'30 Rock' live episode posts much-needed gains on Thursday

live-30-rockImage Credit: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBCMaybe NBC should schedule a live episode of The Apprentice. Last night’s special live treatment of 30 Rock helped the struggling laugher to post a 43% increase among adults 18-49 versus last week (a 3.0 rating/9 share), according to early estimates. It was oh-so-close to beating CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says in the demo (3.1/9) at 8:30 p.m., but its ratings will likely improve when the final national numbers come out this afternoon — to say nothing of the DVR results that are due two weeks from now.

Each 18-49 ratings point represents 1.3 million viewers.

30 Rock averaged 6.6 million viewers, finishing in third place among eyeballs for the timeslot behind Dad (10.1 million) and the second half of Bones on Fox (9.8 million).

The Tina Fey comedy still wasn’t NBC’s highest-rated show for the night: That distinction continues to belong to The Office, which averaged a 3.7/10 in the demo and lured 7.3 million viewers. The hype over 30 Rock certainly boosted interest in Steve Carell’s show, however: The Office was up 7% in the demo versus last week. But the NBC audience dropped off substantially at 9:30, with the new comedy Outsourced continuing to hobble along with only 5.4 million viewers and a 2.5/7 in the demo (which ties it with its lowest-rated episode so far this season). And The Apprentice averaged a 1.3/4 and an audience of….oh, bollocks, what does it matter? You’re not watching, anyway.

CBS finished the night in first place among viewers (13.5 million) and adults 18-49 (3.3/10). Love or hate some of The Shat’s stale jokes on Says, that comedy is definitely working; it’s even up 7% versus last week in the demo. Big Bang Theory won its timeslot among 18-49 and viewers (12.4 million) while CSI continued to attract the most eyeballs at 9 (14.2 million).

Kudos to Shonda Rhimes and her Grey’s Anatomy on ABC!  Though the drama’s 18-49 ratings aren’t nearly as strong as they used to be (the original episode at 9 p.m. last night earned a 4.5/12, its lowest-rated fall telecast ever), it continues to win its timeslot in the important demographic as well as other categories, like women and persons 12-34. It averaged 11.9 million.

Private Practice was up 3% in the demo at 10 p.m. but was beaten by The Mentalist (3.0/9 versus 3.3/9). The Simon Baker drama also won its timeslot in viewers (14.9 million). Overall, ABC finished second on Thursday among 18-49 (2.9/8) and in viewers (8.1 million). NBC was third in 18-49 (2.4/7) but fourth in viewers (5.2 million), and Fox was fourth in the demo and third in viewers (7.3 million). The CW was in repeats. 


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  • Woot

    Is it weird that I never watch CBS?

    • Sideways Jack

      That must mean you’re not close to death…

      • Katy

        Real mature comment. There are a lot of shows for all ages on CBS. More for woman than man. I’m one of them and I’m under 30.

      • RK

        Beat me to it, Jack. The only show I watch on CBS is the Amazing Race.

    • LOL

      I only watch CBS on Sundays for football. Otherwise, I never tune in.

      • llevinso

        Same here LOL. I never watch CBS unless it’s showing football (and I’m a 27 year old woman).

    • Dave

      No, it’s not weird. I barely ever watch CBS. In my opinion, not many of their shows are very good. I only occasionally watch How I Met Your Mother, but even that’s not appointment viewing.

    • Storm

      Not odd at all. I don’t watch CBS either. What is weird (at least to me) is they are they No. 1 network. You’d think it would be Fox because they have Idol or ABC because of Dancing With the Stars, but I guess it just doesn’t work that way.

  • PK

    I will continually to be baffled by Big Bang Theory’s massive success (and by extension, Stuff My Dad Says). Yes, Jim Parsons is quite good at what he does, but the show itself – like 2 and 1/2 Men – is just so cheap joke-wise. Every thing about it is tired, especially in the face of NBC’s superior comedy offerings (Outsourced not included).

    I just don’t understand TV viewers!

    *runs back to cave to hide

    • bob

      Perfect statement of my thoughts. No idea why CBS comedies are such hits. Though I did have one theory. They only have CBS on in retirement homes, so methinks the data is skewed :)

      • Rufus

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA old people watch CBS! I’ve never heard that before! You funny!

