'Bones' exclusive: A proposal in February! (Plus, scoop on the Brennan-centric and sniper episodes)

Bones-exclusiveImage Credit: FoxBones fans are used to being teased, but executive producer Stephen Nathan wants to give you plenty of time to think about this one: “There will be a proposal coming, probably during February Sweeps,” he tells us. “It is my mission to torture the fans with this one. There will be a proposal. It will be a real proposal. And it will move things forward in a way that I think the fans will like.” Which couple is it? Nathan wouldn’t rule anyone out for us, except for Hodgins and Angela, obviously, since they’re already wed. Could it be Sweets and Daisy, who got back together last week after remembering that along with sex, they have a love of Saved By the Bell in common? They ended up being last season’s much-teased marriage proposal, so that could be a bit anticlimactic. Could it be Cam and Paul (Elon Gold), who Nathan tells us will reenter the picture in the Feb. 3 episode? “They’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship,” he says. “Both of them being so incredibly busy, and him being an OB/GYN, he’s just called away all the time whenever they make a date because somebody’s going into labor. They have to make sense out of that part of their relationship.”

We find it hard to believe that he thinks fans would be happy if Booth popped the question to Hannah (Katheryn Winnick), but she did just move in. And in the Dec. 2 episode, she tries to warm up to Booth’s son, Parker. “She’s not good with kids, she’s not comfortable around them, and she’s very upfront about that,” Nathan says. “But in order to have this relationship with Booth, and in order for Booth to have this relationship with Hannah, she’s got to step up to the plate. Booth helps her by saying, ‘Don’t think of him as a kid, just think of him as short guy who’s not allowed to drink yet.'” After you place your bets (we suppose it could be one of the squinterns), read on for scoop on the much talked about Brennan-centric episode, the sniper arc, Angela’s pregnancy, and what food you may never want to eat again after this Thursday’s episode.

The Brennan-centric episode: That would be the Dec. 9 midseason finale, which Nathan only refers to as “our biggest emotional episode we’ve ever done with Booth and Brennan.” Brennan helps solve the murder of a brilliant female doctor who she’s somehow convinced is exactly like her. When she looks at the victim’s photo, she sees herself, and she hears her own voice when listening to recordings of the woman. “It’s all told from Brennan’s point-of-view,” Nathan says. “Brennan has the opportunity to see someone who mirrors her life so closely that she’s forced to confront her own life the only way our Brennan could, which is as empirically impossible. She is forced to try to understand the complexities of life and emotion and emotional displacement, and she does. And that leads her to do something she never thought she would do in her relationship with Booth.”

And that leads to friction between Brennan and Hannah. “There’s something there that Hannah and Brennan have to contend with. Without giving anything away, I think what’s been the best for us and for the show has been the relationship that’s developed between Hannah and Brennan. I know so many of the fans are upset that Booth is with Hannah and asking how could we do that, and when are Booth and Brennan gonna get back ‘together,’ or when are they gonna get together ultimately. I think it’s the difficulties and the dissatisfaction that propels the show forward in a way. That there’s some frustration with these characters that we’ve grown to love over five and a half years: We want them to do certain things. We want them to see what’s right behind that door. But obviously, if they did right away, fans would be very disappointed, and then they would go and watch whatever’s on the other channels.”

The Big Bang Theory, Community, The Vampire Diaries, we offer… “That’s right. We don’t want them to do that. So, we’re keeping that alive. But what we have grown to appreciate about this is that Hannah and Brennan have become friends. They’ve become actual real friends, so no matter how difficult it is for Brennan to see Booth and Hannah together, she doesn’t hold it against Hannah. Her tremendously rational and logical mind tells her that this is not Hannah’s fault and that she likes Hannah. She would do the same thing,” Nathan continues. “So their relationship is a very healthy and very mature relationship between two very strong women, rather than a relationship between two high school girls who are vying for the same guy, or a guy who’s caught awkwardly between two women. Which we didn’t want Booth to be either, because he’s a strong guy. They’ve all been honest with each other. The honesty that has grown in this threesome has provided us with an interesting dynamic because they behave in a way that isn’t expected. You expect there to be some jealousy, but there really isn’t. Hannah’s only jealous of Booth’s professional relationship with Brennan because they get to do all this kind of dangerous stuff that Hannah misses from being a war correspondent. All of that is growing to an ultimate shift in the series.”

