It's official: Fox cancels 'Lone Star'

lone-star-james-wolkAnd the first official cancellation of the 2010-11 TV season is… a real bummer. Fox has pulled the plug on its critically adored con-man drama Lone Star after two low-rated episodes. 

Lie to Me—which wasn’t expected to kick off its third season until later this fall—takes over the show’s Monday-at-9 time slot beginning next week.

Lone Star got off to a disastrous start last week, averaging just over 4 million viewers. The depressing numbers prompted series creator Kyle Killen to pen an open letter to fans urging them to tune in for episode 2. “For [Lone Star] to survive we’re going to have to pull off a minor miracle,” he wrote. “Statistically, new shows tend to lose viewers in their second week. We’re aiming to gain them. In fact, screw it, let’s just double our audience.”

Unfortunately, viewership for last night’s episode sank to 3.2 million viewers, sealing the show’s fate.

Production on Lone Star will cease immediately, confirms a 20th Century Fox spokesperson. “We will have shot five completed episodes after the pilot,” says the rep, “and will not complete principal photography on episode 106.” It’s not clear what will happen to the unaired episodes.

Post your eulogies in the comments section.

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  • Cesar

    Damn this was a great show…they should have brought it back midseason and gave it a chance

    • Rona

      A true shame. Good show that would’ve been great on the cable circuit. I appreciate Fox at least trying to get quality drama on the tube as opposed to the reality dreck…. Maybe the show might find a home on cable somewhere. It saved Southland (another fantastic show) maybe it’ll work for LS….

      • MC in MD

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      • love

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      • DiMi

        EW.COM – Get rid of these boyfriend spam comments!!!! Isn’t anybody monitoring these things.

      • Angel

        Why not come up with stories like Rubicon? It’s up and running on a channel that I don’t even get in HD. Why can’t Fox come up with a Mad Men or Rubicon? At least they have Lie To Me and The Good Guys. So entertaining.

      • paul

        I LOVE Lie to Me and The Good Guys. Matt Nix is brilliant. Everything he has created has been gold. he also created Burn Notice. If Fox cancels either Good Guys or Lie To Me, I will boycott Fox.

    • Larry David

      Shame on the public’s part. This show is smart, refreshing, intellectually challenging, etc. Everything that is missing on the major networks (ABC,NBC,FOX,CBS) and what do you guys do? You spit on its face and say “show me more ‘The Event’ please”. What is wrong with the general public. Are they satisfied with their procedural shows about cops and doctors? Don’t we have enough of those already? Does every smart show have to be on cable now because most of the people are not able to comprehend such a smart show? What is wrong with us?????

      • Neptuny

        I for one didn’t watch it because the premise turned me off. Thought it was just going to be a soap about some unlikable philanderer. Apparently, there’s more to it than that (?). Shame I never gleaned any greatness from its marketing. I’ll give it a look-see on Hulu if it’s there.

      • Benita

        Thing is, I didn’t find it smart or original, it was nothing but warmed over white guy angst. If I found the leas actor charismatic enough, I could have forgiven the tired premise but he was so vanilla I fell asleep. “Boardwalk Empire” and “Mad Men” bring enough anti-heroes to the table and they do it with far more flair.

      • Erin

        How was it a smart show? I’m asking an honest question here… I really want to know. I tried to watch the pilot and just couldn’t pay attention. It was boring and didn’t seem to have anything more interesting that I haven’t seen a million times before in anything with a con-man, double life drama.

      • ray

        erin, u find it boring because you probably suffer from add

      • Jen

        Shame? Really? That’s a little over the top. I would use the word shame for a lot of things in our society. But this is just a tv show that not a lot of people watched. Anyway, I blame the marketing campaign, it was not good.

      • forrest

        I vaguely remember seeing the promos, but I DVRd around it. Strong competition? I won’t miss it.

      • MLL

        “What is wrong with the general public?” you ask – maybe the general public has 500 other channels to watch.

