'Grey's Anatomy' Exclusive First Look: Jesse Williams (nearly) naked!

greys-anatomyImage Credit: Adam Taylor/ABCIn what’s bound to be Grey’s Anatomy‘s most talked about character reveal since Eric Dane’s McSteamy stepped out of that infamous shower four years ago, Jackson Avery—as played by Jesse Williams—will ditch his scrubs in the Oct. 14 episode during a tense confrontation with his supervisor, Teddy (Kim Raver). But before you call the Gratuitous Nudity Police, know that he has a serious medical reason for doing so: He tries (and fails) to use his impressive body of work to get ahead.

“He and Teddy butt heads throughout the episode and it leads to a faceoff,” explains Williams. “[Jackson] learns what benefits him and what doesn’t in terms of flirting and sexuality.”

Though Teddy may be immune to his charms, Williams—who “put down the cake and ran a few more laps” in preparation for his first semi-nude scene—confirms that Jackson will get a love interest this season.

Rumor has it series creator Shonda Rhimes may pair him with the incoming doc played by Transformers babe Rachael Taylor. “I have not heard that,” says Williams. “But we did an HBO pilot together called Washingtonienne. She was a very nice girl.”

In totally unrelated news, I’m podcasting for the first time since my TV Guide days! Check out the inaugural edition of EW.com’s TV Insiders Podcast starring Dalton Ross, Jeff Jensen, Michael Slezak, Annie Barrett, and yours truly. Among the hot topics discussed in episode 1: Is The Event the next Lost… or FlashForward? What are this fall’s best and worst new shows? And did Annie really doze off when the conversation shifted away from Dancing With the Stars? Press play and find out![AUDIO http://ewinsidetv.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/ew_tv_insiders_10_01_10.mp3%5D

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  • Britney

    I really hope they don’t waste him on some random new character. Put him with Lexie, please!

    • martina

      Nah-uh. Lexie belongs to McSteamy :)

      • CB

        I agree!!!

      • singlexc

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      • emelot100

        i agree…his character’s next to lexie and mark, so it would be nice to make it threesome {cristina, avery and owen}….

      • Vicky

        Jesse is so cute, I’d love to give him a B.J. hahha

      • Real Jersey Jeff

        I agree, I think he is yummy!

      • Jennifer

        oh yes….she is already spoken for

    • sandy

      with christina please

      • ERIKA

        yes they have the hottest chemistry ….that one scene they had when he first came on the show was smoking….i think it was in her bedroom

      • Cathie

        Sorry, Christina is married to Owen.

      • t.t

        i second that sandy!!! jackson and cristina all the way

      • Tessa

        Yes, absolutely with Cristina. They have such incredible chemistry.

      • stacey

        I don’t see this chemistry between him and Cristina. I also don’t see the big deal with this guy. Pretty eyes, that’s about it.

    • RJ

      Noooo! Lexie and Mark are so great together. While I love Jackson’s chemistry with Christina, I also love Christina and Owen. I’m sure Shonda has plans for him, he is too good to waste. Maybe Teddy? Not April…please, can NOT seem to warm up to her…

      • Tracie

        i think owen and christina derek and merideth and lexie and mark

      • hana

        me too! i really dislike april. i dont think i can ever forgive her for having absolutely no backbone in last years finale.

    • DUSTIN

      You really are the gayest insider around.

      • Nicotine

        Seriously, did that pic have to be that big?

      • KarlHall

        I don’t mind… hehee ;)

    • Kim

      Actually I think him and Lexi would be good together.. Mark and Lexi was good couple but.. he is to old far her.. They need to be with people there own ages.. Mark is ready for a family and he needs someone more on his level.

    • kim

      i thought in the begining that avery was gonna get with yang

  • Ashley

    I’m still holding out hope that he and Cristina will get a chance someday. They have scorching hot chemistry together.

    • sandy

      yes… to hell with the ugly red head… :P

      • kim

        That red head looks good…

    • ADC

      I wanted him with Cristina too. I can’t stand Owen…he’s too intense and bursts into too many rooms.

