'Smallville' Exclusive: Teri Hatcher to play Lois' mom!

louis-laneImage Credit: Danny Feld/ABC; Jack Rowand/The CWCongrats, Smallville—you have outdone yourself! For the show’s 10th and final season, producers have scored perhaps their biggest (maybe even the biggest possible) casting coup: They’ve snagged erstwhile Lois Lane Teri Hatcher to play mom to Erica Durance’s Lois Lane!

I know what you’re thinking: But Lois’ mom, Ella, is dead! Follow along now…

In episode 8, titled “Abandoned,” Lois discovers old videotapes of her mother. I think you can figure the rest out for yourself. Am I right?

As you know, Hatcher spent four years playing Superman’s soul mate on ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The fact that the Desperate Housewives star was game to do this speaks volumes about her appreciation for that role (and the role it played in her future career). I’m sure they’re also paying her well, too.

Thoughts? At a loss for words? Well, if you should come up with any, deposit them below! And don’t forget to watch Smallville‘s last season premiere ever (sniff) this Friday!

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  • Mercedes

    I grew up idolizing Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane. I’m not really a Smallville fan, but I think I may tune in to see this (and then go watch my L&C dvds).

    • Elle

      Lois and Clark was a wonderful show back in the 90’s. It’s very underrated. The first two seasons in particular were just a great portrayl of a modern day Superman. I also really really like Smallville and I like what Erica Durance has done with the role. Her Lois is younger–more unsure—and it’s been a great ride. This casting news is just incredible. Couldn’t be happier.

      • Joel

        Yep, totally agree. I loved Teri as Lois in L&C and have all four seasons, and this is spectacular news for Smallville. But WHY did you have to remind us that it’ll be the last season premiere ever? *sobs*

      • Kevin

        “younger”? She looks mid thirties, despite all the botox. Terri Hatcher’s version of LL was smart, educated & goal driven from childhood. The younger version of the Chloe character is more of a reflection of her LL. ED’s uneducated, unethical sleeps with her boss version. So much FAIL.

      • Noodle

        I haven’t watched smallville since the first season, but I think I’ll tune in for this. I loved Lois and Clark. That show, alongside Xena and Hercules, were my favourite shows when I was a kid.

      • Lisa

        GTFO ‘Kevin’. Erica and Teri are going to ROCK this episode together. Haters gon hate :p

      • Melaine

        Nice to see tobiwolf has arrived, was waiting for when she would arrive. Man talk about a pathetic delusional person huh, seems quite obsessive its creepy. Oh well keep on hating only makes you look like a total reject. Great news BTW on the Teri casting love it! Teri and Erica both rock.

      • Grant

        Awesome news. Our household is super excited for what entails with Smallville this season. First Michael Ironside and now Teri Hatcher. Awesome. This fanboy is a happy camper!

      • This is for Kevin aka Tobi

        Ah Kevin you need to get your facts straight don’t know what the hell you’ve been watching but Teri’s Lois didn’t want to be a journalist her whole life she became a journalist not because she had a lifelong dream but to prove her father wrong and piss him off. Then a lightbulb went off and she stayed a journalist because she realized she liked it. AND on LnC Teri’s Lois in the pilot also admitted that she broke her rules and slept with someone at work higher up in the food chain and she had a relationship with college editor. And I recall her sleep with a colleague at the DP who stole her story. So no…Lois Lane on Smallville was not the first Lois Lane to make that mistake. Get out of your 19th century bubble, not everyone is hermit who lives on their computer and spews out garbage like you Kevin or shall we say Tobi. Man you’re FAIL go pick up a comic book or actually watch the shows before you spew off total garbage. LOL.

      • kuai

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      • Erin

        I loved Teri’s Lois so yay casting for that. On the other hand it might amplify how sucky Smallville’s Lois is compared to Lois & Clark’s Lois (though who knows, she may have improved in the last few seasons which I haven’t watched. All I know is that mythology-wise she was so wrong!).

      • lol

        They look about the same age

    • Valcan Krull

      Nice! Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane has always been my favorite. Her and Dean Cain were awesome and if it weren’t for Christopher Reeve They both would be my #1 Lois and Clark. Glad they managed this for Smallville. I was thinking how weird it was the other day that only four years seperated the end of Lois and Clark and the beginning of Smallville.

      • TV_Pete

        I also loved Dean Cain and especially Teri Hatcher on Lois & Clark. Great show and a wonderful tie-in.

      • sheryl villanueva

        ohh!! lois and clark of ABC? i should watch it over and over again.i love teri hatcher and of course dean cain.everything about superman.i’m an addict! maybe that’s why until now,i’ve been looking for someone who play my real life superman

    • cwswifty

      Awesome choice!! Season 10 is looking pretty good..

    • nevin


    • Frank

      Are you serious? You must be like what, 49? Who DOESNT enjoy Smallville?

      • Mercedes

        Actually, I’m 22, and I just never got into it. C’est la vie.

