Breaking: The CW orders full seasons of 'One Tree Hill,' 'Nikita,' and 'Hellcats'

cw-pickupsImage Credit: Fred Norris/The CW; Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW; Sergei Bachlakov/The CWThe pickup baton has been passed to The CW: The network has given full-season orders to rookie dramas Nikita and Hellcats, as well as venerable soap One Tree Hill.

Season to date, Hellcats has averaged 2.5 million viewers, a dramatic improvement over last season’s insta-flop A Beautiful Life. Nikita, meanwhile, stands as The CW’s second most-watched show with 3.6 million viewers — although a large chunk of that audience falls outside the net’s core 18-34 demo (hence the mini-revamp under way).

Conspicuously missing from The CW’s pickup list: Life Unexpected. The sophomore drama did, however, receive an additional script order. In other words, there’s still hope.


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  • Brock Germain

    WooHoo! Great news. Love these shows!

    • Larry David

      Once again, CW proves that its a channel dedicated solely for the drama queen teens and the 3-40 year old women going through a midlife crisis and want to relive their teen years. ALL of the show they renewed are absolute garbage and if you are and you comment on my post saying “Whatever”,”You’re Stupid”,”Get a life”, then I won’t take you seriously because you obviously love the CW. So in conclusion, CW is THE worst channel on TV.

      • cassopeia

        +sigh* Larry, do you need a hug? ;D

        Actually, the CW didn’t renew any shows yet. Hellcats, Nikita and OTH only received a back-nine order, no pick-up for another season.

      • cdublova4life

        Whatever. You’re stupid, get a life!

      • Ryan

        And why should we care if you take us seriously? Based on your comments on pretty much every post, none of us take YOU seriously.

      • Katherine

        hmmm… I find it interesting that you have such deep insights into the programmes and network that you so despise.
        Why so much passion directed at something as meaningless as television shows?
        Me thinks thou doust protest too much! ;-)

      • Adam

        I requested that you be blocked from this site, I hope we dont have to read anything from your sorry ass soon.

      • m1

        Larry David is part of the reason why the phrase ‘don’t feet the troll’ exists.

      • Senor Sarcasm

        Missed out again Larry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if you want to be a good troller you need to be a little faster my over-compensating friend :)

      • Kris

        What an ignorant point of you. I’m too mature for the CW so everyone who likes it is stupid. WHATEVER, YOU’RE STUPID anyway so GET A LIFE.

      • John

        It’s absolutely fascinating that someone has the time go to all the EW boards and post something negative and vicious. This Larry David “person” is clearly being paid to be a jerk.

      • Jeremy

        Why not create your own network? Dumbass

      • deeannek

        Don’t like the CW’s program then don’t watch.
        I love Nikita and Hellcats. I am glad they will be around for the rest of this season-I am surprise OTH is doing so well but I am happy for their fans.

      • Joe

        sweet… love Hellcats, I’m such a sucker for cheerleaders.

      • Larry David

        Whatever, I’m entitled to my decision like to be the biggest homo on earth.
        And yes, I’m a fat stupid quee*.
        Sorry to be such an as* though.

      • Larry David

        “entitled to my decision”
        I meant opinion. but you all got it.

      • mike b

        I would like to know exactly what shows do you watch on a weekly basis.I think everybody would like to see your taste in television shows . So lets see what you like .

      • successful

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      • V^2

        Actually I hate CW, even if I am in their “core demographic of viewers”. I find the shows stupid and overly dramatic. However, I have fallen completely in love with Nikita for its wonderful balance between romance and revenge.

      • Larry David

        Why dont we all just change our name to Larry David…it’ll drive the troll nuts. LOL

      • Jessica

        Wow you probably don’t even watch the shows on the cw. If u have noticed each show pulls in at least over 2 million viewers and up to 5 million, its rated tv’s 3rd most watched channel, sorry dude get a life

    • MaryJane

      Don’t care about their new shows, so much garbage, as far as I’m concerned. The only shows I watch on CW are Smallville and Supernatural, so if the news isn’t about them, who cares?

      • meliot

        @MaryJane – who cares you ask? Well if you had read the article you would know that between 2.5 and 3.6 million viewers care. Who made you queen of EW should only write about the shows you watch? What was the point of commenting on shows you don’t watch. You are as bad as Larry David! Boo you!

