'Fringe' exclusive: See the movie-style trailer for Thursday's epic ep 'Entrada'

The new episode of Fringe on Thursday night at 9 p.m. promises to be a pivotal outing in this sensational if (criminally!) under-watched season, electric with ideas and emotion. When we last saw Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), he had just been tipped off that the Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) he’s been swapping spit with isn’t exactly the Olivia Dunham he thinks she is. Meanwhile, in the “over there” parallel world, “over here” Olivia, now operating with awareness of her true self, was busted by “Walternate” (John Noble), who now knows that she knows who she really is.

And so we come to a turning point in the season’s saga, and to properly mark the occasion, Fox has created an appropriately grandiose movie-style trailer for the episode, making its premiere exclusively here in this space. I think this exchange sums up the intense vibe. Fauxlivia: “Are you going to kill me?” Peter: “No. I’m going to get answers. And if I find out you’ve done anything to Olivia? Then I’m gonna kill you.” Also, the bone saw? Chilling. Those of you skilled and equipped to decipher reverse-recorded audio messages, get ready to decode — and please, share your findings in the message board below.

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  • Pamela

    Cannot wait!!!!!

  • Jacob

    Can’t. Freakin’. Wait.

    • EDWARD 4EVA!!!!!

      F*ck this stupid jj abrams stuff, Twilight is soooooooooo much more better and stephanie myers is so much more talented than that old loser!!! She totally gets whats its like to be teenage girl absolutely in love!!! It’s so deep and romantic, they’re totally the greatest books that ever were written in the whole history of the world! Twilight fans is going to live 4eva!!!!

      • what?

        last I checked Fringe is not a girlie show why are you even here?

      • Jay

        thats fine if your a teenage girl, for the other 99% of the population, its garbage

      • HC

        haha, you guys apparently can’t read sarcasm font! this was hilarious!

      • aimeeinchains

        Yup, it is stinks that Twilight and other vampire dreck goes on and on, but Fringe has to hang on for dear life…

      • Flave


      • Nah, it wasn’t

        I saw the joke, if you can call it that and it certainly wasn’t hilarious.

      • allie

        OMG, TWILIGHT IS SOOO AMAZING!! Not. Why are you on here if you don’t like Fringe? Good joke, by the way.

      • NIcole

        I can’t wait to watch this! :D

      • Timothy

        I am sure you eat cookies and drink milk and with yr mom cares. And you have no real friends so you troll cause you are a low-life basterd to low and blind to see reason. I am sure if someone criticize Twilight you will feel acused over it. You keep trolling I am sure the FBI is in your country and will catch you for this you making a war here. If you want to start then I will like to see how you escape from your cell. Be happy for your life and it only takes one secound to think of good thoughts and for everyone happiness.:)* Our life is already miserable and hard so just be nice and help people who were in pain and you will feel love.:)*

      • MIchy

        hey are you stupid or something!?!?! simply because this has NOTHING to do with twilight! and I love twilight!! and trust me Stephanie Meyer is a lousy writer and I am saying that even though I am a fan!!! that said!! this is a show on TV whos context has nothing to do with teenage little girls glorifying controlling relationships! yea that’s a message I want young girls to take into a grown up relationship!! maybe you should go back to reading my dear…..did I mention I like Twilight?! but not as much as I love Fringe…but then again I’m not 12…

      • NMkim


      • I got the joke

        Anyone who could not see the obvious sarcasm in this post is an idiot. Cmon guys step ur comment game up..fRiNg3 4 EVuhhhh!!!!!

      • VigilanteVenus

        artless troll is artless. and really effin stoopid. Son, I am disappoint.


      • Migo

        Stop feeding the troll.

      • frank wright

        Yes , vampires and zombies are so much more interesting.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • scott

        Twilight is stupid old story romance like an old worn cliche.

      • wendy

        oh my god FRINGE is so awesome! so haters take it somewhere else! it just means you cant keep up!!

      • bmerst

        Fringe is Awesome!

    • Person Who Talks

      I read this article and thought, “This was surprisingly well written.” Then I saw the author and I thought, “Jeff Jensen! Of course i’ts well written!” And now that I’ve buttered you up: uh Jeff, are we EVER going to get that final LOST column? Please?

      • Liva

        Here I’m hoping he writes a second “The Walking Dead” recap. I don’t cope well with EW’s two-person format recap, but I love the show. Fingers crossed for a Fringe-type recap from this guy.

      • Ex-Lostie

        What, another Doc Jensen apology for that crappy finale, crappy final season, and the realization that all that time we wasted analyzing LOST for clues meant absolutely nothing? No thanks, let’s just forget that show ever happened and try to get more people to watch Fringe instead. At least it seems like Fringe actually has a direction to it.

        Now, hopefully, the show will survive to a 4th and 5th season and get to end on its own terms. The upcoming move to Friday has me concerned.

    • Rup

      OMG! That gave me chills!! Honestly the trailer was of incredible quality! I am so incredibly excited about Entrada. I am so in love with this episode already. I am especially looking forward to seeing Peter bring Olivia back. Bye bye Altivia!
      ps. With no disrespect to Ken Tucker, but recaps would be so much better served by Jeff Jensen!!

      • Sojourner8

        I agree – Jensen rocked it with Lost and I’d love him to get all up in Fringe. However I do love Tucker – his Victoria Secret (yes, I actually did watch it last night) review slayed me.

