'Glee': Darren Criss and the Warblers sing Train's 'Hey Soul Sister' (Exclusive Video)

It’s the holiday season, Gleeks, and here at EW, we’re feeling pretty darn thankful and giving. To prove it, we’ve decided to gift you with a special pre-Thanksgiving treat: EW.com has the exclusive premiere of new Glee fan fave Darren Criss and the Dalton Academy Warblers’ (plus Chris Colfer’s Kurt who transferred schools at the end of last night’s episode) cover of Train’s ginormous hit, “Hey Soul Sister” from next week’s episode. Watch the video below…. (And you’re welcome.)

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  • Steve-o

    I cant wait for sectionals!

    • Will

      This wasn’t as good as “Teenage dream” (which I don’t like that much), and actually I like more the original “Hey, soul sister”. I’m more excited to see Lauren Zizes singing!!! Also, I listened “Dog days are over” by Florence + the machine (sang it by New Directions) and it sounded amazing!!! I’ve been waiting for this song since it came out!!! BTW, I can’t believe Rachel was good at Kurt, when he always was such a douche to her…

      • Becky

        She was being nice to Kurt because she wants him to be happy!!!! DUH!! She is Kurt’s friend wether or not Kurt has been a friend to her!!!!!!

      • Michael

        Will, Where did you hear “Dog Days Are Over” i cant seem to find it anywhere?

      • Whatever

        Rachel has been a douche to everyone for a year and a half.

      • AGM

        If Rachel has been mean to anyone, it was because she’s just overly ambitious. Her intentions are never to just hurt someone for the sake of hurting them. She just wants to get ahead, and I’m not saying that’s a good excuse, but it’s better than the “let’s be mean to Rachel because we want her to be hurt” mentality of Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, etc.

      • Rachel

        Rachel and Kurt kinda made mends at the end of Duet episode and since then he’s been nice to her.

      • Berry

        Rachel is never intentional mean to anyone (except Sunshine which was ooc). She never gives as bad as she gets. She doesn’t randomly make fun of people. She just expects a lot out of the team . She works hard and expect everyone else to do the same. She has been more forgiving and reaches out to others but never gets any credit for that.

      • Corey

        Remember Rachel has two gay dads. I’m not surprised she spearheaded taking up for Kurt

      • Marianne

        At Michael : You can hear Dog Days are over in the promo

      • Nik

        well, lets see Kurt is now is now in a safer place, she was the one who took notice of the bullying and she is genuinely the nicest person on here. She may want to be a star, but she also knows where her friends lie. I am upset that Kurt left, but also am glad he can have fun without having to worry about what others view him as. I don’t believe he was ever a “douche” to her, he was threatened and they both knew that they were both talented and saw each other as a threat.

      • keno diaz

        yes,that’s true teenage dream is more beautiful than hey soul sister..
        but still it’s a great performance.

      • neri

        I think they should have sang Teenage Dream here and Hey Soul Sister in episode 6… Not really as mind blowing as teenage dream but it’s good… as expected of Glee!!!

      • suzumi

        Ummm…when was Kurt ever a douche to Rachel? The only time he ever did anything that could be considered mean was the time he tricked her into thinking that Finn was into “slutty” (quote marks because recently Rachel bares about that much skin anyway) girls.

      • Marsha

        Does anyone besides me want to meet Rachel’s gay dads? I think one of them should be Seth Rudetsky. That would be brilliant casting.

      • Zoe

        I actually loved teenage dream done by Darren and the Warblers, i liked it even better than Katy’s version. Still, though i don’t think this song really well enough portrays Darren’s voice, (which you would love if you saw avpm, avps, or any of his covers on youtube would reduce you to tears)i still like this song. it was done well, and i cannot wait until they give him a song where we can actually hear the full value of his voice. Anyway, back to the point, i think this is a great version of this song, and teenage dream was great too. Don’t hate.

    • Dana

      I love Darren Criss. He has been my favorite actor senesce I first saw him on East Wick when I was little. I also loved him in a Very Potter Musical and Sequel. I hope he stays on Glee for a long time!

      • George

        So you were little 12 months ago? Eastwick is not that old.

      • Wil

        @George: Eastwick was a movie like 20 years ago that was just taken and made into a show. Before that it was a well-known novel…not exactly 12 months ago…

      • Tonya

        @Will Darren Criss was not in the Witches of Eastwick movie, he was in Eastwick, the 2009 TV series. Please research before scolding someone :P

      • cowboy

        Hey Idiot Will: the Eastwick that Dana saw Darren Criss on was NOT the old movie, it was the TV series last year. Darren would not have been old enough to be in it, so Dana WAS talking about the show. Get it, Stupid?