      • Jessica

        Yea thats why TVD is the most watched show on the CW sorry honey and by the looks of it Nikita is in 2nd and its a tie between SPN and 90210:)

  • Marcus

    Awesome. I’m a big fan of Hellcats and Nikita is pretty good too.

  • Frank

    I love “Hellcats” and “Nikita”. This is great news. Looking forward to following them all season!

  • kat

    I am pretty glad about OTH pickup. It’s not what it used to be, but I wanted Mark S. to get a chance to end the series the way they deserve. He has always done pretty well by the fans in my opinion.

    • Katherine

      totally agree Kat. I also feel there have been some bright spots so far this season and the fan base is dedicated. OTH deserves this.

    • mscisluv

      I gave up on OTH last season, even though I watched from the beginning (primarily because it was filmed in Wilmington,NC, near where I lived – same as Dawson’s Creek)…but it became absolutely unwatchable.

    • meliot

      I’m glad at OTH too even though it’s had a rough couple of seasons. I can say I really enjoy the way they are doing Gavin DeGraw’s song “I don’t wanna be” intro this year. Different artists every week. So cool. I must say OTH does have the best music of any program on TV.

  • Andrea Cardenas

    and GOSSIP GIRL?

    • Liz

      I heard Gossip Girl has a 7 season contract so they still have like 3 years to go.

      • tori

        7 seasons??? Oh dear Lord.

      • Andrea Cardenas

        but that doesn’t mean it can’t get cancelled i heard that the ratings aren’t so great lately..:S im scared love GG and im happy for hellcats because i love GALE HAROLD.!! only reason i watch the show..!!!

    • Kris

      It already has a full season. Going into the fall, The CW had 4 shows that hadn’t recieved full season orders (that is, they had 13 episode orders) One Tree Hill, Hellcats, Nikita, and Life Unexpected. Every other show was guarunteed a full season. Now, the only show that doesn’t have a full season order is Life Unexpected.

  • M

    I’m convinced that when the apocolypse comes the only things left standing will be the cockroaches and One Tree Hill.

  • Wilian

    I think Gossip Girl already have a full season!

  • Jeanette

    I only watch The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl on the CW. I stopped watching One Tree Hill once CMM and HB left the show. I wonder why they haven’t canceled it.

    • Katherine

      because the show actually does goes on without them.

      • l

        just because the show goes on doesn’t mean it’s good.

      • Kris

        But it has been good. This weeks episode was absolutely FANTASTIC!

  • Allison


  • Jacob

    So glad to hear this! OTH has been a staple on my weekly viewing list since the beginning; and Nikita is awesome!

  • TJ. Church

    I love the “Nikita” pick-up, but hate the planned revamp. (Don’t they realize they could both gain & lose viewers with that?!)

    • Dave

      I agree. The CW execs only care about teenage girl viewers. It’s annoying.

  • James

    When will OTH die?

    • Fireflystare221

      hahaha I keep asking myself the same thing. Someone set me free!

    • martina

      Soon, hopefully.

    • Rachelle

      I have been asking myself that same question…lol

  • Cynthia

    I watch Supernatural and Gossip Girl on CW. Nikita is decent, and should get a chance. I hear Vampire Diaries is good. I watch CW more than NBC or Fox.

    • onlymystory

      Vampire Diaries is fantastic. You should really give it a try. It’s a show that truly elevates the CW network.

      • Delena

        The Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows on tv. It’s dark, sexy, and funny all at the same time. And Ian Somerhalder/Damon is absolutely phenomenal.

      • huzzah

        Cynthia, you really try watching a couple episodes of the Vampire Diaries. Once you get past the vampire/human forbidden love cliched aspect of it, it’s one of the most suspenseful, twisty-turny shows on TV.

      • C

        oh yes!! i’m so with Delana on this one. it’s the most watched show because it’s different and spectacular!! the twists and turns WILL get you. congrats to Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

    • Jessica

      I agree i love The Vampire Diaries and it brought up the CW’s ratings by a lot.

  • Dee

    A full season of Aly Michalka dancing around in mid-drift bearing outfits? YES PLEASE.

    • James


    • Xsikal

      FYI, it’s ‘midriff’ not ‘mid-drift.’ Otherwise, I agree. ;)

  • jasmine

    what about the vampire diaries!? that is the best show on tv right now!

    • Ian

      The Vampire Diaries was picked up for 22 episodes back in the spring.

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