Ausiello TV: The Series Finale

ausiello-files-finaleI’ve been parked in front of the tube long enough to know that it really only takes three things to make a series finale work: shameless stunt casting, at least five game-changing twists, and, ultimately, a satisfying narrative wrap-up. I’m here to tell you that the Ausiello TV swan song has all those things and then some. Below you’ll find part 1 of the endgame. Come back tomorrow at 10 a.m./ET sharp for the shocking and occasionally emotional conclusion.

And I repeat: Come back tomorrow at 10 a.m./ET sharp for the shocking and occasionally emotional conclusion!

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  • Nick

    Awesome farewell! HIGH-larious. Going to miss you at EW.

    • Larry David

      I thank god each day that you’re leaving. To be honest with you Ausiello, I really don’t think what you’re is special. ANYONE can do your job, ANYONE!! All you have to do is find spoilers, go around town, make a couple of insider friends and BAM! You’re set! You don’t bring anything as a journalist. Most of the time you come off as show-off. Your interviews shows your ignorance. So I’m glad you’re leaving. BTW, I’m not the only who feels like this. Most EW readers will back me up!

      • jessicab

        someone wasn’t hugged enough as a child. sad.

      • lilly

        Or punched enough in the junk, Jessica. Don’t forget the junk punching for all the little Larry Davids out there.

      • K

        No, to have his job you need people skills – which EW readers know you don’t have “Larry David”. Go troll somewhere else.

      • Mark C

        Yes, most readers will clearly back him up considering his stories are always in the top five. Nice post Kristen V. LOL…

      • CPS

        “Most EW Readers….”? Speak for yourself troll.

      • Adam

        Just die please, it will make life easier for everyone.

      • Tarc

        You know, you’ve been posting on every thread on this site, and I just have to say that if you’re real, you have to be one of the most heinous human being ever. But really, I think you’re just a super lame troll.

      • Cathy

        Funny, Larry, how you spout off about how anyone can do his job, when none of your postings are any more original that the spam postings about “My boyfriend is 11 years older than me…” It’s so sad to be you.

      • J-Dawg


        The 3 Billy Goats Gruff called. They’re going to cross your bridge and are wondering where you are.

      • Jaimey

        Yeah, Michael is great. TV entertainment and journalism are an oxymorons anyway, so don’t know what your beef is Larry. Michael keeps it fun and pithy. Go read the New Yorker.

      • Larry David

        I’m sorry everyone. I really am an idiot with no life. Please don’t post under my name it will make me cry.

      • Antonio

        L.D. all I hear is whaaa, whaaa , someone please call the whaaambulence and get this troll some help.

      • SirLizard

        I should hate myself for agreeing with this Larry David, because most of his posts are rude and obnoxious, but I have to agree that Ausiello comes off as a smug show off. I’m not saying that he is a smug show off, I’m just saying that this is the impression that I often get of him because of the snarky, smarmy things that he usually writes.

      • Larry David

        Actually this “Larry David” is an impostor, please disregard anything he says.

    • Larry David

      All of you can kiss my ***!

      • “All of you can kiss my ***!”

        Well, I would but I can’t tell the difference between your back end and your front end.

      • Arabella

        OH GOD.
        Here it goes again, a negative comment on every single freaking post on EW. You must a be a really unhappy person. Grow up!!!!!!

        Ausiello- you will be missed very much!!!!!!

      • Yrral Divad

        For the love of God people either don’t feed the troll or . . . no, just don’t feed the troll.

    • Pickle8182

      What I think is so funny is that he says his show is bad, yet he even makes a special effort to come to his board too! LOL Nothing else to complain about. And some how, through his infinite connections, he knows how all the other EW fans feel too! Too funny. Well, if anyone out there knows Larry David, give us his address.

  • Ameer

    You’ll be missed, Ausiello! :-)

  • Mire

    Where are u going?!

    • mary q contrary

      He’s starting his own site. Can’t wait!

    • iCarly better

      Wyoming – the one state in the union that actually does not exist


  • Kanyesus

    The best guest stars/stunt casting ever: Rory’s boyfriend, the girl from 3rd Rock from the Sun, and Marc from Ugly Betty! And of course the always awesome Annie Barrett<3

    • SirLizard

      Michael Urie (Marc, “Ugly Betty”) wasn’t an example of a guest star or of stunt casting. His role was merely recurring during the first season, but he was never a guest star, nor an example of stunt casting, so I think that you don’t understand what those terms mean. And what do you mean by “the girl from 3rd Rock”!? Did only one female appear on “3rd Rock” during its entire run?

      • SirLizard

        Sorry, Kanyesus, I get it now… you were referring to stunt casting and guest stars within Ausiello’s video clip, not about “Ugly Betty” or “3rd Rock”. I apologize.

  • Schneewittchen

    Great! Can’t wait for the shocking, emotional conclusion ;-)

  • Jenna

    aww! I love it. so many questions answered already! ;)

  • grover

    That was flippin’ hysterical! Deffo one of the best Avatar spoofs I’ve seen so far. When’s part 2?

  • april-ann

    Didn’t Ausi say he was leaving EW this January?

    • mary q contrary

      I’m not sure when he said he was leaving, but he did say he would be kind of scarce but still scooping.

  • jessica

    LOVE IT…..Michael Urie and Matt “Cary” so adorable even when he’s sinister….Woohoo…..

  • MJ

    Awesome ? That wasn’t even funny at all. Not even a little.

    • AliciaJo

      It also didn’t have a single spoiler or news worthy item in it.

    • H

      Yeah, I’m bored. I was bored about 2 seconds in, and it never improved.

      See ya, Ausiello. You won’t be missed

  • eliott256

    Lol, you can see the empty seats reflected in the window behind Ausiello

  • Rob

    i like

  • Sydney

    This video made me so sad it’s not even funny. I’m going to miss this so much! So ready to see the conclusion tomorrow! All the best to you on your future endeavors, Ausiello!

    • Bruce_F

      Sad? It’s not like he’s dropping off the face of the earth. He’s starting his own entertainment website and within a few months he’ll be doing the same stuff over at the new site.

      This is basically a hiatus and a change of address. Nothing more.

  • Rachel

    I’ll miss you Aus. I think you’ve always been quite witty and I enjoyed the way you presented spoilers. Let the whiners who didn’t like you go to hell.

  • Janice

    WAAAAAH! We’ll miss you Michael. Best of luck.

    • Antonio

      See you in another site, Brother.

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