'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco on temporary medical leave following weekend fall

The Big Bang Theory has been rendered Penny-less in the wake of Kaley Cuoco’s weekend horseback-riding mishap.

A rep for Cuoco confirms that the actress suffered a broken leg and is currently recuperating in a Los Angeles hospital. “She’s scheduled to make a full recovery,” says the spokesperson.

Big Bang rep, meanwhile, says Cuoco will be written out of the episode that is taping tonight. The show will then take a previously scheduled weeklong hiatus.

Cuoco’s accident was first reported by TMZ.

Get well soon, Kaley!

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  • Camila Telcontar

    Ow…. it´s so sad!
    hope she gets better soon!

    • Joan

      Sure, it sucks she’s injured, but so sad? Get a grip on life, and learn about people with real problems! She’ll be fine, and heal, etc.

      • Lex

        Maybe you should get a grip on life and stop being such a dick to people you’ve NEVER met in your entire life!

      • sadini

        OMG, you are SO mature! Where did you learn to be so reasonable etc????

      • Michael

        I’ve got to agree… I say they make it part of a running joke with the cast, sort of like Megan Mullally did on Will and Grace. I don’t watch BBT religiously like you guys, but it seems like an ensemble cast and I don’t think they’ve ever had anyone miss an episode. Oh, well :\

      • Jeel

        How would you feel, Joan, if you broke your leg? Wouldn’t you feel sad? If someone you were close to broke their leg, wouldn’t you be sad? So because it’s someone on a TV show it isn’t a real person, so no one should be sad about it…right? Perhaps you could send out a pie chart so that we will all know when it’s ok to be sad about something.

      • Alia

        Joan needs a hug.

      • ani

        i think jeel needs to learn what sort of information a pie chart can convey.

      • Shiny

        It is indeed very sad and very painful, and since Kaley is a sweetheart my final word is that it is indeed sad. I have in fact put my foot down. I’m sorry but yes, the food is in the down position. It’s sad. Deal with it.

      • Gami

        I hope she breaks her other leg, too.

      • Tony

        Get bent, Joan. Better yet, why don’t YOU break a leg so we can all be equally unsympathetic?

      • JJ

        Says the person reading an ENTERTAINMENT message board.

      • Ted

        Joan did say it sucked about the leg…get a grip people

      • Jason

        Who cares about the leg. I only care about the butt.

    • Bobby Smits

      Man, i’d rail the hell out of her and those sweet sweet tatas

      • Howie

        Yes I’m sure she would welcome that

  • Cassie

    Get well soon Kaley!!

  • Heather

    At least it was just a broken leg and nothing worse… get well soon Kaley! Can’t wait to see BBT again.

  • Dan

    Get better Kaley!

    Can’t wait for the new season!

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    well they constantly tell actors to “BREAK A LEG!” guess she took them literally.

    • ALM

      Good one!

      • ComicWriter

        Really? That was a “good one”??? Seemed kinda lame to me.

      • JenR

        Lame? Was that a pun?

  • Kels

    Poor Kaley! I hope she recovers as quickly as possible. Penny will be missed for that episode.

  • Nicole

    Get well soon Kaley! A Penny-less episode…unfortunate for so many reasons.

    • amj

      Totally agree with this sentiment. Get well Kaley!

    • Bobby Smits

      Ba low me soon Kaley!!!! Please….then I can die in peace

  • Zach

    “Scheduled” to make a full recovery? Who says that? More like “expected.” But no, her doctors will just pencil in her full recovery.

    • Skip182


      • Francy

        Haha, perfect!

    • Susan

      Lol- “scheduled” to make a full recovery is probably a tv reference,coz she’s an actress- not an average person.Get well soon, Kaley!

  • Cris

    We already saw this episode. She fell in the shower.
    Seriously though, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kaley.

    • Liz

      She broke her arm that one time.
      Hope she feels better BBT is nothing without our lucky Penny ;D

      • Sarah

        Actually, dislocated her shoulder I believe :)

      • Sara

        I think he’s referring to the last time she broke her leg.

        In 8 Simple Rules they wrote it in as she “slipped in the shower”.

  • shannon

    Hope she gets better soon! Jim should sing her Soft Kitty everyday in the meantime ;)

    I just think they’ll likely have to write her broken leg into the show because it’s so hard to film around that type of an obvious injury and a broken leg depending on the severity can take months to heal. I can’t imagine they’d have her sit constantly and/or film above her waist for all that long….and with a 4 camera shot series it’s much harder to try to film only above the waist. I think they should write it into the show ultimately…a back story like maybe Penny slipped in her bathtub again except this time broke her leg instead of her shoulder ;) No adhesive ducks once again…haha she didn’t learn her lesson the first time :)

    • Zeddicus

      I never understood the appeal of Soft Kitty, I mean it is a cute song – but it seems the second time they started singing it on the show the studio audience went insane with glee, its not that awesome people

      • RobNj

        Uh hello? The audience was enjoying the fact that Penny was able to get Sheldon to show a softer side. And my 6 year old daughter asks me to sing Soft Kitty to her on occasion.

      • JJ

        The song is supposed to be ridiculous. That’s the point.

      • kathy

        My girls love Soft Kitty and while it’s funny, it’s also cute.. you don’t have to apply vics vapor rub while singing it though.

  • JoJo

    Poor Kaley! Didn’t she break her leg while she was on 8 simple rules? Such bad luck!

  • Shannon

    Get well soon Kaley!

  • steph

    oh no! get well soon kaley!!

  • Brad

    That’s what happens when you don’t have non-slip ducks

  • Milton

    This is the second time she has broken her leg and it’s affected the show she is working on at the time. Last time was in 2004 on 8 Simple Rules and they had to write in her being on crutches for 6-7 episodes.

    • Snsetblaze

      They probably will have to do that here – though that’s gonna cause a problem at here waitress job.

      • Joan

        Yes, but it’s a show, and she’s not really a waitress, and more importantly, why does her leg keep breaking, health-wise? Let’s be more concerned about that than the stupid character and the stupid show.

    • HollywoodCynic

      sounds like a ploy to get her salary bumped up.

      • J. Norman

        Not likely. In fact, the network may even have clauses in place where she does not get paid in the event of an injury for a ‘reckless or dangerous’ activity. . . such as motorcyle riding or horseback riding during the filming season. There vary well could be insurance issues. . .particularly if she had this very same thing happen before (i.e. the broken leg during shooting season)

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