      • wow…

        You are arguing over the internet… don’t you feel mature.

      • George

        @Wil. I knew which one she was talking about, and it was the show. That is why I said 12 months ago.

    • anonymous

      Ok, shut up, no one is asking you about what you think.

  • Yer mom

    Looooved it!

    • M

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! I am in LOVE with Darren Criss!!! I could listen to him sing FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • chris

        me too. love it

      • Shiny

        Dude, it goes into my ears like a delcious Frosty and just spread little joy bubbles in my brain! I love the Tufts Bubs harmonizing with Darren…sigh!

      • Bee

        @ shiny, interesting metaphor, may i use it some time?:)

      • Jeann

        You may watch him sing..but it isn’t Warbles singing. “The Bub’s” Tuft University’s A capaella group who isdoing soul sister and Teenage dream

      • Alia

        Actually, Jeann, it’s Darren Criss singing with the Bubs backing him up.

    • Strepsi

      I’m a bit moist now… and not in the eyes.

      • drew

        hahahah. GROSS :)

      • Nola

        Oh. That’s a lovely thing to share on the internet.

      • Riley


      • LC


      • Angeleen

        Seriously. I’ve decided that Darren Criss is my new boyfriend.

        Seriously, he has such presence and charisma. I predict good things and success for him.

      • Janet


      • Sammeh!

        so then wipe your nose

      • sara

        I just peed a little laughing at all of these amazing responses. Too funny!!! Maybe all Strepsi needed was a clean, damp towelette.

    • Moira

      Me, too! Darren Criss’ expression when he sang “So gangsta, I’m so thug” was PRICELESS.

      • Michelle

        ROTFLMAO!! LOVED it!!

      • Nickie

        I love his expression whenever he is singing. He is believable.

        On a side note, Moira, I am impressed with your grammar! Proper punctuation is few and far between. Thank you!

      • GNazi

        (Sue’s mom didn’t kill this one).

        Moira, when the possessor is singular, use an ‘s no matter what. In this case, it’s “Darren Criss’s”.

      • Mrs. Darren Criss

        actually, GNazi, if the possessor, even if it’s singular, ends in an ‘s,’ either Criss’ or Criss’s is acceptable and allowed. So, Moira, you are correct. :)

      • Mrs. Darren Criss

        By the way GNazi, I’m Sue’s mom’s apprentice ;)

      • shaktilovesshiva

        I know right?!!!

      • Moira

        Nickie, thanks! Haha. Your grammar skills are impressive, too. Huzzah for internet minorities!

        GNazi, sorry! I actually did know that rule, but whenever I do a quick read over I only check for spelling errors and grossly unforgivable grammar mistakes. :)

      • RealGrammarNazi

        @GNazi: No. “Darren Criss’s” is just wrong; “Darren Criss'” is correct grammatically, despite the fact you pronounce it as “Criss’s”.

      • GrammarJedi

        Dudes, if you’re going to ‘grammar nazi’, at least be correct before you do. It is not only perfectly acceptable to simply place an apostrophe immediately after a possessive singular ending with the letter S, it is preferable stylistically. Grammar and syntax is more than just rules — but it does help to actually read a book on grammar before rudely, unnecessarily and incorrectly nitpicking others’ comments.

      • wow…

        For Christ’ sake! Again, this is the internet.

      • Michael

        Actually, you are both right depending on the style guide by which you are choosing to write. If you are formatting in the MLA style, which adds the s at the end, then it is “Darren Criss’s,” whereas if you are using the Chicago formatting style, then it is “Darren Criss’.” So really, it just depends on which particular style guidelines you are following.

      • Moira

        Thank you, Nickie!
        To everyone else, it’s just an apostrophe! Yikes. :)

      • Sarah

        …I think I’m just going to agree with Moira and call this a day. Awesome song!

    • Dannii

      Spine tingling and goosebump worthy. Can’t wait for next week!

    • Al

      I’m a total Gleek, but I think I will throw up if I hear this song again……

      • Allison

        I’m not a Gleek, although I have been enjoying the show lately, but my life would be very happy if I didn’t hear this song for about a year, and then maybe once a month after that.

    • mindal123

      I wanna wait to see it in the episode and be pleasantly surprised.

  • Laura

    Why does Mr. Schue look so angry?

  • lela

    Haha! I love Puck’s look at 00:43!

    • Alejandro

      I know that was just epic.

      • Michelle

        That was freakin’ HILARIOUS!!

    • Miss Talk

      That was the look I was expecting from RACHEL !!!
      I know she’s happy for Kurt but come on now: WHERE IS RACHEL the comer, the girl who wants all eyes on her???
      In the last episode, I loved that tiny little moment when everybody was devastated to see Kurt going to another school and she was the only one worrying about competing against Kurt’s new glee club LOL. I miss her and I hope she’ll be back in full effect soon!

