'Glee' Exclusive: Kurt's new (boy)friend speaks!

darren-criss-gleeImage Credit: Rebecca Sanabria; Miranda Penn Turin/Fox“My guess is as good as anybody’s,” shrugs newest Glee cast member Darren Criss of reports that his character Blaine—a charismatic, out-and-proud gay teen from a rival school—is being groomed as a love interest for Chris Colfer’s Kurt. “It’s a really big secret.”

The two meet in the Nov. 9 episode when Kurt, who is fast becoming fed up with life at McKinley High, considers transferring to the nearby Dalton Academy, where Criss’ character is a student. “I think Blaine’s most important role is…as a mentor to Kurt,” says Criss, whose only major pre-Glee TV credit was a stint on ABC’s short-lived Eastwick. “At this point, Kurt’s [sexuality] has been such a sense of discord in his life. Blaine finds [being gay] empowering. He embraces who he is, and sees Kurt [struggling with] the same things that he had to deal with, and I think he wants to impart that knowledge.”

Criss hopes Blaine will serve as a positive role model for viewers as well, given the recent string of suicides among gay youth. “It’s great to see a strong character like this on a hit show that so many people are watching,” he says. “I can’t really think of any other gay characters on TV that are this young and sure of themselves. I hope all the kids struggling with this issue can look to a guy like Blaine and feel [inspired] by his confidence.”

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  • Becca

    Everything I see lately is about Glee and this annoying gay character. Why does every Glee post have to focus on Kurt? If the show is trying to make homosexuality accepted, and treated as a norm, then it shouldn’t be focused on in every post. No one cares about the backstage drama of finding a boyfriend for Kurt. No one cares about Kurt being Prom King. It has gotten to the point where every post is about being gay and it is getting ridiculous. There are other characters you know!

    • Ryan

      Just a guess Becca, but I’m guessing it’s because of the current relevance, what with all the gay teen suicides that occurred recently.

      • Becca

        Even before media coverage of the suicides, this was going on. It’s like a game of trying to figure out who the boyfriend is going to be. Why should we care and why is it being covered so much? People are acting like this is going to change lives. It’s JUST a television show, and it’s not going to influence anything.

      • Katherine

        I’m afraid, culturally speaking, there really is no such thing as “JUST” a television show. Believe it or not, people’s attitudes and ideologies DO begin to shift based on what is put in front of them through mass media. We like to think TV is brainless because it allows us to say things like “It’s JUST a television show” and not feel responsible for making the world a nicer, more accepting place. After all, what can WE do? We are JUST a couple people.

      • Jackal

        Gay people are not the only ones being bullied and committing suicide.

      • asdf

        Actually, Becca, the last 3 or 4 posts about Glee were about the upcoming Rocky Horror episode. So you’d be wrong. And you’re an obvious homophobe. And most likely fat.

      • asdf

        The Jackal’s comments are starting to resemble Rainman… “My boxer shorts have my name and it says Jackal. Straight kids commit suicide too.”

      • Becca

        @asdf well it has been talked about for a long time and is mentioned regularly. You’re just focusing on something totally irrelevant. Also, I’m not even fat, but I don’t care what names you call me. You are just making yourself look immature.

      • asdf

        You said “Everything I see lately is about Glee and this annoying gay character.” I proved you 100% wrong. Not sure what you’re referring to that’s totally irrelevant! In addition to fat, you’re stupid too.

      • Megan

        I’m sure that a lot of gay teens watch Glee. Bringing in an openly proud gay teen into the show will possibly help these teens realize that its okay to be gay. I don’t understand why people are against homosexuals. They aren’t diseased!

      • monique

        @asdf– first of all, I don’t think Becca meant anything homophobic in her original comment. You are just spinning it and making into a bigger deal than it is. If she was commenting on any straight character it wouldn’t be such a big deal to you, but since it’s a gay one, you automatically jump on it for being offensive.
        Second for all, for being such a champion of gay rights, you resort to teasing people for their weight and intelligence level. So, basically you’re saying that it isn’t okay to make fun of someone for being gay (which I do agree about), but it’s okay if they’re fat and stupid? Next time, think before writing something so hypocritical and dumb. Thanks.

      • annoyed

        I agree. I’m getting a little annoyed by the gay people that are suddenly taking over every show on tv. This will be just one more show I’m not going to sit through….since it’s nothing but a gay pitty party!!

      • asdf

        Good grief! Where do these lunatics come from? Did a bunch of your sister-mothers get together and drop you on your heads at the same time?! Yes, gay people have TAKEN OVER (cue lightening strikes) every show on TV. I’m just so sick of watching Charlie Sheen bang Jon Cryer in the poop shoot. And all those special agents on NCIS and CSI… gay, gay, gay! Dr. House? Oh, yeh, big huge queen!

      • Lolly

        Becca if you feel it’s JUST A TV SHOW then why are YOU making such a big deal out of it. Maybe the reason you are seeing so many articles about the gay people is cause that is what you are focusing on. SOmeone else pointed out that the last few were about Rocky Horror, and you replied that it hasn’t seemed that way to you. That’s called perspective hunny – and your’s is obviously biased.

      • @Becca

        I agree with Lolly. If it’s just a tv show to you, then it shouldn’t matter who or what they try to portray. Any news regarding Glee is news worthy as far as the media is concerned, I’ve seen plenty of articles that aren’t just Kurt related

        @asdf- How is anybody suppose to take you seriously..I mean really???

      • justsaying

        @Megan I agree. I’m a gay teenager who watches Glee and I find all of this coverage of empowering gay teens on television quite motivational. I am not afraid to tell my friends, and I believe that this show has (in some way) helped me accept who I am and not be afraid of it. I am not saying it is the main reason but I do think it does count for something.
        @Becca everyone has a different opinion on the show. And it is true that Kurt DOES in fact have the MOST fans (not including Sue). Trust me, you don’t want to contest that. Therefore, most “Gleeks” would want to know about what is happening concerning Kurt. Also, I agree with Lolly. Don’t make it such a big deal if it is JUST a TV show to you.
        @asdf you are just embarrassing yourself.

      • larry

        @justsaying Kurt may have a lot of fans but no one can compare to Brittany. Hilarious.

        I only have one problem with Kurt the character and that he has been a bit whiny and pissy lately. (See the Brittany episode and the grilled Cheesus episode). I like Kurt but not when he is like that. I used to hate Rachael because she was so self centered so it was a nice change for her character to not be whiny and stuck up for once. Love the show!

      • Laura K.

        People like to know about the romantic relationships between their favorite characters. Otherwise, soap operas wouldn’t exist. Glee is a show a lot of people watch, and Kurt is one of the most loved characters on the show, for a lot of reasons. So people care about Kurt’s love life, because they care about him. Because Kurt happens to be gay, any love interest will likely take the form of a boyfriend.

      • topazbean

        Guys, asdf was being ironic. And it was pretty funny.

      • Katty Ross

        To Everybody, This is my first post. Is incredible that the only real comment is from ‘monique’ and ‘becca’ (alest the first one). And not homophobe, I’d actually have a lot of gay (men and women) friends. But as straight I found hard that now I can’t said any wrong about Gay people, ’cause, we’re the bad gay then. Thanks for your post ‘becca’ and ‘monique’.

      • Becca

        Yes, I am a homophobe. I thought I was being very obvious about that.

      • Abby

        @Becca. What rock do you live under? TV helps to influence EVERYTHING.

    • Janice

      Yes, but raising awareness and encouraging acceptance of homosexuality IS a current issue, and it may very well help people see that being gay ISN’T a bad thing.

      Try caring a bit, okay? It’s young boys who have their whole lives ahead of them committing suicide just because there isn’t enough acceptance in the world.

      • Jordan

        I wish Kurt wasn’t so steriotypical.

      • Michael G

        @Jordan That’s how Chris is in real life, so why would he change that?

      • Liz

        @Jordan, all of these characters are stereotypes, which is why we find it so amusing, we don’t relate to any one character, so when they are being made fun of it doesn’t affect us as much. That is why they are written that way.

