'Dancing With the Stars' producer defends Bristol Palin: 'I'm very confident that the votes that are getting through are valid'

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Conrad Green, executive producer of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, is “mystified” by this week’s Bristol Palin vs. Brandy brouhaha. Green called EW to address rumors of a so-called Tea Party conspiracy designed to help Bristol Palin advance into Monday’s season 11 finals.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week, there’s been a lot of outrage that it’s too easy to exploit the voting system at ABC.com. Do you have any plan in place to correct that?
CONRAD GREEN: It’s already corrected, to be honest with you. It might appear that you can make up a thousand email addresses and send them in, but we have a number of security checks in place that go over all of the internet votes before they’re calculated. In this particular case, we can spot an IP address, and if one computer sends in a crazy amount of email votes, we just discard them. These things can happen for any of our contestants. It’s not like only Bristol’s fans could do that. It could just as easily be happening for Jennifer’s or for someone else’s. But either way, those excessive votes are not being counted.

Are you saying that it might look to people like their excessive votes are getting through, but because they’re using the same IP address the votes actually wouldn’t count?
Exactly. And there’s a number of other security checks they can do. I’m not gonna reveal all of them, because it might encourage people to try to find a way around them. But there are tons of checks done by every one of our vendors — the phone people, the text people and the internet people. They do discard anything that looks suspicious. Sometimes people just can’t get through because the phone lines are busy; the local exchanges get overwhelmed. But that affects everyone equally. Unfortunately, it’s a huge country with a huge infrastructure, and those kinds of things are going to go wrong. Our servers have gone down on the internet during voting a lot. I’m very confident the votes that are getting through are valid.

Would you ever consider giving more weight to the judges’ scores in the future?
You’ve watched the show for a long time, so you’ve seen every little brouhaha we’ve had along the way. With the amount of times people have screamed blue murder about the scores of the judges have given, do you really think the complaining would stop if the judges had the final say? What it comes down to is, we add the share of the judges’ scores each night to the audience’s votes. And if you look at the spread this week between Jennifer, who got 60, and Bristol who got 53, and the other two in between, I think the share Jennifer had of the judges’ vote was like only three and a half percent more than Bristol had. I think the share that Bristol had was only one and a half percent less than Brandy’s. So all Bristol had to do was get more than one and a half percent of the popular vote than Brandy, and then she’s through. That isn’t that surprising. I’m kind of mystified about why everyone is finding this such a bizarre thing to happen.

Do you think Bristol might win?
Of course. She’s got the same chance as everyone else now. The slate has been wiped clean, every show. She’s improved every week. I think a lot of people are ignoring the fact that she’s actually a decent dancer. What I think is annoying people is that maybe she’s not as vivid a performer as some of the other dancers on the show. Kyle is quite a performer, but Bristol is probably in terms of technique a better dancer than Kyle. But she’ll never get credit for that. The thing is, when you look at her, she’s actually quite shy. Watching someone develop stage presence is actually quite fascinating to watch, and I think that’s why some people are rooting for her. You see her gradually unfolding and unfurling and all, as a performer. I can assure you that she’s really enjoying doing it. It’s not like she doesn’t want to be here. Far from it. I think she just feels uncomfortable with a lot of the things you see on our show — wearing tiny costumes, being over-the-top. She just feels slightly embarrassed doing it. She just doesn’t come from this world. I think that’s one of the things that’s absorbing about watching her.

So you think it’s just a case of America loving the underdog?
We have no way of knowing why people are voting for Bristol. If you look at it, young contestants on the show are always popular. Shawn Johnson won it. Kyle happens to be in the final as well, which everyone seems to have overlooked. You’ve got 19- and 20-year-olds in the show who have both made the final. People like young contestants, contestants who aren’t from the mainstream, who have got a tough story, who have come from no dance training. You’ll remember, this time last season, everyone was furious about Nicole being on the show because she’s got too much experience. There might be an element of her vote that’s from Republicans, but there might be an element of her vote she’s not getting because of Democrats. She was working at a dermatologist’s office in Alaska, whereas Jennifer Grey was in a movie beloved by millions of women around this country who are now our target audience. She hasn’t got any fan base to speak of. If there are a few Tea Party people getting behind her, how is that any different from Marie Osmond’s fans voting for her, or rodeo fans voting for Ty Murray, or Brandy’s fans — five million albums sold — who were voting for her? You could argue that [Bristol]’s got no constituency. People are being melodramatic about this. If she was Kenny Mayne, yeah, that could be an issue. Or Kate Gosselin — with the quality of her dancing, that would be a bit bizarre. But she’s a good dancer, Bristol. I thought she did great on Monday. Here’s a 20-year-old girl who everyone’s screaming at. This should be the best week of her life. I really feel for this girl. Everyone’s acting like she’s getting together with Dick Cheney, trying to start an evil empire. It’s crazy. It’s a dancing competition. She’s a lovely girl. Give her a break!

A lot of fans are flipping out on the internet and insisting they’ll never watch the show again if Bristol wins. How do you respond to that?
Unfortunately, people get pissed on this show. It’s the nature of it. Your favorite gets kicked off and you think it’s unfair. There’s a massive difference between “unfair” and “something else going on.” Life isn’t always fair. You could probably nominate the best dancer after only two shows — you might as well just stop the season right then. It’s about improvement, it’s about where people go. Bristol’s our most improved dancer. People threaten to leave the country if the next government wins the election. They tend not to. At the end of the day, they should be mobilizing their friends, getting their children to vote, talkimg about it in the office, you know? Make those calls. It’s a pretty easy process. It’s very easy to influence the results of this show if you’re passionate about it. The fans have always had a say in the past about who wins, and frequently someone wins who they don’t agree with. I haven’t always agreed with the person who’s won. Everyone has their favorites. That’s the nature of it. Get involved!

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  • Frank Anderson

    She dances like a constipated cow..

    • Marie

      Everyone knows damn good and well that fat ass Bristol should have been kicked off LONG AGO!

      • Julie

        She never should’ve been on the show to be kicked off…

      • Lilarose in Bandon, OR

        Bristol should never have been on this show, if she signed a contract does it have any ethics clauses?

      • ryan

        Marie rehab is calling!

      • Tom Strong

        GET A LIFE, IDIOTS!!! It’s a freakin TV show!

      • chuck

        she should have never been invited on the show it is dancing with the stars .she snt a star and never will be

      • Joe

        Why would ew even interview the boss? His opinion is obviously very biased not to mention Bristol = ratings gold so of course he is going to defend her… Bristol is not a star in any fashion, her mom is dumb ass retard who doesn’t know what way is up, and Bristol is no inspiration by any means… Come on now, she thinks she can inspire girls not to have sex? She can’t keep her own legs closed, coupled with the fact she did that tyrant on facebook leads me to believe Sarah is purposely exploiting Bristol for her own fame whoring… Bristol’s the only contestant who seems to be gaining weight every episode as well lol. Wait a sec, I bet all the obese Americans are voting for Bristol, after all, isn’t like 70% of the population obese?