      • MC in MD

        Sadly, everything has to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator these days. De-evolotion is real.

      • Vicki

        I didn’t watch b/c the premise turned me off too, but after reading some of the critics’ comments, I decided to give it a try and watched the re-airing of the pilot on Sat. They should’ve given it more of a chance to be found by an audience. It was much better than I expected & I had decided to keep watching. Fox is always quick to pull the plug on shows. It’s a miracle they ever grow anything good there.

      • Anno

        Get off your high horse! Just because you like something that others don’t doesn’t mean other people are morons. Get over yourself.

      • Geoff

        What was wrong with the show? For me, it was simple, it wasn’t Monday Night Football.

      • Mike

        What do you mean shame on the public….It’s the publics right to watch what it wants to watch. I watched the 1st ep and it blew….I am thinking The (non)Event is next to get the axe

      • m.

        Boring doesn’t make something smart. This show sucked and deserved to be cancelled (altough not before Outlaw and some other stinkers).

      • I Miss Ted….

        > You spit on its face and say “show me more ‘The Event’ please”.

        Haha, maybe you better check the latest ratings for The Event. Apparently Lost left a nasty taste in the public’s mouth. *goes to rinse and spit*

      • Bounce

        I too hated the premise. The guy living two lives, cheating and lying. Don’t we have enough of this already?

      • Pat

        “Shame on the public’s part”…for not watching a tv show. Come on now…get a life.

      • xs

        This is the kind of show that has me tuning in PBS to watch British shows> Seems to me the public got this just right.

      • ALBERTO Soto

        please put it back, i love the series if not i want to buy the dvd… was diffrent and very good : (

    • me here

      I actually watched last night’s episode…. and all the time thinking it would be the last one and should i waste my time watching…. bummer indeed!

    • jake

      Well all fans of James Wolk can see him pull in a great performance in a very funny movie in YOU AGAIN. This is very sad news. I’m shocked that Fox didn’t even give it a shot, it was critically acclaimed.

      • Dee

        James Wolk is a good actor, but he was terribly miscast in this role. He was not charming enough to be convincing as a con man, and he was not convincing as a Texan (or as somebody who could con Texans.) Imagine if they had cast Jensen Ackles from Supernatural – an underrated actor and an actual Texan – in the role or somebody like Timothy Olyphant. Those guys are both charismatic enough and seemingly sincere enough to play a convincing con man. James Wolk wasn’t even a convincing salesman, much less convincing someone who could con seasoned businessmen and attractive. He just seemed like a cookie cutter Harvard MBA type. I never believed him, and I didn’t believe the other characters would either.

      • Dee

        I meant ‘Wolk wasn’t even a convincing salesman, much less convincing AS someone who could con seasoned businessmen and attractive Women.’

        Also, the women were underwritten. I didn’t care enough about them to be invested in how he was betraying them.

    • Miki

      I expected Nikita and Hellcats to get Canned before this show, Then again Fox and NBC like to worry about their money then to give New things a chance.

      • Tony

        I Expected Running Wilde to be Canned before this show, Why is that show is still on the air?

      • GimplyGump ☺

        Miki, don’t forget they are called “Entertainment BUSINESS” for a reason. They are out to make money, not provide free entertainment. In order to make money, they have to spend money. Ifr a shows ratings aren’t good, they won’t make enough in ads to justify the costs.

        There are shows I liked, but got canned due to low ratings (Jericho, anyone/perpetual bubble-show Chuck). What annoys me is when they give a show a season then kill it after a cliffhanger. It’s so common, I seldom watch season finales and keep them on my DVR until I know iof the nshow has been renewed.

      • Bebe

        Sadly enough, if this show had been on FX, USA or AMC (where it belonged, really) it would still be alive. And probably run a few seasons.

    • tom

      I would love to leave my own puddle in James Wolk’s chin dimple!!!

    • tom

      I would love to leave my own puddle in James Wolk’s chin dimple!!!!

      • Tunedelicious

        Okay, that’s just tasteless. Stop right now.

