Exclusive: 'Glee' Christmas album out Nov. 16

glee-christmas-episodeImage Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/FoxIf you listen very closely in the next few seconds, you’re likely to hear a strange and wondrous noise: the sound of Gleeks everywhere tearing open their letters to Santa. Why? To update their wish lists!

Sources confirm to me exclusively that the Fox hit is releasing a Christmas album featuring the cast (and k.d. lang!) singing covers of 12 holiday classics. The disc is set to drop on Nov. 16 β€” three weeks ahead of a special Glee Yuletide episode (airing on Dec. 7.)

A complete track listing is below. Beware: It includes what I believe to be a major spoiler about the identity of Kurt’s boyfriend!

1. We Need A Little Christmas (Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer)
2. Deck The Rooftop (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale, Heather Morris, and Jenna Ushkowitz)
3. Merry Christmas Darling (Lea Michele)
4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss)
5. The Most Wonderful Day Of The Year (Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, Kevin McHale, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Heather Morris)
6. Last Christmas (Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Chris Colfer)
7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, and Jenna Ushkowitz)
8. O Christmas Tree (Matthew Morrison)
9. Jingle Bells (Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, and Kevin McHale)
10. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (k.d. lang and Morrison)
11. Angels We Have Heard On High (Amber Riley)
12. O Holy Night (Lea Michele)

If previous Glee sales figures are any indication β€” to date more than 15 million songs have been digitally downloaded and over 5 million albums sold β€” I have a feeling this disc will do fairly well.

Will you be buying a copy?! Allow me to rephrase: How many copies will you be buying?

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  • Anna

    I wish Lea Michele and Cory Monteith had a duet. What a waste.

    • Trooper


      • CC

        Agreed. I’ll get this, but based on this list and who is performing, it could have been a better compilation.

      • Cygnus

        Ironic that a Lea Michele would be singing Christmas songs, considering she and her character are Jewish. I’m sure the Glee writers will sweep that issue under the rug easily with a single, clever little quip. If only Puck could pipe in too with a little Silent Night, then the hypocrisy would be complete.

      • John K

        Uh, Lea Michele is of Jewish ancestry, but her Mom was Catholic and she was raised Catholic. Besides, I’m not aware of any qualification needed to sing certain songs.

      • SWA

        Why are Successful and tiao’s messages not deleted? This is supposed to be about the Glee Christmas album, not sick people making misleading attempts to make others check out their obscene or barely legal websites.
        But as a Gleek, I am looking forward to hearing this album.

      • Kate

        Your moaning about two actors nt having a duet when one of the main actors isnt even featured in any of the songs! WHERE THE HELL IS DIANNA AGRON! I get Baby its cold outside will be nice for Kurt and his new man but that would have been awesome for Dianna’s voice or Santa Baby! I get it Lea and Cory’s voices g nicely together but quit th moaning when there are some of them who arnt even in it onw bit!

      • wakeforce

        Umm, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, all Jews, all have put out several Christmas albums!

      • Demi

        Dianna sings on “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”. She’s the second person to sing, right after Amber. In fact, I don’t think Jenna sings on that song at all.

    • Katie

      Lmao, I don’t. They’ve had enough in s1 and so far in s2. I’m sick of them.

      • Nicotine

        Isn’t this basically just them singing Christmas songs that already exist? Seriously, who would buy that?

        It’s one thing if it’s on the show, but an album? I think not.

      • marymary

        Nicotine, have you ever watched the show? All they do on the show is covers of other songs, they do not have original music on there.

      • Templar

        I am so over all things Glee. Used to love Jane Lynch, now she’s as overexposed as Betty White and Taylor Swift. Blech!

      • xxkmsmilesxx

        I could not agree more. Yes Lea and Cory have amazing voices but so does everyone else, screw giving them the solo’s, give them to Mark or better yet HARRY! also why is Dianna not in this? oh and one more thing, yes KD Lang is good, but give her half of the duet to Jayma instead, Jayma is ACTUALLY part of the cast. I love Glee but there have been 1 to many disappointments for me.

    • Giselle

      Aww me too. It would have been amazing.

    • Jess

      Cory and Lea sound amazing together. I agree it is a waste.

      • Josh

        No, the auto-tune makes them sound decent. Not the best combination vocally on the show.

      • mary q contrary

        I’m with Josh 100%. I read that comment, and I thought, “When it’s just the two of them singing together, the autotune is the only thing I hear.”

      • HeatherAnne

        I agree! Cory is not that great of a talent. I am not sure why out of all they could have chosen for the Finn role why him!

