'Glee' exclusive video: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss duet on 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' plus Lea Michele sings 'Merry Christmas, Darling'

Who needs a husky, bearded old dude in a red suit to deliver presents when you’ve got the equally magical folks at EW? (Also, someone sneaking into your house through the chimney is really sketchy.) In lieu of breaking and entering, EW is gifting you Gleeks with not one but TWO excellent (and EXCLUSIVE) videos from next Tuesday’s Glee holiday bonanza. First off is my personal fave of the pair: a flirty and romantic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss). Then we have now-single Rachel (Lea Michele) singing “Merry Christmas, Darling,” wearing kind of a sad, floppy hat. Hopefully, these clip gifts will provide you all with more joy than, say, a thesaurus from your grandparents or a pair of panda socks from your crazy aunt. Watch below…

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  • Jay

    Am I alive right now!!!! eeeek

    • M

      I don’t think it’s possible to be more in love with Darren Criss than I am right now. LOVED that duet!

      • anya

        I know right! It was so cute! Even cuter then I was expecting! Those two sound really great together and have great chemistry.

      • Gator

        That is my favorite song on the Christmas CD, and seeing it was even better than I expected! LOVE Dareen Criss!!!

      • Claire

        I just love Darren Criss more and more every time i see Glee he’s just … amazing

      • Shiny

        Darren is like buttah, sigh!

      • JB

        I concur! Too adorable!

      • Jen

        I agree completely! Darren and Chris are just so great together.

      • wino

        wow, Darren was smoking in that scene. i dont think his voice has sounded any better!

      • Mel

        and so much chemistry! they’re perfect together.

      • DV

        Darren voice sounds so sultry, I love it! More Darren Criss please!

      • Jax

        ME TOO!!! *glomps*

      • topazbean

        Oh my God can they kiss now please? PLEASE?

      • Leola

        Sqeeee… Agree, I’m so in love w/ Darren and Chris! I have people stopping me when they hear my Teenage Dream ringtone. Can’t wait to make this my new ringtone for the holiday season. {Swoon}

      • Meredith

        Their song is *amazing*! I’ve never heard that song performed any better.

      • helly

        I thought it was perfect. great chemistry, and of course, like everyone, adoring darren criss. He’s just so charming and dazzingly charismatic!

      • tai

        OMG, the cutest performance. I loved the flirting, the song, the intro into the song. It was not so in your face gay. just simple and lovely.
        LOVED it! swoon!

    • Toby

      God, can Kurt be any more of a stereotype/caricature? He is not a girl, why do they insist in equating male homosexuality with wanting to act like /be a girl? If GLEE is so down with diversity, can we see a non-fashionable, non stylish, non-proper gay man? He doesn’t have to be Mr. Triest-Too-Hard-To-Act-Macho guy, but at least someone who’s more rough around the edges, regular guy-ish? You know, there are gay men that have scruffy beards, wear jeans from Goodwill stores and have no clue who Gucci or Barbra are….

      • Laura

        Are they obliged to put in a gay character who doesn’t fit ‘the stereotype’? Besides, aside from Kurt’s dad, I don’t think anyone of the males on glee have scruffy beards and wear jeans from Goodwill stores.
        I reckon Blaine and Kurt represent both sides of the equation. Kurt is a bit more effeminate, but Kurt is a character based on the actor, Kurt Hummel, who is actually like that.
        Meanwhile, Darren is somewhere in between. He’s neither effeminate nor butch. He may be interested in fashion and stereotypical thing, but he’s also that ‘typical sports fan’.
        Karofsky represents the extreme opposite of Kurt. He may not have come to terms with his sexuality, but he is probably gay, considering the kiss scene. I’d call him overly masculine.

    • Hannah

      I could stare at Darren all day. Damn hes PERFECT.

      • wylinda

        iam in love wth those 2 that duet was amazing Chris is the perfect guy and has a great voice Darren is the perfect match to play this role in glee amazing looks,voice talent did i mention looks………… well he and Chris sing perfect harmony.

      • Heidi

        I hope he will be the ‘agressor’ in the relationship (not the right word) but I mean he should make the first move…let Kurt feel chased for a bit, it would be great for his confidence. This is really the first ‘out’ teenager he’s met so a crush might be inevitable but it would mean more I think if Blaine, who has been comfortably out for awhile (with friends who are as well), to see something special in Kurt.
        Ok back to watching that another fifteen times!!

