'Caprica': Final five episodes to air back-to-back on Jan. 4

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SyFy has confirmed to EW that the final five episodes of the Battlestar Galactica-spinoff series Caprica will air back-to-back on Tuesday, Jan. 4 starting at 6 p.m. ET. Last month, SyFy cancelled the show after the second half of its first season struggled in the ratings; exec producer David Eick told EW that it was a “surprise” that SyFy yanked the rest of the episodes off the air. “I understand that these are rarely simple decisions and I know the current leadership at Syfy genuinely loved the show and were hell-bent on protecting it and seeing it succeed,” Eick said. “Caprica was an extremely smart, unique show and it’ll take quite some time for me to get used to the idea that it’s really gone.” A “Save Caprica” campaign attempted to resurrect the show by sending the network over 650 pounds of apples to the network; alas, that was not quite enough. But don’t despair too much; SyFy has already greenlit a two-hour pilot BSG spinoff tentatively titled Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, this time set roughly ten years into the first Cylon war.

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  • Matthew

    Well Im glad I dont have to wait and get to download it online from the Canadian Space channel that wasnt all strange about showing the last 5 episodes. Only two more episodes to go, I hope they wrap it up at then end with no cliffhangers.

    • ldrea

      But when they filmed these episodes, they were planning on another season after that! So, of course there will be a cliffhanger. Which means I just won’t bother watching it anymore, I’m sick of ALL sci-fi shows getting canceled right at the cliffhanger episode.

  • Philly Ray

    Shouldn’t that be back to back to back to back to back?

  • sockgal

    Sorry to see Caprica leave the airwaves. Another great series gone. Pretty soon there will be nothing to watch but 10 different CSI type shows that all look the same and that dance competion DWTS. When does the purging of TV shows end?

    • Do you even pay attention to television? Dexter, Terriers, Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, True Blood, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Raising Hope, No Ordinary Family, Community, Nikita, etc. are all non-procedurals and non-talent shows. There’s plenty of awesome shows on TV.

      • Dylan

        Seriously. I’m so sick of the “there’s nothing good on nowadays” whiners. Well, yeah, not if you refuse to look for anything beyond the big networks (and even they have a few good ones between ‘em). TV has been pretty stellar this past decade – there’s always something good on. And if it’s that important to you, you can always pay for premium cable channels to have even more quality options (if you don’t want to wait for the DVDs).
        The television landscape in my opinion has been much more adventurous and consistent than the film industry in terms of original and quality content for a while now.

  • Brevity

    Ha! The BSG fan in me enjoys the idea of a “Final Five”. maybe those cylons do have a plan afterall.

    • Sarah El

      Haha, my thoughts exactly.

  • Junior

    Caprica was a great series and I never missed an episode. So sorry to see it go. It makes me sad to see so many great shows go down while crap like DWTS and any reality show just keeps on going. Makes me wonder about American intelligence.

    • Steve

      SyFy should take a page from HBO, Showtime, etc. and produce seasons that are shorter in length (say 13 episodes), concentrating on quality over quantity… they could even have longer times between seasons. BSG’s first season was only 13 episodes long, which I think was a smart move. Even Ron D Moore said the writers had to keep things tight, and the story moving over the arc of the season as a result. There were no “filler” episodes to save money and fill the season length of 20+ episodes. The bottom line is SyFy could have made this work – they just have to stop thinking like they are one of the big five networks.

  • Geo

    Being that SyFy pretty much treats their fans of any show (unless it’s a giant reptile movie or some dumb reality show) like garbage– constantly delaying, changing air-dates, changing their mind, ruining any momentum a show might have– I guess we’re lucky they’re airing these episodes at all.

  • Bob

    Why would any Battlestar fan that invested their time in Caprica even try a new spinoff? Caprica wasn’t perfect, but it should have at least been wrapped up as a short prequel to the Battlestar saga. I wouldn’t trust the executives of this network to finish a new series. Would you?

  • Anna

    Meh. Not too crushed about this show’s cancellation to be honest. As a big BSG fan, I could never get into Caprica. and it wasn’t because it was too ‘cerebral’ for me and I missed BSG’s action, because to be honest, I never cared much about the battles in BSG; I just wasn’t interested in any of these characters and, therefore, wasn’t invested in seeing how the storylines played out.

  • MWeyer

    Here’s the odd thing: They’re releasing the “season 1.5″ DVD on December 21st, which will have all these episodes on it so odd they’re running them after you can buy the set.

    • Ryan

      I was about to mention that. That plan was in place before the cancellation. All episodes would have aired then. Nice little FU to SyFy for the cancellation on Universal Home Video’s part. Yes I know they are partners but different divisions etc…

      As for Caprica, it was no BSG. I watched 1.0 on Demand over the course of two days while I had a broken leg and it merely depressed me more. I didn’t watch 1.5. Couldn’t bring myself too. I think I will download it sometime in the next 6 months if I need something to carry around on my smart phone for when I’m bored but it’s not high priority. Good acting but lousy writing

  • ccaton

    The show took some time to get warmed up, but I think it is really great and am very disappointed that it is cancelled. It could have been another Fringe!

  • Dustin

    That’s interesting because the DVD set of Caprica 1.5 is set to be released on 12/21/10. So, is this SyFy’s way of getting us to buy the 1/2 season set? Watch the ep’s before they air by buying the DVDs? And speaking of Fringe, it’s probably going to go the way of Caprica. FOX gave it the Friday terminal slot. Oh, well. At least we’ll still have year after year of American Idol to look forward to. (And, yes. That was sarcasm.)

  • bamalam

    So they are airing them all on one night so that SyFy doesn’t get “proven wrong” if the ratings were to suddenly surge if they were to air weekly.

  • Steve

    “Caprica” was truly original. At first viewing, I was one of many who thought the opening 10 episodes felt somewhat scattered. But viewing them in repeats before the second half premiered, it didn’t come across that way at all. Great storylines, intricately interwoven, tackling themes rarely touched on in prime time… it was sheer brilliance. I doubt we’ll see the likes of it again. Especially not on SyFy, now focusing on mindless entertainment such as “Sanctuary” and “Warehouse 13″. (What has HAPPENED to sci-fi fans? They used to be the ones who demanded intelligence in their drama, but now seem content with shows written at an 8th grade level…)

  • Buddy

    Wow, SyFy doesn’t think it stands a chance to air episodes weekly. 5 episodes back-to-back…that’s a lot for one day. They could have spread it out at least. We won’t be up past the third episode.

  • Richard

    I love Caprica. I thought they had a real winner here. It would have been much smarter of Sy Fy to take advantage of this prequel to set up the next BSG spinoff, but whatever. Sadly, I missed most of season 1.5 due to work, but remain a supporter none the less. I am sorry to see it go. @Steve: Sorry pal, I must disagree with you on one point. Warehouse 13 is actually quite interesting and entertaining, and I consider myself a discerning fan of good Science Fiction programs, having grown up watching some of the best, from the original Star Trek when I was a kid all the way to SG-1!! I must defend my Warehouse 13 cast and crew to the end!! This show is intelligent, the characters are likable, the acting decent, and the story line is quite intriguing. I also enjoy the special effects and the comedic interactions between the characters. Perhaps you only caught a couple episodes… sure, there are some silly ones, but the bigger picture is worth another look, my friend. As for Sanctuary, I haven’t watched it enough to comment.

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