AMC cancels 'Rubicon'

rubiconImage Credit: AMCBad news for Rubicon fans (however many — or few — there may be out there): AMC announced today that it will not be renewing the original series for a second season. The drama first premiered on the cable network on Aug. 1 and was from Warner Horizon TV.

Rubicon gave us an opportunity to tell a rich and compelling story, and we’re proud of the series,” the network said in a statement. “This was not an easy decision, but we are grateful  to have had the opportunity to work with such a phenomenally talented and dedicated team.”

The drama starred James Badge Dale, Arliss Howard and Miranda Richardson.

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  • KevinG

    Sorry it won’t be returning but it really did move much too slowly.

    • Kieran

      Some people are capable of following something that doesn’t feature an explosion every 2 or 3 minutes to draw one’s attention back to the screen.

      • topoopon

        I don’t need an explosion, just some payoff… a reveal… something! Not enough drama or acting. I used to time shots on this show to see how much film was wasted on scenery, the way a room looked, an expressionless look on a character held for too long… lots of film wasted here. I probably would’ve checked out season 2 to see if they learned their lessons from 1. By the way, I DID watch the whole series. I just found it was just too slow paced.

      • MockingbirdGirl

        Well said.

      • MockingbirdGirl

        Sorry, that should have been clearer: Well said KIERAN.

      • Cate

        @topoopon. It’s precisely those “wasted” film moments that drew me in. I love atmosphere. I love set design detail. I love trying to figure out what a character is thinking and allowing actors’ expressions to do some work. There are too few shows like that these days. I will really miss this show.

      • Ash

        I’m glad it’s gone. I loved the acting from Arliss Howard and a few others, but this was not a strong show from AMC. Every show can’t be a winner. This cancellation news IS NOT surprising, at all.

      • KevinG

        Don’t need an explosion every 2 minutes there buckwheat. Get back in your hole

    • wha

      I wish AMC would have never ordered this series and instead have given a full order to the Walking Dead. Now that they realize what ratings they can get when they deliver higher quality programs, anything marginal is put on notice. AMC is not NBC!

      • Abby

        I wish AMC would have renewed this series. I was riveted. I usually multitask while watching TV, but with Rubicon I didn’t want to, and the hour zipped past. Now zombies, meh. Again with zombies. Hohum.

      • Sam

        I’m really dissapointed they canceled this while they have created more episodes of the walking crap I’m so bored watching that show sadly other half watches it. While Rubicon was a refreshing change, theres no other series like that on TV at this time. This just makes me a bit sad now. I was so looking forward to it continuing.

    • Antonio of Gilead

      Slower then LOST…. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheh

      • kdow

        I loved LOST, but Rubicon was so much better. You have to admit, LOST got pretty hokey at times and NEVER answered the questions it raised. Rubicon was a notch above.

    • Mick P

      I’m half way through watching this at the moment from download. Admit it is slow to start but I will stick with it. Yet again a show with real promise is cancelled in its first season, just like Firefly, Journey Man and Flash Forward. Looking forward to the next one season show.

    • Justin

      Great show, and if you couldn’t follow it, turn to E! television the Kardashians should be on. Otherwise a great cast and solid writers are now being dispersed to the land of Bones, Law & Order, and some new ABC show that will be bomb in 3 months. Oh well, guess the show struck a little too close to reality for some clandestine individuals.

  • Jim

    Show started out really slow, but I was hooked somehow. Loved every episode right up until the finale, which somehow ended up being a major disappointment. It didn’t end on a high note.

    • Red

      Jim, totally agree, which makes the show’s demise even sadder!

      • imahrtbrkbeat

        Me, too. I stayed with it because I knew it was going to payoff.

    • Larry David

      It wasn’t supposed to end on a high note. It was supposed to lead into the next season. But thanks to the bastards at AMC, that won’t ever happen.

    • Sheri

      I agree with Jim… it was slow, but I really was hooked and couldn’t wait for the next episode.

  • Adman

    I couldn’t be more disappointed right now. Season 1 got better week after week but because it had a slow start, no one gave it a chance. I’ll miss it even if no one else does. :/

    • Marc

      Hmmm maybe another network will pick it up. I will miss it as well

      • wha

        hahahaha riiiight

    • B

      I think many will miss it. I certainly will. Wrote to AMC to let them know, too.