    • Mark

      It’s too bad that Chris Colfer can’t play gay like a man. I hate this show, but at least I can respect Darren Criss’ performance. He actually does gay in a respectful way; Colfer just plays an effeminate charicature of gay men.

      • cc

        He’s playing a 16 year old boy, not a man.

      • Kevin

        What? That makes no sense, Mark. I don’t know how many gay people you know, but being one myself, I know quite a few. Some are like Blaine and some are like Kurt. Are you suggesting that all gay men should “act straight” to be respectful?

      • Tom

        sorry Mark, but Chris is playing Kurt like about half of the gay men I know and love. And Darren is playing Blaine like the other half. Both are respectful and honest and real.

      • James

        Mark, as others have pointed out, you’re a bit clueless.

      • Brent

        I don’t agree with Mark. I know what he’s saying, though. If Kurt was the only gay character and was so over the top it would be a charicature, but Blaine is more down to earth and Karofsky, a closet gay, is a football player who hardly looks ‘effeminate’–how anti-stereotype is that?

        But I do have a serious question–and I mean absolutely no disrespect. Why do some gay men have ‘girly’ voices? The inflections, pitch, etc. I’ve seen it a lot with guys I know. And many of them acquire the voice after they come out–gradually.

      • Heidi

        Chris is like this in real life. He exaggerates his dramatic side to mold more to the character but he was a shy, effeminate gay teen who did experience bullying and had a less than stellar school experience prior to coming on to the show. So this is him in many ways, and when you criticize his character you are criticizing him as a person, and that’s just wrong.

      • Tom

        but all that said, I knew teenagers just like Kurt in high school, and I myself, didn’t quite fit the mold, so I welcome his honest portrayal and hope that it serves to help other young teens see there is room for everyone at the table. Particularly at a time when bullying and teen suicide is so prevalent in the news.

      • Proust

        Brent: prolly because they hang out with women? like a lot of gay guys are excepted by them. thats my theory.

      • Drew

        The Glee kids were meant to be caricatures, the archetypes of high school life. The dumb jock, the bad boy, the gay guy, the popular girl, the wannabe star, the goth, the bitch, etc. I adore Chris Colfer because, like a lot of the other actors, he made Kurt real while still projecting the cliches. This duet was brilliant, and part of that was because Kurt could be the “girl” in the pairing.

      • stevetalbert

        Chris doesn’t play a charicture. HE PLAYS A GAY 16-YEAR OLD WHO IS EFFIMINATE IN MANY THINGS. but in alot of things he isn’t. Darren said he was trying to play Blaine not nelly and not butch,, but is actually more ‘girly’ in his real life as a straight guy than he plays Blaine.

        The point of the show is that people have the choice of conforming to what other people expect of you or, hopefully, other people will realize that it is the differences that make society stronger overall.

        Some people are more masculine others more feminine, others in between whether gay or straight.

      • WhitneyD

        Brent: Everyone changes their voices a bit to fit the occasion. Most guys in their 20’s I know drop their voices when meeting people they want to see ‘grown up’ for, and a lot of women pitch their voices up on first dates to seem a bit girlier. Heck, my own voice is naturally lower but I pitched it up because it fits my appearance. People tend to do it subconsciously to fit in- so that’s my theory.

  • James

    What I love about Glee is how perfectly they capture the angst and over-the-top dramatics of that age group. When you’re in high school everything emotion is heightened and you think you’re the only person in the world going through these things. I know people hate the show for that very reason but if you just think back to what it was like in high school I think you’ll get the magic of Glee.

    • Jenn

      Yeah, you’re so right – I think it’s a question of whether you feel nostalgia for high school or not. Some people really don’t want to revisit teenage years! (Or, ahem, the embarrassment of having been involved in high school acapella groups…)

      • alex

        agreed.. i love this show because it makes me SO nostaligic for performing in high school and college acapella groups.. it did feel dare i say it.. magical.. at the time and it’s hard to get back when you’re older.

      • SaraS

        I love all these comments!! Thanks Jenn, Alex, James. I totally agree with you. In high school everything wrong “ruined your life” as Rachel says.