  • Ems

    Love the new directions is being supportive of Kurt

    • Kriket

      Me too! Except MM who looked like something was rotting in front of him.

  • Diana

    After last night’s ep, I’m still a little emotional so I just teared up again @ 1:11 (yay Rachel for being supportive!)

  • Nat

    It’s so refreshing to see Rachel support someone as opposed to sit there with her bitch “I hate it when someone else is talented” face on.

  • Mike

    How stupid is it that I actually teared up when Rachel was motioning for Kurt to smile? I really like their connection.

    • tvgeekcw

      I did the same thing. I was very sweet. I know he can’t stay gone for good but it good to see everyone support him.

    • nana

      You’re not the only one!

    • Michael

      Me too! That was just the sweetest thing.

    • annie

      you are not alone! the little acting moments in this made me cry!

    • Amy

      I am relieved to hear I am not the only one who teared up! I love the new rapport between Rachel and Kurt especially given their history.

      • Caroline

        “I love the new rapport between Rachel and Kurt especially given their history.” Me too :)

    • Erin

      I did to & I was thinking what a loser I was! Thank goodness I’m not the only one though!

    • Remy

      I add to the chorus of people. Oh man, such a great little moment.

    • oscar

      omg! as soon as I saw Rachel doing that, instant tears gather in the corners of my eyes…. that was so sweet! I know I’m not the only one here who thinks that after each episode of Glee, you just feel good about yourself… no matter the plot each episode, is just puts a smile on your face. I don’t understand the people who trash the show and make it their priority to visit this site and post bad comments… I get it, everyone is entitle to their own opinion but at least they can be more respectful towards others. Glee recaps are for truly Gleeks, if is not your cup of tea then please don’t bother commenting your negative thoughts… anyways I can’t wait for Sectionals next week.

      • Tracey

        I completely agree with you Oscar. Why waste all the negative energy? Glee makes me laugh and cry each week. Next week looks to be a great episode. They have been on a roll lately :)!

      • JD

        me to me to me to!!!

      • baileyom

        I know what you mean after watching glee I just feel better life in general I know thats kinda extra but thats just what this show does to me I love this show im such a gleek lol

      • Erica

        Everything youve said, Oscar, is exactly how I feel!!! I dont go to the recap page of that Walking Dead show,and post nasty things, just cause I dislike zombies! I couldnt even if I wanted to, because Ive never seen it, and therefore have no right to say anything about it until Ive seen it! Plus, youre right, Glee always makes me feel good, and I cant wait for sectionals either!

    • SDTim

      Yeah – me too! LOL

    • MiaS

      I thought I would be the only one tearing up.
      Looks like I am in good company.

    • Frank

      I must be stupid too…

      Rachel Berry FTW – this is the girl many have known is awesome form day 1.

    • CMV

      I love that scene too, slight welling up for me.

    • murley

      it was so sweet. i am so glad they are starting to form a bond and she was so cute as his little stage mom!

    • Jaz

      same here! since their duet in episode 4 (Get Happy and Happy Days Are Here Again mash-up) i instantly felt their connection… THIS IS JUST AMAZING!

      • Emma

        i know when i saw that performance it made me so happy and last weeks episode when finn danced with kurt it made me cry :) and rachel is amazing and im glad too see all the new diections people supporting him too

    • Karrah

      That was my favorite part of the whole thing! And how proud she seemed to be. Ever since they did the duet together I’ve just loved them. They need more scenes together!

    • dan

      gotta love them!

    • Ashleigh

      Ooh! Me too!!

  • kelly

    Mr. Schue does not look happy

    • T

      That’s what I thought, too. I hope it is because he’s worried about how good the competitors are, but Really! as a teacher(Former) he should be more supportive.

      • CJ

        Of course we all could wait for the episode to air next week to see what transpired before this scene before we start making assumptions as to why any one person has a certain look on their face!

      • Kiki

        Or we could have the fun of speculating.

    • fred

      I just thought he looked sad. I would be sad too if I was a teacher and one of my students felt forced to leave my school/program due to bullying.

      • SDTim

        I thought so too – I thought he was feeling sad that Kurt didn’t feel safe in his pubic school and had to go to the Academy.

      • Linda

        Yeah, I think he looked more sad than ticked. Like, he failed Kurt. I agree with others that Kurt’s losing his individuality in the Warblers.

    • Tarc

      I think he looked striken, like it was a horrendous failure on his part that Kurt had to be there instead of where he belonged with new Directions. He looked ashen, not angry.