  • Red

    “Rubicon” was a little tedious compared with “Mad Men,” but once I got into it I reeeally looked forward to it on Sunday nights. Oh, well.

    • kdow

      Really? I find Mad Men to be tedious and dull. And I work in advertising! You’d think that alone would draw me in.

  • JPX

    What in the world is “Rubicon”?

    • Templar

      A conspiracy show whose only good point was that it was cheaper than Ambien.

    • lloyd

      i think that the rubicon was a river in germany that the roman empire legions crossed, which started the beginning of the end for the roman empire……

      • MockingbirdGirl

        Oh dear, lloyd, didn’t study history at school? It’s a river in Italy that Julius Caesar crossed, thus sparking the civil war that ultimately led to his assassination (and the end of the republic).

  • E.B. Berman


  • Saul Goode

    Great show, required thinking, first of all the name threw people off. Most people don’t even know what that word means. Secondly the shows are rated by Nielson is antiquated and should be completely revamped. For example, they do not include Tivo or DVR in their numbers. I don’t watch a single show on it’s actual time slot I watch everything on DVR I’m sure I’m not alone.

    Secondly Nielson doesn’t take numbers from sources such as HULU, Which forces you to watch commercials, which is a more reliable way to get a commercial watched than even sitting there during the commercials. Nielson will keep contributing to the cancellation of shows because people who like to watch intelligent programing are able to find other methods of watching than to be slaves to the broadcast schedule.

    • Dorkophile


      How can AMC not appreciate that while a small audience, the people who watch Rubicon are the best viewers to have, and are probably the ones with the most money, and most likely to support real art and culture, and ok, buy lots of expensive crap. Maybe Neilson should not just take into account the ages of viewers but the household incomes- that has GOT to matter to the tv stations, right?

      • LB

        Well put, dorkophile!! We loved loved loved thus show!!!! So bummed it’s cut. What were they thinking? And, p.s. I don’t watch Walking Dead.

      • thin

        Fifteen people who buy expensive crap (I’m just not even going to argue with you about that assumption) is not a statistic that outweighs a hundred people who buy slightly less expensive crap. Sorry. Shows need lots of viewers.

      • Dorkophile

        Thin- you obviously don’t know anything about ratings. Why do you think they look at age groups of viewers? Because they use the age group as a predictor of SPENDING POWER. WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT IS SPENDING POWER!! So of course household income should matter to them. They would rather have 10 viewers who are 30, then 30 viewers who are 80 because the 30 years olds buy more crap.

      • john

        NO..those with higher IQ’s are much less likely to be influenced by commercials.

        Anyway..great show. It was the art of the 70’s thriller and nothing like this can ever survive. The majority are brain dead and need procedural pop songs

      • thin

        Ah, Dorkophile. You’re the one who knows nothing. When you’re talking about a show that’s getting 400k viewers an episode, the only way that number is going to be okay is if every single one of them is millionaires. Are you a millionaire, Dorkophile? No? How about over $100k? Still no? Guess what; neither were the vast majority of Rubicon’s viewers. You vastly overestimate your own significance and that of your fellow viewers.

      • Dorkophile

        Thin- I don’t understand why you answer the questions you direct at me? Why ask “how much I make” and then presume to know and not wait for my answer. I am no millionaire, but I make well over 100K and am 27 years old, and I’ll admit that I spend a lot of money on things I probably don’t need. I’d like to think that makes me a target demographic. Which is why it makes me upset to not be valued as a viewer. I understand they need big numbers, but I feel neglected since I spend a lot of money too. And there are very few shows that I watch live (and put up with the commercials) but Rubicon I did catch live a few times because I couldn’t wait. It’s not that I THINK we’re significant, but I guess I just wish that AMC would treat us like we’re significant, instead of showing that they are just like every other stupid network channel.

      • thin

        I answer the questions I ask you because I do actually know some things about demographics, and I know that the statistical odds of my answers being correct are pretty significant (and when I say “significant,” I’m talking about something upwards of 92-95%). I’m not going to challenge what you say your income is, but I will tell you that if what you say is true, you’re in a small minority of TV-watchers generally, and an even smaller minority among fans of conspiracy-thriller TV shows.