        I am glad to see a lot of songs that include the entire cast. I am a fan of Darren Criss from his Very Potter days so I am excited about that one too!

      • Emi

        Well, Lea sounds amazing with anyone…

      • Sue

        Heather Ann, I’m with you, but can change my mind. Can someone point me to a clip of Finn singing at his best?

    • Julie

      I agree. They would have been amazing with Baby It’s Cold Outside.

      • Rom

        I baby it’s cold outside is more seductive, Cory and Lea are best with cute songs cause Finn and Rachel are cute what was that song “in the meadow we can build a snowman” that would be the perfect song for them

      • graeme

        Naya and Heather should be doing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

      • Rumbleroar

        no way man
        we’ve had enough of them for a while.
        darren criss and chris colfer all the way
        can’t wait to hear em

      • anya

        I don’t think so. Cory and Lea have duets together all the time. I am much more excited for this boy on boy action.

      • WhiteLady

        The song is called “Winter Wonderland”

    • Michael

      So disappointed with no Lea and Cory duet…so so disappointing! They are the leads and finn and rachel are in love! WTF!

      • Morgan

        I know – I mean – they are the most popular on the show – they are the leads, yet they are not getting a duet? I just don’t understand!!! Finn and Rachel duets are ALWAYS gold!

    • Traci

      Is it a spoiler that they have broken up by Christmas?

      • mary q contrary

        Nah. Even if they had broken up, they’re never going to stop pairing those two up for duets.

    • Jacob

      I agree! But I’m sooo excited!

    • emma

      As if Rachel and Finn don’t do enough duets already? Please. But I am mega mega mega excited for the Chris and Darren duet!

      • Holly

        I agree. They’re gonna sound amazing together. I can’t wait till Darren’s first episode!!!!

      • Anni

        me too. Darren’s and Chris’s voices together in a song will be awesome. I can’t wait!!!

      • Cheri

        I’m way stoked, too! I love Darren!

      • stenni

        I am equally as mega excited for the Chris/ Darren duet. I was FREAKING OUT when I saw that last night!!!

    • HD

      Where is Charice? That girl blows all of them away vocally. She should most definitly have a song on there? And when is she coming back on Glee, the show needs her sunshine!

      • vora

        yes, where is Charice? please explain!

      • erm

        o_O she’s not in ND she’s not important
        gone thank god

      • Josh

        She’s a better singer than anyone there, so she probably had to go.

      • Allison M

        I don’t totally get the appeal. She’s a good singer, but she’s not exciting at all, strikes me as background music

      • Damtammy

        i wish charice sing Oh Holy Night, she is really great with this song. Try to search on Youtube.

      • veel

        we need charice………..

      • Eric

        I really wanted to buy either but Charice isn’t included… I don’t think Asian will buy that without her collaboration…hmmmp!!! :((

      • SpyKi

        Lea >>>>> Charice

      • Queen

        yay!!! We all want Charice here!!!
        with charice means double power!!!

      • Faye

        I’m asian and I’m Filipino and I’d definitely buy the album without charice. I don’t see the big deal about her… actually her fans (the pinoy/pinay parents) annoy me a little too much watching the show only to see her… This is going to be a New Directions christmas album, not a charice album. If you want to hear her belt out a christmas carol look it up on youtube or something. Besides other than being a part of VA I don’t see her as much of an important character…

        However I am upset with no Dianna and no Harry. I know Harry is more backup vocals but still, the artists listings make it seem like those two are irrelevant which they are not.

      • Jan

        What is with people’s obsession with this girl. There are a million girls who sing just as well, if not better, than she does. Plus, she looks like she’s twelve. Luckily, she’s not even in ND. So let it go peeps.

      • edmon

        you know what guys. charice doesn’t need to be in that album… co’z she’s already a superstar compare to those like lea and cory who were just starter in the music business… charice is superb… maybe the producer can’t afford her talent fee……

      • Laurie

        I’m dreading Charice’s return because of her fans. She’s good, but she’s not that good. I’m so happy it’s Lea singing O Holy Night.

      • RCB

        Of course, Charice is good. All of her song numbers in David Foster’s concerts get standing ovations. Every number… without exception… anywhere in the world. She may not be a good actress, but she is certainly one of the best young singers right now.

      • UGH

        Frankly, I”m glad Charice isn’t on this album and I’m glad she hasn’t been on Glee. The girl can sing no doubt, but her acting SUCKS! I’d rather see a great actor who can sing well (like Cory) than a great singer who can’t act at all (Like Charice). Also, her fans are all clearly insane. :-D

      • Billie

        Where’s Diana Agron? She’s an actual cast member, not just a guest star (like Charice) should she not be included in at least 1 song?

