'Heroes' baddie Zachary Quinto 'bummed' about wrap-up movie's demise

zachary-quintoImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBCHeroes fans aren’t the only folks miffed by NBC’s decision not to move forward with plans for a wrap-up movie. The show’s brain-eating baddie Zachary Quinto is also disheartened that closure won’t come to the Heroesverse.

“It’s disappointing that there was such a lack of resolution,” sighs the actor. “But unfortunately that’s just the nature of network television….Nothing really surprises me in terms of network and studio bureaucracy. It’s the way it goes.

“If it was in their best interest I’m sure they would have done it,” he adds. “And for whatever reason, they didn’t think it was. So that’s a bummer. But we have to just accept it and move on.”

Quinto—who’s currently headlining an Off-Broadway revival of Angels in America—isn’t allowing the show’s unhappy ending to taint an otherwise “phenomenal” experience. “I have nothing but fond memories and fondness for the people who gave me that opportunity,” he says. “I miss everybody, but I’m also glad to know that everybody is moving forward with as much momentum as possible.” (Reporting by Adam Markowitz)

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  • Jim

    It’d be cool to see Zachary Quinto on SMALLVILLE!

    • Kevin

      If they ever cast Bruce Wayne…

      • RYAN

        GREAT IDEA!

      • KingLion

        ….Which will never happen….DAMN YOU WB!!!!!!!

      • Dean Cain

        But then they would have to cast a boy wonder toy Robin. I’m sure Joel Schumaker would love to direct that episode

  • :/

    Season one is amazing. I’ve never seen a show fall so hard.

  • AN

    Seriously, at the end of Heroes, my hubby and I would watch it and sit there and say to each other, “Why are we watching this? It’s horrible!” But, we watched the very first episode to the very last episode.

    • Chris

      Same here.

    • Silent Rage

      I skipped the second half of the third season(but went back to watch it’s finale) but other than that I watched till the end…I guess I was hoping the show would get better with T-Bag in the cast…but maaaaan it was painstakingly horrible to sit through and I am content with the last episode being the series finale.

  • bruno

    maybe if they hadn’t have messed up the show so badly it’d have gotten it’s finale. from a stellar season one to an unwatchable season 3. it wasn’t even mediocre. it was just BAD.

    • Dirk Simmons

      I actually thought the second season was unbearable. It seemed to me the third season was starting to get things back on track…but the fourth season was mystifyingly awful.

  • jb

    Network and studio bureaucracy?? Yeah, that’s what went wrong with Heroes…

    • DJ Rogue

      Yeah, gotta agree with this ones. While, more often than not, the “bureaucracy” is to blame…this time, they had NOTHING to do with this show becoming the mess it did.

  • AngieLam18

    Um, Ausiello, Sylar didn’t eat brains…

    • Jose

      My thoughts exactly

  • TV_Pete

    I think the creativity was also lost.

    Season one, especially with the phenomenal “Company Man” was an excellent show. What was this show? It was a show about people. Some of these people had some different abilities.

    Season 2 and on was about super-abilities (like many comic books and graphic novels) rather than a character-driven show about these people. Heroes lost focus and paid the price for it. With that in mind go back and watch the Season 1 episodes compared to the others and you will see what I mean.

    • Graham

      No need to dump on graphic novels! Comics like The Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man (among MANY others)are much better at characterization than Heroes ever was.

  • Eric

    The Heroes crew never had an end game (unlike say Lost). Even if the show was awesome, it would hae fun out of steam and it still wouldn’t have had resolution. If you don’t plan an ending, why be surprised whn you don’t get one.

  • John

    At least he got to be Spock.

  • Iakovos

    NBC botched the whole HEROES series after a successful first year. Or maybe the prodcuers were too crafty for their own good. After year one, it just limped and well, that’s a sahme for the talented cast. Many, like Quinto, will supercede this TV curiosity.

  • Nikki B.

    What truthfully killed Heroes was the writers’ strike. (Not that I blame them for going on strike, but that’s neither here nor there)
    The end of season 2 was supposed to be a season arc for sweeps and would return to it’s full force in January. However, that didn’t happen. So what we got was this half-assed season with hardly any character arc or conclusion. So season 3 was really left with little to work with.
    They also continued to add TOO many new characters without ever giving the viewers a conclusion to other characters (copy cat girl from New Orleans?!!! Hello.)
    It’s sad they won’t make a movie, but not as sad as not making a Veronica Mars movie!

    • Graham

      Nothing is as sad as them not making a Veronica Mars movie! :(

    • katie

      I fully agree, like what happened to Molly? I felt like they focused way to much on crazy powers and killed of all the good characters

  • Sheindie

    Hi, Mike – it was determined Sylar did not ‘eat’ brains – he studied them and then disposed of same

  • Dicazi

    The way his character “died” and then kept coming back is one of the reasons I stopped watching. It was the writing that killed this show.

    • wizard62

      I completely agree. While I like Quinto, Syler should have stayed dead at the conclusion of season one and a new villan created for season 2. What killed Heroe’s was all the time travel confusion, dead/not dead characters, and the emergence of too many new characters, leaving the ones we had come to know out in the cold. And no offense to Quinto but, we all knew Heroe’s was headed for cancellation, so why didn’t the writers wrap it up in the last episode? Why expect a TV movie to bring closure after the fact?

      • Ruby

        wizard62…I can’t take anything you say seriously when you’re putting an apostrophe on “Heroes”. “Heroe’s”? Are you serious? That’s the worst case of “just because it has an ‘S’ on the end doesn’t mean you need an apostrophe” I’ve ever seen.

      • Ruby

        Also, it’s SYLAR.

  • Vince from NYC

    Quinto’s too good an acotor for off broadway. He was the best actor on Heroes and good on 24 too. He needs deserves a big money role.

  • sockigal

    Hope Star Trek #2 is on it’s way. Just watched Star Trek again and it was such a great reboot. Couldn’t have had a better cast, story and special effects. Quinto is a great Spock and I hope he gets to play the role on the big screen many more times!!!

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