      • MILF

        Too late

    • Trey

      Yes, Jacie, because Betty and Justin’s schedules would have really permitted it.

  • Jenn

    Based on who I think will do good, I’ll probably be rooting for Kurt Warner. He’ll most likely go very far, if not win. Based on rooting for someone for purely shallow reasons…GIVE THE SITUATION A SHIRTLESS PASO, STAT!

    • Al

      Let’s not. He’s too gross for words..

      • PIMB

        Shirtless Maks. The rest can keep it on.

      • Al

        Word crony!

    • Amy

      Eww, please no shirtlessness for the Situation. Someone on the next page said this and I agree, he has lumpy couch abs. It’s disgusting.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I will now laugh for the rest of the day at lumpy couch abs.

    • traci90

      Knowing the wardrobe department on this show, both The Situation and Maks will be shirtless OFTEN! Probably every week as long as The Situation survives! :P

      • Lee

        Please STOP! You’re encouraging me to NOT watch!

  • Leesa

    I was so hoping I could quit this show this season. Damn you, Jennifer Grey, for drawing me back.

    • Dlistttt

      If she does any good in the competition everyone and the media is going to pull the “Not fair she has experience in dancing!” card. Just like Nicole whats her face last season.

      • Dagmar

        Have you seen “Dirty Dancing”, Baby was not a good dancer, gosh blesser.

      • Catherine

        Hey Dagmar: Jennifer Gray has been dancing since she was a kid. You think she learned those few dances for “Dirty Dancing”??? She already KNEW HOW TO DANCE!!

      • Potato Bug

        Out of curiousity, what’s your source for that Catherine because Jennifer herself said she wasn’t a dancer before the movie.

      • juju

        Her father is JOEL GREY, a Broadway song and dance man. I interviewed him years ago when he was doing a one-man show and asked about his daughter. He said she’d been dancing since she was two or something.

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