      • Art

        @Michael G: Because it is called acting and he is playing a character that is written, not himself. I’m sure Heather Morris is not really an idiot who gets lost in the sewers. Neil Patrick Harris plays a womanizer in HIMYM. How someone is in real life shouldn’t affect the character they play

      • @Art

        Actually, the role of Kurt was written in for Chris. He actually auditioned for the part of Finn. The producers like Chris so much that they wrote a part in for him. So… in this case, playing a character as written actually is playing his real life.

      • Ella

        Actually, Chris is really nothing like Kurt in real life. Not only has he said that repeatedly, so has everyone else in the cast.

        He auditioned for the part of Artie (not Finn, idk where you got that from), and Ryan liked him but not for Artie. The role of Kurt was written for him, but the only part that was “based” on him was that his name came from the fact that he looks like a von trapp and once played Kurt in the sound of music.

        In actuality, Kurt is mostly based on Ryan Murphy’s life, and a large part of the fandom generally agrees that Kurt is kind of Ryan’s self-insert.

        Chris himself is only streotypical insofar as he likes GaGa and Beyonce, etc. But then so do Cory and Kevin. What does that say about them then?

      • Jennifer

        omgosh i just like the show and gay people make an interesting addition to it. Kurt is my favourite character. :)

      • Shannon

        I agree with Jordan, most of the gay male characters on tv are stereotypical, like this guy Kurt and the other guy on Modern Family. I enjoy Modern family, but I don’t like that he has to play “gay,” which is what he does since he changes his voice and mannerisms to play the character. And I’ve seen the guy who plays Kurt on interviews, and yes, he is like that in real life, and that’s perfectly fine, but the producers clearly had a type in mind for this character and sought out an actor who fit the profile.

      • TSD

        @shannon: the creators of Glee first had the character of Kurt as an Indian student, then changed their minds when Chris auditioned.

        I absolutely love Glee and I love that there is a gay character. Just like people are interested in the heterosexual relationships, people are equally interested in seeing what is going to happen to the main openly gay character. I can’t wait to see how they develop the bullies character. Hope Kurt comes back to McKinley sometime soon.

    • Marcus

      Maybe because he’s one of the only decent and interesting characters on the show.

      • graeme

        Apparently you’ve never seen Santana and Brittany.

      • Marcus

        The dumb cheerleader and the slutty cheerleader? I said interesting.

      • Sam

        I wasn’t aware a walking gay stereotype counted as interesting…

      • why

        Sam, stereotypes come from truth. Yes there are homosexual guys who are flamboyant and like musical theatre and all that Kurt is. Kurt is interesting because he’s got a confidence at times that some people admire because he does have something working against him AT TIMES! He isn’t alone just like there really is no gay person that goes it alone. Kurt isn’t interesting because of his style or interests that just so happen to correspond with the sterotype

      • Lolly

        The fact that a club that sings show tunes has a member who is gay is in itself a stereotype. Unless the title and plot of the show changes, Kurt will always be a stereotype.
        Just like Rachel is Jewish – You think they will be able to get around the comparison to Barbara Streisand?
        You’re asking for the impossible unless they make every character white, straight and Christian or change the theme of the show completely!

      • David

        Okay, Guys. I being a Young, gay teen male, DO Love the show Glee, Mainly because it DOES focus on HOW Hard, it can be for a gay teen male. People need to realize that it is a serious problem. And Not one to fight about over the internet. I think people should stop taking things so seriously, Yes Personally “Kurt” Has made me realize that it is perfectly fine to be Gay, and not have to worry about what all the other people think. Stop being so mean to each other, it’s what got us here in the first place, Isn’t it?

      • Whatever

        Personally the “slut” and the “dumb cheerleader” are much more entertaining than Kurt. In the beginning he was the voice of gay teens, male and female alike, but now he’s just so emo… blah. If I wanted to see such melodramatics, I’d walk the halls of High School again, not thanks. Kurt is so cliche and whinny. Oh poor me. I’m gay. I don’t have a boyfriend. Blah blah… the world is so against me. I have enough lesbian friends for that. I don’t need to see that on my screen. I need to see a happy gay.

        And for once a happy LESBIAN on tv.


      • Tanja

        marcus is that you ???XD

      • Gabi

        Well, my favorite is Finn. And boo is me for liking a conventional male stock character.

      • santana

        My problem with Kurt being a gay stereotype is that his sexuality defines him. There are so many other things about people that are beautiful, sexuality is just one of them. You’re a human being, not a label. And that’s how you deserve to be treated. This is why Kurt, as well as many other gay characters on tv being a gay stereotype bothers me.

      • asdf

        “Kurt’s sexuality defines him” is something only a huge bigot would say. Kurt’s singing voice, his love of fashion, his relationship with his father, the loss of his mother… all things that define him more than his sexuality, yet you apparently failed to notice because you’re obsessed with hating gays. The world will be a better place when people like you are gone from it.

      • Bob

        He’s not the most interesting character on the show. Sure, I’m fine with him being gay- I’m not a homophobe, and I’m all for gay rights- but I’m sick of him being so dramatic. Sue is most definitely the most interesting character on the show.

      • Bob

        What bothers me is that everyone on here who insults Kurt is immediately after called a homophobe. Kurt is annoying!! If he were straight I would say the same thing! He’s overdramatic, and obsessed with being treated equally- which, to an extent, is just plain obnoxious. They are all comfortable with him being gay, so why does he have to make such a big deal out of it? I understand why the show wants to have a gay person, to make it more interesting. But his character is so stereotypical of gay people that it’s not even encouraging or admiring. It’s annoying because the only purpose he serves is whining about not being treated equally. He’s not the only one who wants a boyfriend; there are plenty of girls at his school who want boyfriends. Why does it have to be such a big deal that he doesn’t have one?

      • Molly

        I’m sorry but I really have to point this out. Glee is a TV show. Not only that, but it’s a TV show musical. If you haven’t noticed in the first season, the entire show is corny, cheesy, stereotypical and so forth. They’re all outsiders coming into one group, therefore there’s bound to be some stereotypical features on the surface of each character. What we have to be able to see and understand is the depth beneath it all. Besides this fact, when have you ever seen a homosexual character in a TV show portrayed in such an open fashion as this? Most homosexual characters I’ve seen in TV shows have been very inward and quiet about who they were, where Kurt in Glee is very open. As for the fact that there have been many posts about who Kurt’s potential boyfriend may be, it’s understandable. Kurt is a favorite character and we are all aware that if he is going to have a boyfriend, it will be a new cast member. As an avid Glee fan, I am interested in knowing as much as possible about any new cast member, be it Kurt’s new boyfriend, a new teacher, whatever. Regardless on who they will be playing, I and many others would be interested in knowing who this new character is. Season two is about learning more about secondary characters and yes…Kurt is a secondary character. I think this is being blown way out of proportion and people need to settle down. /End rant.

    • Bradley

      Actually, Becca, Kurt is absolutely a fan favorite and most Gleeks love hearing about these developments.

      • Sean

        I don’t think she’s saying that she doesn’t enjoy hearing about it… but she has a point – there has been a new article about Kurt and his possible new boyfriend and how everyone is attacking him about being gay and everyone is a homophobe about every other day… it’s all about Kurt right now and while I love the show, I don’t actually like Kurt… and I’m gay. I’m getting sick of how the show is making Kurt feel high and mighty about being gay.

      • Will

        I have to agree with Sean. I’m sure there are many Gleeks out there who LOVE Kurt. Sometimes, it is interesting to check out the casting of characters… but the show focuses on Kurt way too much. I don’t like Kurt’s attitude, or how stereotypical he is. I’m gay, and I do theater, and I’m nothing like Kurt. His portrayal is perpetuating this stereotype that all gay guys are fashionista divas. We aren’t… I’m not a Kurt fan. I want to hear about something other than him for once.

      • Brady

        @Sean. I am also gay and I can’t stand Kurt. He drives me up the wall, I feel like his character embodies all the stereotypes we’re trying to get past.

