'Supernatural' scoop: The return of brotherly love... sorta

Supernatural-scoop-GambleImage Credit: Michael Courtney/The CWIf you’ve been missing the sticky sweetness of Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond ever since Sam left his soul in hell, rest easy. There’s hope on the horizon, Supernatural fans.

While executive producer and showrunner Sera Gamble stopped short of telling us when Sam would re-soul up (it definitely won’t happen before midseason), she said we should look for “a new sort of brotherly rapport” to develop between the pair, beginning with this week’s fairy episode, written by veteran Supernatural scribe Ben Edlund.

“I can only speak for myself, but I kind of find it charming and enjoyable in its own twisted way,” Gamble told EW. “I would never say that it replaces the core relationship that we all love and we all want them to go back to and that Dean is desperately trying to recapture, but for where we are with the story right now, there’s something sort of interesting and fun happening.”

When we leave the boys on Dec. 10 for midseason break, Gamble said we can expect to end on “a hopeful note” in the search to reclaim Sam’s soul. “My hope is that you’ll see the last frame of episode 11 and want to tune in for the first frame of episode 12.”

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  • topazbean

    Oh, get on with it already! Yeah it’s interesting and all what he’s like without his soul but it’s really frustrating that what everyone wants to see is how he is actually going to deal emotionally with his time in hell – which we can’t get while he doesn’t have his soul. I’m liking the new season but the frustration with Sam not having any real character development, because it’s not really Sam, is actually making me want to watch it less.

    • Katie

      DITTO to topazbean! I like this season and the new energy, but enough already! The focus for the whole freakin’ season does NOT need to be the lack of Sam’s soul resulting in this interesting, yet annoying, character of RoboSam. Just like the Apocalypse, the bigger problem to deal with is the war in Heaven and the fight for control of hell. I don’t want a ‘new sort of brotherly rapport’… I want the OLD one back! The one that this show built its popularity on. The bros have been at odds for 2.5 seasons now and I’M SICK OF IT. The direction of S6 is great, but this distance is lessening my enjoyment. It’s not fun any more. Sorry Sera, it’s not ‘charming & enjoyable.’ It’s grating & annoying. You PROMISED to give us our boys back, sooner than later. KEEP YOUR PROMISE! And for once, please let us SEE what happened during that one year, not some one-off episode like ‘IKWYDLastSummer’ that totally glossed over it.

      • Nicole

        Katie: Totally agree. I was excited for Sara to take the lead but I’ve been totally disappointed and I WANT SAM BACK!!! I’m tired of her leading us on, and if you look at the ratings so are A LOT of other people. Thanks Sara for loosing fan’s, lying to us, and not listening to what fans want back!! How cure she thinks it’s adorable, she’s the only one and she’s gonna be the death of the show. This season would have been great if we’d had Sam and Dean back together again after a few epi’s. Now we have to endure yet another long wait, with promises that I’m beginning to think won’t be kept.

  • Kle

    Sam went to Hell not Heaven get your facts straight

    • cm

      technically, he’s been to both…

  • Joe

    Technically he didn’t go to hell but simply to a prison. I quite like the new Sam, it’s interesting to see him son uncaring about basic morality

    • athena606

      He was trapped in a Cage in Hell along with his younger brother who was Michael’s Vessel

      • Ames

        Does anybody else find it disturbing that no one has once asked about the younger brother, or tried in any way to help him? It is really bugging me.

      • Jenn

        Yeah – while I could not care less about Adam as a character, it’s completely out of character for Dean not to even ask about him. I’m not sure if the writers want us to forget the whole half-brother thing or not, but family’s such a theme on this show that it irritates me the longer they go without broaching the subject.

      • Mitch

        Ames, why would they ask about him? He’s dead. Granted, that means nothing in this series.

      • Katie

        Adam was a sharky, convenient plot device so that both Sam & Dean would not end up in the cage. I DO NOT accept him as a brother, I DO NOT care that he is in the cage, I DO NOT care if we never heard from this character again. Give me a one-liner from Cas about what happened to him and be done with it. SPN may have made John his father, but Adam will NEVER be a Winchester for me. Almost as bad as having a little sister show up along the way. blech!

