Exclusive: 'Buffy' alum Marc Blucas suits up for 'Necessary Roughness'

marc-blucasImage Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosBuffy grad Marc Blucas has landed the male lead opposite Callie Thorne in the USA pilot Necessary Roughness, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Roughness centers on a female shrink (Thorne) who becomes the therapist for a professional football team. After succeeding beyond expectations, she is sought after by other athletes, musicians, politicians, and those living in the spotlight who all want her unique brand of tough-love therapy.

Blucas will play the team’s hunky trainer and a romantic foil for Thorne.

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  • M

    If he and Callie Thorne have even half the chemistry he and Sarah Michelle Gellar had…they’ll have less than none.

    • Michael

      They gave Riley the personality of a turnip. Mark can pull off the comedy, so I think he’ll be good in this.

      • Brittany

        Riley was hilarious in Summer Catch. I’m thrilled.

    • Mark Buchanan

      Thanks for the giggle!

    • dropper


    • lorna

      I liked Riley! He was good to Buffy, and good for her, esp. after Parker stomped on her heart.

  • Christian

    Still disappointed this isn’t a spinoff of the movie of the same name.

    • Mavis

      I was hoping the same thing when I first heard of the title! But I only would have watched it if Sinbad was still in it.

      • Christian

        I’m pretty sure Sinbad would be available

  • liz

    Well, at least I know one show I won’t be watching. Marc Blucas ruined every episode of Buffy he was in.

    • Simon

      Agreed, Riley was seriously irritating…

    • MSR

      I would give the worst episode ever credit to the one where he and Buffy couldn’t stop having sex.

      • Jessi

        Yes, I think that one was pretty terrible.

      • s-k-s

        However, I think hush was one of my favorites and that was (sort of) Buffy/Rily centric.

      • V

        Meh…that episode was okay if you ignored Buffy and Riley entirely…

        That was the great thing about that show…the main characters weren’t always the main focus…

      • BlackIrish4094

        Hush was an amazing episode and Blucas was funny in Summer Catch as the guy who liked to chubby chase.

      • Rachel

        Yeah, that one’s awful, but the blame for that one goes to the writer…..she also wrote “Beer Bad,” my personal least-favorite ep.

      • Rocky

        I try to pretend like “Beer Bad” never happened, but every now and then, I’m reminded. Ick.

      • eli

        oh, stop your dissing. the worst of buffy was still better than a lot of tv, especially back in the day.

      • lorna

        no, i would say doublemeat palace or older and far away were HORRIBLE! s6 had HORRENDOUS eps.

    • fireflystare221

      He did not! His character was bad writing. He didn’t have much to work with. Marc Blucas is a talented actor. Though I personally do hate the episode mentioned below, season 4 on a whole, was absolutely terrible (minus Hush). I doubt he was the one who came up with the idea for Beer Bad or whatever that nonsense episode was called, Adam, or any of the other terrible things about season 4.

      I hope this new show succeeds. Sounds like an interesting premise.

      • B

        I realize I’m in the vast minority, but I really liked Riley. Not being immortal or a bad-boy there was no way he ever had a chance, but I liked him a lot! I also really like Marc Blucas, so I’m very glad to hear this news. I will definitely check this out.

      • fireflystare221

        Totally agree B. I probably liked Riley more than others because I never liked Angel except when he was evil.

      • Casey

        well, I wouldn’t say “Hush” was the only good episode. What about “Restless”? Or “Something Blue” in terms of hilariousness?

      • Cambria M Banks

        dude I am a huge fan of Riley. he used to be my favorite guy on Buffy. but then later I watched the series from the very beginning, and I fell in love with Angel. but Marc Blucas is a great actor! hello! did anyone see him in First Daughter? or We Were Soldiers? Summer Catch was great, not my favorite role of his. but i definitely cant wait to see this new series starring my second favorite actor!!!!

    • Jane

      Love Callie Thorne. Hate Mark Blucas. He played one of the worst Buffy characters ever.

    • Snsetblaze

      Callie Thorne is a good actress. I have seen her in other things than Rescue Me. I have seen Mark Blucas in other things besides Buffy and he has been good. I don’t think he was overall bad himself in Buffy – the writing wasn’t there and the chemistry between the actors wasn’t there. Buffy’s other boyfriends had been “bad boys” and there was chemistry. The character or Riley was just too “Captain America.”

      • deeannek

        Exactly! Though I do feel bad about holding his part on Buffy against him- By the time Riley became a main character I was already rooting for Spike.

