'Big Bang Theory' Exclusive: 'Dexter' alum Keith Carradine cast as Penny's pa!

Though Kaley Cuoco’s broken leg will still be healing when she reappears as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, she’s likely to have at least a metaphorical spring in her step. Why’s that? Because Keith Carradine has just been cast as her dad!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Dexter‘s erstwhile Frank Lundy will appear in a November episode, continuing the CBS comedy’s tradition of picking all-stars to play its main characters’ parents. Of course, what I’m really looking forward to is the inevitable future episode in which Leonard’s mother (Christine Baranski) manipulates father and daughter into family therapy. (You remember how well it went the last time the shrink got Penny to open up about her dad…)

What do you think? Is the Golden Globe winner the type that you imagined as Penny’s pop? Or did you have a better idea? Let fly those comments below.

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  • Chels725

    Oh I like this casting choice. This should make for some fun comedy

    • Larry David

      Please, just cancel this show now! Penny, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and especially Sheldon have become so unfunny. The comedy has lost all its charm and now its just a parody of itself. Let me break down the show for you, geeks try to get girls but fail! Blond is their friend! End of story. Nothing new. Nothing special. And more importantly, nothing funny!

      • huzzah

        Just out of curiosity, Larry David, if you hate practically every single show/person/television network you comment on, what DO you like exactly??

      • Larry David

        I like long walks on the beach.

      • Peter

        Ahh Larry David, it appears that you too suffer from the condition known as “I like to rudely express my opinions as though they are facts” itis.

      • Larry David

        I like it in the rear, and I hate everything else on Earth, including myself….actually, scratch that. I like it in the rear, and I like little boys and sheep. Everything else, however, I hate. How else can I validate my existence?

      • Ian

        You must have missed the fact that all of them have gotten a girl. And one of them already got the blond. Go back to watching Jersey Shore and Hannah Montana so you don’t get even more confused by complex sitcoms.

      • tabata

        look mom, a troll!

      • Adam

        Seriously people, stop feeding the d*mn troll.

      • Concerned for REAL Larry Davids’ Reputation.

        I feel so sorry for the group of people Larry David must be….because their is NO WAY that someone that arrogant and rude could be 1 person….or else they’re a sad SAD person. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turned out to be the real Larry David? :P

      • yo

        @larry david

        troll youself

  • Kimberly

    it’s going to be hard for me not to see him as a serial killer. he was… scary in criminal minds.

    • LaShawna

      Exactly! He was super creepy as Frank on Criminal Minds. This should be interesting.

    • Ellen

      He also played the serial killer in the 80s mini series, Chiefs.

      • goldnhart

        One of the best miniseries ever!

    • Kat

      I can’t seem to get passed it either! He was just so.. creepy. Brilliant, but creepy.

  • nickmaniac

    Interesting! I wonder if the characters will address Penny’s dad by his last name, thereby allowing us to learn what Penny’s last name is! ;)

    • claudenorth

      I was thinking the same thing. I’ve often wondered if the writers have something significant planned regarding Penny’s last name. It strikes me as odd that they would give a last name to every character except Penny.

      • db

        I can already hear the dialogue.

        Leonard: Nice to meet you, Mister…
        Penny’s Dad: Oh, just call me Keith. Everybody else does.

        And the surname will remain a mystery.

    • Snsetblaze

      till you guys mentioned it, I never realized we did not know her last name.

  • Trazey

    but he was awesome as Lundy, the anti-serial killer yay! This should be fun

  • JB

    I think he’s underappreciated. He was great in Dexter.

  • midas328

    For some reason, I was picturing John Goodman, keeping it within the Chuck Lorre sitcom family.

    • MamaCat

      “midas328″ I thought the same thing. John Goodman would be WONDERFUL as Penny’s Dad. ;)

    • Amber

      lol I thought the same thing. In my mind hes alwase been the best tv dad.

    • Anita

      John Goodman would be better as Sheldon’s dad

      • Sue1

        Sheldon’s dad is dead.

  • theslyp

    and he was quite funny as Nick Savage, too

    • Dona87

      Yes, I agree. He was great as Nick Savage. He’s a very versatile actor! Glad to see him in anything he does.

  • PF

    BBT Geeksters will also appreciate Keith Carradine’s Trek credentials as A.G. Robinson in the episode “First Flight” on “Enterprise”….it was a good ep of that series…I think this is great casting….

    • ckcgye

      Good point … it was be funny if Sheldon were to reference that somehow in the episode … even funnier if Penny’s last name is Robinson!

      • Lauriel

        Ha! Perfect!

  • darth lapin

    For me it was John Goodman and no one else. Since the “Amy” situation I am less and less a fan of that show. I had bought all 3 seasons before, will not be buying season 4.

  • Joan

    Saw him on Broadway once, a gifted and versatile actor. He should do well as father of the “little slugger.” Hope she comes back soon.

  • Lesley

    Actually, I’ve never heard of Keith Carradine, although I know people who are huge fans of Dexter (I don’t get the channel that shows it in the UK) but I pictured someone more like John Goodman as Penny’s dad. I trust they’ve made a good casting choice, though, the other parents we’ve seen have been brilliant!

  • CJ Carter

    I’d love for Robert to be cast as her bespectacled nerdy uncle–who is despised by Bob.

    • JamiesFanGirl

      Gods, I was thinking it would be scads better if Bobby was her dad! But then he’s simply not bombastic enough. (He’s still my favorite Carradine, though!)

  • merrcherr

    I think this will work like gangbusters if they cast Penny’s father as incredibly rustic-yet-garm gadgety and he can see how much his daughter has changed moving to Cali

  • sable

    I think it may turn out to be excelent casting. They’ve done a superb job casting every one of the parents. It’s been a while since Keith Carradine did comedy and I’m eager to see what he can do. I never did see John Goodman as Penny’s dad. Our family is quite enjoing Mayim Bialik as Amy and seeing a new side to Sheldon. For us, this is the funniest current show on tv.

  • Ronnie1

    Maybe Penny’s last name is…Nichols!!

    • Rob J.

      @Ronnie: Nichols would be a *great* last name for Penny! Chuck Lorre should let us vote on that.

      • Rob J.

        Oh, wait — even better: Ronnie, you should start a Facebook page about that. ;)

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