    • Kati

      I have to agree with Joe, I find New!Sam so intriguing, with his lack of morals, conscience, general care & attention to, you know, people’s well being & all that lol. And hell, badass Sam is always sexy.

      I wasn’t too thrilled with the start of Season 6 but it’s definitely gotten better over the last few weeks, looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

    • Leilana

      Ummm actually, yes he did. In the SPN magazine (can’t remember which issue)Sera pointed out that Sam is in the worst most possible area of the ninth circle of Hell. That’s where Lucifer’s cage is.

      • tania

        I thought the magazine quote said that Dean thought Sam was in the ninth circle of Hell, not that Sam really was. I don’t think we know for sure yet- that’s part of what’s coming up.

      • Oh no not again

        I don’t think Crowley would dump the soul somewhere it could be damaged. He’s practical that way. If Sam really is that messed up then he needs to shack up with Bobby while Dean finds another partner that doesn’t need to be tended to.

  • athena606

    HIs soul was left in HELL not HEAVEN that’s shameful that you didn’t catch that!!

  • Lori

    I can’t wait to see the old Sam back. But I agree with topazbean. We all want to see how Sam deals with what he saw in hell. Probably be much more affected by it than Dean was.

    • lara

      I don’t care to see episode after episode of Sam whining about how bad he had it in Hell. They already told that story with Dean and it would be really nice if they could actually give Sam something different. I think that’s what this psychopath Sam story is about and that’s working fine so far but I really don’t want to spend the second half of the season watching Sam feel sorry for himself about how hard he had it. I think my main reaction would be boo hoo Sammy and then I’d finally turn this show off for good.

      • Rhea T

        Well i’ll say this if they DON’T show Sam truly affected after the epic amount of time his soul has been seperated from his body and the fact he hasn’t slept for over a year then I will never watch this show again.

        We deserve epic amounts of getting over brotherly hugs and emotion and rebonding and Sam deserves more than an episode spent on the horror of what he’s been through, nobody just gets over that, we had about half a season of Dean crying, repressing and feeling it, we deserve that with Sam. I want to see brotherly support and care for one another. I just miss Sam.

  • Carrie Ann

    I think the current storyline is interesting, but I’m eager to get the old Sam back. Can’t wait for the new episode. Ben Edlund is my favorite SN writer.

  • jthunders

    I’m a 40 yr. old straight white guy & I absolutely LOVE this freakin’ show. Is that wrong? L.A.M.F

    • Jedaqia

      I’m 33 yr old bisexual asian lady. & I’m freaking in love with SPN. So nah…nuthin wrong with u.

      • Mark

        I’m a two headed goat who has indigestion and is constipated. And I freakin’ LOVE this show.

      • Goat Pellets

        we’re inside a goat and we all love it when he watches SPN. my friends and i freakin love this show so much we don’t want to leave.

  • Lori

    I’m really enjoying the new season but am looking forward to see how Sammy gets his soul back and to see how they are going to deal with it. I reall miss the old Sam but am enjoying soulless Sam he’s funny as heck and brutally honest. But it looks like we’ll have to wait after the hiatus.

  • helena

    Funny how the same things fans have complained about for years (Sam has no characterization, Dean has no storyline of his own) are worse this season than even under Kripke. Is Sera even listening to what fans want to see? I mean, a “fun” relationship between Dean and a sociopath who doesn’t care about anyone? Really? Give Sam his soul (and his personality) back already, give Dean a reason to be in the freaking story, give the brothers a real relationship and maybe the ratings will pick up again.

    • Rebecca

      I’ll just agree with this 1000% They need to wake up and give us back our show!!

      • lily

        I Totally agree with Helena & Rebecca. We want the brothers back to where they were before all this stuff happened. We want them on the road totally trusting each other.

    • topazbean

      To be fair, they can only tell the stories they like and hope that we like them too. I wouldn’t want a show that just pandered to absolutely everything we want, I just get tired of the plot moving forward at a snail’s pace every season.

      • eloise

        That’s true but there has to be a middle ground between pandering to fans and ignoring them.