    • Patti

      I love the show for every reason. I wake up singing the songs. anything that can make you that happy has to be good.

    • Whitney

      I completely agree. I’m a freshman in college, but the show started when I was in high school. And being the same age as the characters on the show, I’d have to say it was very real in capturing what it felt like. Problems such as the ones on Glee were real problems that a lot of high school kids face. I love this show for that reason!

    • Jay

      The clip captured everything I wish had happened to me in High School. Sigh.

      • Calvin


    • Ellie

      I have to agree its the nostalgia of performing in high school (me drama) but either way when your 16, 17 you belive the whole world revolves around you and your problems.

  • Kate

    Loved ‘Baby it’s Cold.’ They sound really lovely together and it was very sweet (I hope we are done pretending that Blaine is ‘just a mentor’).
    Lea Michelle sounded nice but I’m really hoping they aren’t going to drag out this whole Finn and Santana thing. It is not going to work. Also, who on earth was singing the back-up vocals on Lea’s number? The only other people on screen were musicians. I hate when Glee does this, it is a bit like watching American Idol where you can here the back-up vocals but they put the back-up singers off in some dark corner so you think the lead is doing it all by themselves.

    • Al

      Really? Really!?! Glee is a total fantasy. That’s why I love it. It reminds me of old Hollywood musicals. Don’t get caught up in the “that’s unrealistic” Let go, enjoy the ride…..

      • Bobby

        Exactly! Nothing is impossible in Glee-dom and I love it that way.

      • Joel

        I agree!

      • angelbot

        As my dad used to say, the orchestra is hiding in the bushes.

      • Rachel

        It’s total fantasy, which is why Rachel is walking down the hall in a sleeveless sundress…in December…in Ohio.

      • steph

        @Rachel – that’s exactly what I was going to say. No one in the Midwest would ever wear sleeveless in December!

      • Kerri

        @Rachel it depends on your school. I teach at a school that depending on the boiler room, it is either 90 degrees or 32 degrees in the winter, so we have been known to wear sleeveless in the winter, and I am midwest girl. :-)

    • Amy

      Your issue is with the non-existent back-up singers? What about the fact that New Directions’ budget was cut, yet they can afford wonderful costumes, sets, etc.
      Stop scrutinizing and just sit back and enjoy. :)

    • Caitlin

      “I hope we are done pretending that Blaine is ‘just a mentor’”
      Yes!!! Please let’s be done pretending there isn’t something going on between these two!

      • Jen

        Yes!!! I mean come on! Did you see the looks those two were giving each other?! Way more than ‘just a mentor’ now.

      • Sami

        Yeah, except for the fact that R.Murphy obviously hasn’t made up his mind yet whether to go there or not. Notice they took out the “your lips look delicious” line.

      • stevetalbert

        They always shorten the songs for the show but release them in full long form afterwards for purchase. Cutting out the “your lips are delicious” also cuts out the “one cigarette more”.. so they get less hate mail than they would if there was teen boy kissing and teen boy smoking… Hopefully, it will give high schools a G rated version to duplicate…

      • Jenn

        Okay, but what if Blaine is a “player”?? You know, he likes Kurt but has more than one boyfriend?? Or is just a “kleenex king”. (uses folks in relationships like Kleenex) It would be horrible for Kurt but it might also be the fodder for him to return to McKinley! Don’t think anything has been said about Blaine being a permanent character even though his voice his excellent. So many different possible storylines here!

    • Joyce

      i just want Rachel and Finn back together. Glee is so incomplete without them as a couple. :(

    • Ashley

      I agree with you. The back-up vocals we’re probably the other members in Glee I’m guessing? But, this is just what Rachel is wanting between her and Finn. She wants what Quinn and Sam have. How there deeply in love. I really do hope they don’t drag that Finn & Santana Thing out too. I really love it when Finn and Rachel are together. It shows how two opposites can attract.

      • Jenny

        I don’t mind Quinn and Sam as a couple, but I don’t think they are “deeply in love.” They only had one episode of build-up and tension before they started dating, and now they’re suddenly in love? Maybe it happens in real life, but in fiction we need conflict and a struggle for love to be satisfying!