    • Jacqi

      agreed! i was looking for one too

    • Tiffany

      I’m not sad about it. I personally think Cory/Finn has the least talent out of all the guys.

      • Morgan

        yet he sells the most out of all the guys :) Cory should be so proud of his voice – it is great and makes the show…

    • Lady Munin

      I’m already tired of Glee turning into the Rachel and Finn Hour.

      • a

        here here

      • Sarah

        You obviously haven’t been watching much this season. The Rocky Horror ep barely had her at all. Most of this season has been featured around Brittney, Shue, Chris Colfer, and John Stamos. Lea Michele has the most experience on the cast (besides Matthew Morrison) and is one of the best singers on the show. Why watch if you don’t like the main character? I couldn’t stand Katherine Heigl and didn’t watch Greys. No one’s forcing you to watch it.

    • KIki

      I agree Lea and Cory should be singing baby its cold outside… waste

      • Panda

        I personally adore this song and am excited to hear Chris and Darren’s version. Cory and Lea are simply overused, she’s the only one to get two solo songs and is featured the most often, take what you can get.

      • Mike

        Total waste – It is perfect for Finn and Rachel. Let’s hope there are other duets planned in the future. Finn and Rachel are the best on the show!

    • Morgan

      Agreed Anna, it is a waste that they are not dueting together. They are the leads…this is a sad moment. FOX and GLEE HAVE FAILED!!!GIVE US OUR FINN AND RACHEL DUETS!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!


        Just because it lists a lot of singers, doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a duet…It can be a duet with back up…that’s how most of their songs are.

        I’ve heard them live, and they are all amazing singers….there’s no autotune involved there at all…all recordings are mixed for the best possible sound, but they sound wonderful live as well.

        It’s easy to criticize when all you have to do is type…maybe if you actually knew…you would think before you type? Nobody says you have to like it, but obviously a lot of people do…so why bother to post if you don’t like the basic show or it’s performers?

      • Carrie

        Mamahurley, I’ve sung live many times and often in competitions. So, I do know where I’m coming from. While they may sound great live, most of the listeners never get the chance to find out because the network chooses to autotune heavily.

    • mariee

      as their characters are not together anymore, there were little chances to have a duet..

    • mariee

      Listen to Last Christmas people, there it is, you have your kind of a duet.

    • sk

      they do.
      last christmas is cory and lea

    • Laurel

      They do, that’s what Last Christmas is.
      If you listened to the song instead of just read the listing, you would know that.

  • Jackie

    I don’t like Xmas songs – but this may just change my mind…

  • Caio

    Do we really need this much Lea Michelle and Amber Riley?

    And I’m still hopefull Sam is actually gonna be Kurt’s boyfriend.

    • Julie

      Yes, we do! At least, I do! Lea and Amber always deliver on songs. Glad they’ve each got solos.

    • Miss Talk

      Yes we do my friend.
      They are the two only females who got the “money notes”, you know, the kind of notes that would make people take that money out of their pocket and purchase that album (“somebody to love”, anyone?).

      • graeme

        Naya Rivera can hit the “money notes”. She needs a solo already.

      • anya

        I agree Naya can sing as well as those two. Why is she only featured on two of these songs? And poor Dianna Agron didn’t even get one.

      • Naya ain’t all that

        I hate to tell you all this, but she’s not anything special. She sounds like a lot of other girls trying to sing R&B. Amber PWNED her on River Deep, Mountain High; she was completely out classed. She does nothing special with the songs she’s given, so I see no reason to feature her so much, Glad she’s only doing a few songs.

      • ann

        they’re the only two that we’ve heard sing the “money notes.” I guarantee you that jenna can hit those notes too, but unfortunately for her the writers decided that her character can’t so she never gets the chance.

    • Art

      Honest opinion, not trying to start anything: Rachel is Jewish. Why is she singing 50 songs about Christmas. I don’t care how well Lea Michelle sings. It’s just a little weird that her religion is referenced so much and she’s on tracks singing about how Holy the night Christ was born.

      • Stash

        I was thinking the same thing. It’s a whole new level of crazy that this show that hits us over the head with its inclusiveness, that deliberately made their cast so multi-faith (or lack thereof) is putting out a christmas album.

        Yeah, most of the track listing is relatively secular christmas music, but there are some hymns on there (Oh Holy Night by Lea Michelle? No thanks, I’ll stick to my Sufjan version). In all honesty, other than the “we’re gonna make tons and tons of money on this” angle, I just don’t get why they’re doing this. It seems like the shows creators would be more sensitive to the fact that we’re totally inundated with christmas and find a more clever alternative.

