'Big Brother' picked up for another summer run

big-brother-new-castImage Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSIn anticipation of its two-hour, 12th season finale tonight, CBS announced that it has ordered a 13th season of Big Brother for next summer.

The current edition posted year-to-year increases, up five percent in viewers (7.64 million versus 7.26 million), four percent in adults 18-49 (2.7 rating/09 share versus 2.6/08), 10 percent in adults 18-34 (2.3/08 versus 2.1/07) and three percent in adults 25-54 (3.2/09 versus 3.1/09).

“Big Brother is our summer hero,” said CBS’ Jennifer Bresnan, executive vice president, alternative programming, in a statement.  “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”

The two-hour finale, in which Lane, Enzo and Hayden will compete for the $500,000 prize, will air tonight following the premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua. Big Brother is executive produced by Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A. The host is Julie Chen, who also writes a Big Brother blog for EW.com.

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  • jimmy

    hells ya

    • darclyte

      I would LOVE for Allison Grodner to be replaced. She’s terrible at casting and the “twists.” Bring in some new blood to run the show and shake things up. It’ll never happen because the ratings were up, but most BB fans yearn for the day when Allison is replaced.

      • SLB

        Exactly. I don’t want to watch next summers cast spend 24 hours “study” for what they think the next competition is going to be. Or commenting on what’s going to “air”, or make it on The Soup, or the acting jobs they’re going to get from this. Expect the unexpected? Nothing on this show is unexpected anymore.

  • Yar

    I hope they renew Big Brother for so many years, the Chenbot’s becomes becomes the new host when she retires!

    • joe the dirt


  • Yar

    *That was supposed to say “I hope they renew Big Brother for so many years, the Chenbot’s baby becomes the new host when she retires!”

    • Leah


  • Davina McCall

    This show gets worse every year. LOVED it the first season, but year to year it gets worse. I wish they went back to the original format, maybe made it more like the UK version again. Replace Chenbot with someone that has more personality……make it a bigger production. It was HUGE in the UK for a reason, because they made it fun to watch and picked interesting diverse people. I’m sick of the same clones they pick every year. I loved BB, but I skipped it this year and just got the dirt from hampsterwatch.com, saved me a whole lot of grief.

    • Natalie O

      I agree, I watch both series each summer, the UK has far more interesting and diverse people, and the host, Davina McCall was outstanding, it’s grating to see the comparison. Inexplicably it has now ended in the UK, yet thrives here in the US.

    • Chris

      I disagree. The first season was the absolute worst. And the alternative format used in the UK and most other countries just didn’t work in the States. I agree that they need to diversify the cast (race, sexuality, and age), but the format works. This season was a big snooze though…I can’t believe new people started watching this year, I hope they stick around and that next year is phenomenal so they actually know what they’ve been missing. I stopped watching this season a few weeks ago, the Brigade has to be among the most annoying, unlikeable, and–for the most part–utterly worthless alliance ever. None of the players were very good this year, they had their minds set on going after Rachel and Brendon and before anything else could be done the season was over…and we were left with three dip****s in the finals.

      Personally, I think Brendon played the best game, even if he is somewhat dense. He played hard and smart sometimes and managed to stick around while everyone was gunning for him. He got my vote for the 25K. Runner-up: Britney, despite the fact that the only reason she was so popular is that the producers gave her a VERY generous edit.

      • Chuck

        I would say that this HAS to be someone who knows the show well writing this. Possibly a Producer on the show?

      • Mac

        I blame the producers for cast catty women on the show. Year after year, the same trashy women gang up on each other, voting each other out when there are bigger fish to fry. How did Hayden keep slipping through the cracks? I mean, he was a college athelete and didn’t come off as a complete idoit! People with common sense should have targeted him right away. But noooo… even when he was on the block, the evict the non-threat Kristen. What a waste and what a dim-bulb overall.

  • Kate

    And most people are guessing it will the the second all star season. It will be this interesting mix of the outrageous people (Jesse, Dick, Chima) and the smarter game players (Dan, Matt, Keesha) and these over emotional players (Rachel, Ragan, some person from the couple season and from last year). Should be fun.