      • Jenn

        Have to agree with Jenny. It’s just that Sam and Quinn are in the “honeymoon” stage of their relationship. Everything is sunshine and roses, you know? Did not like the scene with Finn doing the tree with Santana. Even though it looked innocent it suggests that they are now sort of pursuing things which means Finn is a complete cad! If he were truly in love with Rachel he would not be so quick to run to Santana who is a “rebound” relationship and is Finn using her just for a possible second go-round in the hotel? Following “little Finn”?

    • Jim

      I don’t think GLEE is trying to be all THAT accurate. The show masterfully creates a vibe of an experience that the viewer can relate too. Don’t get so dogmatic about a piece of entertainment….let go and just enjoy it. All this nitpicking about details is just ridiculous. For those of you who are literal minded, you’ll always find a fault in something miniscule. And that is not what appreciating creativity is all about.

    • Sandi

      I agree…the whole Finn/Santana thing won’t work & making Finchel break up just before Christmas? Gawd! How does a guy who claimed his first time with her wasn’t what he expected (as in not great) & seems to need a girl who won’t cheat on him end up with Santana of all people who will sleep with just about any guy for no reason at all other than to irk the female the guy is with?? *eye roll*

    • Lori

      Exactly! Finally-people that get it! Thank you!

    • Peanut

      Santana & Finn…..it’s a clip of them together, not kissing, not dancing, not doing anything but putting a damn star up, i mean hell she took his V card, he is eventually gonna follow her around like a puppy, thats how that works

      • John

        Of course Finn will follow Santana around like a puppy. He’s a guy and she a hot cheerleader. I would.

      • Leithen

        @John I totally agree. A hot cheerleader is very compelling to high school guys. And college guys. And the guy next door. Pretty much to any random heterosexual guy you see on the street.

    • Meredith

      I love the high school angst. It is very much like high school! Sure, the band doesn’t typically know every song your glee club would come up with right away, nor would there be a huge set and snowfall, but… It’s Glee, and it’s Christmas. I LOVE it.

  • Churble

    Baby It’s Cold Outside is amazing! By far my favorite Christmas song, this is the best version I’ve seen since Zooey Deschanel in Elf, which will always be my favorite.

    • Gerry

      Zooey’s version is my absolute favorite too and what makes it extra awesome in the movie is Will Ferrel running into the locker.

      • Rhiannon

        I totally agree. No one sings like Zooey Deschannel.

    • deedee

      no one has sung this song as well as the beautiful alto voice of Karen Carpenter

      • delphia2000

        I agree! Karen did it best!

      • Sandi

        Totally agree…that’s why Karen’s version is a Christmas Classic!

      • sheryl

        I agree that Karen did it best, but Lea did a great job. I appreciate the fact that she stayed true to the original arrangement.

      • Fred

        Now knowing what happened last week, the choice for Merry Christmas Darling is perfect for Rachel to be singing, and much more heartfelt. I would like to hear a Glee rendition of Only Yesterday.

    • wasabi

      Nothing tops the original version with Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams singing the song in one set while Betty Garrett and Red Skelton sing it in another (with Betty taking the aggressor lines as she makes a play for Red) in Neptune’s Daughter. It’s pretty much the best thing about the movie.

      • cc

        I was wondering where the song originated. Thanks!

    • tara

      Zoeys is amazing, but I love love love this one too. Finally it is becoming normal for a gay relationship on tv!

    • Kelco

      I TOTALLY agree with you… Zoey was great, and I cant’ wait to watch Elf again this year… but I also can’t wait to see next week’s Glee!

    • bw

      gotta disagree… check out Brian Setzer and Ann-Margaret…

      • TQ

        I’m gonna get dogged for this, but listen to Barry Manilow and K.T. Oslin’s version. It’s a bit less manic, and very very funny.

    • ab

      Barry Manilow and K.T. Oslin is the best version I’ve ever heard!

  • katie

    wow, i cannot wait for blurt? kune? haha.
    i think they have exceptional chemistry!
    poor, rachel, she and finn breaking up though is good for the show.
    you can’t stay a perfect couple forever in tv-land.
    i’m so excited for tuesday!
    THANKS, ew!

    • kt

      Definitely Blurt. haha

    • Lies T

      Klaine. ;D Lol.