The sniper arc: The show will return with a bang, literally, in the New Year, when this story line is introduced on Jan. 20. David Boreanaz directed that episode in which sniper Jacob Ripkin Broadsky (guest star Arnold Vosloo, who’s signed for three episodes) takes out a recurring character. “It’s a great story for Booth, because Booth, being a sniper, has to confront another sniper who has taken what Booth considers to be a difficult but somewhat noble profession and perverted it,” Nathan says. “Booth always felt that he was doing the right thing, and now somebody else is doing something horrible for all the right reasons in their mind. They’ve justified this. So it’s a great character examination for Booth to have to confront what it means to be a sniper.”

Angela’s pregnancy: Look for Angela to be showing a little baby bump before the end of 2010, and then get “considerably larger” in February. “We love this story line because it allows us to do deal with a couple who are kind of our most normal couple in a mix of very bizarre and eccentric people,” Nathan says. “All those ups and downs that everybody goes through when they fall in love, get married, and have children, we get to explore with Hodgins and Angela. It won’t all be roses, because obviously no pregnancy is a piece of cake from start to finish, and they have to reevaluate their lives, how they’re living, what they want for their kid, and how their jobs figure into that, too.”

More reasons not to eat a late dinner in front of the TV.: Nathan gets absolutely giddy talking about the crime scene in this Thursday’s episode (Fox, 8 p.m. ET). Human remains are discovered in the world’s largest chocolate bar. “It’s so delightfully revolting,” Nathan says. “We do try to outdo ourselves from week-to-week. It was a rather unique body find. We try to make them as accurate as possible. What would actually happen if this were the case. This one turned out to be so, so gross. It’s not bloody or filled with bugs, but it might make people think twice before eating a piece of chocolate again.” The Dec. 2 crime scene sounds like it could give it a run for its money, we say. A human carcass has melted into the dashboard of a charred truck. “The bones have melted, like cheese almost, which is something that is actually physically impossible. They’re all twisted and curved… So, that’s just really cool,” he says. “That’s a great thing to watch, to see them unravel that mystery. But for sheer disgusting, the one this week is really good.” If the show has ever made you put down your fork, you’ll enjoy hearing this payback story: “You know what’s weird: I work with these bodies in post. I approve the bodies, enhance the visual effects. So whenever I see them, I’m like a kid at Christmas. I’m just so excited. ‘Look at how revolting this is!’ But I see it on another show, I can’t look,” Nathan says. “I went to see 127 Hours the other night, I could not look. I knew it was a fake arm, I knew he wasn’t really cutting his arm off. It would be something that I would probably say wasn’t disgusting enough on our show, and yet, I couldn’t look. When I see it in the theater, I’m just horrified.”

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  • ST

    Sounds interesting. I’m really looking forward to the Brennan-centric ep and how that plays out though I’m bummed they’re not doing a Christmas ep this year. I always look forward to those.

    • Michaela

      I agree that a Christmas ep would be fun (they always have something exciting!), but I think we may be past it in Bones time. it was (I believe) 7 months from may when they were supposed to come back, so if my math is right, I think it would’ve already happened.
      Really good scoop though! When is the Emily Deschanel-directed episode happening?

    • Caprica

      I’m thrilled about the sniper arc. It has the potential for a great storyline involving Booth’s history and his inner demons. And the fact that David Boreanaz directed Booth’s episode makes it much more enticing: it can be a dark thrilling episode. Haven’t seen this in a long time on “Bones”.

      • Jean B

        The sniper takes out a recurring character – could it be Hannah?

      • Ally

        @Jean B lol we can only hope…

  • blitzo

    lovely….thanks fot the news

    • Colin

      The sniper takes out Hacker!!