      • Tony

        Lilarose……She’s got more ethics than any politician YOU ever voted for!
        And I agree.Its only a show folks…take a pill and get some rest!

      • Is that you

        I am beginning to think all the Bristol comments here are by Levi. Really if a person who is not her screwed up EX is saying this stuff.. You all a pretty pathetic and sick… you do know that don’t you.. and it probably has created a giant sympathy vote as america hates bullies and these nasty comments are just about being a pathetic Bully.

      • Jross

        Why? Cause she’s not a “star” like Brandy or Jennifer Grey? What’s the last thing either of them did to merit the moniker “star”? Get over it, she was voted there and that is the American way isn’t it? Oh, wait, I forgot, people love conspiracy theories even more than the constitution.

      • Tyla

        How did this guy call Bristol a decent dancer with a straight face? That might be the line of B.S. they’re selling, and the judges have to tow the party line, but come on. Anyone who knows a damn thing about dance knows that he’s full of crap.

      • Eddiehaskell

        Bristol is a better dancer than Kyle??? What the heck, she hardly moves her feet.?

      • Frank Anderson

        Is That You- I love how you are using the same lame “are these people Levi” line in every comment here. I am sure it took you ten whole minutes of hard thinking to come up with that softball zinger!

      • lesliemd

        Hey, Tony – if having ethics means supporting your homophobic sister on Facebook while dancing on a show with many gay people, then I’d say she has ethics. Along with trashing Maks in a magazine even though he’s been supportive of her up till now, not to mention her boring dancing with that bored look of hers.
        Yeah, she’s a Dancing Gem.

        Blame the judges most of all, though. There’s no way she should have received a lot of the scores she did, especially when she & Brandy both got triple 9s. Ridiculous! And when you read how close the scoring was after the public voted, it’s clear the judges have affecyed the outcome more than everyone gives that part if the scoring credit. Shame on them for awarding her high scores just for showing up. Kurt Warner was better, and look how rough & nasty they were to him.

        BOO on the judges.

      • Tammy

        i agree 100%.

      • Dorothy

        Obviously not EVERYONE thinks she should have been kicked off a long time ago because she is getting enough votes to stay on. In the other reality shows where voting is used to determine winners, I have not really seen any level of hatred directed toward a person like this. My goodness, just listen to the comments you people are making and imagine those comments are about you, your sister, or your daughter. How would you like it and how would you respond? She was invited by the people who run the show, she accepted. She has the most votes. In this country that is the winner. Contests are basically won by popularity anyway, regardless of ability, intelligence, integrity, talent, expertise or the lack thereof. For the most part, Democrats will vote for Democrats, Republicans will vote for Republicans. No need to be hateful about Bristol. What is she supposed to do now, just quit? or should she apologize to everyone who says she shouldn’t win and not accept any more votes? Really, there’s just no need to be make such demeaning comments about a young woman. If you people are so mad, just don’t watch anymore. The previous losers were all gracious, not so with this last couple.

      • DebraD

        I don’t understand all the anger directed rewards Bristo. “She shouldn’t be on the show.” Well, why not? Perhaps she isn’t a star, in the true sense of the word, but she is well known. I think she has done quite well, and has definitely improved. Now, last year I was very angry that Nicole was on the show, but that was because she was an experienced dancer..no one else had a chance, unless they felt like me and wouldn’t vote for her. So, I understand disagreeing with who is on the cast. However, Bristol does not deserve these attacks!

      • roy Tabicman

        why is it that you are blind to that hippo..kyle?
        he dances like a whale out of water, not tomention the stupid faces he makes,while his partner does all the dancing. Be fair…look at this guy. was he better than brandy? why is he still in?

      • Leslie

        It is not about disliking Bristol palin. It is about fairness and who has the most talent. IF the right wing has found a way to create bogus email addresses and have them counted then it is not fair. Bristol Palin appears to be a very nice young woman. In all due respect, I do not see how she could be feeling good about herself. She has to know that she does not deserve to be where she is at thios time. Many people tried hard on all of these shows through the years but were finally voted off because they were not the best. Palin is stiff, and not up to the caliber of Brandy or Jennifer. the judges are now padding the scores. They have never given someone such high scores until now. The show appeared to be fair all these years but if Palin wins this I know so many pewople who will no longer be watching. Getting a win by cheating just does not cut it. If you know that is what is going on then bow out.

    • John McCain

      Man … she looks fat and bloated in that pic.

      • cookie

        I can only say, Bristol is not dancer to be in the final 3. Sorry, but, look at where we get by who we know. Bristol should be off. I am no longer watching a show that allows happenings such as this and have a head honcho to state there is no way it can be fixed. Do they believe we are all truly ignorant, no sense or just simply look at what is there and know something is adrift.

      • Andy

        Bloated? Good thing this competition isn’t “America’s Next Top Model” then! It’s a dance contest – with a partner. Brandy & Maksim won as a team & this week lost as a team. Maksin screwed up their routine’s composition & had their dance down-graded by judge Carrie Ann. He made things worse by whining & attempting to bully better marks from her infront of America – prior to the marks being awarded. In the “real” dance world – that kind of conduct usually results in disqualification. I think America found it difficult to reward the poor behavior. Brandy took the fall for the DISlIKEability of her teammate & dance partner. Live & learn – all! No conspiracy or tea-party computer rigging here! I have no political offiliation or axes to grind and that’s honestly -how I see it! Producers didn’t serve Brandy well in this competition well by handicapping her someone so volitile & someone who given repeated opportunity continined in his arrogant stance & refused to apologize on air to the judges. Poor form & just desserts for Maksim. Unfortunately for him – America wants “good” guys or gals to FINISH first. I guess in this particular “dance” competition – conduct & character may even matter a little more!

      • Is that you

        If all of you leaving the nasty personal attacks are not Levi.. get some help..really you all sound like nut jobs with no life..

      • Mary

        I agree with the others that you need to get a life! It is only a TV show. I am not a member of the teaparty, but I have noticed that she has worked hard to improve in front of the public eye. I will give her credit for that. Could you do that? I don’t think so. Your immaturity suggests that you probably need to be learning some manners or watching another TV program–perhaps a comedy so you lighten up. You are just plain rude. I hope others can see how insensitive you are. Just remember, someone is probably thinking poorly of you right now. Easy to be nasty when you can hide in a blog. I feel sorry for you.