      • Jacob

        The internet has decided on Klaine. haha

      • Jerry

        Perfect. Klaine :)

    • Oh, I think so

      I believe it’s Klaine

      • katie

        i like blurt!

    • Sandi

      Rachel/Finn can’t stay a perfect couple yet the writers are trying to d that for Quinn/Sam? Double standard? Why should the witchy queen of the Cheerios find happiness when she can’t even empathize with others who were there for her when she was the pregnant outcast? o.O

      • SaraS

        I was just thinking that this week — I’ve been watching season 1. She was soooo, so mean. I want her to end up with Puck somehow, they had great chemistry (remember the baked goods fight?)

      • Savannah

        I don’t think that it’s a double standard because Quinn/Sam are not the main characters. So in tvland this is okay for them to be happy! But since Rachel and Finn are both main characters there’s no way they can stay happy for very long. Don’t get me wrong I really want Finchel back . . . but they are the main characters.

    • Peanut

      umm finchel, man first… so most likely blurt… blain is clearly the man in their “soon to be” relationship

      • Rom

        Man first is not always the case. Quinn/Sam is Quam and Mercedes/Puck is Muck. Most Kurt pairings start with Kurt first.

      • James

        That could be considered a little bit offensive, they can both be the man, however Kurt does often go to the girls side.

      • Karlee

        If I’m completely honest, the names fans come up with for the pairings is just which sounds better. Muck, Quick, Quam, Finchel…PucKurt (Yes, I ship em)…they’re better than Pucedes, Rachinn, Sinn, Pinn…etc.

      • Rah

        I’m sure I don’t need to point out that both Kurt and Blaine are men…

      • anya

        Well, neither member of this pairing is a girl, so I don’t get your point. But I like Blurt too! Klaine is just putting a K where the B should be in Blaine. Blurt is a better combo.

    • Amy


      • patrick

        I approve of this name.

    • Francie

      When were Finn and Rachel a perfect couple? They had so many fights and break-ups and jealousies last season. And this season, starting with the first episode, they’ve had plenty of conflict. But that’s what makes them great, that they can be opposites and still love each other in the end.

      • lauren

        Personally, I like “Puckleberry” the best. Whenever they are together, it makes Puck more sensitive!!!

      • Jessica

        I Love Rachel and Finn together they do make the show and if they stay apart I am giving up on this show as well !!!!

  • JBD

    Out of all Christmas songs they give Lea Michelle “Merry Christmas, Darling” Really? That song was horrible. I wish she sang O’Holy Night or Silent Night. We barely heard her range in this song.

  • Sam

    I feel a little gipped that the Colfer/Criss duet didn’t end with at least a little kiss. Instead they flop on the couch? Come on Glee, what you lack in quality you make up for in cajones.

    • Sophia

      It’s going to be a pretty big deal when these two kiss, I think. Not just for the social importance (two teenage boys who fall in love organically and gradually? That’s just not done on American network television), but within the storyline as well as all signs seem to be pointing to a nice, slow romantic build-up. I’d bet we get to see their first kiss during the Regionals episode or Nationals episode. Both will probably fall in Sweeps periods.

      • Rose

        I don’t think I can wait for sweeps but I think you’re probably right.

      • TA

        I hope you have a pretty strict definition of “organically and gradually,” because in just the last few years I have seen multiple gay teens having romantic story lines with other gay teens on network TV shows (Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty come to mind right now, and I’m sure they’re are others on shows I don’t watch-isn’t their a gay kid on the new 90210 show?)

      • Sophia

        @TA: The stories in “Gossip Girl” and “Ugly Betty” didn’t involve characters as major as Kurt is in “Glee” this season and didn’t compare to the straight romances for screentime. Not to mention the gay teen romance in “Ugly Betty”, when the characters finally kissed, the story was practically dropped like a hot potato. Disappointing to say the least. The audiences and media exposure for all those shows you mention was and is also considerably lesser than very high profile “Glee”. “Gossip Girl” and “90210” reboot are both on the CW where the highest rated shows could only hope to snag a fraction of what “Glee” pulls in on average every week. I stand by what I said above, what looks to be happening with this Kurt/Blaine story? It just doesn’t happen on American network television (not on a major network and not on a show that is so high profile and extremely lucrative as “Glee”). I’m so grateful to Ryan Murphy and his fellow writers and producers for sticking to their guns and giving us this story. Also obviously taking their time to tell it properly.