      • t

        what if booth pops the ? to hannah and then the sniper takes out hannah? that wld take care of the teasers and get rid of hannah…

  • Leithen

    I actually think it would be refreshing for Brennan to come out and say “I want Booth”, and to put it out there, knowing she missed her first chance. Just have it out there for a while, put the onus on Booth for a while.

    • c

      Completely agree. I think at the end of the Brennan-centric episode, Brennan will tell Booth her real feelings. What he will respond is the tricky part….cannot wait! sounds like it will be an interesting rest of the season!

    • Amy

      To be honest, I doubt that’s going to happen. I think she’ll say that to herself, but won’t say it to him. I have a feeling there will be some “emotional” fight between them coming from Brennan’s side.

    • Jenna

      I think the point of having the episode from Brennan’s point of view (I don’t know how they think they’re going to pull that off, but we’ll see…) is that WE get to see her true feelings that are buried really down deep that she doesn’t even consciously understand herself, and therefore can’t tell anyone else.

    • jb

      I’m actually nervous about her doing this BECAUSE i just feel like the proposal will be Booth to Hannah. And I wilL NOT like that. I think SN believes that Hannah’s rejection will make fans happy.. but it will just make Bones look like 2nd choice.

      • Karina

        IMO…Hannah is Booth’s 2nd choice… remember, he loved Bones first!

      • Amy

        what if Hannah proposes to Booth? And he turns her down because of Brennan? I could definitely see Hannah making that sort of bold move, and particularly if she wants to have a closer relationship with him….any thoughts??

      • t

        what if booth proposes to hannah for the climax and everyones all giddy then the sniper takes out hannah? that would cover both teasers and get hannah outa the way!

    • Osteoclast

      I agree that it would be refreshing to see an admission from the heart from Brennan, I don’t want to see a knee-jerk reaction from Booth either – both characters need to come to terms with it. It would be good for the Hannah character as well, she comes across as immature so far…it would be good to see her deal with some serious relationship issues as well.

      If it does happen, the choppy emotional triangle of the first part of the season, could well transform the latter half of the season into the most epic ‘Sexican Stand-off’ seen on TV in a quite a while. Three ‘strong’ characters – two ‘partnerships’ – one eventuality…

  • Jackie

    Wow, so many interesting scoops! I’m really looking forward to the sniper arc. Also, while I don’t really HATE Hannah, I can’t say I think she adds that much to the show. That said, I’ll be curious to see the tension between her and Brennan. Hannah is one of the rare characters that actually has made an effort to befriend Brennan (she calls her by her first name when Angela doesn’t even do that!), so it will be nice to see Brennan having an actual friendship put to the test. And the show DID make me put my dinner down once. I think it was last season, the body was discovered in a parking lot and was being picked over by cats. I was sitting down to dinner, and my cat was sitting on the sofa. I looked at what was happening on the screen, looked over at my cat, looked down at my food, and then put my fork down.

    • Javabooknut

      Ha! I remember that episode. Don’t think I was eating at the time but I do remember giving my cats a few looks.

    • AAR

      I can usually handle whatever grossness the show offers. The only one that stopped me from eating was the episode a few seasons back, about the star basketball player squashed behind the bleechers. They showed baby rats. Pink hairless baby rats- the thing I fear the most. I think I literally screamed and closed my eyes til they were back in the lab.

      • MikaIsAGod:)

        Omg, that episode was probably the worst episode that I have ever seen and I totally understand where you are coming from! The rats were absolutely disgusting! I literally started crying lol. Just thought I’d put it out there :P

      • Teqwenda

        That episode was excellent. “Player under Pressure, season 3.

    • ilovemk

      Haha I also had to give my cat a sideways glance during that episode, although I believe it was Wendel that explained that the family dog would be more likely to make a meal of it’s dead owner. What a great episode :D

      • Karina

        Hmmm, forgot about that… am looking sideways at my pooch now!!!