      • Mary

        I can’t believe how rude and arrogant you are! Give Bristol more respect than that. Your comments are hurtful and thoughtless. I quess that must be the type of person you really are. Didn’t your parents teach you any manners? Bristol is only 19- very young- and I think it takes guts to agree to be on a show with other people who have a history of being entertainers. What ever happened to good sportsmanship? This is a TV show- not a life or death situation or something that required you to be rude. It would have been better to keep your thoughts to yourself….unless you wanted others to see you as the insensitive person you seem to be. In the long run, your comments will be blowing in the wind and no one will remember you as a person whose opinion really matters!

      • William J. Dotson

        OK buffed. Let her be. She has the Guts and Willpower to be there.

      • Frank Anderson

        Mary- I guess you wonderful morals gives you a pass to be rude back to people you think are being rude, even if they aren’t speaking to or about you, huh? I am sure you feel proud of yourself even as you do the exact behavior you are criticizing others for. Does it feel good to be a hypocritical bitch?

    • joblo

      The amount of hate and vitriol directed at this girl is unbelievable. She’s just a young woman trying to do her best. Who cares if you don’t like her mom’s politics – it’s no reason to be so nasty. Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”?? I thought the liberal mantra was supposed to be tolerance, right? Mean people suck.

      • sarah o

        It’s because there is a loop hole that the tea party has found in the online voting system and they are cheating. That is the big difference. Look at the social networking sites and see the difference in the fan numbers. It doesn’t make any sense.

      • berg

        Hear Hear

      • joblo

        As if the Tea Party has nothing better to do than sit around and plot to exploit the voting system on a realty show. That’s just really nutty paranoia, folks. If people are trying to exploit the system it certainly did not start with Bristol Palin. Anyone who is aware of reality TV at all knows that more “deserving” contestants get booted from shows all the time. Bad dancers have survived on DWTS many times over better dancers. And Taylor Hicks won freaking American Idol, people!

      • Joe

        @joblo – clearly you have no idea of what the tea party is… they are all nutty / insane and skyrocketing the daughter of Sarah would be a top priority for them which would in effect, get their party more publicity. If it were Bristol vs a mediocre dancer that would be one thing, but Brandy is light years more talented than Bristol not to mention Brandy got perfect scores so it’s not just a simple case of “deserving” contestants getting voted off. This was a flat out corrupted vote. DWTS has a largely more mature audience than AI so there isn’t tweens voting their idols, it’s mature adults voting for DWTS so it’s a massive difference.

      • joblo

        Actually I’m very familiar w/ the tea party movement because I’m in it as are many of my friends. None of which whom watch DWTS nor vote for Bristol nor care whether or not she wins or loses on this show. PS: any time you say that they are “all” something you’re making a really bad stereotype and it’s never going to be true. As is the case here – we’re not all nutty/insane. Not sure when the idea that being opposed to government wasteful spending equated to nuttiness but oh well…

      • gp

        It more than obvious that Brsiton does not have the talent to be in the finals. She isn’t even a “star” and shouldn’t have been invited in the first place. Anyone claiming Brsitol is still in because of her “talent” is lying or delusional…both of which fit Sarah Palin and most of the Tea Party movement.

      • rocco

        Jo – SHUT THE F UP PLEASE.

      • ST

        People you use gay slurs suck too!

      • tyn

        Joblo, please do us all a favor and go drink some bleach. By the way, you ARE all nutty/insane. You’re the one who brought up politics while discussing an entirely unrelated subject. Can you say, “I we Todd did?”

      • FZero88

        Intelligent, mature responses from rocco and tyn. The Tea Partiers are the nuts, huh guys?

      • tcat

        Sarah O. – did you actually read this article. The producer makes it very clear there is no loophole in the voting process. If there are excessive votes from one IP address, they get thrown out.

        He also explained how the difference of the judges scores between Brandy and Bristol was 1.5%. All Bristol had to do was get 1.5% more votes than Brandy, which is very possible.

        Do facts not matter to you?

      • Linda

        Oh please. This poor innocent girl signed up for the show. She can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen. She can’t dance. They keep trying to convince us that she can dance because there are people with other agendas helping to vote her through. We could have been entertained by one of the best final three in the history of the show, instead we’re stuck with a major dud.

      • kaye

        tyn…maybe you should re-evaluate who is the nutty one here…go drink some bleach? seriously?

      • joblo

        Hey thanks Rocco and Tyn. Stay classy.

      • zenphoenix42

        I don’t know or care if Bristol has been winning fairly or not.

        But, what I do know, to those who think Tea Party-ers aren’t nutty and insane: there’s nothing nutty or insane about being against wasteful government spending.

        There’s something VERY nutty and insane about letting Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and their ilk tell you that you’re the only group that’s again wasteful spending.

        Manipulated much? As if the rest of us just LOVE wasteful spending…and you’re the only intelligent people in this country…

        Keep drinking the kool-aid, tools of the empire.

      • Eva

        Please be real: Britol is only a young woman who was chosen to compete and you have to admit has gained a lot of confidence and learned to dance unlike some who have preformed their entire life. If she were your daughter you would be cheering her on?

      • DebraD

        Joblo…I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • SWEETI



      This has nothing to do with Mother Palin — Bristol isn’t as good as most of the people that got sent home.. Keep it real people!

      WHAT IF BRISTOL WERE A BLACK OR A MEXICAN GIRL? WOULD SHE EVEN BE ON THAT SHOW? Or idolized as a Teen activist? I see many teen activists on my job. Girls who made mistakes but are fighting poverty to get a college degree to be a role model for their children. What is Bristol doing? Telling people to be abstinent when it didn’t work for her? So she got her GED Boo Hoo!!

      Thank you John McCain for putting these uneducated people in our faces. If we are lucky, perhaps by 18 Trigg or trapp will be running for President of the United States! SMH at this ridiculousness..

      • Flojo

        You hit the nail on the head! I hope historians rememberJhon McCain’s other gift to his COUNTRY.

      • Bev Brewer

        Yes you said it….Bristol isn’t as good as most of the people that got sent home than why is she not at home!????????????

      • Bev Brewer

        How can she give advice when she has a child she look at everyday….I’m sick of seeing her on TV and her family!

      • DebraD

        Well, it has become apparent to me that most of the negative comments about Bristol originate from who her mother is. I didn’t realize that this was a political forum. I was wondering about what the big deal about the results was, and now I know. I certainly don’t agree, however.

    • Bill Clinton

      You guys sound like you’re describing my Hillary on our wedding reception. So true!!!

      • Joe Miller

        Sarah Palin is a goddess. All she has to do is wave her magic grizzly hand and all your wishes come true. Haha. You losers and haters can just suck it. Bristol is going to win just as I won Alaska.

