'My Generation' gets the ax at ABC

my-generationImage Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABCAn angsty new drama at ABC became the second casuality of the 2010-11 TV season today. ABC has confirmed that it put the kibosh on My Generation, an ensemble series about a group of youths who attended a suburban high school together. The drama attracted 5.17 million viewers when it premiered a week ago but dropped to 3.82 million on Thursday.

The network also stopped production on future episodes. For now, it’s unclear how ABC will fill the timeslot.

Earlier this week, Fox’s Lone Star became the first show to get the ax this season. Viewership sank to 3.2 million during its second outing.


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  • Jfur

    It was just a matter of time maybe they can put no ordinary family in that time slot

    • Larry David

      This show was terrible, absolutely horrible! It thought that it was heartwarming and genuine but the writing was pretentious.

      • YouDontWantAny

        Larry you probably watch cartoons with bad language.

      • Tony

        No Ordinary Family is Next

      • Re: Liz Lemon

        Yep, it sucked. The only part I liked about it was when they played Filter’s “Take a Picture” and I had a total Dawson’s Creek flashback moment.

      • Sorry but…

        YouDontWantAny, Larry David is right in this case, this show was simply terrible. If you think otherwise then maybe you’re the one into cartoons.
        Tony, No Ordinary Family won’t be next. It had over three times as many viewers as My Generation even though it was up against Glee and NCIS.

      • Vic Nardozza

        It’s obvious Larry David curbed his enthusiasm for this show.

      • Khristina

        Vic trying to be funny- FAIL

      • Dev

        Yeah, I agree. Dialogue was too strained and “tried too hard.” Some characters were boring, others were just obnoxious. None of it seemed to speak to what the proposed theme of the show was. Add to that the choppy direction, it was bound to fail. On the upside, there were a couple of very talented actors who may have been seen by someone, and who may get a better deal from this blip on the radar.

      • Yelizaveta

        I disagree, Yes some of the characters were a little shallow and boring, but there was potential, there was in fact great potential! I was looking forward to learning more about the characters, and seeing them develop. What was also great about the show was the docu-drama style in which it was done! There arent many shows that do that. Regarding choppy direction, well thats how life is choppy, since its a little hard (not impossible) to do this kind of thing with real stories – they attempted to make it look real! We cut back and forth from peoples lives in the past and present we slowly uncover little bits to what happened over 10 years and how people change. I think they should find a slot somewhere and still show it!

    • HB

      I’m seriously bummed! FINALLY a show that I can 100% relate to! I graduated HS in ’97, and the last time I watched a show that I could relate to this much was called “My So Called Life” which got pulled WAY too soon too! This is so disappointing! I just turned 31, and watching this show is like watching old friends- I really bonded with the characters quickly, and I thought the acting was awesome! Bad decision ABC- bad decision.

      • Alia

        Really? I’m Class of ’01, and I thought they got it ALL WRONG… to the point that it was almost offensive. I’m so glad they pulled this crap off the air.

      • Michele

        HB–I agree with you. I could really relate as well. I watched the first night and set the dvr for last week because I was out of town. I went to watch it today and set the dvr for tonight and NOTHING!! I am very disappointed. Could they have given it a little more time? Again, disappointment…AND to replace it with yet another Grey’s?? Come on ABC!!

      • christina

        i agree with you HB!
        this was the only show i could actually watch that i can relate to…im not happy it was cancelled

      • Michelle

        I couldn’t agree more! I felt the dame way as you! I was just sitting here thinking my DVR missed an episode, so I went to look for this weeks to make sure it would record. When I didn’t see it I decided to search the Internet. I am greatly disappointed in ABC!

    • Jenn

      I would love it if they moved NOF to Thursday nights.. right now I have too much I’m DVR’ing on Tuesday at 8 so I miss this show.

    • DT

      I guess you could say that in Nielsen families, nobody was talkin’ ’bout My Generation.

    • Che

      BRGIN BACK PUSHING DAISIES!!!! It was WAY better than this garbage!!! Good writing and fresh faces! 2 years later and I’m still pissed!

      • Susan

        Exactly! I loved the unique & quirky premise of Pushing Daisies & the great cast of characters. I was really mad when they did away with it too.

      • econruth

        Add Eli Stone and Eastwick to your list along with Pushing Daisies…

    • Jethro

      Its pitiful that the networks are not giving these shows more of a chance. After 2 airings, 2 good shows get axed! It makes no sense. Heck, some shows have not even debuted yet.

      My Generation could have worked in a better time slot maybe after DH since B&S is only airing 18 episodes this season!

      • Susan

        I agree. Loads of money & tons of prep have been put into these new shows & they dump them after 2 episodes? The weather is still nice out & people haven’t settled in for the winter yet to watch let alone get hooked on these programs. Sure they may have not been great, but many shows have rocky starts before getting the hang of their audience & the right chemistry between writers & actors. What if everyone was judged after their 2nd day on the job whether to be fired or not?

  • Liz

    No surprise there. I watched parts of this and it was not great.