      • Cindy

        Ugly Betty was already canceled before the two guys kissed. They knew it was coming and I think they decided to make a nice ending for everybody. Hilda suddenly got married, Eric was suddenly in love with Betty…

      • guest

        Um, its been done plenty of time on American network television. The first time it was done on a popular prime time network television was Dawson’s Creek in 2000 (seasons 3, “True Love”). That is 10 years ago. Glee is not doing anything ground breaking.

      • stevetalbert

        I think why the Glee story line is more major than Dawson’s Creek besides the number of people watching is that in Glee being gay isn’t the traumatic thing it was in Dawson’s Creek – although Dave is having issues – but in general it is just a given in Glee and the trauma comes for just general life trauma of high school. It’s probably hard for people under about 40 years old to see what a difference it is. Remember that until 2003 being gay was ACTUALLY ILLEGAL in most states and a valid reason to be denied memberships, licenses, etc.

      • Angie

        You haven’t watched the last episode of 90210. Teddy was a womanizing tennis phenom. One night, after a fight with his girlfriend, he got drunk and woke up in bed with Ian. Totally freaked him out. Days later he got in a fight with Ian about what happened and punched him while calling him a F**. Since then, Teddy’s been questioning himself and last week he realized that he is very attracted to Ian and initiated some kissing. LOL – Teddy’s a gentler Karofsky.

    • Kathy

      At least Blaine could have held Kurt’s hands when he said “they’re just like ice.” Oh, I love these two together!

    • Lori

      Now who says it DIDN’T end that way, and the clip ended before we got to see it, hmm?

      • CoffeeMe

        Exactly what I was thinking. Who says they don’t kiss or are just about to when they’re interrupted by someone coming into the room.

        Same as the clip of “Hey, Soul Sister” which didn’t show Rachael and Mercedes start a standing ovation for Kurt.

    • Nicky

      I actually disagree. The chemistry they had in this song was amazing, and the fact that nothing happened builds the suspense. You know you want it to happen, you’re almost positive it will, but you don’t know when it’s going to happen. That’s what makes the show good. If there wasn’t any mystery or suspense, conflict or tension, the show would be boring.

  • Jack

    Blaine, I’m in love with you, lol

  • Dan

    I hope they use Christmas to show us some of the other families, such as Rachel’s dads. I always found it interesting that we don’t see more of the families at the concerts. We saw Quinn’s mom last year, but where’s Santana’s doctor dad, or Artie’s parents? I especially think we need that for Santana, as the character needs softening. The closest I think we’ve seen lately is her inability to articulate her emotions at Kurt’s departure.

    • Fridge

      Santana definately needs softening. As she is right now, I really can’t stand her. I feel no sympathy for her because she’s just been a b!tch the whole time.

      • Jen

        I agree. While her voice is fantastic, her character is so one dimensional. All we get to see her her horrible attitude and I think we need to see another side of her or else a lot more people will get completely annoyed.

      • Woot

        I was surprised that they started developing Brittnay more before Santanna.

      • Ivan

        They are building her up to sing ‘Another Suitcase in the Hall’ from Evita – mark my words.

    • katie

      We do see her crying in the episode where Will gets his revenge on Sue and she stops coming to school right before nationals. She was pretty emotional there.

      • Angie

        I think you mean regionals. New Directions has never been to nationals. and it was Tina that cried, not Santana.

      • Kim

        No, she meant the cheerleading nationals, in “Funk”

        And also Santana looked like a mess during “To Sir, With Love”

    • Jim

      Having known a few Santanas in this lifetime, softening may take years to develop! In high school, a lot of “Santanas” were the mean girls who terrified people. They often don’t get their wake up call until college!

      • Tom

        I think the softening will come by way of a high profile (see JLo) guest star as her manipulative over demanding mother. just monday morning quarterbacking here but I would pay for that. or how about bringing a real powerhouse like Rita Moreno in as her grandma, what? lol

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Glee sucks.

    • santanasucks

      Santana is a megabich!

