Maks arguing with Carrie Ann on 'Dancing with the Stars': 'It's not a grudge thing'

Brandy-Maks-StarsImage Credit: Adam Larkey/ABCMaksim Chmerkovskiy told reporters on Tuesday that he may have verbally sparred with judge Carrie Ann Inaba during Monday’s installment of Dancing with the Stars but  he “doesn’t have anything against Carrie Ann and she doesn’t have anything against me.”

At the end of Tuesday’s telecast, Inaba took a moment to announce how she respected all the pros – an obvious attempt to mend fences after she and Chmerkovskiy argued about how it took “four 8s” for him to begin his cha cha cha on Monday with Brandy. Chmerkovskiy tried to dismiss the comment by saying “relax, don’t worry about it”  but Inaba quickly replied that “Kurt did more dancing” so the two began to talk over one another. Brandy just stood there silent while patting her heart.

“I wasn’t looking for Carrie Ann’s apology,” Chmerkovskiy said after Tuesday’s show. “I think we all do our jobs. We are very passionate. We actually spoke when the credits rolled [Tuesday] so it was very pleasant, a very polite conversation. We are good. It’s not a grudge thing. I don’t have anything against Carrie Ann, she doesn’t have anything against me. She said what she said at the moment, and I responded like someone who has put in two and a half months in trying to make someone the best they can be. Whatever I thought, I thought, and we’re past it.

“My concern is that fans think I’m crazy and that I’m some kind of like attention hogging…whatever,” Chmerkovskiy added. “It’s not about me wanting to be in the spotlight. I want to be in the dark. I want Brandy to be in the spotlight. That was the whole point of yesterday.”

Brandy said she really didn’t know what to think of the argument. “I just wanted to stand by Maks and understand where he was coming from, which was from a good place of passion and defending me,” the actress told reporters. “I want to win this for Maks because Maks has been to the finals so many times and he deserved to win. And he says, `baby, don’t win for me. Win for you!’ I’m like, ‘But I want to win for you, too, dude!”

“It’s actually funny,” Chmerkovskiy continued. ” Brandy says to me 10 times today, ‘I got your back!’ And I feel bad. That’s not supposed to be her job. It’s supposed to be my job to have her back. We’re actually a partnership. I don’t feel like I’m dancing with a student, I feel like I’m dancing with an equal partner.”

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  • NYLA

    This proves that all that talk of them hating each other is bullshyt. They seem to me to really be friends and have a strong competitive spirit. They push each other to do better. However, Maks need to control his attitude, because the viewers responded by putting them in the bottom two, even though they had great scores. Dancing talent is only half of it. You half to be likable as well.

    • Zach

      LOL, stop it. They weren’t really in the bottom 2 (one hopes). There hasn’t been a single *true* “bottom 2″ this season, so that when Bristol started to rise, we would all be surprised. Still, yes, Maks shouldn’t need the wake-up call that people are *less* likely to vote for Brandy if he doesn’t give her the most awesome choreography consistently and then shut up and smile while the judges dole out their criticism and scores. People vote not only for the star and the most exciting dancing, but the chemistry between the couple as well.

      • Ellie

        I agree about the shut up – arguing with Carrie made Maks look like a poor sport who couldnt take criticism and NOBODY likes a poor sport – people may hold off on voting not because of what you did on the dance floor but because of what you said after.

  • dbugger

    i was glad these two were not sent home max needs to understand that his mouth even what hes saying may be true you cant just disrespect the judges those two need to be in there Dont Mess up! Is there something going on between those 2?

  • Jack

    Mak’s ego has gotten way out of control these past few seasons. Its totally unprofessional to create drama for Brandy. A lot of the pros have had problems in the past with scores or comments but they don’t bring it up in a live studio setting. This is the same guy who likes to smack his partner’s behind when teaching and once commented on Cheryl being too fat for the show. Producers should drop him for next season to give him an attitude adjustment.

  • E. Ross

    i believe Carrie Ann picks on Brandy she said she was memerized but gave her a 9…then gives Bristol 8’s.It doesn’t balance out b/c she wasnt hard on scoring with others but causes Brandy/Maks to get a 29 instead of 30….but yes Maks needs to hold his tongue so he doesnt make it difficult for Brandy with capping more votes b/c of his lil spat with Carrie Ann.

  • TorontoTom

    Manufactured drama. Nothing more, nothing less. Make the viewers think there’s conflict to get them talking. And get it reported on EW.

  • E. Ross

    the second dance(cha cha) I understood Carrie Ann concern but on the 1st dance(BestWaltz of the season) she was nit picking on Brandy and Len(judge) even commented stated that he would not be nit picking on Brandy’s Waltz.(in reference to CAnn ).Now if one of the judge’s can tell America in front of Carrie that she was somewhat being unfair then hey….it’s valid point.Len called her out on it.Brandy has continously improved week by week with hot performances,creativity, & passion.Len and Bruno have given her and Maks 10’s this season and CAnn can’t validate given then a 10,but oh yea Bristol (which I have nothing personally against) she can throw her a 8 will all the lack luster,lack emotional,& non-fiery dances.