      • Lolly

        Trying to make him less flamboyant is counter productive to the acceptance of the gay culture. Most people that are not comfortable with gay men would prefer the gays around them to be butch. If that is who you are, then fine. But to try and cover up the Drag queens and Fashionistas just to go against a stereotype is alienating a good % of gay males. They exist and that’s okay too.
        I’m sure most straight men would prefer a lipstick Lesbian, but guess what? You have to learn to accept the butch women too! Putting them on TV makes it right in your face so society will have to deal with it!

      • Jake

        I agree with Lolly. Everyone sees Kurt as stereotypical, but he’s not. There are people out there in this world that are just like him, gay men and incredibly flamboyant. A character like Kurt is not one we see very often, at all. Most of the times I see gay characters in tv shows and movies, it’s pretty much a really butch guy who would be seen as straight, except he likes guys. I find that to be a stereotype. Also the show doesn’t focus on Kurt that much, so far in the second season only one episode has focused on Kurt. The other’s haven’t. If you say they focus too much on him, then you also need to say they focus too much on Rachael, Finn, Quinn, Mr. Shue, Puck, and now Brittany and Santana. It’s an ensemble cast and they do a great job at showing each of the characters. Stop sitting back and worrying about stereotypes, it’s not the problem we are facing. The problem were facing is that a lot of the people think we as gay people are a disease. Expand your horizons a little bit.

    • Rebeccapedia

      To some extent I agree with you Becca,but they’re doing a good job with Kurt this season, I wasn’t his biggest fan last year, I like the improvement in his character. I was really cross about them changing out Sam for Blaine, I want him to have a normal relationship, it’s important to have gay characters like Sam, who are less camp but still just as gay, to compliment characters like Kurt. I watch practically everything on TV and I’ve never seen a popular teenage, loving, gay couple. I want to see that. America needs to see that. The whole point of Glee is that you should be allowed to be who you are, which is just not the case for most gay kids, which is really sad. For me, it will always be about Rachel, I love and adore her, Lea has the most ridiculously awesome talent for comedy and drama, but none of that even compares to how powerful and beautiful her voice is. I’m not super keen that Kurt seems to be edging towards lead player instead of her, but if Ryan can change even a couple of homophobes into people who just accept and respect gay people then it’s totally worth it.
      How can anyone be homophobic and like this show, it is honestly the most awesome, gayest thing I have ever seen, and I watched Queer as Folk and the L Word! Ryan Murphy is doing a great thing creating such a popular, relate-able character who happens to be gay.

      • Candice

        When did Sam become gay?

      • Jen

        I am so in support of what they are doing with Kurt, but I do want to remind people that it’s not like Kurt is the first gay person on a popular scripted show, nor is he the first teenage gay gay, nor is he the first teenage gay guy with love interests and time spent on the football team. Even Gossip Girl, whose characters are as bitchy and stereotypical as teen characters on tv get, has a young gay couple, and they’ve made such a smaller deal about it than Glee. Plus, remember Dawson’s Creek? That was a decade ago, with a main character being a gay jock. So as important that this is on tv, it’s not like the show’s doing anything revolutionary.

      • Michael

        Sam is not gay. UGH!

      • dntbstpd1

        You obviously didn’t hear her performance at the Tony awards, lol. She was AWFUL! kinda made me wonder if she CAN sing without autotune, haha.

      • David

        Thank you! I totally agree with you. It needs to be accepted and people need to realize it’s okay to be gay:) I love Leah to, She’s my favorite but i think Kurt is a key character. And I don’t think they are focusing on him to much. Yes he is the stereotypical gay guy, but still. he is perfectly fine with who he is. And that’s the message we need to get across. I honestly don’t give a poo how “gay” you are. I’m gay and proud.. But There are so many things that need to be fixed, but this one is more important and should be to other people because of all the deaths, in the gay community. And yes Straight people commit suicide to, but it’s more apt to happen when your gay, and no one likes you.

      • oklachick7

        Has no one seen interviews with Chris, who plays Kurt? He is alot like kurt. He is Flamboyant and like show tune, so he is not just acting and stereotyping. He can be an annoying person on the show at times, but he is important and i like him

      • Rebeccapedia

        Fair enough, different opinions, I did see her Tony performance, I thought it was incredible, I don’t think she needs the auto-tune at all, but music is completely subjective. Also, it’s a well known spoiler that originally Chord was cast to be Kurts jock boyfriend. I just think there’s a LOT of stupid homophobia out there over this, it just really annoys me and makes me want Sam to be gay (or at least bi!) even more! It’s just so ridiculous, love is love and it shouldn’t be the huge issue it is.
        And yes oklachick, I adore Chris, he’s so funny and sweet, I think more of his personality is coming through, Kurt is different in that he seems a bit bitter,he was genuinely mean to Rachel a couple of times and I don’t think Chris is even capable of that!

      • GG

        My goodness,Rebeccapedia,you write well. Are you a student? I’m a great-grandmother and I love the show because of the music. I do get a bit tired of Kurt. I wish the show would focus more on the others. But the plot is actually secondary to the singing, and that’s fine with me.

      • jj

        Guys, ignorance work both ways. Getting mad at gay people because you don’t understand is just as bad as people getting mad at ALL straight people for not understanding gay people. You can’t force people to think differently, the best you can do is educate them, beyond that is just as hypocritical

      • tiggs_ttfn

        I saw Lea Michele on Broadway in Spring Awakening. She was amazing!

    • PityPie

      I would argue that it shows that people like Kurt so much that they’re just really excited to see who his bf will be… And being excited about it is conditional on people accepting him as gay. I think they’ve accomplished their mission.

    • Flip

      You’re a homophobic c**t, my dear Becca.

      • JBD

        Whoa, back off. By posting this, I hope you know you come off worse than Becca (who I think has full right to say her opinion without insults).

      • Alia

        Because OBVIOUSLY the solution to homophobia is a sexist slur. You’re fighting hate with hate, people. It’s not gonna work.

      • Chappel

        Perez? Is that you?

      • tsk…tsk

        People like you are the reason why things get blown out of proportion. Unnecessary violance and even riots are cause by peoplejust like you.

      • emma

        did it ever occur to you that just because someone doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean they are afraid of homosexuals? phobia is a fear of something. I personally don’t agree with the lifestyle, but I have several friends who are gay.

      • Ella

        UH…being gay is not a “lifestyle”. It is an attraction to people of the same sex. I like chocolate, but liking chocolate doesn’t make it a lifestyle.

        Further, homophobia is not just about fear, despite the name. The phobic part comes from the inference that a large number of homophobes fear some part of homosexuality, whether it’s misinformation about what they do, that it’s wrong, or fear because they have same-sex attractions themselves and they’re afraid gay people will find out. It encompasses hatred, being uncomfortable, not understanding them, and generally thinking of them as different. You saying you “don’t agree with the lifestyle” is definitely homophobic.

      • anonymous

        Should not be laughing so hard at Chappel’s comment…spot on.
        And the key to arguing against a position is not to go so far to the extreme that you cause other people to want to defend the other side just on principle.

      • M

        @Flip: completely inappropriate.
        @Ella: Well said. I hate when people call homosexuality a “lifestyle.” It’s not a choice, people!

    • Amandalynn

      I understand what Becca is saying…Kurt is annoying. It’s isn’t because he’s gay, IT’S BECAUSE HE’S ANNOYING! Also, since when does “being gay” mean that you have to be as flambouyant as Kurt is? I know plenty homosexual men who watches football and hang out with straight men. They don’t all have to be “girly” like Kurt. So where is the diversity or range at? I to wanted Kurt BF to be some sort of jock or something. I don’t mind a point being made about acceptance, but aren’t we doing more stereotyping with Kurt’s behavior as of late on the show? Not all gay men love showtunes or wear make-up and their not in the closet. If the show is going to tackle this situation, it should relate to ALL HOMOSEXUALS and not just a certain set. I really diappointed that Sam wasn’t Kurt’s new love interest, I would of like watching that!

      • asdf

        No one thinks Kurt represents all gay men.

      • Will


        Actually, I have many friends who believed that all gay men were like Kurt. This was before I came out, and they figured out that we’re all different people. But, you can’t say that no one thinks that Kurt represents all Gay men. You don’t know everyone. There are plenty who do.