      • K

        I kno…I don’t get why Finn was wit her puttin up tha star on tha tree or why he had a BIG smile on his face while doin it. I thought he loved Rachel?? she’s obv. sad so why isn’t he & why isn’t he mad @ Santana for blurting everything out in front of everyone??

    • Cindy in MI

      If you think the show sucks, then don’t bother to watch or read the posts. Just a suggestion…

  • Redeye

    Thanks for the wonderful preview! It is nice that the younger generation will hear some “old fashioned” holiday tunes. There is nothing that Lea Michele cannot sing with great emotion, and be fabulous–I knew it the minute I saw her perfom in “Spring Awakening”, and now in everything from “Glee” to Streisand to “Evita”–WOW–she is a major talent. The producers of “Glee” will probably have to give her a lot of time off to pursue the many offers she must be receiving!!

    • Redeye

      Congratulations as well to quite a few of the other “Glee” cast members who are also very talented performers; especially Matthew Morrison–great song and dance man. and Broadway Star!!

    • Andrew

      Lea is already a seasoned Broadway Musical Star

      • BeeCox

        which is exactly why the OP mentioned “Spring Awakening” and “Evita”

    • scyren

      Sorry Lea should have left that song along. She didn’t do it justice and I completely hated it. It had no texture or rich tone. I hope I never have to hear it again.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Anybody else has the urge to just want to punch Kurt in that stupid looking face?

    • lala


    • suebrody

      Er no, Rusty.

      Flirting Klaine. SO EXCITED

    • Evyn

      No but I have the urge to punch you in your stupid face

      • Joann

        Lol! Me too!!!

      • Heath

        100% with you Evyn. Shut it Rusty.

    • Katja

      Not today! I want to punch the writers in the face every week, but I can’t blame Kurt (or his NICE-looking face) for being so heavily featured at the expense of most other character development…and this duet gave me warm fuzzies. So sweet, so romantic, and I just can’t resist Darren Criss smoldering like that. Plus they sang it beautifully, although (and it’s not DC’s fault) I think I prefer when the bass part is actually sung by a bass on lines like “what’s the sense in hurting my pride”. It’s a lovely performance anyway, though.

      • Andrew

        Blossom Dearie does a lovely job with this tune. Sadly she passed away last year

      • Blame Leno!!

        Well you’d have been happy that this was Kurt’s only scene last night. Normally I agree and don’t like too much of any one character but I’m sort of addicted to Blaine right now and I can’t have Blaine without Kurt(whom I do adore as well) and since I prefer them over Rachel I want their faces on screen all the time. LOL! I don’t know what it is about DC but man I could just watch him for hours LOL!! and that voice…sheesh…

    • charles

      I don’t think he has a stupid face, but I’d like to smack him once in awhile for being so completely self-centered and manipulative.

      • suzumi

        I think you’re confusing Kurt with Rachel… >_>

      • bw


      • Kristen

        Suzumi, it’s pretty much impossible to not qualify Kurt as seriously self centered.
        Do I blame him for it? Not even remotely. It is really traumatic being sexually different from everyone around you, and turning to focus on yourself is natural.
        Beyond self centered, he is manipulative with his father.
        I don’t fault him for it, but it gets annoying when the show focuses so much on it.

      • suebrody

        Kurt is NOT self-absorbed, he is self-confident and quirky (as well as lonely). And now he is questioning everything about himself. I hope he doesn’t lose what is so unique about himself. Don’t become a robotron, Kurt. Stay strong.

    • Andrew

      no but maybe someone has the urge to do that to you…

    • Hilary

      I want finn and rachel to get back together !!!

      • bbkenn

        Me too!

    • jessii

      I don’t have the urge to punch him,but I have the urge to correct your horribly written sentence though.

  • kt

    That may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…more Blaine!!!

  • Thad

    Blaine is the best thing to happen to this show.

    • Nicky

      OMG YES!
      He (Darren Criss) is an amazing actor, has one of the best voices i’ve ever heard, and has GREAT chemistry with Kurt.
      I was So glad when i found out he was going to join the cast!

  • Laurie

    Merry Christmas Darling sounds beautiful, but part of me was hoping they would use her spectacular rendition of O Holy Night which has become my favorite version of that song ever.

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