  • Dave

    Speaking of weddings, what happened to Booth’s brother’s wedding? Did I somehow miss that whole thing after the proposal? I assume he got married in the year off I guess….

    • MikaIsAGod:)

      No, they haven’t married yet. I’m not sure when, or if, that will be shown on the show.

  • Sue1

    The proposal, maybe Booth to Hannah–“It is my mission to torture the fans with this one,” causing Brennan see the light–“it will move things forward in a way that I think the fans will like.”

    • Samantha

      yeah, I totally agree. He only says that it’s a proposal, that doesn’t mean the answer will be yes.

    • Margie

      No, I think Hannah to Booth, which will force him to evaluate their relationship and realize it isn’t as good as his relationship with Brennan. That WOULD make fans happy.

    • morgan

      i bet the proposal is from hannah to booth and booth rejects her because of what happens in brennans episode

      • dgarr

        We can only hope.

  • Oon

    Brennan and Hannah are NOT friends- the show has forced this friendship in the most bizarre (sunglasses) and obvious (they’re both strong! career! women) ways. Not feeling it. The supposed Brennan-Hannah friendship turns me off more than the Booth-Hannah relationship. At least we know what Booth sees in Hannah- she’s hot and available.

    • Amy

      Um…there’s only been 6 episodes. And, last week’s episode is pretty much where their friendship begins. You need to take your anger out on the writers for that awkward scene. But, it is what it is.

      You also can’t say that Hannah’s just hot and available and that’s what he sees in her. She came from Afghanistan to be with him and HE ASKED HER TO MOVE IN WITH HIM. He sees more to her than being hot and available. You shippers see what you want to see, though. So…it’s pointless to even debate it.

      • Janey

        I don’t think Booth really knows what he’s doing, and I think it’s part of the show’s intention that he’s both enamored but not really with Hannah. As many people have commented, he hasn’t told her anything important about himself. Either Hannah’s a worthy character and we see Booth interact with her in a meaningful way or don’t try to convince us she’s anything more than a plot device. (Not blaming the actress entirely, but she doesn’t help.)

      • Anonymous

        Series get cancelled before 6 episodes. 6 episodes is more than enough time to set the tone and allow viewers to make judgments.

      • viddingwithkyle

        Agreed Amy. It’s hard to argue with a shipper, I learned that with OTH. On One Tree Hill a very Hannah/Booth situation happened when the character of Lindsay was introduced as Lucas’s girlfriend. Lindsay was sweet, intelligent, driven, and ll around likable but Lucas/Peyton fans chose to ignore that and just complained for a year about how awful she was.

      • Emma

        Ok, what is with this term ‘shippers.’ It gets thrown around way too often. Hart Hansen has confirmed himself that Booth and Brennan and their long path to romance is one of the main points of the show. It’s not like fans are deluding themselves.

    • Janey

      I don’t think I’m a shipper – I like BB together but I don’t need their romance to be at the forefront. But I agree that the friendship angle feels clunkier and more forced than the romance angle.

      • Festina Lente

        Agreed. I don’t need their romance to be at the forefront either. In fact at this point in time if there is no romance and each of them gets some really likeable, interesting SO I’d be happy with that. But Hannah’s by no means that. It is all very clunky at the moment, as if the writers can’t find their footing (go me! for mixed metaphors, sorry).

      • Margie

        What is a shipper?

    • maddisonsmom

      I could not agree more. Their relationship is forced and not at all like real life. Maybe the real life that Hollywood would like us to believe that there is. Hannah is boring and predictable. Her acting is not that great and her storyline so far has been boring. Where is Hunter. I think that him coming in and saying in front of Hannah, but Dad you love Bones, would be a great turn of events and Booth would have to come clean to Hannah about his real feelings for his partner.