      • Shannie

        I love Kurt and I think Chris is a terrific actor and astounding singer. But I can see Amandalynn’s point — sometimes, Kurt is just annoying! But annoying like any teen who wants to have his/her own way. And Becca — Kurt really is a crowd fave, so no wonder he’s been getting a lot of buzz lately, as has been bullying and gay-bashing. It all works, as far as I’m concerned. This is an ENSEMBLE show, which I’m happy to see is really happening this year — more songs from, say, Mercedes, who is amazing, and Kurt, too. I love Rachel and Finn, but I’m starting to enjoy their verbal interactions mnore than their singing.

      • why?

        asdf is right. No one thinks that Kurt’s flamboyant attitude is all that is out there for homosexual guys. I too know people that are not flamboyant. However, we still don’t know much about Blaine. He could be a good guy that people wouldn’t expect to be gay, but know he is. Up until now, I did think Sam was gay beacuse I didn’t know about this new guy. However, now we just ahve to give the new guy a shot. I mean, where is the article that tells us about him? Because I would like to see that before people go on accusing Glee of showing only sterotypical gay men.

      • MisterEss

        @Will And there are also plenty who don’t. You are both making logical fallacies in your arguments. In fact, the majority of people who have posted have made a logical fallacy. It is really amusing.

      • asdf

        Will, maybe you should stop hanging around Neanderthals? Just a tip.

      • David

        I agree:) Whole Heartedly.

      • Nik

        all gays are unique in their own way! there is no Oh thats a gay because he sings,is a nurse ETC!

      • Sara

        Kurt is annoying, but only because he’s a hypocrite.

    • Angel

      I like Kurt. Chris is a great actor and Kurt’s story is socially relevant right now. But even if I didn’t like him, anything that cuts into Rachel’s screentime is fine with me. So tired of hearing her sing like 40 songs an episode, making spastic faces and crying. YAWN!!

      • ACE

        Oh my god, thank you. I’ll take ANYTHING over Rachel…

      • Illya Kuryakin


      • Can.

        Just read all your comments. The inside flames. Its kind of petty. The only opinion I have on it is:”I love glee!”. Regardless of the episode.Let love live.

      • Kristikins

        Yes, I have to agree…sometimes I love Chris character Kurt and sometimes I don’t but regardless, I think the main thing about Chris/Kurt is that he is pretty much the most talented male on the show. This kid has SKILLS and I really enjoy listening to him sing.

      • hjkl

        There is a reason that Lea Michele sings a lot; it’s because her voice is amazing.

      • MichaelJ

        I have to agree with you. I have been watching glee since episode 1. With all the different girls in glee she should not be getting all the lead songs. That’s why I really loved the britney spears episode.

    • jari

      I don’t think it has to do with anything about being gay. Maybe is just because the guy is SERIOUSLY talented. Maybe just that. I bet if he was straight on the show, it still be about how awesome he is.

      • kaitlyn

        hahaha i agree with you. i would still like him if he were strait.

    • Matt

      Becca, please…get over yourself and step off the soapbox before someone snatches it out from under you. Don’t like what Glee is doing? DON’T WATCH IT.

      • Erica

        I agree!

    • chelsy

      Actually, they focus on other relationships also. You’re just focusing on the gay relationship because it’s new and you don’t like it. Straight and gay relationships should be given equal time on the tv show. Everyone goes through the same process of trying to find someone to love, heartbreak, all that stuff. Why should it be any different for Kurt? Don’t be homophobic. Straights and homosexuals are equal in every way.

    • Erin

      And Now by posting this you have intensified the cycle!

    • Clay

      Actually, MANY people care about the character of Kurt. If you aren’t interested in stories about this character, don’t read them. No one is forcing you to do so. You really do sound rather homophobic.

    • matt

      Lets face it becca. Glee has a huge fan base in the gay community. It would be stupid of them not to capitalize on it.

    • Laura

      @asdf lol. I like you.

    • Tom

      Becca are you such a dumbass that you cannot choose for yourself what read and don’t read. What is so wrong with people that they will click on a story, and then complain that there are too many stories on the subject. Hey, Becca, get your head out of your ass an notice that these stories have titles that alert you to what it will be about. And if you don’t like it, then don’t click it. Like I said, DUMBASS!

      • SMS

        Danny Noriega from american idol should be Kurt’s new bf :)

      • David

        @SMS haha I loved Danny Noriega.. But I totally think they should get David Archuleta on the show period.. It’d be amazing!

      • nyangel22

        @David, would you happen to be David Archuleta? If he showed up in an episode, I don’t think I’d be able to watch it. The only thing that kid can sing is a ballad, and he doesn’t even do that all that well. If less teenage girls watched Idol, he wouldn’t have made it out of the top 12. I wanted to kill him for his rendition of Imagine.

    • Gary

      The main reason Kurt is focus lately is because many gay fans have asked for his character to be shown more. They are also focusing on Brittney because of fan mail also.

      • Kristikins

        Yes I must admit that Heather (?)’s character Brittney BLEW ME AWAY when they aired that episode…I actually prefer her talent more than Rachels!!!

    • DR

      Becca, You are talking about every POST being about Gay this or that with Glee. You can’t control what people want to talk about on here. The SHOW isn’t mentioning “Gay” or Kurt every time as you imply. If you don;t like what people POST, then by all means, DO NOT READ THEM. I am gay and there are times that I am offended by the sterotypes that Media and TV shows play, but I accept it because it is making more people aware of the struggles we are facing. I can’t wait for the day that “Gays” are considered normal and allowed the same rights you take for granted. Appreciate what YOU have and stop your hatred.

    • Louise

      I’ve forgotten where I read it, but Kurt’s sexuality, etc. is the underlying plot to this season… just like Quinn’s pregnancy last season.

    • DrNick

      Kurt would make a better Prom Queen. Now that would break new uncharted ground!

      • asdf

        They just did that on Ugly Betty.

    • Kirstin

      If he’s annoying then why would you give him the time of day by reading this? Focus on the other character articles.

      • psyche


        I am a fan (but not a super! fan) and the last things I remember reading about Glee on EW was 2 postings of the rocky horror stuff, Ken Tucker’s article on whether the show is getting complacent, and going back a bit farther a preview of “losing my religion” and all the britney-episode drama. I fail to see a Kurt obsession from my vantage.

    • Annie

      maybe Becca if you dont like it..stop watching

    • Nadine

      I guess Becca it is all about upsetting YOU, are you really that dumb?

    • why?

      ok, just because they are focused on Kurt doesn’t make it a bad thing. They were always focused on Rachel last season, and I’m a huge Rachel fan, but it got kind of old. In the first episode of the season I wanted to slap Rachel because I had gotten tired of how self-absorbed she was. So what if they’re showing some attention to a different person? It’s not that bad.

      • Francie

        Um, they “focused on Rachel” a lot b/c Lea Michelle was hired as one of the leads. She, Matthew, Corry, and most of the other “adults” are billed as leads, while all the other “Glee kids” are billed as supporting. So they make her the star because technically, that’s exactly what she is. (Like it or not.)

    • Apple

      Becca is right, to a certain degree. The focus HAS indeed been on Kurt, homosexuality, etc. much more than it has on other, equally as talented, but less represented characters. (Like TINA for example! I agree with Candice. She’s such an amazing vocalist – if you look her up on youtube – and is a great actress – also look her up on youtube – and yet she BARELY gets to say or sing anything!)It’s also a fact that this focus on Kurt and homosexuality has been occurring from even before (way, way before) these topics started becoming “socially relevant.” If you go back through all the episodes, measure the times, and compare the amounts of footage each character gets… you get my point.

      These 3 facts are plainly obvious – there should be no question over who is biased against what, and so on and so forth.

      The sooner people realize these FACTS, the better – just because Becca is stating her honest opinion, which happens to be true, does not mean she hates homosexuality – and she should not be attacked for that. Even I, who loves Kurt/gays and am gay myself, know when this issue is a matter of truth vs. emotion. I would know to admit that I’m wrong, that this is not even an issue involving the politics of ‘homosexuality,’ per say, but instead involves fair exposure to other topics and other characters, as well as a broader spectrum of topics to be made available to the public.