      • Pammers

        I had the same first thought, and Puck is Jewish too.

      • Courtney

        I’m Jewish and personally LOVE Christmas songs.

      • cassandra

        it’s just a freaking christmas cd. i’m pretty for sure that jews, even people who aren’t religious at all, sing christmas songs. everyone just needs to freaking calm down about it.

      • Jules

        They don’t make anything as epically awesome as “Oh Holy Night” for Chanukah, that’s why. I’m not religious at all and I could sing Christmas songs for days. Some of us just sing them without ascribing any religious meaning to them… which might be wrong, but it doesn’t bother me that much :)

    • Angel

      I agree. Definitely want Kurt and Sam together, or else what’s the point of Sam’s character? If he was meant to be with Quinn they wouldn’t have started dating the first episode they meet. They would have taken their time like Rachel and Finn.

      And speaking of Quinn, they could have cut one of Lea’s many solos to give Dianna a song. Santa Baby would have been perfect for her voice.

      • Anni

        i agree. i really like dianna’s voice. And Lea is extremly talented, but we don’t need a thousand solos!

      • gleetastic

        I don’t think this Christmas Album will be integrated into the show. If that is the case, it makes sense Dianna won’t be on it, because she is a Jew. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas, so it would be against her religion to partake in a Christmas album. My guess.

      • Diana

        Maybe Diana didn’t want to sing? Maybe she chose not to be a part of it? Maybe she was busy doing her movies when they recorded? Oh, and I NEED 1000 Lea solos! ;-) No, I’d like for her to put out a solo album, so that all the Gleeks can stop complaining.

      • Maddie

        Dianna should sing Santa Baby. It’s perfect for her voice

  • britney

    Wow, I hope Dianna didn’t want to sing.

    • Lauren

      I know! Why put her on the cover if she isn’t even singing on it. not even on ‘last christmas’.

    • Josie

      I know! Where is Dianna?? I think she could have done a fun cover of “Santa Baby”

      • James

        Agreed! So much so I actually replied to a comment below after having skipped past this one lol.

        Dianna for Santa Baby all the way!

      • anya

        I totally agree her voice would have been perfect for Santa Baby.

      • Karrah

        Maybe she didn’t want to participate in the album since she is Jewish in real life? Just a guess, it shouldn’t really matter if it’s supposed to be “Quinn” singing.

      • Shay

        i think everyone agrees that Santa Baby WOULD have been perfect for Dianna. Really..that song was made for her voice!

      • huh

        Am I missing something? Santa Baby isn’t even on this list? WTF are you people going on about a song that seemingly wasn’t even an option for the producers? You Diana stans need to take a step back and relax.

    • Traci

      Maybe she’s not in the Christmas Episode?

    • A.R.

      Hers is a rather conspicuous absence – even Heather Morris is singing on two songs! I think Dianna has a nice voice.

    • Zack

      Diana is the WORST voice in the show. I’m agreed that she don’t “sing”.

      • Daniel

        She doesn’t have the best voice, but she’s still a good singer. “It’s a Man’s, Man’s World” did it for me.

        She has a.. Softer, but sexy, sound.

        I literally scrolled to look for her name before even looking at the list. She has a really nice sound.

      • anya

        I think she sounded great on “Lucky”. Her voice is just different. It’s true it isn’t as powerful as most of the other girls, but she can still sing.

      • Angel

        Really? The worst is Finn IMO. He sounds bad even with autotune.

    • Leah

      I agree, I really hope Dianna didn’t want to be involved. Otherwise that really sucks! I guess I won’t be buying it – despite not celebrating Christmas, I would have bought it for Dianna’s song/s. I love her voice.

      • Jessica

        Dianna is not singing because she, unlike Lea Michele, actually is Jewish.

  • Rebecca

    I’m afraid my question will get me stabbed but… who is K.D. Lang?

    • rj

      Canadian singer…she’s wonderful. Sang Hallelujah at the Olympic Opening ceremonies?

    • PJ

      Adam Lambert.

      • Al

        LOL! (But to my tastes, Adam Lambert wishes he could sing like k. d. Lang)

      • Teresa

        Now there’s a duet! They could both wear suits and look really hot.

    • nodnarb

      Fun fact: K.D. Lang was on the very first cover of Entertainment Weekly. The more you know.

      • Ms.KayB

        Best comment EVER!

  • Melissa

    When are they going to release the next non-special Glee album? I love the Rocky Horror and the Christmas one sounds lovely (although I’m Jewish…), but I’d like one of the regular Glee Volumes.