      • gabz

        Booth’s son’s name is Parker… not hunter

  • JB

    I hate reading anything from the produces of Bones. I love the show and the characters, but they seriously jack around with their fans. My frustration is as a fan of the show. Any scoop given tends to be misdirection and generally not true. Plus, the way Brennan and Booth has been dragged out is ridiculous. If you watch earlier season compared to later seasons it really seems like Brennan has digressed in her interpersonal skills. Just frustrating and ridiculous. If there is some ridiculousness at the end of this season I may be done with the show.

    • Burnt

      Yeah, after the Zach, “real” sex, and coma dream- these produces have had to do so much explaining/justifyingin the show. I don’t trust them and I think it’s a bad sign that they don’t let the show speak for itself. (Or, they willfully what the viewers are getting from the show.)

    • CJ

      I agree with you JB. I will never understand a producers desire to torture their fans. Most of us run away from tortuous situations, not stick around to see what comes of them.

      I’ve been struggling with Bones for sometime now. I miss the commeraderie of the lab. That magic is gone. Where is the banter that made this show so wonderful? Where is the wonderful Bones of a few years back?

      • stacey clark

        I totally agree. What happened to the closeness of Angela/Brennan? I used to laugh when I watched the show. It had it all. Grossness, good vs. evil, funny dialogue, and heart. Now, everything feels contrived to me. I miss the Booth that we had and Brennan’s family connections.

    • jmcg

      I agree! After reading this I have to ask what is he smoking? Does he really know Brennan’s character? Brennan would not get jealous or revert to high school just because Booth is in a relationship. Its not in her makeup. What seems to be forced and totally out of character for Brennan is for her to be “friends” with Hannah–and not because of jealousy, but because of the totally unbelievability of Hannah as some kind of war correspondent and investigative journalist (which many of the fans just can’t buy). There should have been friction b/t Brennan and Hannah way before this Dec. 9 episode. I only remember Cam’s Dr. being in one episode; so it doesn’t make sense they would be at the proposal stage already. If this “proposal” involves Booth and Hannah I will kick my TV. What is wrong with these writers?

      And by the way, I’ve already started watching Vampire Diaries when it airs and catching Bones online–something I never did before this season.

      • QT

        Absolutely! Why does it have to be either jealousy or BFF? Neither suits Brennan.

      • stacey clark

        I agree!! Brennan would never trust someone so quickly.

      • stacey clark

        I also catch it online. There was a time when Bones time was my “me” time. Now, not so much.

    • Christie Pickens

      I tend to drop the show when they throw to much of a curve and start adding a ton of people. I always think they do that because they are in a ratings slump or its going down hill.

      • Momo

        I totally agree- that’s why I stopped watching Smallville… Let’s just pray that the proposal’s between Daisy and Sweets…

  • alex

    Yeh, torture you say? I say the romance is cheesy on Bones. And the leads were actually hilarious when they tried to act sad/emotional or what have you. The problem with Bones is that everyone is so self-righteous that there’s no intrigue left as it’s a procedural sprinkled with little bits of comedy (which to be honest, is still enjoyable), a few pinches of soap opera and a spoonful of cheesy drama. Viva Las Cable!

  • Zazazing

    Just because a proposal is made, doesn’t mean it will be accepted. So it could be Booth to Hannah, or even Hannah to Booth. Booth having to consider marriage to Hannah may be just the thing to make him realize that he’s still not over Brennan.

    • Calamity Jane

      I agree–I think Hannah (the go get ‘em career woman) will be the one doing the proposing, and it will make Booth see the writing on the wall. Fingers crossed.

      • Curious

        I personally think that Booth is going to propose to Hannah and that she (already craving her world traveling investigative journalism, after all, she has already hunted up a dangerous situation there-she is obviously bored) will run for her life. I think that he will propose and she will say “sorry, this is too fast for me. I don’t want to be tied down forever,” and fly off to A-stan somewhere.

  • dd

    This part made me nearly die laughing:

    Without giving anything away, I think what’s been the best for us and for the show has been the relationship that’s developed between Hannah and Brennan.


    • JD

      I know…. it really is laughable.

