Update: Injured 'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco returning to work!

Three weeks after breaking her leg in a horseback-riding mishap, Big Bang Theory leading lady Kaley Cuoco is getting ready to head back to work.

Cuoco—who ended up missing only two episodes—is scheduled to report back to the set of her CBS hitcom the week of Oct. 11.

It goes without saying that producers will be incorporating her injury into Penny’s storyline, but how? My guess: Penny slipped on a piece of Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake at work. Run with it, Bill Prady.

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  • Dan

    Yeaaaaaaaaah, Glad she’s back.

    • Devin Faraci

      Big Bang is an old-fashioned, tired, unfunny sh*tcom. Seinfeld put this form of comedy to rest, but for some reason CBS won’t let it go. Old people’s network, for the dumb and infirm.

      • Garry

        Wow, you’re a real schmuck, aren’t you, Devin?

      • Bazinga!

        @Garry – I would have substituted the s for an f….

      • Chappel

        They probably would cancel it if it didn’t get such great ratings. For some strange reason shows with high ratings tend to last a bit longer than those that don’t.

      • Dave

        @Bazinga – what is a “fchmuck?”

      • kev

        Apparently no one’s visiting CHUD.com again and somebody’s desperate for page views.

      • Why The Face?

        Devin, If you dislike Big Bang so much why are you taking the time to read and comment about it? That’s what is tired and unfunny.

      • Dave

        There are a lot of shows I don’t like- for example, the few episodes of “House” I watched all followed the exact same formula that I can’t imagine being interesting still- yet, I’ve never felt compelled to go to a “House” comment thread where fans of the show share their thoughts and rant about how stupid I think the show is. So why on earth would anyone be so pathetic as to go to a comment board for a show he/she hates and trash it?

      • TB

        Am I the only person on the planet who HATED Seinfeld? And yes, it normally is my kind of humor, just didn’t like it.

      • singlexc

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      • hamster

        To TB: No, you are not the only one. I never found Seinfeld even remotely funny.

      • MeToo

        I also couldn’t stand Seinfeld. Although I’ve enjoyed many sitcoms for many years (including Big Bang, How I Met, etc.), I don’t like certain kinds of humor (Seinfeld, Christine, The Office). I argue with my sons about this all the time.

      • Loz

        Because Devin wants his 15 minutes of fame

      • martina

        Seinfeld is hilarious. I never dug The Office, either.

      • V

        Hmm…I watch the Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother…and I’m 24. I didn’t think I was “old people”…Thank you for enlightening me.

      • Barb

        TB — I, too, hated Seinfeld. It was a depressing show about people whose lives were all about trivia and taking up space on the planet. The characters on Big Bang Theory have bad interpersonal skills, but they want to advance human knowledge. They have some redeeming value to their imaginary lives. I’ve known people like both sets… although the real people were a lot less sympathetic.

      • Vanny

        at TB – I also couldn’t stand Seinfeld – I couldn’t get why it was so popular! Don’t like the Office either, yet I do like Steve Carell.. I do like Big Bang Theroy though, to me it is intellectually hilarious.

  • DJ Doena

    Shouldn’t be that hard to write a story around a movement-impaired actor on a show that uses barely two sets…

    I’m glad she’s coming back :-)

    • Jackie

      I’ll be interested to see how they do four flights of stairs with her in a cast! :) Maybe Leonard has to do her laundry for her, and that’ll lead to them getting back together. And of course, she has to get Sheldon to sing Soft Kitty!

    • Garry

      Maybe Penny can use Sheldon’s robotic screen if she needs to stay in bed for a while. Then she can still be with the others, sort of.

      • Margie

        I think Sheldon should go overboard taking care of Penny. That could be really funny.

      • TBFan

        Garry: as long as Wolowitz doesn’t try to let her borrow that robotic arm, everything should be good…

  • Dave

    Omg, you need to stop using the word “hitcom.”

    • santana

      Hahaha I know!

  • Kels

    I’m glad to hear it. Sheldon should build her a Penny-bot so that she doesn’t have to limp over to the guys’ apartment.

  • t.t

    sheldon can now sing soft kitty song to her :D

  • john

    Seindfeld is the most over rated sitcom ever. And the soft kitty song is dumb

    • Chappel

      “Seindfeld”? Never heard of it. What channel is it on?

      • Chappel


    • Dicazi

      Seinfeld IS overrated, but Soft Kitty is sweet.

  • abby

    I think she broke her leg in a car accident, because you know the “check engine” light has been on for so long, I think the car dies…she gets out and then trips over the cop that comes to help her, breaking her leg.

  • izzy

    I am running with the person who said the Rear Window homage with Sheldon and Penny in reversed Jimmy Stewart/Grace Kelly roles.

    • adamphilips

      That is a seriously awesome idea.

      • Stormy

        Yes. “The Tractional Tibia Tribulation”

    • jj

      Do it!

    • Julie

      THAT”S IT!!!

  • Alison

    Shel-bot should go “rogue” and push her down the elevator shaft. LOL

  • lilac

    I vote for her breaking her leg plummeting down three floors after they finally “fix” the elevator. Followed by shenanigans involving Sheldon helping her bathe and running embarassing and confusing errands.

  • Sarah

    When she and Sheldon fell down the stairs last night, my husband asked “is this the episode where she breaks her leg?” and I had to explain she broke her leg in real life and that episode was taped a while ago :)

  • Molly

    Does this picture of her freak anybody else out?

    • mscisluv

      Thank you! Yes, this picture is totally freaky.

    • Tego Livi

      The “woman facing the other way then looking back over her shoulder at the camera” shot is almost as bad as the “woman holding her hand next to her face for no reason” shot.

      As to the reason for her broken leg question, I have no preference. I wish they’d do a plot about Penny actually getting an acting gig. Maybe some kind of low-rent local theatre company. And the play could be horrible.

      • Snsetblaze

        And someone wishes her to break a leg for good luck and she does.

      • CP

        That’s a good idea too… “Break a leg!” And the Rear Window. And the broken elevator. Can they do all three?

        “Break a leg Penny!”
        “Thanks! Hey, I’ll take the elevator! ahhh!”
        (next episode)
        Rear Window
        (next episode)
        Leonard does something nice for her and they start dating again.

      • Zaizai

        Interesting story. I hope they do something with her acting career. Something about Penny.

  • Larry Flowers

    Finally: Sheldon and Leonard will repair the elevator for Penny!

    • S

      The two guys working together, with Sheldon hands on the oil and dirt?
      That could be seriously funny!

    • Dicazi

      Would YOU trust anything these two repaired??

      • martina

        I wouldn’t! Remember in the pilot when they “tried” to put up Penny’s TV stand?

  • Michael Sacal

    Sheldon snapped and Penny is his first v¡ct¡m. Leonard is next.

  • Darren curtis

    Have Sheldon drive and have him hit penny with the car.

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