    • ej

      If Jessie is back I can’t watch…most annoying person on earth. I’ll be happy to see Janelle and Kaysar back though

      • Bobby F

        Loves, loves, loves Janelle and Kasar. That season rocked big time!!! She has to be the best BB player ever!

    • Chiana

      Pretty sure they won’t invite Chima back. Maybe they could skip this entire cast – the biggest horror would be to bring back Rachel. And Jessie.

      • forrest

        Chima slammed the door closed with CBS with her antics. She won’t be back. The ‘all-stars’ from this season my be Rachael, Britney and / or Regan. The winner and the rest of the brigade were very dull and forgetable.

  • larry k

    Enjoyed this season!Also,all 3 of the guys competing tonight seem like nice guys,so,good luck,and may the best man win!

    • jen

      NICE GUYS??? Lane admitted to punching his dog in the face until the dog bleeds. Also, google Lane and 8 second rule for another example of how nice Lane is. Enzo is an egomaniac who has cheated far too many times to count because he thinks he is above rules. Nice guys??

  • ILoveDick

    I just hope they have FAR better casting next season than they did this season. What a snoozefest!

  • sara

    There is only one thing that needs to change – producer Alison Grodner needs to be fired. I was absolutely astounded that she described the cast as “a nice bunch” and “easy to root for.” She has gone out of her way to ignore Enzo’s repeated cheating, hide Lane’s self described acts of animal AND female abuse and what is worse is that she actually implemented competitions to favour her precious brogade. What a complete farce.

  • Lynda

    Very dissappointed in who the final three are!!!!!!!!!! Wish Ragan would have left the first week. He was obnoxious.

  • Samantha

    Enzo cheating? How? In the house or you talking about cheating on a spouse or something in real life? how did enzo cheat. by the way, Enzo can dance.

    • sara

      Oh please. Enzo cheated at least 6 times while on slop by eating chicken, chocolate, pizza and candy. All other houseguests who have done so were penalized accordingly. Not Enzo, he is above rules. Also, he was suppose to wear the penguin suit for one week. He chose to only wear it as he saw fit. Also, no punishment. I am really not sure what is worse. His extreme arrogance of Alison Grodner for allowing him to continue cheating for so long without punishment simply because she wanted him in the finals.

  • Samantha

    Sara, it ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught and also, do you think you take this show to heart a bit too much?

    • sara

      wow, you are confused aren’t you! And BTW – Enzo WAS caught. Not sure if you’ve heard, but there are CAMERAS inside the BB house filming everything. Shocking I know. As for your comment about taking the show to heart too much, somehow I doubt you would be okay with a competitor of yours being allowed to cheat. Cheating is wrong. Sounds like your parents didn’t teach you that little fact.

  • Darrin

    Yeah this latest season of BB is a bust. Can the producers please cast a more diverse set of people for next year? No offense, but I’m tired of seeing the same whiny, self-indulgent white people they cast year after year. Can we please see some whiny, self-indulgent minorities next season?

    • Mac

      Yes please! The token minorities always seem to go right away (Monet and Andrew).

    • forrest

      afraid the ratings improvement of this season will only mean more of the same in the future. More ‘social game’ meaning playing not to offend anyone and no confrontations – …..

  • daisy

    Innovative twists – are you effen kidding me? Half the comps were rehashes of past seasons…and the only real “twist” is that a cheater was not evicted when Matt was on the block when in past seasons there were repercussions for not following the rules…why even bother to have rules then? Cancel this pathetic piece of crap…it makes poor Brit want to throw up all over herself, remember? Us too.

  • Jed

    The legal whorehouse is coming back for another season along with Miss Nepotist herself, Chenbot…lovely.

  • Jon

    Loved this season it would be nice if Allison picked more diverse houseguest but ya i still love it! I would HATE for it too go too like it was season 1 i love the anticipation of knowing who will win HoH nd PoV and stuff like that. The rating would deffinitly go down if they went too the format of BB UK & Season 1

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