    • Laurie Burnell

      The producer did a great job in this interview. I thought he was very fair and level headed. Thank you Mr. Green. I think all the dancers are doing a great job. It is good to see the progress Bristol has made. I applaud her for her bravery in the face of many very nasty people, like the first few posts. It is sad that so many Americans have become mean, rude and judgemental individuals.

      • stir

        What’s REALLY sad is a d-bag who defends someone who couldn’t keep her legs together. Zing!!!!

      • becky

        Kyle is the one you should support. He had no dance background when he started and he is a much better dancer than Bristol

      • Linda

        I think he sounded like an idiot, trying to make us believe that it was fair that the judges scored Bristol and Brandy so close. Please. The gap between them was getting smaller? Only if you’re trying to keep a lightening rod for controversy on the show for ratings. The judges sold OUT.

      • Bev Brewer

        Bristol didnot earn her spot to be in the final three I dont care what you agree with…DWTHS did this to have more viewership….nothing else but to increase the rating of the show….I will never watch the show again……!

      • Amy

        I thought he did a good job too — he pretty much said all I have wanted to say to people who are upset about Bristol on the show. I especially like the part where he discusses each of the contestants’ fanbases. They each have a fanbase for a different reason — Jennifer because of Dirty Dancing, Kyle because of his Disney show(s), Brandy because of her music, etc. Since they allow viewer votes to count, you can’t complain that someone is still on there because SOMEONE IS VOTING FOR THEM. It’s their choice to vote for whom they want. And finally…it is JUST a TV show. Furthermore, it’s not like the contestants’ careers depend on winning/making it far on the show (like Idol, SYTYCD, etc.). It’s supposed to be a fun show, watching celebrities learn how to dance. It doesn’t matter who wins!

      • SWEETI


    • Michelle

      It takes a brass pair to get up there and do what thier doing…cowards tend to sit behind thier computer and criticize them :)

    • Bubba P. Upalot

      I’m sure you’ve seen that up close.

    • Justin K

      It’s not about the phone votes being valid that get through- it’s about the people who TRIED To vote and COULDN’T

      Don’t defend her- people are pissed- let them be pissed. They have the right.

      • Bev Brewer

        I never could get in to vote for Mel-B the show is rigged……..and I hope it fail like American Adol…..give us a break with the reality shows I’m ready to watch something fake and made up now….!

    • barry

      Articulate and all valid points by Conrad Green. The people who are commenting negatively here I’m assuming are Democrats, so a little note… You are not making a very good representation for intelligence, logic, fair mindedness, or kindness for the Democratic Party. Rather, you’re showing how unhinged, illogical, and vicious you get when you don’t get your way. On top of this, you are being cruel to Bristol who has nothing to do with the votes… so you’re really looking like vipers and horses’ patoots. Grow up and get a grip. P.S. I didn’t vote for Bristol.

      • BLT

        It is ridiculous that you are even bringing up Democrat v. Republican in this post about a TV reality show. This isn’t Capitol Hill….it is DWTS.

        This is really getting stupid. Politics has invaded my mindless entertainment & it is ticking me off.

        Team Jennifer FTW!

      • Concern

        Ethics is something Brandy has along with talent…..The judges failed, expression of everone’s face can’t be eraced….Pure Shock! Why? Because Brandy is a dancer, graceful, thin, the whole package….and you know who isn’t. I stop watching American Idol, because Adam, was the whole package, but kissed a boy. We are so far behine as American people. Everyones B.P. can’t dance, and to say she’s better than Kyle, really. Well thank God I have eyes and can see. lol She’s horriable. How other country must see this, you know where some of these wonderful dance orginated…..Watch out Sarah you might see more than Russia from your back yard………

    • b. smith

      I think that the commentator on this site needs to do a little cleaning up with the comments here. I’ve got to say that if this was any other person (not a daughter of a Republican or Sarah), there wouldn’t be this level of viciousness. You’re sorry excuses for human beings. I’m really tired of Dems bashing Reps, can’t you just be happy Obama is Pres., but you seem to want to anihalate anyone who thinks differently than you. Very disappointing how low you’ll stoop. Live and let live.

      • Bev Brewer

        Then put a family here that have a level of sense and there will be no brashing of any kind….!

      • amethystlady2

        Smith…I believe the Right Wing Republics are the ones who are bashing MY President, simply because of his race…so you have nothing to talk about on here…bye bye

      • Silva67

        amethstlady2… People criticize OUR president because he is incompetent. Just like people in YOUR life criticize you because you are a moron.

    • NK

      I think that people who believe “the fix is in” should just boycott the rest of the show. This is supposed to be entertainment, who needs more cheap politacal crap mixed in to what should be entertainment.
      And why should anyone defend the abvious celebration of mediocrity that this show is displaying? We see enough of that in Washing ton too!!!!

    • Sarah P.’s Alaska

      Lisa Murkowski’s election victory is being blocked by Sarah Palin.

      Well, expect lawsuits after Jennifer Grey takes Queen Bristol’s crown.

    • Mary

      You should be ashamed of the way you are talking. You are way out of line. Your comments are hurtful and inappropriate. Bristol has tried very hard to do a good job learning the routine- and she has been under unneccessary pressure just because she is Sarah Pahlin’s daughter. Obviously, you have very little respect for the way you treat others. Just remember, how you speak directly reflects back to you- and what goes around comes around! How would YOU feel if you were the one being attacked abusively like this. Shame, shame on you!

      • Elli

        Oh boo freakin hoo. Poor Bristol has to struggle and learn a dance routine every week and try to look happy while doing it. Tough life she leads, I really feel for her. Why don’t you defend a cause that’s actually worthwhile?

      • Lisa

        All of the contestants are under pressure. Bristol is not the only one under the fire due to her mothers “name”. All of the contestants worked hard and long hours to learn their respective routines. The problem is several contestants were voted out who yes were far better quality dancers than Bristol. In the dance world it is not just about putting your feet in the proper place. It is about frame, feet, character, style and much more. Anyone can learn the feet work it is the entire package that is the difficult task. Bristol lacks much of this entire package. Her fan base has been voting for her which it is a free country so they are entitled. The problem is those far more deserving than she will ever be to hold the title of the winner may loose what really should be theirs. In the real world the best should shine and be the winner. How do you think it made Brandy and Max feel to know they put in just as much hard work and were far better dancers to lose because of a popularity contest in which some contestants mother is involved? The routines of all the other dancers aside Bristol by far have been more advanced and difficult too.