      • Robert

        ok .. I’ve watched Smallville from day one and have each of the previous 9 seasons on DVD … and some random t-shirts here and other things there. I guess it’s safe to say that Smallville is my favourite show!! And this is awesome news about Teri…. I am pleased a great deal by what I’ve already seen. Just a little sad it has to end. .. . :(

      • oldguy

        Hey! Watch it there Frank! I am actually 52 and have always enjoyed my comic book movies and tv shows. It ain’t just for youngsters anymore!

      • oldgal

        Frank, age has nothing to do with it. I love Smallville, I also loved Lois and Clark.

    • Dixie

      I’m with you — I’m a HUGE L&C fan and was never able to get into Smallville. Now I MUST watch. Teri is forever my Lois Lane!

      • Sam

        Teri just played Lois Lane to a T.. Someone mentions Lois Lane I think of Teri hatcher immediately!

    • Regina

      As a late 40s, Kal-El fan since age 7, Teri is probably still my favorite Lois Lane, but I LOVE Smallville, love the alt-mythology, and am grateful she’s doing this role. (I’ve never forgiven the non-closure ending of Lois & Clark, but Smallville helped with the Superman withdrawals. I AM going to be in mourning when it’s over!)

    • joyce

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    • amanda

      U must have been really confused last night if u watched it! the season premier had a lot of info from seasons past

  • lost4life


    • em

      You took those letters right out of my mouth! I’m actually excited about this casting scoop (Bubbles on Fringe too)

    • Brian

      Can you believe all the awesomeness we already know about is JUST in the first 9 episodes? What crazy goodness are they gonna introduce in the back 13??

    • A.T.

      OMFG X 10

  • Snapped

    HOLY-! I hoped, I wished, but I never thought they’d actually manage it! WOW! How freakin’ awesome is that?!

    • graeme

      Totally freakin awesome. Great for Hatcher to take the role, and nice for ABC to let her appear on another network. Bravo.

    • Jenn

      THAT’S what I said. Awesome news!!!!!

  • emily

    BACK THE TRUCK UP. This is amazing news. I have such respect for Teri now. Not that I didn’t before, but as big of a star she is I’m surprised she agreed to play Lois’ mother. A lot of people in her position would look the other way. Major kudos to Teri!

    • Beth

      Couldn’t have said it better!!!

  • Deion

    That, Ausiello, is good scoop. yay!

  • Marisa Pascual

    She´ll always be Lois to me

    • Valerie

      Me too… and Dean Cain will always be Clark Kent. (We need a Teri/Dean reunion…)

      • mark in nyc

        yeah….like Dean Caine has played anything else since.

      • Drew

        Dean played Curtis Knox in a previous Smallville episode in 2007.

      • Robert Taylor

        Dean Cain has done some movies since then and is busy doing other stuff.

      • Ron

        He plays on “Ripley’s Believe it or not” as the host! He does a pretty good job,

      • MaryJane

        Dean Cain has been steadily working in tv movies for years. He gave a really great performance as Scott Peterson (the wife killer) a few years ago. I, too, would love it if he were in an episode with Hatcher playing one of the Superman legends, now THAT would be AWESOME!

      • cb

        I liked dean as clark but I think toms done as good maybe better then dean

      • Gillian

        agree Valerie, Dean and Teri do need to reunite and do a 5th season of Lois and Clark and tie up all the loose end from season 4 storylines. Dean and Teri are just the best Lois and Clark ever, they have amazing chemistry, with some of those hot and steamy scenes they did in the show, people thought they were a real couple. Especially the scenes in Soulmates and Brutal youth, they were some of the hottest ever scenes. they obviously still have the chemistry to do a 5th sseason.

        Dean and Teri = Lois and Clark forever.

    • BKWURM1

      Here! Here!

      • Anita

        All I have to say is that this is going to be the best season yet. I will not miss one episode. Terri Hatcher’s Lois was awesome. It is just something about the wonderful tea bag quality of Lois Lane that keeps fans on her side. I like that the ladies have made Lois a lot more feisty and like a real woman. Hey maybe we will even get to see Clark fly.

  • jordan


  • grinch

    This news is real, and it’s spectacular.

    • Eva


    • Moule

      DAMMIT, I was just about to write that!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      ROFLOL thanks best comment!!

    • kiki

      LOLZ *applause*

    • Dee

      Can this be a FB status so I can “like” it??

    • Brian

      LOL! Nice one!

    • Jonathan

      my thoughts exactly!! haha
      Can’t wait!

    • Grant

      snort haha nice one.

    • Dale

      Smallville is bringing in two
      alum from Seinfeld. Let’s not
      forget that in the final episode of Seinfeld that Teri’s “spectacular” character slept with Jerry and the gangs
      lawyer Jackie Chiles who now plays
      the Martian Manhunter on Smallville.

    • steven welsh

      awesome seinfeld reference i think ? hahaha :-)

  • Cari

    WOW that is pretty awesome

  • Josie

    This is awesome. Well played, Smallville, well played.

  • Er

    That is probably the most AWESOME news ever! I LOVED Teri on L&C…and now on Smallville?! Could it get any better?

  • Alex

    This is awesome. I might have to tune in just to see this.

  • Jesse


  • Nathan

    That’s wicked man! Smallville kicks major ass.

  • venom

    Hot damn Smallville.

    • Kat

      That us great news have always loved Terri. She is a terrific actress.

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