    • wizard62

      Another show cancelled before it even had a chance. I’m done with broadcast TV. No excuse me while I go watch Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, Leverage, The Closer, Burn Notice, Rissoli and Isles, and the Glades. Oh Yeah…and bring on Conan!

      • Anneka


      • aby

        You might want to add Terriers to your list. A fantastic show on FX.

      • Jenna

        You should as White Collar to your list as well!

      • MELISSA

        TERRIERS on FX is a great show too, you should check it out!

      • Ally


      • AJ


        Both on FX.

        Both INCREDIBLY FABULOUS shows.

      • Anna

        I’ve seen the cable rating, and I fear Terriers won’t be around much longer.

      • Tunedelicious

        You know, if not for the 25 minutes of commercials we’re forced to endure every hour, I’d agree with you. Unfortunately, I can’t abide basic cable because channel owners are so money-grubbing they jam dozens of commercials down viewer throats between each segment. That’s the only reason I still watch broadcast TV; they don’t have to waste so much programming time as cable networks do.

      • paul

        Royal Pains is also really good. In fact, I like almost everything on USA. I also like Justified.

    • Kerri

      Man, does FOX suck. Greenlight everything, keep nothing.

    • Chris

      I’m glad it’s being canceled. The show was about Houston but filmed in Dallas. Every outdoor scene they showed took me right out of the story. It’s like filming a show about New York City in Boston. I know shows do this all the time but this show was lazy in that they cleary showed recognizable Dallas buildings in scenes.

    • donknottz

      I never should have listened to Yogurt, He said the Schwartz was strong with Lone Star!

    • Kay

      Here we go AGAIN!!!! A good show that lets you think, instead of those terrible reality shows aimed at the teenage set (no more reality than me being a millionaire) already put to pasture. What a shame.

    • Angel


      • Maria

        I have followed Rubicon,, from the beginning, and love it.

    • L8trgal

      I really enjoyed this show. I found the content uncomfortable and it made me re-think how I look at many things but that was one of the things I loved about it! I think it could have developed into something good if given the chance. Oh well, I’ll just wait for “Justified” and hope I don’t lose it too. Fox, get a clue…we aren’t all mindless followers of boring fantasy (The Event…zzz)!

    • J. Whitfield

      I absolutely loved this show. So unique and there is nothing out there like it. I am utterly dissapointed and hope that this show might come back in the future for another shot.

  • Mel

    It didn’t look like a hit from the ads I saw.

    • wooster182

      Exactly. The marketing killed this show. And from the first five minutes I saw, it wasn’t the slapbang hit everyone seems to think it was.

      • Joan

        I don’t think you can blame the marketing, I think the show wasn’t that great. The only thing that I really heard about the show is that critics love it, which made me tune in. But it didn’t live up to the hype.

    • K

      I agree. I even thought the title was silly.

      • MELISSA

        RIGHT?! Everytime I heard “Lonestar” I thought of Lonestar from Spaceballs! lol

      • elr

        @ Melissa: Or the country music group LoneStar. It was a horrible title for a TV show.

      • GimplyGump ☺

        But don’t forget the show took place in Texas … the Lone Star State.

      • DE

        Yeah I didn’t get the title either. EVery time I heard it I wasn’t sure what they were referring to. I actually didn’t watch it because I didn’t care for the plot. I had no interest in watching a show where the leading man is conning two women….

    • Dave

      I also totally agree. They didn’t market this show at all. It looked really, really boring from the commercials, even if it actually wasn’t.

      • Bruce

        I was completely bored watching the promos and am glad I didn’t waste time on this show.

  • Bri

    Crap! Was enjoying that show!

  • Will


  • Andrea

    That’s what they get for putting it on Mondays… Another night and I would have totally watched it!!

    • mralphafreak

      FOX could only place it on Mondays – there was no other way (except midseason or summer, or not airing the show at all). Well, RIP Lone Star, I really liked you. But at least I don’t have to wait 2 months for Lie to Me.

