'The Event' scoop: Drama to relaunch in January

eventImage Credit: Dean Hendler/NBCUpdate, 11-15: NBC announced a new midseason lineup that includes The Event going off the air on Nov. 29 and returning Feb. 28.

Ratings for NBC’s high-concept drama The Event may be depressingly low, but the network (and the show’s cast) isn’t giving up. Members of the show’s ensemble told a crowd gathered at the Screen Actors Guild headquarters in Los Angeles Saturday that NBC will relaunch the show in January in an effort to attract more viewers.

“We will finish up with our first 13 and then there be a break, and then we’ll come back with a one-hour compilation clip show of the first 13 so everybody can catch up with story,” says Bill Smitrovich, who plays Vice President Raymond Jarvis. “I hope that will spark another increase in the audience.”

Since the drama’s premiere, the show has continued to trend downward in viewers and adults 18-49.  The show’s most recent telecast attracted 5.4 million people and earned a 1.7 rating/4 share (each rating point represents 1.3 million people). The drama earned a full-season pickup by NBC.

“Ratings are one of the variables that we don’t have control over,” said Blair Underwood (President Elias Martinez), who also participated in the Event panel with fellow cast members like Jason Ritter (Sean), Sarah Roemer (Leila) and Ian Anthony Dale (Simon). “There is the crossfire competition from Dancing With the Stars, football, and the No. 1 comedy Two and A Half Men. Then, this is the type of genre show like 24 and Lost where viewership always picks up in the second season because people go back and watch during the summer or get the DVD.  That builds an audience. And this show was sold in 200 international markets before it premiered here so there is incentive to keep the show going. We are in a good place.”

In the event The Event has to say goodbye in May, the producers have prepared short cuts to wrap up the storyline, explained Ritter. But no one thinks it will come to that. “We probably would have seen them start to come to a close. They would need the time to start doing those short cuts. But so far, so good. Ratings have not been the most ideal, but a lot of people are watching the show on their DVRs.”

Until then, exactly who are Simon, Sophia (Laura Innes) and Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) and where the heck did they come from? A few castmembers like Dale know the answer, but most of the others and Collins have been left in the dark. Instead, Collins has been doing some research and thinks scientific engineering may be at play here . “I’ve been doing a lot of research. I’m too intrigued,” he told the crowd. “So much of this is based on real stuff, which is why I go out there and study these things, whether it’s cloning or chromosome structures and gnomes and stuff of that nature. It’s really fascinating. I can almost see where its going. When [the producers] leak out certain things, they think I don’t know what it is but I do, because I’ve been studying.”

While Ritter thinks that Sophia and her kind may be time travelers from the future, other cast members have more (out there) theories. “I think Jason is like the second coming for the aliens,” sayd Lisa Vidal, who plays the President’s wife Christina. “He’s the second coming to this alien nation, this super human nation and there is something at stake. That’s why he is on the run. He’s like the alien Jesus.”

“That just feels right,” quipped Ritter.

For more on The Event: NBC execs say it won’t be a repeat of FlashForward

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  • Sara

    The hiatus is what killed FlashForward for me.

    • Dave

      It seems the hiatus that The Event will have is going to be the standard 1-1.5 month break that almost every network show goes through from December to January. ABC decided to give FlashForward a 3 month hiatus from December to March.

      • Marian Webster

        You’re not only a “spamer”, you’re an illiterate one. And a liar.

      • Mama

        Which is why that show died. Too much of a break and people found other things to fill their time. I hope that doesn’t happen to The Event.

      • kate

        I like the show. I think people are being a little too harsh. It is no Lost…and I’m not sure why they compared it to Lost. I don’t see too many similarities other that that they are sci fi…but I think the event is more intense sci fi.For some reason I never really thought of Lost as sci fi for some reason…anyway i like the event and think people need to give it more of a try. I am intrigued.

      • nuvs


        It doesn’t look like ‘The Event’ will have the standard ‘short’ break as you mentioned. The last episode is Nov 29, and it returns Feb 28.

        That’s three months: Dec, Jan & Feb.