    • Mary

      So, how do you know how a constipated cow dances? Do you have experience in that area also? Dancing With the Star is a television show meant to entertain you. I will give all the people credit for the many hours of hard work they ALL put forth on the show. This has been an especially tough season for competitors. Brandy had the advantage of being an entertainer to start with, so you had an advantage over some of the others. I appreciate all the effort that each one made. It is pretty clear from Bristol’s expression that she was shocked that she was not the one leaving the show. She deserves more credit for being gracious and determined for clearly she was an underdog in this competition. The show is meant to be entertainment, not a jumping off place for people to make rude comments like yours. Give the producers more respect- and you need to flip the channel if you can’t chill out and enjoy the program for what it is. Life does not revolve around any one of us making us superior over each other. Of course, I don’t know how a constipated cow dances as well as you seem to. Guess you have been out to pasture- or need to go there.

    • johnnyr51

      She was born from a constipated cow. no wonder..

    • Ann

      Yes but that analogy isn’t fair to the constipated cow!!! It’s the producers fault for doing the stunt casting. If they didn’t think picking Bristol Palin who’s labeled as a “teen activist” (still don’t know how that qualifies her as a star) would not be controversial..then they are either naive or just plain disingenuous.

    • Bev Brewer


    • lesliemd

      According to the show’s producer, a constipated cow is still better than Kyle. I have one wuestion for him -WHAT SHOW ARE YOU WATCHING??? Kyle packs more energy into just walking onstage than Bristol does in all her dances combined.

      Oh yeah – he points his feet, shakes his booty and completes his moves. She walks thru most of her dances. Hey Mr. Producer – no more political contestants!!

    • Nate

      Obviously Mr. Green is not a math major. His claim “if you look at the spread this week between Jennifer, who got 60, and Bristol who got 53, and the other two in between, I think the share Jennifer had of the judges’ vote was like only three and a half percent more than Bristol had. ” Well Mr. Green 10% of 60 = 6. Therefore since Jennifer got 7 points more than Bristol, it obviously CAN NOT BE 3%. And since Brandy got 4 points higher that Bristol that meant that she had more that a 5% lead over Bristol as well. As to why are the people upse, well let us say when a dance is off beat and has to stop and took to her dancing partner for a que as to the next step, then there is someting WRONG with your scoring system.

      • Lisa

        So glad someone know mathematic skills I agree totally!

      • AT

        Actually, there is that small of a margin. The math works out differently than you’re thinking.

    • Chris

      I don’t think it is nice to insult constipated cows.

    • George

      Bristol servived because of Sars’s T party

    • tamtamlove

      The TeaParty are bragging on how they have set up robocalls with spoofed numbers to register unlimited votes for Bristol. Also, there is a huge amount of email voter fraud using fake accounts. I feel bad for Brandy b/c she was the victim in this. ABC shot itself in the foot.

    • Clete

      I disagree, she came from a constipated cow.

  • gabriele korndorfer

    The producers of DWTS should stay away from “celebrities” that have political implications. What we have here now is not a competition but a political ralley for the Tea Party, made possible with rigged votes. It is demeaning for ballroom dancing and for the highly qualified judges. Tom DeLay was another one . Fortunately he got injured and left before any damage was done. B.Palin should have been voted off after the third week. Shame on you!

    • Julie

      I agree except that Bristol was never a celebrity in the first place. Just another single teenaged mom.

      • ryan

        Like Jamie Lynn Spears who you adore!

      • Julie

        Who adores Jamie Lynn Spears? Isn’t she Britney’s sister?

      • sodakhic

        In the black community single mother hood is a badge of courage and a money maker.

      • inferis

        Who da baby daddy?

      • Mary

        I am very disappointed at your attitude. You are making prejudgemental statements about Bristol based on being a single mom. Obviously, you are not aware of the regret that she feels now for her actions- and she has tried to reach other teenagers to tell them abstinence is a real option. It takes a lot of guts to admit you were wrong on something like that- and to be in such a public position. I give her lots of credit for the courage to have to deal with people like yourself who have no empathy or respect for others. Obviously, you are not aware of the passages in the Bible which say keep comforting one another and building one another up. Be peaceable with one another- and do not cause another to stumble. (There are also passages that say to make it your aim to live quietly and mind your own business….. and judge not so that you will not be judged also.) God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. Keep your mouth closed, please.

    • Sherrie

      This has become political……..I’m DONE watching and voting!!!!!

      • Bev Brewer

        Some put in the black community being a single parent is a badge of honor…,I have you to know I’m a divorce mother who raised her kids single handly…without drama! I have a Master’s in Psychology and getting another Master’s in LPC Counseling…My oldest son is an EX-Marine and my two other son’s are in college to become music producers….they make their own video’s, duplicate their CD’s and own film production company and graphic design business if you think this is a badge of honor…well I will wear it with pride….that why express distaste with the Palin family because of what I done on my own her damn family is out of control….!

    • Mary

      People need to remember that this is an entertainment show! It is meant to be fun. I don’t think anyone agreed to be on the show sees themselves to be only a politician, an entertainer, a sportsman, etc. These people have more depth to their personality that many of the shallow people who think people are one-dimensional. I also want to acknowledge that all of the professional dancers on the show are working very hard to help people who are not professional dancers to do a good job. These are not easy routines to learn! Also, you can also hear the dancers to remind the participants it is important to go out there and have fun! It is the public who is being overly critical about participants. By the way, I am amazed at how much time the professional dancers are putting in to for the extra routines they are learning as well to entertain us. I remember taking some ballroom dancing classes years ago. I did it on a dare- and I was pretty shy. Besides learning steps that were easier than the ones we see every week, I found that ballroom dancing was fun! Let the participants have fun while they are they- and notice that they do not show the venomous illwill to each other that many of the people responding to the blogs show. They wish each other the best on! Even the ones that leave the show are right back there rooting for the rest of the participants! Just look at the excitement of the audience responding to the dancers- ALL of them! If you can’t enjoy the program for the dancing- and recognize the effort that is made each week to make the show entertaining, maybe you shouldn’t be watching! I wouldn’t want the judges job either. There comments are meant to be constructive- and sometimes they are hard to hear in front of millions of viewers. They are entertainers themselves and yet they are aware of the responsibility that comes from making their comments infront of millions of viewers. They obviously know their craft- and they recognize that each person is a human being- and humor helps break the tension alot! I hope all the rude people are not going to make producers thinks they should take the show off the air. It is good entertainment! It is a refreshing break from all the violence and negative topics that are on many of the programs today.

    • B.A.

      ITA with everything you said. I couldn’t have said it any better.
      No more politics on DWTS. Just have actors,singers,or athletes.

      • B.A.

        I trying to comment on what another poster said,not on this.

    • wiser

      i don’t think anyone, including family members of politicians should be invited on the show..As we see here,it has turned into political bashing nonsense..I love the show,but i certainly don’t understand how anyone could say Bristol has improved more than a few others who were voted off..I am Canadian & unfortunately can’t vote..I do however believe that Bristol is getting votes because of her mother & it’s not fair!!! I truly hope people will vote for the better talent (Jennifer) and NOT Bristol..Please keep politics off the show!!!