    • Just Me

      I agree. I can’t believe more people watch S*hit My Dads Says over 30 Rock. I have tried to watch CBS sitcoms but they are so tired and unfunny. Especially 2 and 1/2 men and HIMYM. Both just bores me to tears. It baffles the mind and then to learn that Charlie Sheen get 2 million an episode for that crap.

    • Shay

      See, I didn’t even realize 2 1/2 men and The Big Bang Theory were done by the same guy. I love Big Bang, but die a little each time I sit through an episode of Men with my Mom. The thing that kills me with BBT is the dang laugh track! I suggest we impose a no laugh track rule on EVERYTHING.

      • Rock Golf

        I think I’d die a little if I too had to watch Men with my Mom.

        Frankly, I’d be surprised such a show would get on the air.

      • OMG

        There is no TBBT laugh track. It’s a live audience, a very vocal one, reiterated here many times.

      • To Rock Golf

        LOL !!

        There might be a place for it on Adult Swim.

    • Sarah

      I like The Big Bang Theory. It’s not the most intelligent show, but the cast has great chemistry. It’s no “Modern Family”, but I enjoy it. Now Two and Half Men…don’t get me started…

    • sm

      what are you guys talking about you obviously have not seen that one episode of two and half men where charlie sleeps with the hot girl and allan is pathetic and then jake comes in with something stupid it was on right before that episode of bbt where the guys are nerdy and awkard but the girl next door is hot and stupid!

      viva community

    • The Truth

      The problem may be Community, 30 Rock and The Office require some degree of intelligence to appreciate while the CBS offering don’t.

      • I hate Sitcoms

        Really!!! Look, just because they’re your favorites doesn’t mean they’re smarter. That’s an arrogant statement. The fact is that not one of these comedies is remotely funny–not Office, not Big Bang, not Shat’s show (change one letter to get what it is, not 30 Rock. None of them. Humor since the mid-90’s is idiotic. I won’t watch any of it.

      • Tom

        “I hate Sitcoms”, your statement is contradictory. Just because they’re NOT your favorites, doesn’t mean they’re not funny.

    • TJN

      “The Big Bang Theory: is the most sharply written comedy on the tube and it’s success is no accident. The writing is intelligent, clever and the cast is great.

      I think the ratings bear that out.

      • Dave

        Yeah, of course there is a huge relation between quality and ratings. Come get your Oscar, Twilight!

      • Dorkophile

        I am the kind of person who laughs at EVERYTHING, I get every joke smart or dumb, and find all of them funny enough; I was stunned while watching BBT last week that one of the guys said something, then the laugh track kicked in, and I looked at my husband and said “Why did they laugh track where there was no joke???” and he said “because you watch crappy shows.” We both made good points…

      • Adam

        Big Bang Theory may have a funny moment here or there, but it is far from being the most sharply written comedy on TV. I don’t think you quite understand what “sharply written” means if you’re going to use the term so loosely. The cast is good, I agree. But the writing is not THAT intelligent and clever. The characters are smart people, but that doesn’t inherently make the writing intelligent.

      • Sue1

        Ratings are an indication of popularity, and many people enjoy TBBT. It amazes me how so many people think if THEY don’t enjoy a show, then it is not good. If they don’t see humor or intelligence, then it’s just not there. I really don’t get Glee, but many other people do, so I respect their opinion.

      • Dave

        Sue1: “Ratings are an indication of popularity”…exactly. Ratings indicate popularity, but not necessarily quality. TJN tried to make it seem as if the ratings for Big Bang Theory indicate a measure of quality. And that is just false. Putting the quality of Big Bang Theory aside, it’s popularity does not mean it is a quality show. That’s all I was trying to point out.

    • lostsoul

      I go to the Claremont Colleges where Robin Williams attended (he went to CMC). There is a story that he drove one of the surtciey golf carts into the window of the dining hall lol.

  • bamalam

    What about Community? All the other NBC comedies were mentioned except for this one. I know they are losing against Big Bang Theory, but I want to see by how much and if I should be worried…

    • Just Me

      Where is the Community recap?

      • Bob in San Diego

        Tell me about it! Yesterday’s Community was the best 1/2 of a sitcom this Fall Season so far. From ‘The Right Stuff’ to ‘Space Camp’, this show hit home so many of my favorite movies of my youth.

      • Tom

        I know! It’s weird how EW stopped doing recaps for Community this season, after they gave it so much news attention over the summer. Really hope this changes soon

    • Laura Often

      Community is one of the funniest shows on TV last night and definitely my favorite of the NBC shows.