    • JP

      At this point last year, FlashForward still had decent ratings (and I enjoyed the show). The Event is already dead in the ratings, and the hiatus isn’t going to hurt it b/c it’s the standard break that all shows take (it’s also not a good show).

    • Dave

      What killed FlashForward for me were the uninteresting and sometimes annoying characters, and the poor execution of a great concept. The Event sure isn’t perfect, but it has sustained my interest more than FlashForward did.

      • m.

        So last episode didn’t insult your intelligence?! How they thought that the mole was a guy who wasn’t at the scene of the crime, who found the way to identify the criminal and who was locked (by someone) to the trunk when he went to identify the mole?! Or how they left top secret blood sample without guard (there wasn’t even any cameras!), so anyone could just walk in and swtich the sample?! I could go on, but the episode was just horrible. I don’t want realistic show, but I want a show that is at least a little bit plausible and the main characters aren’t complete morons.

      • Dave

        Truth be told, I didn’t get a chance to watch the most recent episode yet. It’s on my DVR, but I’ve had a busy week without much extra time for TV. For the most part, I’ve found the show entertaining enough, with some good acting. I think Jason Ritter has been great, and in general, I’ve been intrigued by the mysteries.

      • Tim

        m., you hit the nail on the head. Last week was the dumbest, laziest writing I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m giving it a shot to redeem itself, but honestly, last week was an insult to our collective intelligence.

      • CrackedBlackPepper

        @m. I agree. How did they get a blood sample from a “man” (ebe, or whatever) who had to insert a tube full of blood for his pre employment blood test with the Secret Service to begin with?
        I don’t know if the assumption should have been that he had no vascular system at all or that his blood would have given him away. It’s insulting either way you look at it. Instead of a vein, they tapped a tube? Are we that stupid?
        The writing is horrible and the acting unconvincing. They’re trying to replace Lost. It’s sad. Just be original and stop formulating duplicates.

      • sockigal

        I really enjoyed Flashforward and was upset that I spent so much time watching it, and then having the show be canceled. It was a much better show than The Event, much more interesting and intelligent. I really enjoy the cast of the Event, as well as Flashforward. Both shows had/have great casts, with characters that you want to care about. But I would rather be watching a new season of Flashforward. I just never understand why these Networks don’t stand behind shows by supporting them for a long run, advertising them (not just the months before the show comes out, and keeping them on air long enough to garner a strong audience. All the networks want to do is get shows that get 7 to 15 million viewers every week, which is not impossible, but improbable. With 200 plus channels on most TV’s now, it is unlikely that the three main networks will get those huge ratings, with the exception of a few shows.

      • Doris

        I guess that what did it for me with FlashForward was that Olivia couldn’t keep her marriage vows, even though it was obvious how much her husband loved & needed her. I didn’t like Lloyd at all, and Charlie seemed to care more about the little boy than about her father.

  • hf

    All the time jumping in the first episode turned me off, so I tuned out.

    • Tarc

      The trouble was, they overused the time jumping in the pilot, using it in several story threads. I didn’t mind, but it was a turn off for many people (which I cringe as I say because I hate catering to deadbrained, LCD people). they did cut back a great deal on using that particular technique subsequently, but the damage was done. I personally love the show and think it deserves every shot NBC can muster for it. I hope the ‘reboot’ will get people to give it another chance.

      • Bill

        What are Liquid Crystal Display people? Are you a plasma TV snob?

      • Tarc

        I dunno – should I explain to someone that is one? Lowest Common Demoninator, the original acronym.

      • Jaded

        LOL! Tarc ftw!

      • Bill

        Failed attempt at humor or not, you should have been able to clue into my lack of seriousness. (And next time you attempt to insult my intelligence, use proper grammar.) :P

  • JC

    By “break” they mean a standard winter break (4-5 weeks) that most shows go through? Not one of these long breaks that Fringe endured last year? I hope that’s the case.

    • Jobless

      Well, it says they’re relaunching in January and they’re still airing new episodes all this month and likely into next month if they are doing 13 before a break like it says in the article.

      So it seems like it will end up being a pretty short break.

  • Jack Bauer CTU

    There will be no episodes in Decemeber (old news), so they are gonna show episodes 11-13 in January. The break will cover February sweeps. Strange.