  • Jane

    “Kyle is quite a performer, but Bristol is probably in terms of technique a better dancer than Kyle.”
    I stopped reading when I got to this statement. This guy is a joke. Go back and look at Kyle’s jive and Bristol’s samba from last week and tell me what planet this guy is living on. In fact look at the whole season and see how much kyle has improved in these final weeks. Life is not fair. I get it. Their dance competition is not about the dancing. I get it. Don’t tell me the sky is green when I can clearly see it is not. Her being there is not because of performance or technique or personality and this guy is a fraud to suggest otherwise.

    • GreenIsInDenial

      Yes. Very true, Jane. I think the producer is doing some damage control and is in serious denial about the implications Bristol making finals has on the future of the show.

      • Julie

        The producer shouldn’t have invited Bristol to the show in the first place. Since he did, he should’ve made sure she was quickly eliminated as she does not belong on the show with the real stars and great dancers. Why should Jennifer and Kyle bother to practice and dance well in the finals if the tea party can continue to cheat and vote mass times for Bristol? I seriously don’t believe they’re doing any damage control, I believe they are just trying to calm people down.

      • Dan

        What an idiot. You complain about the show being rigged and your solution is for the producer to “make sure” somebody is quickly eliminated. In other words, your solution to the show being “rigged” is to have it rigged. I see why your ilk did so well on November 2.

      • @Dan

        The show is rigged when a celebrity dancer is predetermined to win. Only the producers know how many votes Bristol is garnering over the other celebrities but it is apparently enough to keep her low-scoring self on the show. What was the point of even watching this season to begin with if Bristol was going to get the same votes regardless of how she dances. I think this is more of a casting issue than an voting one.

      • wiser

        the producers must have known that they were opening a can of worms here!!!It doesn’t matter if it is a rep. or Dem. on dancing with the stars..They should NOT invite anyone who has anything to do with politics period!!!It is Dancing with the STARS~~~~ Not politics..I have been watching this show since it started & have never seen anything like this evolve..And to top it off, inviting B palin when they damn well know her Mother is such a controvercial topic.. the shows producers started this mess, so let’s see you clean it up!! Miss B. better NOT win or you’re likely to start WW3…

    • patti

      very well said- so agree

    • DEE

      I hate the fact that she has gotten as far as she has on the show, but I used to feel sorry for her. It’s not her fault that she is still on the show, when she should have gone home weeks ago. Then I read about her childish comments on facebook, and her endorsement of her sister’s comments. Has this girl learned nothing about trying to be a good role model from her time spent as a “teen activist”? She only apologized for her sister’s comments when they became the subject of media scrutiny. Up until then, she was totally on board with them! Yes, it sucks to hear people make disparaging comments about your mother – but she is a political figure, so it is to be expected. The things she and her sister posted in response were disgusting. I hope it motivates people who hate intolerance to vote on DWTS! She doesn’t deserve to win due to her lack of talent (seems to have the same expression on her face every week) and her arrogant idiocy.

    • Mary

      Personally, I agree with the judges that Kyle comes out and gives up a performance to entertain us. He has a great smile and sense of humor. He takes the show seriously as you can see in the preparation- but then he comes out and has fun! It takes a lot of effort and humility on his part. I didn’t think he would make it as far as he did, but he deserves to be there in the finals. He has worked hard. No matter who dances next week, I am going to enjoy the show! Besides all the work by each and every dancer, the producers have gotten top notch entertainers to entertain us as the season progresses. Personally, I would find it nerve-racking to stand in front of millions of viewers and wait to learn if I was voted off the show. That has to be very difficult!

    • kahuna

      I agree. That guy is nothing but a company flack. What else would he say? He has to defend the indefensible. And who really believes that they have “security” measures to avoid cheating? Not I.

    • Linda

      Exactly, Jane! You nailed it. I would have way more respect for the guy if he said, well, Bristol’s not a great dancer, but this show hasn’t ever been about the dancing alone. People connected to her for some reason, that I can believe. But this fairy tale that she suddenly became a great dancer is just ridiculous.

  • Doug.F

    What a refreshing comment. I’m so sick of the idiots-r-us contingent trying to bring down this shy introverted young girl who is doing a great job in a completely foreign environment. I would vote a bazillion times if I could just to stick it to all those who have behaved like complete tools over this.

    But Bristol has said it best herself — the haters are just fueling her fire. So as Mark Ballas laughed after week 9 –‘Well then, keep hating’.

    • Rob

      She wasn’t shy and introverted with Levi!

      • Mary

        She is a human being. All the dancers are human beings. What makes you think you are in a position to judge any one of these dancers? To say that Bristol wasn’t shy with Levi is ridiculus- like you think she is the only one who has ever done something she later regretted. By the way, how do you think YOU got here? Our parents weren’t “shy” either. You must have had a boring life or else nothing better to do than the throw stones at others. No one can call you shy! Maybe “big mouth” would fit. What do you think? Good fit?

      • Amy

        I am so sick of comments like this. Shy and introverted people have sex, too. And like Mary said (your posts have been great, Mary — I appreciate them!), everyone makes mistakes. I don’t condone what Bristol did with Levi, but she has owned up to her mistakes and is now using her experience to warn others about the consequences of her actions. And as for those who will call Bristol a hypocrite for preaching “don’t do what I did” — that is the most effective way of getting a message through to someone. Tons of people use this method. It is not being a hypocrite; it is honestly admitting that they made mistakes and this is how to not make those same mistakes.

      • Anny

        And your mom wasn’t shy involving w/your father….:)

    • Jana Peterson

      Shy and introverted? I don’t think so….check out her spew on Facebook to some poor boy who dared not like her Mothers show. Screw DWTS, that show is more staged than Jerry Springer. Also, lots of luck finding any quality after this that will want to be on this show when its so obviously rigged.

      • David

        Exactly, Bristol and her sister ranted homosexual comments on some kid because he criticized the show. Sarah sure did raise her kids properly… they must seriously be dumb as rocks to rant on a teen on facebook lol.

      • Mary

        Actually, who would have dreamed that this show would turn out to be so controversial? The show was meant to be entertaining. By the way, I am always amazed how quick Tom B. is with his humerous comments and insight. He obviously enjoys life and doesn’t take himself- or others- too seriously. A lesson could be learned by just watching him! By the way, even he is sensitive to the fact that the dancers are human beings. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job than Tom B. Three gold stars to him!

    • fny

      She is not a star. She is not a talent. She not even close to being in the same class as the other contestants. If you feel sorry for someone do them charity. But don’t place them in a contest where they don’t belong.