      • Tom

        I agree- it’s really grown to become a fantastic show. Also, 30 Rock’s big ratings boost makes me think that Community should try doing a live episode later in the season (it would be in the spirit of the show)

    • Ratings Fiend

      Community went up 16% to get a 2.2 rating.

    • Anna L

      I just recently fell in love with Community. There were 3 episodes left on OnDemand from last season and the first three eps this season. Watched them all in one night. I’m so hooked. Then I gave 30 Rock a shot and watched about 5 episodes of it Sunday night and now I’m hooked on 30 Rock. But, yeah, I’m surprised they’re not doing recaps for Community.

  • Iakovos

    Thursday used to be a must-see night for me (regardless of network). There is no broadcast web series that commands my attention on Thursdays. I watch RUNWAY on Lifetime, but when that wraps, I do not see myself surfing ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX. Maybe I might try VAMIPRE DIARIES but then again, maybe not.

  • Chiana

    Yeah Community is my favourite. I watched both versions of 30 Rock last night, which reinforced my love for Tina and Alec, but overall, it’s not the best of the comedies. The Office is kind of blah this season. Watched one epi of Outsourced and that was enough. It wasn’t racist, just stupid. Love the Twitter feed for **** My Dad Says, but the show doesn’t interest me. The ad clips look terrible.

  • Star Collector

    But what about the live 30 rock? I loved it, especially Jon Hamm’s commercial. It had many lol moments…Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, the poncho, paint sniffing, Rachel Dratch,…Who else loved it as much as I did?

  • MC

    I love reading the comments every Friday and seeing how funny NBC’s comedies are and how unfunny shows like BBT are. Or how smart people watch 30 Rock and only idiots who laugh at anything will watch BBT. Can we say pretentious?

    • I hate Sitcoms

      Yeah I agree. The funny thing is that despite all the commentary about how funny NBC is, they still lost to CBS. Isn’t that interesting. And I know like some people put up top they’ll say that only old people watch CBS, but geesh I could’ve figured that as I read the ratings takes into account ages and CBS still wins. I guess if you’re smart enough to watch NBC sitcoms you’re not smart enough to read that age is taken into account when tehy do those nubmers.

      • Karol

        Can’t make it due to a gig in Victoria Sunday night (for Jewish women only) but I recommend this fetaivsl if you can get there. The one time I made it I received excellent coaching from Syd Lieberman and found a sweet story coat that listeners continue to enjoy. Looking forward to returning some day. Tried applying to tell there but was told I was a niche teller not their type. C’est la vie.

    • Rattus

      I wouldn’t say pretentious. I love TBBT, but honestly prefer Community, 30 Rock and Parks & Rec and find them to be the much better, more cleverly written shows. Some things are just better than others – doesn’t make those who prefer the lower quality stupid, doesn’t make those who prefer the higher quality pretentious.

      • MC

        Rattus, I agree with you completely. I was talking about some of the comments about the shows, not the people who prefer one over the other. People have different tastes. And you are evidence that you can like the NBC shows without putting down BBT.

  • Jay

    With the exception of football, this 37 year old male has no interest in any of the shows on CBS. They all look so…blah.

  • JV

    Does anyone watch THE MIDDLE? I just started recently. While it is not as “laugh out loud” funny as most of the other shows mentioned here, I smile and chuckle through the whole thing. It is almost refreshing to have a true family sitcom that shows life so familiar to this married guy in my low 40’s with two kids. The parents are sitcom veterans and take care of their business, but I really like all three kids. (I keep thinking my 11 yr old daughter seems to act more and more like the show’s middle school girl every day.)
    Anyway, I am enjoying it greatly as both a light comedy and a “slice of life” family show.

    • Tanya

      i think i recorded it and will watch tonhgit if i did. i really like that kelli giddish and am sooooo glad she got a chance to be on night time i wonder how many green eyed monsters there are at amc????? LOL LOL

  • JJ

    So, the Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones got an actual “live” airing of “30 Rock”.

    Mountain time zone must be the red-headed step child of live TV.

  • Stepanie Garcia

    I love bbt and community and 30 rock. I prefer nbc over cbs. And actually bbt is probably the first cbs show ive ever watched. And honestly I dont know anybody who watches cbs. I tried watching the mentalist but no go.

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