    • Festina Lente

      I concur. It is laughable. :)

      • mary

        I’ll concur, as well. That (the friendship between Hannah and Brennan) is what happens when MEN write about WOMEN’S friendship. :-)

      • dd

        *sarcasm* I make all my friends by stealing their possessions, don’t you?
        The friendship between Brennan and Hannah might turn out to be even harder to stomach than the constant sex between Hannah and Booth. IRL, no-one and I mean no-one would become BFF with the girlfriend of the man they loved. Civil yes. Going out for drinks and cosy chats. NO. I couldn’t agree more Mary.

      • Rachie

        I believe it is laugable.It is unrealistic and forced. As the episodes move forward it is seenthat Brennan is starting to get annoyed with Hannah. In epsisode 6×09 when Hannah talks at the diner, Brennan gives her a look and talks with Booth. Also when Booth and Brennan are arguing she says that Hannah is “eaves dropping” when she talks during their fight.

    • dgarr

      I completely agree.

  • Festina Lente

    I’m definitely hoping that Stephen Nathan is being ironic when describing the Booth/Brennan/Hannah triangle as being honest. That would be by no stretch of the imagination an accurate portrayal of what’s going on.

    I have really tried very hard to like Hannah, because I do believe Booth deserves someone who makes him happy. So far I have reached the conclusion that she acts like a spoiled brat and that she sometimes appears to be so much younger than Booth it gives me the creeps (especially the hospital scene where he’s holding her drink for her).

    I’m sure that if I persevere in trying to like Hannah I will be rewarded for my efforts.

    It’s up to you to decide whether that’s ironic or not.

    • Burnt

      Yeah, it’s not “honest” to force the friendship and goodwill. Booth wasn’t as consciously in love with Bones earlier and he still had a stilted, awkward relationship with Bones’ dates. And whether Bones has always been civil but distant to Booth’s dates. Now that’s realistic. The Hannah! is! so! great! song by the producers is so annoying.

      • Festina Lente

        Yeah, that’s a very good point: I really don’t get it why Brennan would actually make such an effort to make friends with Hannah. It’s very odd for a woman who has trouble establishing relationships. Plus, I get no sense that she really likes Hannah. Rather, she seems to be doing it for Booth, because she wants to stay in his life. Which is also kind of odd since she already has a well-established and fairly strong relationship with him, it’s not like she’s going to lose him unless she makes friends with Hannah.

        In any case, at least for me Hannah’s by no means sufficiently interesting to warrant the ‘Hannah-so-great song’ by the writers.

    • Sue1

      Brennan would make an effort to be friends with Hannah because doing so would make Booth happy, and that’s all she’s ever wanted. She knows she pushed Booth to this, and at this point she’s still trying to make it work…for him. Hannah is a means to an end, accepting her as that isn’t all that hard for me, because I know the end.

      • B&Bshipper

        I hope the proposal is Hannah to Booth, at which point he will naturally DECLINE. Hannah exits to who cares where. THE END of Hannah.

    • JLS

      I HATE HANNAH and I totally agree she’s spoiled. What kind of person says Where’s my gift and takes sunglasses..Especially if they are supposedly friends. I think what will happen is Booth purpose and Hannah decline because she wants to go back to her “war scenery” and leave Booth.. She should’ve been forced out a long time ago.

  • jd

    Just please let the engagement not be Sweets and the annoying Daisy.

    • JLS

      Probably not because they were already engaged once and that wouldn’t be really any different for “the viewers” like he says it would be..

  • Jeff

    I don’t care about the Booth/Brennan relationship anymore. Hart Hanson dragged this out way too long, put too many obstacles in their way – the ship has sailed, jumped the shark, however you want to say it. If there was something else worth watching in that time slot I think I’d give up on this show. I have to say I like all the other characters (Angela, Hodgens, Sweets, Cam) which is why I still watch.

    • CJ

      Not only has he dragged it out too long but it’s stilted the overall show as a result.

      • Anonymouse

        X-Files curse.

    • Sue1

      That’s all your opinion, of course. I think the show is just fine, a few missteps (see Zack) but I see a ship on course, not a shark in sight.