    • Olivia

      I agree. I love the special albums, but I don’t buy the singles on iTunes until I know they’re not going to be on Vol. 1, 2, 3, etc. … And I want some of those singles! So I’d like to know when Vol. 4 is coming out.

  • Joy

    I was really hoping for a proper Finchel duet. Oh well. At least we have Last Christmas and seemingly leads on Deck the Rooftop!

  • Niki

    I love Christmas and I really love Christmas Songs!! and I love Glee the most of all!!

  • mack

    Where is Dianna Agron in all of these songs!?

  • tori

    Where is Dianna Argon? She is so under used….

    • tori

      *Agron sorry letter flip there.

  • Kelsey


    • Ashley

      Dianna Agron’s family is Jewish.

      • Hannah

        Umm, so is Lea Michele’s.

      • Karrah

        Lea Michele is only Jewish on one side of her family so she probably celebrates Christmas too.

      • KP

        Her mother is actually an Italian-American Catholic so I am sure she grew up singing Christmas carols as well as lighting the Menorah.

      • MusicFan

        I’m Jewish and I’ve been singing Christmas music forever, thanks to school choir and any other singing group I’ve ever been in. Yes, sometimes I would prefer to only perform non-religious holiday songs, but I don’t feel the need to refuse to sing Christmas songs. Musically, they are actually great songs. It might have been nice, though, to maybe have included a Jewish holiday song on the album. But I guess that’s too much to expect!

    • Gitano

      I wondered the same thing. She has a nice voice and I was surprised not to see her listed. But if she opted out for religious reasons I give her props.

  • Barbara

    So that’ll be the 10th straight episode that ends with Rachel singing a slow ballad solo? Does Lea Michele have a clause in her contract stating that she has to close out each episode with a solo?

    • Ashley

      i read an article yesterday saying that lea is upset she isnt getting more solos. its like REALLY?? REALLY?? she sings the last song on every epi and has at least 2 songs an epi. its not fair or right.

      • huzzah

        I like Glee, I like the cast, but I cannot stand Lea Michelle. I can’t stand her, I can’t stand her character, I can’t stand her acting.

      • Seriously?

        Do you believe everything you read from gossip blogs on the internet?

      • Rom

        Wow there easy on Lea, I read that blog and it sounded like it was taking so badly out of context it hurt, I could practically see where they glued the words together.

      • I heard…

        Well I heard that Jane Lynch is bitching to producers about not getting to sing yet AT ALL! Can you believe it? Well don’t. I made it up. Anybody can write anythign they want on the internet. It doesn’t make it true. See what I did there?

    • Julie

      This is just the track listing. They couldn’t possibly include 12 songs in an episode. More likely there will be 6 songs included, some as background music, and the rest are there to get more $$ from us. (Yes, they’ll get mine) The order the songs are in don’t always reflect the order they’re in the episode.

    • Liz

      Uhm idk maybe you missed it but I’m 100% sure “Grilled Cheesus” Did NOT end with lea singing a solo, I’m pretty sure it was a ND number….

  • Karin

    How the heck did Dianna piss off? she’s the only one not listed…i see no reason buying this now

    • Ashley

      Dianna is Jewish.

      • Hannah

        So is Lea. Doesn’t stop her from singing Christmas songs.

      • Lea is half Jewish

        He father is Jewish, her mother is Catholic. I don’t know in what religion she was raised (if any at all), but there’s a picture in a book she’s in of her as a kid in front of a Christmas tree. So her family obviously celebrated the holiday. Besides, Lea is a professional and, if asked to do something, she’ll do it well and to the best of her abilities.

  • Ashley

    i see everyone from glee doing a part in a song excpet dianna agron. heather morris is doing 2 and i think dianna had a better voice then her. meanwhile lea is in everything other song basically.

    • Lea

      Don’t blame Lea. She doesn’t say who sings what songs. More likely, the producers realize Dianna doesn’t have the strongest voice, though I agree I like hers MUCH better than Heather Morris’s.

      • James

        Please Dianna would have been perfect for say Santa Baby?

      • huh

        As I said up thread, that song isn’t even on this list! You Dianna stans need to relax. It could just be a typo. Maybe she’s on a couple of songs. This isn’t an “official” list anyway, just what was leaked.

  • kcmmp13

    upset that there is no F/R duet and No Dianna Agron! This is ridiculous!

    • Stacey

      Yeah I’m upset too. Love me some F/R

    • Michele

      I agree… Finn and Rachel duets sell and THEY ARE THE SHOW LEADS!! WHAT GIVES!! SO SO SAD … FAILURE FOX!! FAILURE!!

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