    • Pan

      I think this time slot is just too competitive for ABC. NBC has Community and 30 Rock, CBS has Big Bang Theory CW has Vampire diaries sucking away a lot of teens and young adults. Fox has Bones. All of these shows get decent ratings and take up a huge portion of the audience. ABC really needs a huge hit to make any dent in the Thursday 8 PM time slot.

      • FH14

        My guess is that they’ll fill the slot with reruns of Modern Family and Better With You/The Middle until midseason then they’ll put Off the Map in the timeslot.

      • Che

        ABC HAD a lot of great shows with good ratings!!! Pushing Daisies and Eastwick were great and yet they cancelled them, and now they hope to have a better audience with all these new crappy shows!!! They dont have anything good, the moment they cancelled PD I stopped watching, and now i loathe ABC

      • Lord of Illusions

        Not only was it low-rated and terrible, it was in the “Mork and Mindy” curse slot. Nothing that ABC has put on there (except, somehow, Ugly Betty) in the last twenty-eight years has gotten another season.

  • Amy

    wow what aa surprise (sarcasm) they dont give any of these shows a chance, why bother watching tv anymore ?

    • Dave

      There was no reason to keep this show. Critics hated it, audiences weren’t tuning in (and many of the ones that did apparently tuned out by the second episode), and there has been a general lack of interest in the show. No loss here. My Generation didn’t deserve a chance.

      • jezoebel

        The only people that seemed interested in the show were the people puting up numerous billboards for this show. In NYC where I live, I see the ads all over the subway and bus stops, phone booths, even on top of taxis. Yeah, that plan worked perfectly (sarcasm).

      • forrest

        never heard of this program – one of many I never watched and obviously won’t miss

      • Che

        Why don’t the network see this! Old shows like Pushing Daisies that got acclaimed by critics and good ratings got cancelled too!!! ABC needs to get real now, there won’t be any new very original shows, all the good ideas already GOT CANCELLED and they pretend to keep bad ideas on air.

    • castiella

      I watched ten minutes of it. The writing was outrageously bad. I’m not sure how it earned a place on the schedule to begin with. Frankly, these actors deserve better.

      • Newt

        @jezoebel: They plaster billboards in NY and LA, so that the studio suits can have “proof” that they’re marketing a movie/tv show what not, but then they don’t pay for ads, billboards or any other marketing in other cities. It’s like Oz, the suits have the illusion that the show is getting tremendous buzz in LA/NY while the rest of the marking cash gets dissapeared to god knows where.

      • santana

        I agree. I watched the first 10 minutes too and it was unbelievable, whiney, and pretentious. A terrible show, and as I predicted, it was canceled after only 2 episodes.

    • Cherish

      It was so obvious this show was going to suck big time that I didn’t even bother watching, and I watch everything. The previews and ads were horrible and the concept seemed all over the place. Honestly it really bothers me that people who make trillions of dollars can’t figure out what would sell. Yes, cop and doctor shows are apart of the norm, but to be something different you have to have great writing, characters people can identify with, and a concept people want to be interested in. what do they pay these people to do?

      • Paul

        Shows like Ugly Betty, Better Off Ted, & Pushing Daisies were differnet, but didn’t last long enough :(

      • Anneka

        Ditto. Watched one promo and crossed it off my list.

      • thin

        Ugly Betty lasted for four seasons, which was more than long enough. Many shows (like the other, better shows you listed) don’t make it anywhere near that long.

  • Shocked

    What did you expect nothing last in that timeslot ex flashforward

  • sant

    maybe they can start airing “V” now…

    • Sol

      Good idea

    • me

      Or maybe show the Lost ending that has the freakin’ answers!

      • sundance

        I’d settle for Lost repeats :)

    • Jethro

      V returns in November on Tuesdays after the end of DWTS results show. What is ABC going to do without a one hour show on Thursdays and Fridays at 8 pm?
      What show is slated to go on Friday? When is DD’s show, Body of Proof going to air, and putting it on Friday at 9 won’t work.

  • Tv Food and Drink

    Every few years, someone at a network comes up with the brilliant notion that boring late twenty-somethings with lots of disposable cash would just love to watch a show about boring late twenty-somethings with “real” problems. And it never works.

    • Templar

      Indeed. I cant count the number of times Ive seen a commercial for a show where some 20 something gets a call from an old gf and she says “you….have a baby” Yeah, If I had a dime for every time that happened to me….oh wait it never has, but every show seems to think thats a extremely common occurence with my generation

      • castiella

        Yeah, EVERYONE I KNOW got knocked up on prom night. (Or… not.)

      • Sol


  • Shocked

    @sant that sounds like a good plan or bring back flashforward at least that lasted a season

  • Jessica Manner

    I actually enjoyed My Generation. AND Flash Forward for that matter AND Dirty Sexy Money. Maybe if ABC considered giving these shows more than two episodes to create a following, this time slot wouldn’t be the rotating door that is has become. Let’s just slap another mindless reality show in there. Isn’t that what all the networks are doing these days?