    • Jack Bauer CTU

      …or Bill Smitrovich is wrong and the clip show will air in January after 10 episodes and the December break.

  • jordan

    I’ll tell you the problem with The Event. It stinks!!!. It’s a terrible show. It’s a lame ripoff of 24, Lost and V.

  • Tim

    It’s a shame that people would rather watch crap like Dancing with the Stars or Two and a Half Men than this show. Morons

    • fairportfan

      I shall now reveal how old i am.

      I’d rather watch a test pattern than *any* of that junk.

      I didn’t make it through the first episode of “The Event”. Horrible.

    • Ian

      As I hate Dancing with the Z List, don’t care at all about 2 and a half me, and have completely lost interest in the poorly executed The Event, I’d say that even if those 2 shows you mentioned weren’t popular, it might not help The Event, unless most people only get 3 channels, which isn’t the case.

  • Jay

    This show need to be given a shot.

    I was one of the few who LIKED Flashforward, and I think this show is better than that was.

    • Jason

      I liked Flash Forward too, and am still pissed we never got our answers from that!

      The Event is pretty great too in a very different way. The episodes keep getting better, and last week’s ender was one of the creepiest things I’ve seen on TV in a long time.

      • sockigal

        I also was a fan of Flashforward. They promised 5 seasons, or said the writers had worked the plot out to last over 5 seasons. That is the reason I got hooked. Hate watching shows and having them taken off the air before the story plays out. Imagine going into a movie theater and having the movie just end without a resolution! I almost never watch a new show until I know that it is going to be picked up for another season. Starting really dislike the main Networks for not supporting the audience or their shows. Some shows would do really well if they were nurtured along the way. I do like to watch cable shows, like Syfy, because I know they don’t depend on extremely high ratings, so will be on the air longer!

  • Cash

    LOL Their great idea to show support and to drum up new viewer interest is to launch the back nine with a CLIP SHOW?! Seriously? Man I’d hate to be the editor who gets to piece that hot mess together.

    • Mad Andy

      “Man I’d hate to be the editor who gets to piece that hot mess together.”

      Priceless! That is the job they will give to the editor that got the worst job evaluation report at the end of the year.

  • Ainav

    Im just in love with Jason Ritter, he strikes me as a lovely guy and a very good actor in a bad show..

  • CaptainStimpy

    I’ll admit I enjoying this show, at least it’s not another procedural cop show. I have always liked “high concept” shows like this, but always end up being disappointed when they get cancelled. The American public doen’t seem to want to think while watching their tv shows & I completely get that. I just think it’s a shame. Thank god we still have Fringe.

  • Lee

    The dialogue in this show is so pathetically juvenile. If they get some good writers on board they may have a chance to make this show interesting – overall it has a good concept but the dialogue leaves me dumbstruck in how bad it is.

    Good actors and terrible direction and lousy writers – fix the writing!

  • daviddavid

    I watched The Nine; Heroes; Flash Forward … loved them all and they all got canned. I’ve watched The Event since the beginning and sad to say, it will not last. Interesting concept … but, slow, slow follow through.I don’t know why the writers (and, the network for that matter) still seem to think they can drag every last plot point out; the audiece will give up … rather quickly I’d say. Sad, it DID have it’s moments!
    But with shows like THE SHIELD, THE SOPRANOS, and, yes, even BURN NOTICE .. it’s gotta be good.

  • daviddavid

    And, since I mentioned BURN NOTICE: If Michael Westin was/is so good … why’d he get canned in the first place?
    When this show wraps up in another season or two … I hope they at least have the courtesy to tell us why!!!

    • AT

      The fact that you ask that question begs a follow-up… have you even watched all the seasons of Burn Notice? Specifically the episodes where he was told why he was burned. See: Tricia Helfer guest-starring ones.

  • daviddavid

    I MISS 24!!!

  • tnsmoke

    NBC is terrible when it comes to late night programming decisions but they have a great track record of sticking by good shows like The Event and the wonderful Parenthood and probably will stick by Outsourced. The shows they cancelled already were both ones we could all live without, been there done that and it’s being done as we speak on every other channel.

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