      • Krystal

        haha he is such a room burster but I think he can handle Christina Avery is too young and doe eyed for Christina. I think he and Lexie would work but I think a new character would be interesting.

      • btchpls

        Krystal, how do you know who can handle Cristina when you can’t even spell her name correctly?

      • Deb

        thats awesome! he DOES burst into a lot of rooms doesn’t he? love that post.

      • martina

        Oh! Look out for the grammar nazi, everyone.

      • Jean

        Im with you. I dont think Owen is handsome at all and he is too intense. But then again, Christina is intense most of the time.

      • martina

        ROOM BURSTER! He and April shoud get struck by lightning.

      • Diana

        If they are not going to put Christina with jackson,cause I can’t stand Owen,then bring back Burke cause they had the best chemistry. I miss him.

    • kristina

      christina still has a chance with owen! she gave the ring back, but they are not officially divorced!

      • kim

        owen and yang will make it. owen is commited and can feel her pain when it comes to ptsd

      • cris

        She gave the ring back but then she talked to Mer, and went home with Owen. Thet’re together get over it. I think everybody should quit obsessing over who’s going to hook up with whom and just enjoy the show. They’re all acting so all the “chemistry” is acting it’s just a show. Made to entertain and build suspence so people keep coming back to watch it. You’re never going to have it all figured out until the show comes to an entire end.

      • Renee

        The ink isn’t even dry on the certificate and she tries to bail, GEESH!

  • laura

    Yuck! Not into him at all

    • Michelle

      You are one of very few who feel that way.

    • Big Dave

      Good. More for the rest of us.

    • Stace

      His face is scary

  • Sue

    I agree with Martina…Lexie and McSteamy belong together…

    • Brenna

      yes yes and yes they do!!!:)

    • Kat

      I think Lexie and Avery would be cuter. They are closer in age. And Mark needs a stonger woman that is mature, knows what she wants and isn’t crazy.

      • Holly

        Lexie is not crazy, tell me how you would act after you came face to face with someone who wants to kill you and almost got shot? Really, I really want to know that you’d still be the same person you were before! You won’t go crazy at all and won’t be traumatized and that makes you all the more crazy then Lexie!

      • Nan

        Wow Holly, settle down. It’s only a television show.

    • kim

      All the way..

  • Jersey Jeff

    This is a scoop?

    • Mark

      You’re obviously new to the overblown ego that is Ausiello’s World.

      • Traci

        And yet you’re here…..

  • dan

    JACKSON AND CRISTINA would be so effin hot together

  • BSu

    More Alex!

    • Mia

      Yes, more of Alex please BUT with Izzie because they belong together!

      And as for Jackson, I kind of see him with Christina because they have that chemistry from the start. Then again, it’s too early in the season to tell.

      • Barbara

        Izzy is not likely to return . . .

      • angie

        no Izzie shouldnt b with Alex she should b with Denny herone true love he never shouldve died i love him!!!!!

      • mallory

        Yess…Alex n Izzie belong together…Bring izzie back please….am watching GA because them..

    • Kristine

      Yes I agree more Alex please.

  • Mira


  • Damon

    *licks lips*
    *heads to the gym*

  • HotMama

    Yay! Podcast! I’ve missed hearing your voice and Dan’s, Angel’s, and Matt’s. So sad that I couldn’t get it to play just now. I keep getting a file not found.

  • Hud

    Thank you for the very lovely very large photo!

  • Lori

    The podcast isn’t working! File not found. :(

  • Amanda


  • Seriously?

    I agree that Owen is too intense and a “room burster” (haha, nice!). Jackson and Avery are great. I see how Cristina seems to need an older/mentor type, but I LOVE the interaction between her and Jackson. If Shonda won’t make them a couple, at least continue to explore their friendship! Though no one can replace George O’Mally, I really liked the few random times George and Cristina would interact. It showed a softer side of the “robot.”

    • Dee

      agree with u in that… O´mally were good to Cristina…

      on the pic of (Jesse) he looks AWESOME!!!

  • Rachel

    I no longer ship him with anyone.

    I ship him with me.

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