      Not every criticism against a homosexual character or a homosexual topic is made BECAUSE of it “being homosexual.”

      If Kurt had been a straight character, and had still been unfairly getting much more attention then other characters, maybe then, people would be more likely to ‘notice’ it.

      • Tom

        Hey Apple you fruity b!tch, if you don’t likey, don’t watchy! Go bite yourself!

      • murley

        gay rights and society’s marginalization of the gay community was socially relevant prior to a few months ago. it will remain relevant until gay people are treated equally. end of story.

    • Rebecca

      I have a solution for those that are annoyed with coverage of certain characters on the show. DON’T READ IT, DON’T WATCH IT AND SHUT UP.

    • Mike

      You’re just jealous…you’re gay and not getting as much attention…lol

    • josie

      as a rule, if i am watching a show and something about it annoys me , I DON’T WATCH THE SHOW. to all who are annoyed by kurt. WATCH SOMETHING ELSE.

    • Mashala

      I think its great if they give kurt a boyfriend! every other character get to experience a relationship or two why shouldnt he? He shouldnt be shown as being alone and the only gay character if they didnt give him a boyfriend eventually people would start to think that its not alright to be gay and its not alright i have gay relationships people do take in alot of what is shown on tv and put it in their lives. so ive been wanting to see kurt have a relationship, i think it would be good to have something different than quinn or rachel’s relationships

      • Really?

        By that logic, they better hurry up and give Mercedes a boyfriend before people think it’s not alright to be an overweight African American girl.

      • Rinzi

        Lol, she dated Puck, who is described as “the studliest guy in the school.” But she does deserve a guy who isn’t just using her for her popularity.

    • Tommy

      Yes, we do care. What if we stopped showing straight relationships on TV. That’s always shoved in front of gay people’s face all day every day you moron!

    • Water

      Oh “annoyed” I see it now. You want us to pity you instead. BTW, if you can’t handle seeing gay characters on television shows, get ready for the real world if you ever enter it.

    • Andrew

      4 words: A Very Potter Musical. Spend some time on youtube and get with Starkid Potter’s viral musical about Harry Potter.

      • lauren

        I Love Avpm and avps!!! go team starkid!

      • Rinzi

        I just watched it last week, and it’s amazing! Hopefully Darren Criss is as awesome as Blaine as he is as Harry. :)

    • Heather

      The show is about making everything accepted…fat people, black people, Jews, Christians, pregnant girls, even the struggles of popularity, and showing the struggles with teens sexually and mentally

    • Molly

      Kurt’s homosexuality is the underlying plot this season just like Quinn’s pregnancy was last season. If you have a problem with all the posts then stop reading them, if you have a problem with what’s going on in the show, don’t watch. This show is about tolerance, showing people how hard it is to deal with these things. I am personally loving what’s going on with the show, Kurt is one of my favorite characters. I care about when he gets a boyfriend and what’s going to happen in his ‘life’ next. That’s why they post all of these things. Not so people can get annoyed, if you don’t like it shut up and stop reading, don’t whine about it like someone gives a crap cause they don’t. Also, I do realize that by posting this I am immature and petty, but I don’t really give a shit.

    • Mari

      yeah, I think a lot of people watch this thinking about the gay empowerment and all that, but the truth is that this show makes Kurt’s homosexuality all that he is. That’s his entire identity. It’s shallow and sad.

      • @Mari

        Oh, so his singing talent and his diva behavior and his relationship with his dad and how it evolved after his mom’s death and his reaction to almost losing his dad… that’s not all part of his identity too? Guess I missed that memo…

    • Cody

      Glee is obviously a big show for the gay community, and TV shows obviously try to please their target audience. Also, saying “no one cares” about Kurt finding a boyfriend isn’t true. I care, and EW clearly does too!

    • Sage

      You have a point becca. But I think that since people still don’t view the subject as “normal”, others feel that they have to over compensate for the lack of normality.

    • Tomieka

      I’m sorry but the show not only about Kurt yes he las few episode migh of had more to do abou him but it was because of his dad health issue the show seems to always be about rachel and yet no one truely apparently understand what the show is about it has nothing to do with being gay ot being a cheerleader or being quarerback on football team its a elevision like many other showing the different varies of clubs and sterotypes in highschool which most of today shows are abou highschool and how everyone is seen as of popular or not… its just something for people to watch and enjoy so how about everyone stops bashing on poor Kurt jus cause he is gay and you dont like gays why can’t everyone just get along and stop bullying other around because hey are different

    • Dan

      Wow Becca did something crawl up you’re Butt and die? it’s a show on tv that deals with problems that teens are facing today! and how long have gay people had to go with watching heterosexual love? maybe its time for some gay romance, just sayin!

    • mark

      Oh and you want it to be focused on chubby white girls like you who only cares about superficial things in life?

    • Nik

      I totally agree with dan! and maybe the reason that there are gay people on tv is because their homosexuality shouldn’t make them be counted out, gays inspire all people no matter if they are gay or straight because when people come out and say that they are gay it shows you how much confidence you could have in your-self and the amount of self esteem! Also I have a gay person in my family and straight too but we all treat each other and love each other just the same!I really dont get the gay bullying what if gay was the norm and you were straight and you got teased for it!?? Hmmm… I dont think you would like it at all! so just screw the homophobes in the world!

    • Ashley

      Actually, the only reason I clicked on this atricle was for Darren, personally. I don’t care about Chris or his character that much, but Darren is youtube-famous. He plays Harry in A Very Potter Musical and its sequel. So if you see many articles about this, it’s because of the demand for /Darren./ This article wasn’t even about Kurt. It was about the new character on the show.

      Plus, what’s your issue if people want to talk about the gay kid? They’re not going to talk about the normal ones. It’s him and Artie, because they’re different. But really, every kid on that show is just a stereotype. Kurt is the essential gay kid. Mercedes is a big black woman, ands Rachel is a diva. So if you have an issue with him, then you need to work on your sense of humor. Nothing on that show is serious.

    • sean

      Ummm, your kinda being ruude. Not everything is only about Kirt. He is an Important character to the show and every character has a background. It’s not fair for you to be upset and saying what your say…

    • Garret

      These episodes focus on Kurt because the overall ‘story’ that this season is supposed to follow (like how last season’s overall story arc was Quinn’s pregnancy) is about Kurt coming into his own, being empowered, etc.

      If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show.

    • ED

      Its about being open minded…. Yes there are other characters, but if you are educated and watch the news you will see that there have been suicides by a few young gay kids. Of course it is easy to talk about something that doesn’t affect you in any manner. One who knows nothing, can understand nothing… RIGHT!?

    • Kayla

      If you don’t like it don’t read it. It’s all part of the glee appeal. While I agree that they are trying to make it more exceptable that also means they have a right to talk about it just like they have a right to talk about the drama for every other character. So get over yourself and your closed mindedness.

    • Kevin

      Becca…maybe you don’t care, but I do. So please don’t speak for anyone but yourself by saying no one cares.

    • ME

      I CARE

    • Nekana

      Do you all REALLY think that heterosexuality is the ONLY thing the cast of Glee should focus on? You claim that you’re sick of the show focusing on Kurt, but the reality is that the gay community really is deeply embedded in the arts because that is the ONLY place where there has been some acceptance. Please respect the fact that there are gay people on this planet and the didn’t choose to be this way but rather were born gay. Would you seriously forbid love to anyone? Everyone is a creature of the creator and deserving of love and acceptance and if this show can get this across than I hope EVERYONE watches it. And accepts…that’s how we combat fear.

    • Eve

      Kurt is by far Glee’s most popular character, he obviously has the most fans out of all the characters. So obviously there’s a lot of posts about him, so what? If you don’t like, don’t read.

    • Jeremy

      If you haven’t heard Ryan Murphy told last season was partly Rachel’s season and this season Kurt will partly be focused this season.

    • mark

      maybe if they made a relatable gay character it would be actually interesting to watch. Instead, we get Kurt, the most fabulous queen that ever was.