  • megr

    carrie anne is annoying. replace her

    • Veronica

      Like anyone cares what you think!

  • Kenney

    Who really cares? I mean really!

    • glenn

      You must if you’re making a comment about it!

  • Jim

    Carrieann and Maks were both unprofessional. Carrie for not simply judging Brandy on her dancing which was tremendous; Maks for being defensive on camera. The show needs to be about the stars, not the staff. Maybe its time for a time out for Carrie and Maks both.

    • Jack

      Carrie Ann was judging the dancing. Len actually agreed with her. In the past, Len has always gotten upset and made comments about routines that take too long to start. It was just Carrie Ann doing it this time and it was a fair comment. Maks just being unprofessional by reacting. I wonder what would have happened if it was Len making that comment.

      • Katja

        Totally agree, Jack, and I like your last point – what if Len had said it? I hadn’t considered that, even though he gives that kind of critique all the time…I bet you no one would have made a big deal out of it if he’d complained about the “messin’ about” instead of Carrie Ann. Well, Maks probably would have tried to argue, but I’m not sure he would have gone with the incredibly condescending “Relax, don’t worry about it” and I don’t know that Len would have let Maks talk over him so much. He’s too grumpy to put up with that. :)

      • Sailor

        I think Jim was referring to Carrie nick-picking the neck stretch.

  • cbnu

    Feel free to speak your mind, Max.
    There are a lot of us who are too afraid to do so.
    I wish I could have a chance to tell CAI how to better judge the dancers, she drives me crazy

  • Lynne Falkenberg

    I would really like to know what the difference was between Kyle and Lacey’s start of their instant dance and Brandy and Mak’s. Kyle stood in the audience trying to get everyone clapping (while the song was playing) before he ran onto the dance floor and started his jive? Answer me that please, Carrie.

    • Beth in MI

      Good point!

    • Holly

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • The UK 4 Brandy!

      Also Bristol and Mark stood there shimming for like 8 seconds or so (didn’t actually time it as I have a life)before they started their dance, but CA didn’t say any thing about that either. So yeah Carrie Ann please explain.

  • mkh

    If they take Max off the show I’ll not watch – he brings lots of excitement – sometimes CAI is too harsh – the contestants aren’t going to make professional dancing their livelihood! Let them continue to entertain.

    • sparklecow

      Drama…that’s what this show feeds on….I’m sure the people in charge were delighted with Maks’ outburst..they didn’t have to manufacture anything this week. ;)

    • Patricia Tucker

      I was sooo disappointed to see Brandy go. I thought it so unprofessional for the interchange between Maks and KariAnne. I think it is time for a change of judges. I think there needs to be more diversity with the regular dancers so everyone will feel represented. If some changes are not made very soon I will no longer watch.

  • cyradwen

    Carrie and Tony Dovolani had issues too didn’t they? I think the hot-headed macho male dancers don’t like hearing criticism from a female judge, who happens to be right, imo.

    • Barry

      Right. A former Fly Gurl knows more about dancing than an award-winning dance professional.

      • Kat

        She *is* a dance professional. She’s not a ballroom expert, but that’s what Len is for. She comments on things like how to make the movements themselves look better, and she’s almost always correct. Her beef with Tony was about lifts, and if the other two judges aren’t going to enforce the lift rule, someone has to, otherwise there’s no point to having the rule.

    • Jack


    • Carol

      Not true. Nothing to do with female thing. Maks was right!!! Like someone said more people should start speaking up for what is right. Carrie Ann is the one the needs to go. Can’t stand her unprofessionalism and partiality.

      • Ada

        People should speak up more! Sometimes posation can give those in charge an I am god, and you just be quite, and take whate I dish out. Max was right on target with his comments.

  • Joy


  • cyn

    Bristol sucks! She should have been gone long ago – before Rick and before Kurt. Has nothing to do with anything but her horrendous attempt to dance – stiff, wooden and scared looking!

    • WJMc

      2 cyn … i feel u regarding Bristol. I had just emailed the following comments to a DWTS friend: I hate that Kurt was eliminated, because I thought that he did good in both dances Monday night. It would be a sad situation if Brandy, Jennifer or Kyle get voted off before Bristol. I thought that Kurt did so much better than her on Monday, but I figured he would be eliminated. I’m kind of like he was … the judges raved over his dance with the unknown music, but still gave him the same scores as the rehearsed dance, which they criticized (a little too harshly I thought). The two male judges gave Bristol the same score as they gave Kurt, and all 3 of the judges make such good comments about her dancing. I don’t have anything against Bristol, but she just isn’t a good dancer. The past 2 or 3 shows, it looks to me that she isn’t doing as well as she did in earlier shows. She looked like she was walking through the steps rather than dancing the steps. 1, 2, 3, 4 and ah 1, 2, 3, turn and er step, kick, swirl, turn … she was so robotic. I tell you that if she wins, I will definitely have to stop watching the show.

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