    • Lilarose in Bandon, OR

      Apparently some folks haven’t read the complete text of the Facebook slurs starting with Willow’s retort and added to by the lovely, adult, professional new dancer named Bristol. If this stuff is “normal” for Facebook, maybe somebody needs to be reprimanded, closed down, or jailed.

    • Linda

      Except she’s NOT doing a great job. Nobody would have a problem with Bristol if she improved as much as, say, Kurt Warner did. And she’s nowhere even in Kyle’s ballpark. The fact is, she puts in a half hearted effort every week, but people have bought some song and dance about her being an average girl who became a princess. Lame.

  • ceebee

    Of course the producers had to say SOMETHING!! Spin, spin, spin, the Bristol madness is getting out of control and they don’t know how to stop it…..maybe having folks who actually DO something besides having a famous relative or child out of wedlock would be a good place to start!!

    • Ann

      I think they are trying to explain their way through a huge mistake in casting Bristol to begin with. I’ve never seen the producers so defensive, which alone says something about their concerning disposition on the future of the show. Advertisers do not want to hear of producers making mistakes or lacking some authority on controversial issues

      • Julie

        Doesn’t it make you wonder how many of the producers are in the tea party and if not in the actual tea party, just Bristol’s mommy lovers? She is not a star and is never going to be a star. I agree about the producers spinning, they don’t want to lose their viewers, but they certainly will.

  • Minnie Maus

    I was able to vote more than 10 times using a hotel phone. It doesn’t take internet voting to compromise the system…just access to a commercial phone systems such as those used by politicians.

    • Marie


    • Diane

      Did you read the article? They said it appears your vote is counted by they have ways to tell that you made all those calls & they will not count any over the limit. You are so crazed that you can even digest what the article says about counting the votes. The hatred is just so sad.

      • Julie

        Blah, blah, blah, read the article and don’t believe most of it. I don’t “hate” Bristol, just pointing out that she has no business being on a show with Stars which she definitely is not.

      • Tom Strong

        Julie, you’re a moron.

      • Julie

        Actually I’m very smart. If you think we’re all “IDIOTS” why are you still on this page posting comments?

      • etm

        Julie is making good points. Be quiet, Tom Weak.

      • Diane

        Julie, you say you are very smart…yet, you still sound off with a lot of hatred. There is nothing good about being judgmental or hating on people. I don’t know what happened in your life to make you so angry but we love you anyway.

      • stir

        “Julie” and “etm” are the same person. Freakin’ schizoids, man.

      • Is that you

        We figured it out.. most of the posts are are by Levi.. only an EX can be this nasty and not be in an instution for the patheticall insane.. Think about it if these were real people.. That would be scary.

      • etm

        LOL! I am not Julie!

  • Stephanie

    I agree with gabriele. Whatever you think of Bristol, her participation in the show has politicized DWTS and sapped the light-hearted fun that allow people to get momentary relief the stresses of our time.

    • Laurie Burnell

      Julie and Stephaniem you and others like you have sapped the “light-hearted” fun out of this show. Listen to your selves. You should all be very ashamed.

      • Ann

        There is nothing wrong with enjoying a show. Whatever it show it may be, it just sucks when it either jumps the shark or just isn’t the same show. Politics ruined DWTS.

      • Stephanie

        There are far too many people in this country “listening to themselves.” And please, let’s not throw the idea of shame around so cavalierly. Bristol’s appearance and the Palin’s Alaska show are a full-on get-warm-and-cozy campaign for Mama Grizzly’s 2012 run. I would say trotting a Down’s Syndrome child in front of the cameras and around the country is more cause for shame than my call for no political figures on DWTS. I regret thant I ever watched this season, and now I bet my favorite pro Maks is done with this show.

      • @Stephanie

        Don’t say that! I know it may be true but I thought the season where Maks took a break was bad enough. The show would be done without the hot ego Maks.

  • R.L. Brown

    Completely disgusted how politics have taken over DANCING WITH THE STARS after the Bristol/Brandy fiasco. What an insult! Never will I and many of my friends ever watch this disgusting joke of a program again !

    Hopefully, this program will never be on TV another season !

    Unfortunately sadly enough, it has become nothing but pure garbage !

    • Mary

      You are taking the competition too seriously. Obviously, you have not seen how many shows are full of violence, treating each other poorly, trashy, and a real waste of time. This show is a giant step above that. It is meant to be entertaining. I suppose you think the “soap operas” are the real lifes of people, or that “Cops” is an uplifting show. How Jerry Springer stayed on TV is amazing, or all the “infomercials” promising instant magic or success. I would rather watch Dancing with the Stars than The Apprentice or the Biggest Loser who do not always present people in the best picture. Just think, if more people went dancing how much more pleasant the world would be instead of being coach potatoes!

  • Dee

    Although Brandi was the better dancer…she had an attitude! She also played up to the judges whenever she could, trying to charm them. I personally am glad she’s gone and hope that 50 year old Jennifer Grey takes it.

    • Lilarose in Bandon, OR

      Jennifer won’t win if people don’t vote for her. I have my computer phone (MJ), land line, and two TracFones so that gives me a few votes. I watched my DVD of “Dirty Dancing” since this season began, and I fell in love all over again with Patrick and think Jennifer was adorable. Give her a chance, she deserves it, she loves to perform, she is a fantastic dancer, and she is a good sport.

      • sodakhic

        And she’s a professional.

      • linnilu

        LOL! You’re complaining about the voting for Bristol and then list all of your voting methods?

      • msellie

        You can’t beat robo calls. The only thing that will change voting process is low ratings tonight and tomorrow. I will be watching anything but DWTS!

    • jia

      She has never had an attitude. What show are you watching. Jennifer Grey has been trained as a dancer since birth. She shouldn’t win either.

      • sammy

        why shouldnt jennifer be on the show and win , she is a star and she is sure the best dancer on the show

    • no yelling

      Wow, you see “charm” as a detriment?!?! How unusual.

    • Stephanie

      I am so tired of hearing how Brandy had an “attitude.” If attitude meant she worked hard and was invested in improving weekly, I wish attitude were more commonplace than Bristol’s “whatever.” I also think it borders on calling her uppity.

      • brensgrrl

        I think that the people at ABC Television are lying. Check this out–


        Of course ABC is denying everything but it does not seem that anyone over there is doing anything to close the loophole. One way would be to shut online voting down and allow only telephone voting. And, Stephanie, you are right. Most of the people of the right wing ilk STILL haven’t gotten used to the idea of ambitious or successful black people. A lot of them are really stuck on the notion that minorities should not even have the franchise (see Rand Paul’s move to have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 repealed). It is absolutely sticking in their RACIST craws that a black man has the nerve to be sitting in the White House. All of this ire was taken out on Brandy–and they do admit to having taught that “Uppity Person” a lesson. They think that getting Palin in the White House in 2013 will be the ultimate comeuppance to black and brown people everywhere, and they are salivating about that. Those are some VERY SICK and dangerous people, and even though this whole DWTS thing is really not that important, we as real Americans who believe in true freedom ignore their sort at our peril.