    • Gillian

      because it’s Harry-freakin-Potter!! I love Darren Criss and he is going to be a “totally awesome” addition to Glee

      • Hannah

        haha! you totally just made my day.

        and as for Glee focussing too much on the gay relationships, imao it’s only because there’s three already on the show and more intereasting. theres Finn and Rachel, the Tina Mike Artie drama, and Sam and Quinn. (which may i add was deeply involved in the Kurt spoilers pre-s02 and het, so yeah… kinda proved wrong there.)

        also there’s the suspence of it. it’s been leaked that the reason Sam and Quinn were romantically involved was because of all of the Kurt/Sam spoilers, and now the same thing romance wise might happen with Blaine. so yeah, people what to hear about it.

        with hmosexality rampant in he high school in Glee (i mean he gets thrown into dumpsters, who does that?! it’s not only sick but rally unhygenic) it’s was kinda inevitable a gay relationship was gunna be a big thing! it’s not a shocker, so lets not act like it was, with the Kurt!heartbreak in s01 and Sam shaped disapointment lots of people ant to hear about it and see Kurt happy (including me! :D)

        p.s. sue is the best character and ‘totally awesome’ and am i the only one who now wants to see joe walker gleeing it umbridge style? ;)

    • tom

      Careful Becca…your bigotry is showing

    • thinker

      Up until recently, out gay television characters and their struggles have been rare. The excitement comes from seeing something different on television- honesty. After all of the MANY shows and characters focused on only straight people, I think you can let gay folks have a little bit for once.

    • Orianne

      @Becca Yah I get what you mean but not everything is focussed on Kurt. I mean, I’m gay and having him on the show and him being out and proud and all really is good to see. His character actually gave me the courage to come out to some people so saying it’s “just a TV show” isn’t completely true. We live in a culture where technology controls everything, sometimes it controls us too. So having good ideals and morales on TV on an extremely popular show can show people that gays arent diseased because you don’t understand how hard it is, to be constantly made fun of because you’re just trying to follow your heart. And it’s more important then ever that people see it’s perfectly ok to be gay, especially with what happened in New York recently and all the suicides. I don’t know any of the people who have commited suicide, heck I don’t even live in the same country as the majority of them did! But when I hear about it I really am saddened because I know exactly what they were going through and I’ve contemplated suicide a lot in the past. But now that the media is saying it’s all right, it gives me hope. And hell man, no one seem to care when it’s about straight people! Everyone LOVES to see who’s getting with who when it’s guy x girl, but when it’s guy x guy or girl x girl everyone freaks out! There’s no difference. Put yourself in Kurt’s shoes, just think how hard it is and how lonely it can be. Let TV be TV.

    • gabrielle

      @Becca, it doesn’t bother me that you said ‘gay’…..but, rather that you found it necessary to use the word ANNOYING. What makes this annoying??? If there is something you don’t like about Glee or Gay people…..then watch something else. Enough said!

    • Lauren

      Actually, I read in an interview with the Glee creators that homosexuality is the running theme throughout season 2 just as teen pregnancy was the theme through season 1.

    • Sam

      the reason why they are covering this story so much isn’t just because they are so focused on giving kurt a boyfriend and all, it’s about the hope of a role model that gay teens can look up too, and maybe they can learn from the show that everything is going to be okay, and they shouldn’t cut their lives short. and Darren Criss is being focused a lot because he is famous for writing the songs and being the star of A Very Potter Musical and a A Very Potter Sequel, which is a worldwide success on youtube. maybe you should check it out sometime

    • Tee

      The website does the whole romance speculation thing for a lot of shows and characters. Look at how much the new love interest (of the hetero variety!) on How I Met Your Mother has been featured recently, including a picture of her from the show, a clip, etc, before it’s aired. I don’t see this as any different from their coverage of other shows. Sometimes it may vary depending on what information they have, who they can talk to, etc. Seriously what a silly thing to take issue with.

    • LEB

      Like other commenters said, there has been a lot of attention on this particular character because of the tragedies of the gay teens who have committed suicide due to bullying. If there was a rash of racial violence among teens right now, the show might be more focused on characters of Mercedes, Santana, Tina, or Mike, because they are minorities. If there was something major happening in our society related to the disabled, there would be a lot of focus on Artie. The show in a lot of ways is trying to touch on problems real-life teens deal with, even though the show itself is mostly a silly musical comedy, because the stars are teenagers and there are a lot of teen and young adult viewers who are fans of the show.

    • Steverino

      This positive spin on a gay kid in high school is GREAT. It will hopefully work against all the negative messages kids face. This board is a good example of why gay kids kill themselves. You can pretend we don’t exist and you can get upset that there are gay characters in shows but we exist. The denial of our existence is one of the very things that leads to these tragic suicides. Go, Kurt!

    • Erika

      im super happy that kurt gets someone xD i mean all the girls already had their chances of hooking up its his turn now!!

    • Nate

      I completely agree.

    • Nancy

      Just a guess Becka but maybe it’s because there is so much homophobia and stupid people that can’t handle even one character being gay or being shown in a positive light. you know the type of homophobe that complains that all the articles are about Kurt when anyone who isn’t a homophobe know that it’s no big deal and that there have been more articles about the other characters than him.

      But hey I’m just a straight women who doesn’t understand why other straight people are such hateful homophobes.

    • B-

      Newsflash Becca: Glee is Gay. Don’t know what show you have been watching for the past 2 seasons. But it’s not High School Musical. The show is created by a gay man and has a lot of gay writers. And Kurt represents the creator of the show. Due to the relevance of what is happening now, Kurt’s arc is important to a lot of people. And just to show how on the money Glee has been, last Tuesday’s episode (which was filmed weeks ago before all the suicides) featured an important moment between Rachel and Kurt where she told him he wasn’t alone. And their duet was wonderful. If you hate all of that, maybe you will be best served watching a show that is less gay for you. Two and a Half Men perhaps?

    • Daniel

      Not every post or article about Glee focusing on Kurt. But you sure seem to. What’s the big deal?

    • Henri

      someone s being jealouuus of the attention ;) I think straight ppl get enough coverage in any kind of TV series. For once, the center of attention is on a gay guy from time to time. Gay teens can finally identify with someone on TV. And btw I dnt think it s constantly about Kurt. A lot of attention is also drawn to ‘conventional’ sexual orientation such as Finn’s or Puk’s… but you dnt seem to mind that do u?
      Do I hear double-standards??? yes I do :)

    • Saggy

      Screw the other characters. Kurt and Sue ARE the show!

    • O’Tuachair

      Actually, it’s not that homosexuality is “taking over” television. It’s that television is finally attempting to become realistic in their portrayal of people.
      And just to let you know, most of television still hasn’t caught up. The majority of characters on the non-cable shows are still straight white males. There’s only about 5 female homosexual or bisexual characters, and that was the last time I checked. And most broadcasted networks still don’t have an accurate female to male ratio.
      We’re just trying to make television more equal. If you’re upset about it-don’t walk outside anymore because it’s just reflecting the real world.

    • Max

      Well im glad, that Kurt is getting a Boyfriend, and he is the main focus, simply because he is basically glee, he is the loser, underdog, with the best voice(besides lea)and honestly he deserves it. He’s a role model.

    • janice239

      HOLY CRAP HARRY FREAKING POTTER IS ON GLEE or Toby to some older Starkids (lwl)

    • New

      wait till you see the rocky horror episode. its probably the most anti-gay episode yet. Franknfurter being played by a female, the word “transsexual” changed to “sensational”… not to mention how Kurt is the worst character on the show, and is challenging Sue for Lead Villain

      • Ruby

        @ New

        I agree with you on all counts except one: Rif Raf is freaking awesome character and Kurt is awesome doing it!
        Although I don’t know if the changes they make are “anti-gay” as much as they are “primetime television appropriate”… But if that was their worry, they shouldn’t have done Rocky Horror at all.!

      • Hannah

        i see your point – but in the show Kurt turns down te role Frank-n-furter.
        And Mercedes playing it was more of an empowerment to get what she wants kind of thing. :)

        haha! considering the fact it was an ‘abulous’ show, i think some of the gay guys would have enjoyed it! ;)

        and as the above says – Riff Raff is the best character.

