'Running Wilde': Fox not running back nine episodes

Ed Araquel/FOX

Bad news for fans hoping to save Running Wilde: Fox confirmed with EW that they are not ordering a back nine of the Keri Russell-Will Arnett series. Though the freshman comedy has not been officially canceled, the network’s decision to not order additional episodes is concerning — this could mean Wilde might be running off the air sometime soon. The show had been suffering in the ratings: Two weeks ago, the series attracted just 2.9 million viewers. (That number, however, came with some silver lining: It was an 18 percent increase from the week prior.) Fox also decided to bench the series for November sweeps.

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  • Flip

    I liked this show. Guess I was the only one!

    • Flip

      Also, it was much better than the crass, trashy Raising Hope. At least now I don’t have to wait for Raising Hope to end between Glee and Running Wilde.

      • Seddie is meant to be

        I hope this allows Kerri Russell to play Lois Lane in the new Superman movie

      • Flip

        Keri is too old to play Lois Lane. Get with it.

      • I don’t see why you have to trash one show when yours gets canceled. That’s a little tacky and immature.

      • Flip

        … because RH is RW’s timeslot companion, THAT’S why, you stupid b!tch.

      • Sigh

        Good Lord. Can’t anybody be civil anymore?

    • Garry

      I WANTED to like this show, because I LOVE Kerry Russell, and the idea of her doing a sitcom sounded great to me. But I’ve given the show a fair chance, and I’ve been disappointed. It does have some very funny moments, but there’s a wierd sense of the 4 or 5 characters living in near-total isolation on the grounds of the mansion that’s almost claustrophobic. Maybe I’ve missed episodes in which they appear elsewhere, but there’s some sort of deadening feeling to the show–can’t put my finger on it. And Will Arnett is annoying more often than not. Overall, a good try, but it misses the mark for me. It especially suffers in the shadow of “Raising Hope”, which is simply a superior comedy.

      • Garry

        Sorry, I misspelled Keri Russell!

      • Matt


    • joblo

      I liked this show too. It was odd and surreal at times, but actually quite funny. And I thought they were starting to find their stride – the pilot was hilarious, then it was a bit uneven, but it was getting really good again. SAD.

    • Andres

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    • Yuka

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  • Mujer

    Dang, I liked this show it was starting to get better.

    • jake

      Not exactly a compliment…

      • Mujer

        :) Keri Russel’s character annoyed me but they took her down a notch and let Ker’s natural charm shine through. Will Arnett and Fa’ad and the butler were hilarious.

    • Ester

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      • Arjun

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  • whatevs

    Will Arnett is too good for this dreck. I’m glad they’re putting him out of his misery.

    • Eric

      I say 30 Rock should bring him back as a regular. He was hilarious as Jack’s fake-tan, in-the-closet foil. His best role outside of AD.

      • tnsmoke

        I agree!! I said this a couple weeks ago, even said that Will Arnett would be great as the new boss on The Office!

    • jones

      Agreed. I tried to like this show b/c of Will, but it is not good.

    • Tego Livi

      Will Arnett is very talented and often very funny, but he’s not a sitcom lead. His character in this show was too silly to care about. For that matter, Keri Russell was basically wasted in it. Her character is basically a blank who’s supposed to be appealing because we like the actress-not because of anything actually written in the show.

  • Rebecca

    I liked Running Wilde in the beginning(also Raising Hope) but I got bored with Running during the last week’s episode so I stopped watching. The same with Raising, I got bored and stopped watching. They were funny in the beginning, but now they don’t interest me!

  • WmAdams

    Running Wilde stunk from day one. It paled in comparison to Raising Hope. Good riddance.

    • Flip

      Raising Hope is a show made by white trash for white trash. Guess that says something about you and your low-class taste.

      • mark

        Give it a rest, you don’t like Raising Hope, we get it,
        Your comments about other posters says more about the type of person you are than they are.
        Different shows for different people, you like one, you don’t like the other, move on dude and stop insult others for a show they like

      • AC

        I would rather be called white trash than admit to liking a piece of crap like Running Wilde.

      • Jenn

        Wow! Who knew that Will Arnett was an internet troll?!

      • jack

        Geez Flip
        give it a rest
        your lack of self esteem is showing

  • Pam P

    I so wanted to like this show. I watched the first 4 episodes and I just couldn’t do it. Love Will Arnett; Love Kerri Russell, but do not love them together.

  • Jamie

    Darn, it was actually getting good.

  • Miffy

    The only person who thinks Will Arnett is funny is Will Arnett.

    Thank God for the end of this televised vanity trip.

    • BrandonK

      I’m sure you know that’s blatantly untrue. I usually find Will Arnett hilarious, and I enjoyed “Running Wilde”. I’ll definitely miss it!

    • jones

      Really? Have you ever watched Arrested Development b/c Will is hilarious on that show.

      • Marius

        Yes, as he he is equally brilliant in RW

      • Angela

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      • David

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  • Anthony

    Damn it!!!

    • Lorraine

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  • scorpio9094

    Raising Hope and Running Wilde are both boring. I gave up on Raising Hope after the first couple of episodes. Only saw a few minutes of a couple Running Wilde episodes and that was enough.

    • Garry

      What do you have, the attention span of a gnat?

  • shari

    i love this show :( horrible news

  • MWeyer

    Biggest disapointment of the season (well, second after “Lone Star” getting axed). I remember how hot EW was for this in the spring, seemed so perfect with Arnet, Russell and the creators of “Arrest Development” but was just so unfunny so glad to see it gone.

  • Melody

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    • Jorge

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  • Cat

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  • Stefani

    I tried. The daughter just didn’t seem to fit into the story, and she really wasn’t funny. After a few episodes, her voice-overs irked me a little too much.
    Keri Russell and Arnett need to come back to television, I don’t think I can stand more “Let’s Go to Prison” or “August Rush”.

    • Jenn

      Waitress was good.

      • Stefani

        I did enjoy Waitress. But I also immensely enjoyed Felicity.

    • Damir

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