      Jennifer Grey is a Professionally trained Dancer.
      The real competition should have been between Brandi and Kyle..

      Bristol hasn’t IMPROVED like Kyle and Brandi have.. She should not have been on the SHOW!! Bristol should be in COLLEGE — That is the only way I will respect her as a teen activist!!

      This girl is being rewarded for being a single pregnant mom.. Talk about role model!

      • RS

        Jennifer is not a professional dancer. She danced in one movie, and according to Patrick Swayze, he taught her to do those dances. Yes, she did have ballet as a child, nothing more. Even her dad (the pro dancer of the family) was amazed at her ability and wondered where it came from.

      • Mary

        Brandi has had more experience as an entertainer and dancer just like Jennifer. Jennifer hasn’t beem damcing professionally for years either. Give her some more credit. What a life she must have had being the daughter of Joel Gray and watching her Dad perform! She has had to work through pain, and yet she has been a joy to watch on the show. Very beautiful, joyful, graceful, and sexy. Wish I looked so good at age 50! Actually, I don’t think I would have the courage to wear many of the costumes that the dancers wear on the show! I suprized there aren’t more costume “malfunctions” on the show! Obviously, the people behind the scenes work hard every week on the costumes. Besides all the hard work, the dancers and the behind the scenes efforts need to be given credit- as well as the band who has to play new songs every week. Everyone works hard- and plays hard. Enjoy the show!

    • Lea

      This whole “attitude” thing is in my opinion a matter of the dominant culture being uncomfortable by other types of folk. I’m not black, but I heard someone say: “How much do black people have to tone it down in order to make other people feel comfortable around them?” Seriously! Brandy is humble. Her openness about her desire to win was not arrogant; you can actually understand why such positive reinforcement in a culture’s talk would be helpful when you consider the overwhelming messaging it goes against — but you’d have to be kind and open enough to consider it.

  • Beth

    I agree. Give her a break. She’s a young girl who repeatedly has said she is not comfortable with being sexy. I didn’t vote for her, but get over it–it’s a show.

    • Marie

      Its a show but EVERYONE knows that Fat Ass Bristol needed to leave or no iam sorry NEVER had been on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • etm

      Then she shouldn’t have participated on DWTS. There is nothing sexy about her and she looks totally uncomfortable.


      Who cares that she isn’t comfortable being sexy??? That is not the point! Bristol isn’t as good as most of the people that got sent home.. Keep it real people!

      WHAT IF BRISTOL WERE A BLACK OR A MEXICAN GIRL? WOULD SHE EVEN BE ON THAT SHOW? Or idolized as a Teen activist? I see many teen activists on my job. Girls who made mistakes but are fighting poverty to get a college degree to be a role model for their children. What is Bristol doing? Telling people to be abstinent when it didn’t work for her? So she got her GED Boo Hoo!! Thank you John McCain for putting these uneducated people in our faces. If we are lucky, perhaps by 18 Trigg or trapp will be running for President of the United States! SMH at this ridiculousness..

      • Kim

        Are you kidding me?! If Bristol were black or hispanic she would not only be idolized, but people like you would be voting to make her the winner of DWTS!! Keep re-posting your ignorant sounding comment over and over, maybe someone might actually start to believe it.

  • NYC

    There are alot of flaws in that system, If you use a wireless router, you can get a different IP address everytime.

    And I didn’t like the statement about people, or the “system” disregards votes if it “feels” something is up. Wow, they just admitted “people” have access to deleting or not counting votes. But then again, all humans are honest, right?

    • Julie

      Sounds like they were deleting Brandy’s votes and keeping Bristol’s. Brandy should demand a recount with all of the bounced back email addresses who voted for Bristol deleted. Sounds like honesty is definitely not part of this show.

  • Alexandra

    This show has become a farce, and I won’t be watching the final or any other segments in the future. It’s ridiculous to say Bristol P is equal to any other dancers. She cannot do any of the fast-step dances; she only does the slow Latins or walz. Her choreography is 3-4 steps repeated throughout. She is not a celebrity in her own right; she is simply the daughter of one. The entire show has devolved into a waste of time.

  • byrongcox

    Bristol Plain winning Dancing with the Stars? Firstly, she is not a star. Secondly,she can’t dance. Thirdly, this is beginning to look like the she beleives her own b.s. and actually thinks she can dance.

    • amelia in portland

      …like mother like daughter.

  • Zach

    “In this particular case, we can spot an IP address, and if one computer sends in a crazy amount of email votes, we just discard them.” So they “can,” but do they? Which ones do they discard? Do they turn a blind eye for the ratings grabber? Do they even have a real system in place to deal with this?

    • Gayle

      I agree, if they have a system that screens all IP Addresses coming in do they really use it? Because what’s been going on this last few weeks has been very unfair to the people who really have improved their dancing. As you can even see on the judges faces. The judges were also very upset this last week that Brandy was let go. It was obvious they felt it should of been Bristol. They said it all without saying Bristol’s name when Brandy and Maks came down in front of them once they were named.
      I don’t hate Bristol, I just believe in being fair. I don’t think Jennifer and her ACTING but should get it either. Brandy was not a ballroom dancer and Kyle had NEVER danced before. I think Kyle without a doubt is the most improved and deserving to win.
      I hope people put there vote in to Kyle to win.

  • Carmen Bailey

    I agree with everything this producer said. I wanted Brandy and Maks to win so bad!! I think in my heart they should have been the winners. But this is not Bristol’s fault and people are being way to mean about this. What would they think if that were there daughter? I really feel for her. And I also think she is a very very brave young lady. I don’t know yet who I am going to vote for now between her and Kyle. I won’t know until Monday night. But I do hope (for my own reasons) that one of them wins this now that Brandy is gone.
    Thank you.

    • noway

      This guy is laughable to compare Shaun Johnson to Bristol Palin – about the only thing they have in common is that they are both females. Shaun Johnson worked hard her whole life to be where she’s at – an olympic champion and a darling of the USA.Bristol Palin – she worked but not too hard – it’s very easy to open one’s legs. Give me a break-the scoring system has been broken for a long time – this isn’t the first time that a good dancer was booted out while a really bad dancer stayed- think – Cloris Leachman, Buzz Aldrin, etc. Even once the votes got to the end – we all know Donny Osmond to be a fantastic entertainer but he was not better than MYA. If Bristol wins something has to be done or people whill still watch but purposely vote for the worst dancer all of the time to prove a point.

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