    • Donna Kaminski

      It is important that a show with this much audience and impact provide a positive and realistic gay message. Humans have always been gay, but intolerance has to stop. Embrace the truth, accept reality. You can also choose to aid instead of hinder when it comes to tolerance, just like GLEE encourages you to choose to be more ecologically positive. For many, gay is the way, get used to it. You be your way, gay can be theirs.

    • Ryan


      You are an idiot first and foremost, at an age probably no greater than 14. Secondly, you are showing your lack of maturity, both physical and mental when you make such sensationalist claims as you have above. This may come as a shock to you, but there are homosexual people in every high school across the country and hide who they are because of close minded, bigots like yourself. Clearly Glee, a show about diversity in every form, should comprise a cast strictly containing attractive caucasian heterosexual racists. You dear, are missing the point of the show. You say there are other characters, and there are. Apparently it hasn’t really dawned on you that Kurt took a back seat in last seasons story arc. The show isn’t called ‘Rachel and Finn and Quinn’… its called Glee… about the lives of all the students – and to presume the whole season will be entirely about Kurt and his boyfriend would be, well, in essence what you are… immature. So since you are a staunch homophobe, I implore you to stop watching Glee immediately. I would hate for you to think homosexuality is something that should be tolerated in any instance. I hear Iran is a nice place to reside where the illness known as homosexuality is exterminated at every chance…. Perhaps you should consider moving.

    • wayno10

      What a selfish person u r.

    • Keith

      Yep, Becca you sound pretty ignorant and stupid. Go watch Jersey Shore. That seems more up your alley.

    • Ty

      Becca — you’re a horribly short minded person. There are millions of teenagers who go through what Kurt’s going through. Whether being gay, or black, or too fat, or too tall, EVERY teenager is insecure about something, is trying to find out who they are. Kurt is an excellent vessel for this.

      When I was a young gay teenager and adult, I would have been thankful for a story like this. Open your eyes. This show isn’t about you. It’s about all of us.

    • Abby

      …from someone who cares about the Kurt scoop, which is about his possible future boyfriend because Glee fans started asking halfway through season one: Shut up Becca, you totally sound like the gay thing makes you uncomfortable, can see through you like crazy.

    • Lee

      all throughout history, gays were always oppressed, so maybe there’s nothing wrong with focusing kurt in the show since it might provide some insights on the advocacies of the gays. :D

    • Ben

      Obviously, people are excited. Or it wouldn’t be written about and read about. And obviously you care about it… for the opposite reason… since you’re posting.

    • Heather

      well personally i just like darren criss. he plays harry in “a very potter musical” and the sequel and is awesome

    • Euj


    • wieda

      no, it is not….this show is fine and kurt story is gonna make this show even more better. juat because you doesn’t like the gays..you should be ashamed of yourself, becca

  • The First Real Jersey Jeff

    He is pretty, I am looking forward to this. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

    • Frank

      You sound like a dirty pedophile. Go seduce a kitten or something.

      • Marcus

        Do you know the definition of the word ‘pedophile’? Criss is a college graduate, I’m pretty sure he’s in his 20s.

      • Andy

        I’m with Marcus. Would you be tossing the word pedophile around if Jeff was a woman? I doubt it.

      • Alia

        Okay, so it doesn’t apply in this case since Darren Criss is a full-grown adult, but yes. I totally find it creepy when grown women lust after teenage boys. REEEALLY creepy. (Taylor Lautner and the Twi-Moms, anyone? *shudder*)

      • The First Real Jersey Jeff

        I am a Gay male HS student, so is this character. So you people are just idiots.

      • Alia

        TFR Jersey Jeff wins. Lust away, my friend! (Darren Criss is a worthy target, anyway.)

    • Umm…

      You have zero standards. This guy is a twig.

  • Just Me

    Becca – if all the posts focused on a possible bf for Quinn or Sanatana or a gf for Puck would you be more interested.

    • JBD

      I know that I’m not a big fan of Kurt, that having said, I’m looking forward to the Blaine character. Maybe it’s not about Kurt being gay but more that she just doesn’t like Kurt’s character. But I do get what you’re saying.

  • damian

    He looks a little old for Kurt. Becca can shove it up her you know what. Being gay and having ZERO relationships to see on tv while bed hopping for straight couples is the main focus on 99.9% of other shows is awful. This one relationship being the focus is a tiny drop in the bucket. The creator of Glee is gay, a main character on Glee is gay, if you don’t like that, don’t watch. It’s that simple. The reality is also out of 27 episodes aired so far about 3 had Kurt as the central story and only about an addition 3 where his sexuality was a B story. While the other 24 were about Rachel and Finn, Quinn and Finn, Puck and Rachel, Puck and Quinn, Artie and Tina, Tina and Mike…see my point?

    • Candice

      Tina still doesn’t get much she barely gets to sing. The character of Kurt I have a love hate relationship with, I really don’t care about the boyfriend thing at all but it doesn’t bother me either.

    • Meg

      Ah, the voice of reason. Thank you, Damian.

    • Allison

      “He looks a little old for Kurt.”

      More like Chris looks too young for everyone. ._.

      • nyangel22

        lol, @Allison, he has such a baby face, but since he’s only 20 its okay.

    • Amy

      Well said. I like Kurts character! I would however like to see more of Mercedes. She has an AMAZING voice! Very talented!

    • Tomieka

      Actual i with Damian poor Kurt is just getting picked on cause he is different and people dont like different but i dont see anyone going on about Quinn and her teenage pregancy last season and hat just most an issue in today world as gay or lesbians so how about we all just leave Kur alone i would acually like to see more episodes about him then rachel or Finn or Quinn issues in life…. all the show is about are issue tha teensare going throughin todays worls so sit down watch it and shut up or dont watch it and shut up im tired of everyone bashing shows cause they always find something wrong with them then if that the case dont turn your tv on or watch the Newsand listen to all the major issue going on in the world i rather watch Glee then the News and listen to the same thing over and over

  • R.

    As both a gay man and a junior high teacher, I actually think characters like this sometimes do more harm than good for a certain subgroup of unsure, unsettled young gay men. They see a character who is so “out and proud” and confident, and at ease with his sexuality and wonder why they are not like that. Why do they not feel so proud? “Why does it seem so easy for this person, when it’s been so ridiculously difficult for me?” It’s really not always as hopeful and reassuring as we’d like to think.

    • Katherine

      Maybe not, but I think the questioning made lead them to a lot of answers that WILL make them feel better about who there are. Maybe wondering why he’s confident and they aren’t will allow them to see that there really is nothing to be ashamed or uncertain of.

      • Becca

        Good advice Katherine. Then the next day they will go to school and scream “I am gay” at the top of their lungs, and dance in the corridors singing some Britney song… only to get bashed and possibly mentally damaged. Scripted television is nothing like society, and trying to portray anything but would be a lie.

      • CatBoreal

        Oh, and that will be the fault of the *TELEVISION* show? Puh-lease! Does TV show an idealized version of real life? Yup! But that doesn’t mean the ideal shouldn’t be tried for. Get over yourself.

      • Jamie

        Good lord Becca – go buy yourself a vibrator and get over yourself.

      • asdf

        I don’t think they allow vibrator’s at Becca’s compound. Her father promised his first cousin she’d be pure.

      • blaaaake!

        Becca, just.stop.talking/typing.

        I guess you would prefer that every single gay/lesbian/transgendered person stayed in their closets so YOU wouldn’t have to see them. You are a homophobe, plain and simple. May your kids grow up to be out and proud flaming gays.

      • Matt

        I think you’re mentally damaged, Becca.

      • Roxie

        I have loved this show and enjoyed watching what the characters are maturing into. See KLurt finally have a relationship I think is great. And if anyone says he has it easy is forgetting about him thrown into the trash once a day and slushies in the face. Also @Becca, I’m a mom of 2 kids. I’ve tested the waters of being lesibian but didn’t find it to my liking, also my husband has also tested it. Scary enough it’s the everyday people you work with and hang out with who can be the very ones your putting down

      • Amy

        asdf, you are hilarious!!!!