      • Natasha

        Dang. It was such a cool show. I wish that Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t on (it’s usually only on in summers), cause then there would’ve been some room on Wed, and Lone Star could’ve had a chance.

        Yet, Running Wilde and The Good Guys haven’t been canceled. *facepalm*

      • TV Gord

        …and that awful Shatner My Dad Says over on CBS…

      • Jesse

        Agreed. From the first episode it looked like it was gonna be a great show. *tear* Im almost glad FOX didn’t let it play out longer because it wouldve been harder to see it get canceled. Then again, maybe it would have had a chance then. :/ BS

      • paul

        @ TV Gord, @$#! my dad says is hilarious. Not as funny as Tosh.O, but hilarious.

    • Kristin

      I agree! I barely have enough room on my DVRs for all of the shows I want to watch. I’m a little tired of networks not giving shows a fair chance. TBH I wouldn’t have even known about this show if it wasn’t for me reading this site and others like it.

      • Carla

        I didn’t know much about the show prior to its premiere either. And I only even watched the pilot after a friend praised it. They pulled the plug too quickly. They should’ve given it a chance. It had real potential.

    • Scytherius

      Yeah, any other night and I would have watched. But I preferred The Event.

    • steph

      I agree…my DVR is jam packed on Mondays with returning shows that I’m already invested in. I had the first one on DVR, but kept hearing it was likely going to be cancelled, so I didn’t even bother watching because I hate getting into shows that get the axe.

      • GimplyGump ☺

        With Lie to Me returning, my Monday just got busier. Good thing I have a DVR, DVD-R and Computer DVR ;-)

    • Heather

      I agree, it was doomed to fail from the beginning being on such a packed night. Mondays and Thursdays are ridiculous and there is no way to watch everything live!

      • rglfjgj

        who watches live TV anymore?

  • Megan


  • Patrick Moore

    Now I’ll be forced to study for my college exams instead of watch what is probably the best show of the fall…damn you Fox. Damn you.

    • Alan

      I love you. I seriously thought the same thing. “Oh well, if there’s no Lone Star on tonight, I guess I’ll just read Nietzche again.” ;)

      • TV Gord

        I’ll solve the Middle East crisis. ;-)

    • Em


    • Rod

      Well let’s just remember that this is the network that cancelled Firefly. ‘Nuff said.

      • dariavelma

        and arrested development.

      • Diego Sierra

        and Dollhouse… =/

      • Brett

        and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.

      • wizard62

        and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Watch your back Good Guys and Human Target…you’re next!

      • aby

        While I am still in mourning over Firefly, remember this is also the network that aired all of those shows that other networks wouldn’t even have dreamed of airing. I have a love/hate relationship with Fox. They really had no choice here, there weren’t enough viewers to justify the show. Sad, but not really Fox’s fault. Time would only have further eroded the numbers. I liked the show, but it is the nature of the business.

    • mazie beth

      now, I’ll have to subject myself to torture and conform with my sister watching Dancing with the Stars. to FOX, I say, “Curse you!!”

  • maria

    Doomed from the start w/ that timeslot.

    • Michael Wayne

      Lie to Me and House were both on that time slot and both are doing great.

      What killed Lonestar? They should have focused on the grifts first and then eventually move to the double life bit. We find we like the guy first and then we see the philandering side of him.

      • S.Lee

        I agree with more grifts first, less bed hopping…tiresome when most people in real life are doing it themselves. Mad Men is a good example of more story, less bedtime.

  • Neo_nono

    I thought the first 2 episodes were great and the show clearly deserved not to be cancelled right away. It had some potential. Fox’s decision is sad and disappointing.

    • Heidi

      THe show and cast were superb so the question is was it titled right and how was it marketed? Not well. Not well enough to intrique or charm viewers into watching, clearly. Too bad.

  • Megan

    Not surprised as everyone said this was coming, but it’s sad in that it was the only new show I really enjoyed this season. Haven’t really liked anything else.