      • Katie

        Reality dictates that there must be some pandering of those elements that fans crave or they may get frustrated and walk away. SPN can’t afford it with their limited numbers. Dipping ratings indicate that some have walked, and that’s a danger. I LOVE the mythology of this season: examining a soulless person, Purgatory, Alpha creatures, wars in Heaven and Hell. But these are issues that can be dealt with and still have Sam & Dean be the brothers they were in S1 and S2. Rather than create RoboSam, they had a year apart which leads to issues and the bros finding their way back to working together and being bros without throwing RoboSam in the mix. Right now it’s just two guys hunting together without that special bond of brotherhood. One wants his brother back out of some obligation, and the other couldn’t care less. And that’s NOT Supernatural.

    • Nicole

      Yes!!! How much longer are we supposed to wait? We’ve been yanked along for almost 3 years. We get one small movement towards the brother’s being brother’s again, even going as far as Sam taking over Lucifer because of his family and then it’s ripped away and ignored all over again. I’m soooo tired of the “is Sam evil” story line and want SAM BACK! My only guess is Sara’s thinks her story idea is more important than keeping the show on and the viewers interested. HELLO Sara the ratings are dropping very fast, wake up!! She’s had her time with her adorable, dry story, time to give the fans what they want for once. You know because we’re the ones watching the show and keeping her employed. Hmm what a concept.

  • Gwen

    Sera is right, it IS only her. The ratings reflect that we’re all tired of dragging this out. She needs to fix this and fast. We watch for the brothers and their bond fighting AGAINST the rest of the world, not fighting each other.

    Scary that even the show runner doesn’t get it.

    • cassopeia

      Actually, it’s Sera and me. *grins*

    • Linda

      I agree with this 100%. I like Soulless Sam for his verbal diaherra and his snarkyness but I miss SAM, the Sam I love and want him back.

      So, Sera, please quit dragging this storyline. Sam needs his soul back so we can see him and Dean start to heal and get back to where they once were (or close to it).

    • lily

      We want the brothers back. Their looks are a great part of why people watch, but don’t rely on that. There is plenty more eye candy out there!

    • Sue

      You are so spot on with this. Unfortunately, I think Sera and Kripke only visit those sites where the fans kiss their feet and worship them at alters. If the show runners would dare to leave their comfort zones, they might find out what the rest of the fans really think. The only positive out of Season 6 so far is that Jared and Jensen have been able to take absolutely trash writing and deliver a performance that at least makes me watch the show if only to support them for it.

    • Kat

      OMG, Sera seems as clueless now about the brothers’ relationship, as she was before as to why certain female characters just didn’t work! Yes, dear, it =is= only you that finds this ongoing distance between the brothers charming. If you think your fans — who had so much hope in you taking over because out of all the writers you seemed to be the one who understoond the brothers the best — actually like the systematic destruction of the brother bond, then you are deluding yourself. We were truly hoping that this season we could finally get back to having Sam & Dean fighting TOGETHER against evil, instead of continuing to fight each other. It doesn’t matter that Jared and Jensen are knocking it out of the park with their performances, or that the new mythology is fascinating, or that Crowley is awesome… all that will go to waste if the brother-bond is ignored and this distance dragged out further. The brothers being brothers and looking out for each other and actually caring what happens to each other was the foundation of this show. Guess I can always pull out my S1 DVDs to see that again, because it seems to have been destroyed since S3.

  • cassopeia

    Wohoo! More Robo!Sam!
    Complaining, complaining, complaining. What would the Supernatural fandom without it? ;D Boring, I guess. I love this season. I’m glad that the writers are not taking the easy way out and just shove his soul back into Sam and voila it’s season 1 all over again. No, thanks!

  • Sara

    Thanks so much for this article! I’m glad there’s going to be some sort of rapport between Sam and Dean. I miss the banter. And I know we all want the old Sam back but I think to do it now would be throwing away a huge storyline. We only found out what’s been going on with him in 6.07. Of course it’s going to take some time for the story play out. I trust that we’ll see the old Sam eventually. And hopefully we’ll get glimpses of him in the meantime.

    • Grrr

      The really sad thing about this whole situation is, Jared has been doing a great job of making me hate Sam. Which while maybe enjoyable and intriguing at first, quickly has become too dark (I’ve only laughed at one joke this season) and has really turned off quite a few fans. And sadly for more than a few of us, it’s gotten to the point that the storyline just isn’t interesting enough to stick around and see how it plays out. And I truly don’t take pleasure in saying any of these things, but I’ve found that in this fandom if you sit by and keep quite the crap just keeps getting thrown at us!