      • erin

        Yeah, what happened to Zack? I know he was the apprentice, but he said he never actually killed someone, so why haven’t they done what they do best and get him out of jail? I liked Zack.

  • Rae

    I agree with Jackie — I don’t hate Hannah but she adds nothing to the show for me. Just someone who kisses Booth a 1,000x in every scene they are in. It’s to the point I start doing something else whenever they’re onscreen. I find them boring and I just don’t see a genuine relationship there. Nor do I see one forming with Brennan and Hannah. Sorry, Mr. Nathan.

    Here’s hoping that the Brennan-centric episode and the sniper arc are great episodes.

    • Festina Lente

      Hannah doesn’t add anything to the show for me either. And because she’s such a poorly-drawn character, I take it as (a) incomprehensible and (b) an insult to Brennan to insist on the two women being friends. Really? Why would they?

      • CJ

        Agree. Just because Bones has a relationship with Booth does not automatically translate that she would be friends with Hannah. In fact, if we’ve learned nothing else about Bones, it is that friendships don’t come easy. So why should this one and why force it for something that is isn’t?

      • Festina Lente

        CJ – I replied to my own comment because apparenly I can’t reply to yours (no idea why).

        I’m really miffed about this. It’s as if the writers said ‘how can we take this in an unexpected direction?’ and then they went for totally the most implausible one. I totally buy it that Brennan wants Booth to be happy. I just don’t buy it that this automatically requires her to be friends with Hannah.

      • Jackie

        Ha ha, you know what I thought of when I read your comment of “It’s as if the writers said ‘how can we take this in an unexpected direction?’ and then they went for totally the most implausible one.”? I thought of Zach and the Gormogon disaster that was season three. Because the writers’ strike forced a shortened season, I felt that same way, that they sat down and said It’s as if the writers said ‘how can we take this in an unexpected direction?’ and then they went for totally the most implausible one.

      • dd

        I completely agree Festina Lente. And in forcing this unbelieveable storyline down our throats, they’re sucking screen time from *established*, *loveable*, *interesting* characters that I do actually want to learn more about. Sigh.

      • Yekka

        Completely agree!!! I cannot believe that after the ridiculous-give-me-your-glasses-scene anybody could even consider Brennan Hannah friendship!!! The whole scene, just like the whole friendship story seems forced!!! And don`t even get me started on Hannah character! I don`t know if it`s the writing, or the actress, but something is off, I just can`t imagine her being in the news while people are being killed all around her!!! To me, she is nothing more but a blonde bimbo. And, no I`m not a shipper, but those are the facts!!!

      • Bev

        I agree -Hannah is an insult to the fans that know this show and the characters. How stupid does HH think we are? I honestly was looking forward to a character that would be a interesting (temporary) match for Booth. I wanted to like her- and I just find her irritating.

    • Janey

      Absolutely agree with Festina- it’s an “insult” to put Hannah on Brenna’s level. It’s especially disappointing for me because I used to enjoy various relationships, not just the BB. I’ve been liking the Angela-Brennan exchanges this season. If anything, wouldn’t Brennan be strengthening her relationship with Cam?

      • Festina Lente

        I simply adore Brennan, she’s my girl, and I tend to get really irritated on her behalf too, perhaps more than it’s advisable for a fictional character, LOL.

    • JLS

      It’d be nice to see more of Hodgin’s and Angela’s scenes too it’d be nice…Angela use to always be on, but now it’s like Hannah’s taken over her spot

    • Amber

      I agree, Rae. I’m hoping the Engagement they speak of is Booth proposing to Hannah and her turning him down and hitting the road! I mean-it would turn things in a direction we would like…

      • dgarr

        I’m all for Hannah “hitting the road”, but If Booth is the one to propose to Hannah, I’m going to be nauseated. The magic that has developed between Brennan and Booth has been beautiful to watch, In my opinion, Booth is trying way too hard to move on, when in reality, it is obvious he still loves Brennan. I’m stil hoping for the happy ending.

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