    • otherhand

      Completely agree Saul. I try not to watch anything live, I despise commercials. Quality programs will almost never have a large audience.

    • Chris

      really loved this show. felt alone in that, since no one I know watched it. Glad to see so much support for it here, and glad to know that others interpreted the show similarly to the way I did. Great acting, beautiful shots and set design, intriguing characters. So sad we are left without shows of this caliber while Two and Half Men continues to roll as one of America’s #1 shows.

      Saul – I, too, watched strictly from Tivo. I assumed we “recorders” were somehow counted in the numbers game. Too bad. We are legion!

      • Pixxie Trixxie

        Just not fair. I swear that most of America can’t figure out how to change the channel from CBS in the evenings. My husband and I chose to invest in this show and every week we were more and more drawn in – sad.

    • thin

      Hey, what do you know. Someone who knows nothing about the ratings system spouting off about it as if they do. News flash, Saul: if you have Nielsen monitoring your TV watching, they’re also monitoring your DVR watching. This was implemented well over five years ago, as I can personally attest, since I was a Nielsen household at the time.

    • pretzelgirl

      Nielsen not monitoring all the ways of watching is a good point. But my daughter worked for Nielsen and they do track DVR recordings, but they’re given less points because most DVR watchers don’t watch the commercials. Good point about HULU, though.

  • Kristina

    Oh just fabulous. Another intelligent, well-acted and brilliant show that required the poor audience to pay attention for more than 30 seconds and actually think about what they were watching axed because the TV station doesn’t have the guts to support it. Rubicon was way more interesting and gripping than Mad Men has ever been and fans are now left in limbo without any resolution to the mystery. Thanks a bunch AMC.

    • Dave


      I coould not have said it better myself.

    • John

      Totally agree. I wish there were more of the “intelligent, well-acted” shows out there, but I guess they will never stay for long because of the “now” generation of viewers who refuse to engage their brains and think, and would rather be told everything. I loved this show.

    • TW

      I’m disappointed that there won’t be a second season, but I don’t believe that the premise could have sustained the series for more than two seasons.

      Everything seemed to be building to the obvious reveal that the Atlas McDowell cabal was responsible for 9/11, with Will Travers either seeking revenge for the deaths of his wife and daughter or walking away from his intelligence career in disgust.

    • Morgan

      Well said Kristina. This is a total bummer; really loved the show and appreciated the slower pace. Yeah it drove me mad sometimes, but I still thought it was a brilliant show and would have loved to seen another season.

    • Deebo

      Kristina…I LOVE You

    • Jeff

      I was going to write my own comment but then read Kristina’s and realized I didn’t have to. I couldn’t agree more. Was looking forward to next season :(

    • Roger

      Who runs these networks? What are they thinking about? Money, for one thing. But put it this way-who should be fired? the Producers of an incredible show, or the idiots who can’t market it to an audience or sell it to advertisers?

      • thin

        The writers, who could not figure out a way to spin out a long story while still making enough interesting things happen to keep people from dropping out in droves during the first few episodes.

    • gary b.

      rubicon was a show that i will miss now days everthing has to be spelled out and fast paced
      no imagination the series was the best i hope someone will pick it up

  • Brian

    Really disappointing to hear this. It was a great show with a unique voice. If you work for AMC and are reading this, please reconsider.

  • jj

    I thought they had something to build on. Bummer. 1st season had a strong ending.

  • Sam

    I liked Rubicon, but thought it was slow, and the finale was disappointing to me. When will we hear about them renewing Mad Men?

  • al


  • CountryClub

    I know it’s a long shot, but hopefully another station picks it up. Maybe HBO or Showtime.

    • Mary Ann

      Not a chance.

  • ks

    AMC you suck! on this move.

  • Mary Ann

    I tried three different times to get into this show but gave up every time. The zombie show is a huge hit so I guess AMC will promote that now.

    • christine

      I did enjoyed the shaw and I am sorry it will not continue it was a change on all the bloody shaws we are face with Yes it was slow but captivating!!! may be you will reconsiderand make a new serie

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