    • Ruby

      Me neither! Best show on television by far!!

    • ange

      can I just say, for those of us acroos the water in Bonnie Scotland
      Friday morning are very anxious times for me in antipation that i can get to down load the current episodes of fringe. It is the best programme around – next serious contestor Truse blood – Would not miss it for the world. Last friday sat waiting to download fringe and was absolutely gutted that it was on a break, but now seen the trailer I feel it going to be worth the wait, unlike some sci-fi movies for teenage girls!!

    • scott

      John Noble is one of the best actors-period! Great show I can’t wait to see this one.

      • MELISSA

        John Noble deserves an Emmy…FOR REAL!

      • MELISSA

        John Noble DESERVES an Emmy for his awesome acting chops!

    • Matt


  • UGH

    Awesome show.
    It’s a shame Fox has decided to give it a death-sentence by moving it to Friday nights.

  • erika

    oh my god, chills! :O

  • Lorie

    Thursday can’t come soon enough! The waiting is killing me.

    • MIB

      Fringe rocks!

  • alice

    Best thing on tv at the moment. I’m so excited for this episode!

    • davey

      Should I be a little embarrassed that a tear dropped from my eye by the end of that preview? Nah! Fringe rocks!

      • Ames

        I gasped and put my hands over my mouth. Only Fringe can make me react like that to a preview.

  • Heather

    That looks so intense! Everything we’ve been waiting for, can’t wait!

  • Amy

    Oh my, this is going to be epic! Greatest show on television right now!! I got chills watching that.

  • Anna

    EEK! I got the chills. This.looks.awesome!!

    • anonymous

      Fringe Bumps

  • slacker

    ok, so what’s the backwards-masked phrase at the end?

    • Javadude54

      The backwards message says “Only one way to find out”.

      • Heidi

        Thank you java – finally someone actually answered the question!

      • Marcia

        Yeah I didn’t want to use the phrase, Monster of the Week, but that’s rellay what it was at the beginning. That’s probably why I lost interest. I will pick up the show eventually and get through season 1 in time for season 2. Oh yes True Blood, now that’s a great show. I think that they are probably trying to get two seasons out of a year, or that’s what I’m hoping their doing. I mean why the year long wait for another season like all premium channels do? Since there are 9 books that this show is based on, they should try to speed things along because I don’t know if I can hang around for a decade to see how it all ends. Getting way off topic but oh well. TV always has a way of going through stages of being lame for awhile and then the networks usually find their shows that can last a lifetime. I think we’re in that final stride of great shows for awhile and then it’s the long drought of endless pilot episodes and then news of cancellations of shows, it’s an endless cycle.

  • Tigerlily

    Whoa….it’s gonna be doozy! squeee

  • Mark Justice

    The reverse audio is a man’s voice saying, “Only one way to find out.”

  • billk

    Ready to watch live, recording in case I miss anything!

    • alexmom22

      Oh yeah, gotta DVR it. It must be re-watched a million times b/c I never see a Watcher on first viewing. Plus, I have revisit all of John Noble’s scenes for the thousands of nuances he conveys in one look.

      • danielle

        hope youre still watching it live though! people dvring it and not having enough live viewers is why its in danger of being cancelled :/

      • Shaun

        @ Danielle: Watching it live doesn’t make a difference either UNLESS you’re a Nielsen household. I read an article recently, however, where someone at FOX acknowledged that roughly half of Fringe’s audience is time-shifting the show and watching it later. DVR’ing the show IS now counted by Neilsen, so hopefully this will be factored into the show getting renewed for a 4th season.

        Of course, buying the show on DVD and Blu-Ray for friends and family this holiday season wouldn’t hurt either.

      • Ames

        Ok alexMom22 — I’ve watched each ep several times this year and have yet to spot a Watcher. I’m not doubting they’re there, I just want some sort of a clue where I should be looking. Any help?

      • Ne Oublie

        @Ames-The Observer is very hard to spot. But I was just at the Fringe Fox site, and I saw that they have clips of the Observer you can easily view. (fox.com/fringe)

      • Raj

        I liked it. Not as good as last weeks. I agree that this was one that great with it’s characters but not too great with it’s story. I agree with Roth, Peter going in to dirsam the Box seemed a bit much. John Noble was as great as he always is. (Why hasn’t he won an emmy for this role yet?) Anna Torv was excellent too. But maybe a bit too good? The ending does seem like it is setting up something I don’t want to see and that is Walter becoming the only one to realise that Olivia is actually Bolivia only for no one else to believe him. And Bolivia is just flat out evil. I can understand someone doing their job or following orders but Bolivia is merciless. Now there is one thing that I wanna ask. How the hell did Bolivia get Peter out of the apartment without noticing a growing pool of blood coming from the bathroom?

  • runpaceyrun

    The wait for Entrada is pure torture…..i cant wait!!! aaaarrrrrgggghhhh

    • MC

      OMG, i just had a FRINGEgasm! Can’t wait for thursday!

  • Hannah

    I’ve been waiting for FOX to put out a movie trailer like promotion for the new episode, and boy did they deliver. I’m so excited for Fringe’s return. Let’s hope the viewing numbers for the next two episodes will give the show foward momentum when it returns in January on its new Friday night slot.

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