    • Thomas

      Well they gave Flashforward a full a season, and Dirty Sexy Money got two, so you can’t really say those shows didn’t get a chance…

      • MW

        I didn’t watch Flash Forward, but I was a huge fan of Dirty Sexy Money. While it may have had more than two episodes,it was never on when it was supposed to be. They would show two episodes and then it would be three weeks until a new episode came on. Then the put it on hiatus and they didn’t even bother putting ads on to let fans know they were airing the remaining episodes. They never gave that show a real chance to succeed.

      • mary q contrary

        I agree with MW. I really liked Dirty Sexy Money, but they kept forcing such long periods with no new episodes that it became too hard to keep up with, and I stopped watching.

    • ger

      They gave Flash Forward a whole season, and didn’t Dirty Sexy Money get more than 20 episodes over 2 seasons? Unfortunately no one watched them (except you and me).

    • Emily S

      I enjoyed all those shows too! I think the last show to be a hit in that time slot was Ugly Betty, but then they moved it and you know what happened.

      • anona muss

        Yes, that’s the ABC way, Ugly Betty, Samantha Who?. Allow them to get a move than decent audience then play willy-nilly with them on the schedule. UB fit in so well in it’s last move to Wednesday night behind The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town. ABC – you touch MF and I will hurt Diane Sawyer!

    • Frances

      I liked the show, too. Granted, I watched it on demand since I’ve been a Bones fan from season 1, but I was getting into it. I even got my mom to watch it! Now I’ll never know what happened to these characters. It’s sad how shows don’t get a chance to grow. It’s all about the ratings and numbers. I get that, I really do. It’s just disappointing after only 2 episodes. At least give it a half a season!

    • christine

      I loved Dirty Sexy Money. I really wish that show hadn’t been canceled. It was much better than most of the new crap they put out every season. I also loved The Nine, but sadly that was canceled too soon as well. I’m way more catious now about getting into new shows because you never know when they’re going to be cancelled.

  • Shocked

    i forgot all about dirty sexy money that was good to

  • Buffy Freak

    Good…even the commercials were annoying.

  • Best of My Love

    Lone Star was not a bad show. Too bad it was up against Dancing With The Stars.

    • Victoria

      I agree. I wish the networks would give new shows more than 2 airings before axing them. I refuse to watch anything new anymore.

  • Bee

    before the army of “GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE” folks come in, ABC did. two chances. and it didn’t work out. cancellation after just a few episodes (my gen, lone star, etc) happens only if the ratings are embarrasingly bad, which they were.

    • Frank

      I’m part of the Give the Show a chance crowd. Seinfeld had notoriously low ratings its entire first season. It stayed around then. It wouldn’t make it in the current environment. That’s bad. If you have other criteria you want to throw in fine. This show certainly was not Seinfeld. But the time is coming when, if two chances are all you get and embarrassingly low ratings just twice gets you canned, when one of these networks is going to cancel a truly great, groundbreaking show without giving it a fair chance. That’s a shame.

      • Greta J.

        How is it “groundbreaking” to watch a bunch of whiny 20-somethings? LMAO

      • Pan

        This was not groundbreaking. There have been tons of shows on a ton of networks that have done the same exact thing.

      • Voodoo

        @ Greta & Pan, Frank said, “But the time is coming (…) when one of these networks is going to cancel a truly great, groundbreaking show without giving it a fair chance.” This would be a show in the near future. He wasn’t talking about this show. Learn to read.

  • Maureen

    Damn. No shows are gonna make it at this point. ;)

  • bootsycolumbia

    I watched the premiere and it was so dull that I skipped the following week. I thought it would be a fun lead-in to Grey’s Anatomy, but boy was I wrong. How about The Whole Truth in this time slot?

    • Colleen

      I watched the premier for the same reason. Also, as I am 10 years out of high school, I thought it would be poetic. But, good was it boring and the writing was terrible. I didn’t even make through the first episode before I changed the channel. I didn’t even bother with it the second week.

      • castiella

        I’m Class of ’01, too, and after watching the ten-minute sneak peek on Hulu, I can honestly say that whatever that was, it wasn’t MY generation. I mean, even the fashion was off.

    • I gave this show a shot

      I’m Class of ’99, and the 2000s were just depressing to relive.

      And it would be hard to imagine these characters even past the first season, like what’s gonna be special about them 11 years after they graduated?

      • At

        I’m Class of ’99 too. I also know how my life is now and I really don’t want to see it played out on TV.

      • PMD

        I am also Class of 99. Yes the show highlighted all the things wrong with the 00s and exaggerated it for entertainment. But I really liked the show. I wish they would give it a chance. I really don’t get why networks cancel a show after one or two episodes. I think the general rule should give a tv show a season to make it or not.

  • jfms777

    Maybe they can try “The Whole Truth” here instead. It cannot do worse than
    it is doing Wed nights.

    • Brett

      “Whole Truth” sounds like the next casualty. Too bad, ’cause “Lone Star”‘s Rosa Blasi was just cast to play a recurring role in “Whole Truth.” Is she the modern-day Ted McGinley?

      • A

        Yep…I’m watching it now…

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