  • timotey

    The actors are interesting. The show’s synopsis… not. Neither this, nor USA’s other female lead series, Facing Kate, sound even remotely interesting, sorry.

    After the amazing White Collar and likable Covert Affairs, I’m sorely disappointed by USA new projects.

    • Brooke

      I find it impossible to be disappointed by something that hasn’t even aired yet for me to pass judgment on.

      • timotey

        I can. There are so many new shows each and every year that already the synopsis has to somewhat speak to me to make me try it out. NR nor FK do that. WC and CA did, immediately. I do hope that USA will pick up the 3rd show, the one about the cops who are sent to a couples therapy. That one sounds awesome – it might not turn out to be awesome, but I would definitely give it a try.

    • jennrae

      Would you really call White Collar “amazing?” Really? Kelly Kapowski is useless (all of her scenes are filmed in front of a fake-looking backdrop–because of her pregnancy, I assume, but still), and this business with the music box is so cheesy. Music boxes belong in Narnia, not modern-day crime procedurals. I like the idea of white collar crime instead of the ubiquitous murder on tv, but forensic accounting is dreadfully boring. It’s okay enough to watch when there’s nothing else on, but it’s far from “amazing.”

      • Christian

        You watch White Collar for the plots? I figured everybody just watched it for the character interactions, which are fantastic.

      • timotey

        I don’t watch the show for the plot. I watch it for the interactions between Peter and Neal, for the bromance, for the humor and the amazing season/mid-season finales they can pull.

        That’s what USA is about, characters. If you want reality, there’s enough reality shows out there. None of the popular procedurals on TV right now can say they are true to what’s really going on in their respective departments in real life.

        But when I read the synopsis of White Collar and even Covert Affairs, I was immediately intrigued. But so far, I’ve read the synopsis of NR and even saw some BTS photos of FK and it didn’t click for me at all.

  • lee

    the years have not been good to him
    age really shows

    • Gina Vera

      totally agree most of the cast looks way better. . looks like he drinks or somthing and gained some weight too.

    • Shasta

      Sorry to say my first thought after seeing his picture was “Is he on medication for some kind of disorder?” Didn’t even recognize him at first.

  • AllieBoBallie

    I disagree. I loved Blucas as Riley in Buffy. I’m really glad he’s gaining traction in Hollywood. He’s adorable… and therein lies my main reason for being on Team Blucas. He’s also a decent actor. And pretty much anyone who was ever on Buffy gets my support.

  • ms Thing

    Oh my! Marc needs to find a gym and a spa STET!

    • Vikki Sixx

      And I suppose you are the perfect specimen of female beauty and have the greatest body imaginable?

      Pointing out when an actor or actress is less than perfect look wise is so pathetic to begin with…but when hiding behind a computer it is beyond pathetic.

      • Silent Rage

        I love you Vikki.

    • Kate

      so ms thing…is “STET” quicker than “STAT”? :) Anyway, I personally love Marc Blucas, while I always loved Spike and Buffy, I thought Riley was super cute and more the guy I would personally go for in real life

  • SLDad

    Is this another Royal Pains but instead of rich people in the Hamptons, it will be rich people all over the country?

  • rinkydink

    To use a Chandler Bing ism, “Could he nose BE any bigger”?

    • Say What?

      It’s a bad picture guys–he’s actually pretty cute and looked great in Knight and Day with Tom Cruise.

  • Margaret

    I love Blucas and I did like Riley before they ruined him. Hopefully this show gets picked up – he was in one with Amy Smart last season that didn’t ‘Run Kate Run’.

  • Summer

    Sounds like someone stole a small plot from a movie named Tin Cup. They are just gonna apply her skills throughout different areas. Sad. We need some original story plots PLEASE!

  • Marc Blucas

    So I’ve put on a few pounds? What do you trolls look like? My character Riley on Buffy was the best and my new show will kick ass! Please watch!

    • carrie

      giggles :)

  • Xane

    The title may be familiar but the premise sounds interesting. Looking forward to it!

  • Zakry

    Blucas is a fine actor, and I love Callie Thorne, I’m definitely watching and not, you know, JUDGING it before its even aired… a few of you should follow my example.

  • Wendy

    Well, I don’t dislike this actor as apparently all the Buffistas do – but maybe the actor just played the part that was written for him?

    But I’d watch this show for Callie Thorne, who was awesome in Rescue Me and can do both drama and comedy well.

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