    • scrambled

      I am pretty sure it is because he knows that musically, Kurt is much more an integral part of New Directions than he will ever be of the Warblers and he hates to see his talent go to waste.

      • wowo

        I think you hit the nail on the head scrambled…He knows Kurt will just be one of many in the crowd, instead of a front liner. Still loving every minute of every show!

      • Catie

        Yes! He;s not a background guy, and Mr. Shue knows that as well as anyone! I feel really bad for Kurt…and Mr. Shue…and new directions…

      • Michelle

        You got that absolutely right. Kurt in the background? The Warblers are NOT his style. I LOVE Darren Criss (Blaine) but a capella is not Kurt’s style. He looks uncomfortable & out of place. Loved Rachel’s moment encouraging Kurt to smile. Ever so sweet. All the Glee-clubbers look so happy for Kurt…except Puck (his expression is classic) & Mr. Shue. I really don’t think the Warblers are in the same class of talent as New Directions.

      • Jamie

        yeah, right. In fact in ND he ALWAYS got to sing the solos, right? He was the soul of ND. totally.

        tsk, please.

      • @Jamie

        Maybe you should learn to pay attention to the show, sarcastic prick. Before Kurt announced that he was leaving, Will told him he was giving him the solo at sectionals.

    • Dave

      Obviously I don’t know why he had that expression, but Kurt totally looked uncomfortable with the new group. I think he is going to find that he is going to feel just as “out of place” if not more than with his old group.

      • lisapisamomisa

        He’s “out of sync” both literally (watch him; he’s often a tad late on beat) and figuratively. I imagine Shue senses/sees this, and knows he’s partially responsible as let Kurt down, along with several others who stepped up too late.

    • Alisha

      I agree, I think that Mr. Schue isn’t happy about Kurt transferring and Puck doesn’t look happy either. It seems that their the only two (that they show anyways) who aren’t being supportive of Kurt. I also agree that Mr. Schue feels responsible but of course he should, it took him until this past episode to even talk to the principle about it, so he’s hasn’t done anything to help Kurt until yesterday’s episode. As a teacher he’s responsible for the bullying as much as the bully-er, and I think he realizes it. Puck seems unsupportive too, I think he knows he couldn’t really have done anything because of his probation that would put him back in juvie. But I like how everyone else is supportive, even though Kurt doesn’t particularly look happy, the only time he seems happy up there is when Blaine looks at him (of course that would make be happy too, I mean come on Darren Criss is Totally Awesome, especially if he had some Red Vines ;) ).

    • suz

      is it beacuse Darren Criss has the same look, voice and moves as he did 10+ years ago (and stills does)?

      • zaslana

        10+ years ago, Darren Criss would have been 13, max. If he did indeed look, sing, and move like this as 13 year old, I think that’s pretty impressive, not something worth criticizing.

  • John T.

    How about a spoiler alert!

    • BK

      For what?

    • Michael

      It’s from the next episode, so obviously the fact that there is video is evidence that it will be spoilery. It’s only a spoiler if you didn’t watch last night’s episode…and if that is the case why are you clicking on a link for a video from the next episode?!?

    • Meli

      Dude, what part of ‘from next week’s episode’in the description did you not understand? And who forced you to watch the video in the first place?

      • Seriously

        I didn’t watch last nights episode. I don’t mind watching a sneak peak of a song but didn’t appreciate being spoiled by knowing what happens with Kurt.

  • Jimmy

    I love that Rachel is giving him pointers from the crowd, but not in her typical way. She was sweet about it and it was nice to see her like that.

  • Jenny

    Mike- Agreed! Cutest moment ever. Love the song; Darren Criss is an amazing addition to the show.

  • Amber

    Rachel motioning for Kurt to smile is about the cutest thing ever. I love how supportive she is.

    That was an amazing rendition. Darren Criss is the breakout star this season.

  • Mark

    If FOX has a clue at all – Darren Criss and Chris Colfer will head off to NYC performing art school TOGETHER in a spin-off of “Glee”.

    Considering how bad FOX did this fall in the ratings, they need ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET !!

    • Abby

      If this were facebook, I would like this comment, make another account, and like it again

      • Michael

        I’d do that, too, for your comment and Mark’s.

    • Strepsi

      Excellent Idea! We can call it “GAME” (The GAY FAME)

      • Mole

        I thought “Fame” was the gay “Fame”.

        But seriously, Glee is going to need to suck it up and declare that some of its characters are juniors and seniors. My money is on the show saying that Puck and Santana are seniors starting after winter hiatus.

    • LiA

      this. would. make. my. life.

  • T

    Love it! It would be better to have Kurt showcase his voice or add some thing to the song rather than being in the background, but I guess we’ll get that with, “Baby, It’s cold outside”.

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