  • Dana

    It would be nice if Fox would air the remaining eps shot on FX. It doesn’t deserve to die without them being seen.

  • Bobbi

    Damnit! But, the 18,000 legal shows will last, right? No wonder the networks don’t bother putting on decent shows!

    • Steven

      Not true. The Whole Truth will probably be next.

      • FH14

        Yeah, and I imagine that Chase isn’t too far behind either.

      • Jay

        From your keyboard to the universe’s ears!

      • martina

        Sorry, but The Whole Truth is nothing like the other legal shows out there. Shame that people like to prejudge things instead of watching them.

      • Dav

        Actually, Chase wasn’t that bad. OK, it’s not exactly great TV or anything but it’s certainly watchable which is more than I can say about a lot of other shows out there (Outlaw, Running Wilde, anything with “housewife” in the title…)

    • David

      What are you talking about, Bobbi? Maybe not the legal shows, but the new police dramas (Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods) are quite awesome, and I hope the two aforementioned shows last a few seasons. Although I do remember this show being mentioned on the Dr. Phil boards when the poster was talking about lacks of morals that children are being exposed to in Hollywood, and I think this is one of the problems the show posed. As well, those who watch Young and the Restless have seen enough of this stuff with Nick, Phyllis and Sharon. As a Phyllis fan, anti-Sharon fan and ex-Phick fan, I know I can put myself in this category.

      I do, however, agree with you on some of the legal dramas. Although I like The Defenders, if TV legal eagle Nancy Grace’s book, “Objection” is any indication, (I’ve read the opening pages as sample) she would not like this show, and just dismiss the protagonists as two arrogant and egotistical men who are, “just doing their jobs.”

  • Rasha

    It should have been put on Tuesday nights. There’s nothing on after Glee. Another (good) one bites the dust.

    • Carol

      The news comes on after Glee.

      • FH14

        Actually its Raising Hope and Running Wilde and then the affiliates take over.

      • sallygreen6y7

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    • JennBell

      Raising Hope and Running Wilde are on after Glee…not that I’m watching those, either.

      • trashytvlover

        Running wilde is pretty terrible, but you should give Raising hope a chance…another show saddled with a terrible name , but it is actually really funny, am loving it more each week.

  • Summer

    Kind of fast, even for Fox. The only one I can remember which Fox cancelled about this fast was Girls Club.

    Sad too…this was one of those shows that needed a bit of a slow pick up before really getting great.

    • rj631

      I didn’t even watch this show but TWO episodes? I hate that networks have such quick trigger fingers these days, although this is FOX we’re talking about here.

    • Kristen

      Didn’t “The Return of Jezebel James” get cancelled after 2 eps as well? It was Amy Sherman-Palladino’s (Gilmore Girls) brain child. I’m pretty sure it was on FOX.

      • Anneka

        Don’t forget the horror that was Do Not Disturb

    • Tim

      Fox has a hand ful of Dead on Arrival shows that they cancel after the 1st episode… the one that sticks in my head (almost as the Title escapes me) was 2 years ago when Chris O’Donnell and Adam Goldberg had the ‘Crazy Lawyer’ show…It aired Wednesday 9/8C and I’m pretty sure it was canceled minutes after the ratings came in on Thursday Morning

      • Anna

        This is from wiki; I actually remember some of these:

        Turn On (ABC 1969) Affiliates bailed out during the first episode.

        Co Ed Fever (CBS 1979) On episode aired in the US; but five more aired in Canada.

        Public Morals (CBS 1997) Failed spinoff of NYPD Blue.

        Lawless (Fox 1996) Starred Brian Bosworth.

        I belive there was a show featuring Don Johnson that was dropped by WB pretty fast.

  • timelord

    i feel bad for adrianne palicki.

    • Shnerfle

      I know! I loved seeing her in such an intelligent role. It was such a departure from Tyra…

      Sigh. *sad face*

      • kerfuffle

        I agree. Adrianne needs to be on my television!

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