    • @R.

      Well TV is not really meant to solve kids’ self-esteem and sexuality issues to begin with.

      • R.

        Read the article, please. The final paragraph has the actor stating how he believes this character might help people. THAT is what I’m responding to, not a need for TV to “solve kids” problems. I don’t expect that – but I also don’t expect actors, critics, directors or writers to tell me their show will do such a thing.

    • Tonya

      R., as an out and proud gay woman (and partner of a teacher), you are wrong. Kids (and adults) need someone on TV who looks like them. Being a gay teen can be very lonely, but seeing a character on TV tells you that there are people out there like you. Art imitates life.
      I think a character who is so “out and proud” and confident, and at ease with his sexuality is EXACTLY the type of role model that young gays and lesbians need!
      Movies and TV have long portrayed us as lonely, sad, unhappy outcasts so it’s about time we have a couple of positive gay characters.

      • R.

        Please don’t take my comment and blow it into more than I said. I am by no means saying it is a bad thing to portray a character as such. It CAN be good. I’m just commenting on the actor’s comments in the final paragraph – seeing a character like this is NOT good for EVERY gay person out there. It will absolutely be nice to see for plenty of people. But for some it will have some opposite effects that is something to consider as well.

      • L

        Excellent comment. I look forward to the day when being gay is not an issue to be discussed. Not because I am homophobic or think it should be hidden, but because I think it should just be accepted. Being gay is not all that a person is. As a hetrosexual woman no one is interested in talking about who I sleep with because it is irrelevant to who I am.

      • ProudFag

        @R – and high fructose corn syrup isn’t good for EVERY one either but you can’t get rid of that stuff either

    • DC

      Please show me any literature that says having role models of any kind can hurt children/teens.

      • JBD

        But in real life, it definitely depends who your role model is. Some kids model their lives after people that are not so great.

    • homo

      I feel completely sad for your students as you watch their inner torment engulf them. And I wonder, are you providing them with the positive stereotype and confidence in themselves that you prescribe?

  • dcet30

    What about a love interest for Mercedes? I guess the heavy black chick gets no love huh? She just needs to belt out gospel style songs and that’s all the development she deserves.

    • Tonya

      Agree 100%, dcet30! Don’t worry, Ryan Murphy won’t let us down.

    • Jai

      Yes! When will it be Mercedes turn in the spotlight? Where are the more ‘independent’ soul songs of R&B Ryan Murphy? There are many avenues and different characters to explore and expand. Not just Kurt and Racheal!

    • flower

      Ryan Murphy already said he was looking for Mercedes’ love interest. He’s already two steps ahead of you.

      • Marianne

        Mercedes did date Puck briefly

  • Icon

    Dude’s like a brunnete Dawson (Dawson’s Creek) at least in that photo.

    • Emm

      I never noticed that, but he does look like what’s his name from Dawson’s! (Except actually attractive)

  • Damon

    I hate homophobes.

  • Rainy

    I love that ‘Harry Freaking Potter’ is gonna be on Glee xD

    • Signe

      My thoughts exactly! ;) IT’S GONNA BE TOTALLY AWESOME! (Props if anyone gets the reference)

      • Sydney

        He’s going to tame our hearts just like he tamed that dragon’s.

      • lily

        OMG! A Very Potter Musical???
        btw, is it official that daniel radcliff is gonna be on glee, cuz i’ve heard rumors but never any confirmation! I REALLLYYYY hope it true!!!

      • Marisa

        That supermegafoxyawesomehot, red vine- loving boy wizard is going to be on glee? My life is now complete.

      • Alia

        …And that’s gonna be stuck in my head for a week. :-)

      • Lia


      • Ally

        Totally awesome!!!

      • Pigfarts.

        No draco can get to pigfarts, because POTTER wont be in his way. He will be on GLEE!(:

    • Diane

      I agree!!! :)

    • mscisluv

      Me too! A little shocked that this and many other articles fail to mention that as part of his resume…

    • alix

      ME TOO! I’m so beyond happy, he will be totally awesome on Glee.

    • Jay

      How did you guys not know this? Ausiello and everyone else revealed the casting like 2 weeks ago.

    • Karen

      Finally!!! Someone commented on Darren, the point of the post in the first place! Darren Criss is freakin hot!!!! Have you seen little white lie?

      • Gleek

        Oh Darren.
        How sad am I to hear that your Glee debut has been pushed back a week. :'(
        But AH! Darren Freakin’ Criss, on one of the biggest TV Shows there is right now?!
        I might just die.

    • Hannah

      Oh Darren, his supermegagoxyawesomehotness is undescribable. I am so excited that he gets this part. He deserves it so much!

    • mmm love me some darren criss

      good lord i can’t wait for this. he really does. only thing that could make it better?
      on glee darren says “best friend” and joey richter pops through a door and says “did someone say ron weasley?” with his bag of red vines, of course.

  • Derek

    Every Glee post is about kurt because he’s the only member of that cast that HAS a character, story, and arc. Everyone else is just fragmented pieces of trite cliches. His story is the only one that they attempt to progress on as they just cram everyone else into a song piece just for the hell of it.

    • Marcus

      You’ve perfectly described my problem with Glee, Derek. So many of the characters are just written as tropes, and instead of giving them real story arcs to develop their characterization more, they just get a bunch of disconnected musical numbers. I think this is why so many of the fans dislike so many of the characters.

      • Junk

        Wait…WHAT?! Have you guys even SEEN Glee? The first season was centered around Quinn and baby and self-righteous mom and dad, and then the Quinn and Finn and Puck love fest triangle, and then there was Rachel’s mom and two dads, and Finn’s missing father figure, and Mercedes and Kurt. This is only the second season guys. Give them a minute to work out everyone’s stories. Too much at once would be overload.

      • RJ

        Well considering the last episode (Episode 4) had a lot of things that could be focused on more (Artie/Brittany being a main one and Brittany/Santana not to mention Sam/Quinn) I would say that Glee isn’t focusing on one character too much. And on your point about everyone being written as tropes, With the whole Artie/Brittany thing, I think they are developing her character and Santana’s character. They even focused a bit on Tina and Mike. Glee even tried to develop Rachel’s character a little more. You know, her whole, ” I wanna be nicer” thing. Maybe they could try to develop Mercedes a little more… But you will always have the people out there that scream, “PREJUDICE” every time a white gay kid or a heavy black girl are put in the spotlight. If you focus on the gay kid, you are hating on the straights. If you focus on the black girl, you are racist. You get my point? What I’m trying to say is that they ARE actually trying to focus on more of the characters from what I can tell.

      • Jasmin

        You’re wrong:

        Rachel: From the beginning she was egoistic and only wanted to do stuff for her own good. Now she actually let others win.

        Fin: In the beginning he was a bit homophobic, wasn’t too tolernat about the “being different”-thing, but now he IS different and tataly accepts Kurt.

        Quinn: She was this bitch who just cared about herself, and rejected everybody else that was different, but now she totaly accepts the different people and is more altruistic.

        Could go on and on with every single one of the characters but I think I made my point…

  • stu

    1 is hot & the other is cute. can’t wait for the scene when they kiss!

    • Illya Kuryakin

      Me either! Hopefully it won’t have to be a physically “platonic” relationship like some gay characters / relationships on either shows. Hopefully Kurt and his bf can be as physically expressive as Finn and Rachel.

  • Diane

    Personally, I think people look way into this. So what if there is a lot of coverage in this subject. The fact of the matter is, it is a big deal for the show and the character. So of course there is more news coverage than normal. Kurt makes the show in my opinion and I think Darren Criss is going to do an amazing job with this character.

  • Guro

    People, STOP NAGGING! I think this is a GREAT way of making non-LGBT people aware of gay rights and that gay people are people too. This will be interesting! :)

  • Leslie

    I absolutely cannot wait to see Darren on Glee! He totally deserves this success.

  • L

    Crap! I meant excellent comment from Tonya not R!

    • Junk

      I understood where you were coming from L. As a man (who just happens to kiss men) I look forward to the day when this is a nonissue also. “Gay” is an adjective, not a disease.

      • Nik


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