  • janine0421

    It has lost its flavor. Glad Ben’s episode is up next. Maybe he’ll bring back the ol’ magic.

    • stephanie

      Agreed. My husband and I devoured 5 straight seasons on Netflix just prior to this season starting, and I have to say it’s been a let down. Other past seasons had some slow patches, but this time it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. There was some hope with the vamp/alpha episode. I’m really hoping this fairy episode and the one after bring some resolution to the brother’s relationship and it gets back to a better place. I miss Cas, too!

  • Kris

    Too little, too late.

  • strigha

    So, wait, Dean was in hell, talked about it a whole 8 minutes and was told to shut up and stop whining by the same people who now can’t wait for Sam to start whining about his time in hell?

    Also, Sera, no, it’s not an interesting story and having Sam act like he’s from another planet and doesn’t know what human feelings are doesn’t even make sense.

    I’m rather tired of Sam and his destiny, and his story, while Dean gets to drive the car and follow Sam to every destiny that he’s been given for the past 6 years.

    What happened to Dean’s story Sera? We fans didn’t forget season 4, even though it seems you and Kripke have.

    Oh, and I have no doubt that Dean’s story will be ignored, or given to Sam, again, or given to another character because Dean is not allowed to have any importance in this show.

    Then you wonder why your ratings suck.

    • Leilana

      Oh quit whining. Christ.

    • michele

      Totally agree with your take strigha. I like Sera Gamble but we knew this would happen with her at the head. They downplayed Dean’s time in hell b/c they didn’t want to bog the show down. I’m not interested in seeing Sam deal with that episode after episode. Hope they figure out how to get around that.

      And I hope they can finally figure out how to get a real storyline for Dean. But somehow I seriously doubt that’s ever going to happen.

    • Harper

      I agree. I would love Dean to have a storyline and especially love if we could get back to the righteous man storyline of Season 4. Because surely his entire role in the destiny of the universe was more than getting beat up so that Samifer could see a toy soldier in the Impala. I hate how they ignored Dean’s role from S4. Needless to say I also hated the whole Lisa/Ben interlude but I would love to see Dean and Cas actually pursue a storyline that gives Dean a bigger role than always taking care of his brother. And while I’ve enjoyed RoboSam alot (and kind of wish he would go even darker), we need to bring Cas in more to balance this.

    • Jenn

      Parts of this season have been awful, but the Third Man opener was the worst. It screamed fangirl and could have been written better by someone on the internet. For one, a lot of us were looking forward to a Lisa-free episode, and she was in the first freaking scene. Then we have the mythical hooker – the one who appears to sleep overnight at the john’s place, seems to enjoy her job, gives out her personal number, and ALMOST FORGETS TO GET PAID. I refuse to believe Ben Edlund wrote those two scenes. That was so awful I almost changed the channel, but I was looking forward to Cas. Misha FTW again.

    • Rhea T

      I agree with Leilana stop whining, here it is again the age old everything needs to revolve around Dean argument from the Dean fans, we haven’t even got any real Sam this season and the Sam girls are handling it way better than this petty rehashing of the fact you feel Dean wasn’t treated properly when he went to hell. Good job Dean’s been treated respectfully and brilliantly the rest of the five seasons while Sam’s been treated mostly like a spare part. Just stop whining already it gets so old.

      • Oh me oh my

        Yet here you are whining about Sam

      • Nicole

        I think Sam’s always been pushed to the side. And I agree Dean has always been the golden boy, Sam’s the evil one, but regardless I watch the show for BOTH characters, the music, and the action, humor, and plots. We’ve had none of that this year. No music, No brotherly bonding, no snarky Dean, no sensitive Sam, nothing. It just makes me sad that once again, the shows writers and producers are trying to kill my show. :( Why is it so hard to give us back the core of the show and still have Sera’s stupid little plot line.

      • Mags

        hypocrite much, Rhea?

        At least Sam has a storyline, right now, Dean doesn’t…it’s all about Sam.

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