'House,' 'Dexter,' 'Bones,' 'The Closer': Find out what's next in The Spoiler Room

spoiler-roomImage Credit: Chris Haston/Fox; TNT; Randy Tepper/ShowtimeThe holidays are here, Roomies, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year…. Okay, there are those crowds of holiday shoppers everywhere, all so rabidly hungry for deals that they’d trade their first born for $5 off the latest Snuggie to be pimped in a commercial by an ear-killing holiday-themed song. That does make a strong case for staying indoors, shopping online, and of course, watching TV (the only true path toward happiness — and vitamin D deficiency).

Still not convinced to ride out the Yuletide retail madness from the comfort of your sofa? This week’s scoop might help. I have dish on December episodes of The Closer, Leverage, Dexter, Bones, and more. Plus, looking ahead, the lovely Lisa Edelstein weighs in on what we can expect in January episodes of House. Now, that’s something to celebrate.

Remember to keep sending in scoop requests. Twitter replies/direct messages work well (@EW or @EWSandraG). And thanks to ALS for suggesting opening up an e-mail request line. I’m happy to announce SpoilerRoom@ew.com is now up and running! Now use it!

House has only been on break a little over a week now, but if you’re anything like me, you’re already as twitchy as House during Vicodin withdrawal. So I called in reinforcements in the form of the lovely Lisa Edelstein (up for a People’s Choice Award!). When the show returns Jan. 17, Candice Bergen guests as Cuddy’s controlling mother, visiting Princeton-Plainsboro to (what else!) pry and shake things up. “Her mother is the kind of mother who thinks the most loving thing she can do is tell you the worst things she knows about you,” Edelstein said. And Mom’s first meeting with her daughter’s surly boyfriend is far from love at first sight. (Between the scruffy face and bedside manner, are you really surprised?) Undeterred, House is determined to win over Cuddy’s mom. “House is really trying in this relationhip. He’s not brushing it off like it’s nothing.  He really wants to be that guy.”

In other familial news, House also recently cast Paula Marshall in the role of Cuddy’s sister, Lucinda, whom Edelstein has a long history with. “She and I have been in all the same casting offices for 20 years. Anybody — especially in your 20s — who’s dark-haired and funny ends up in the same room,” she joked.

One final House call: After a few episodes of peeved Cuddy giving House her dagger eyes, we can look forward to peace on the horizon. “That’s not going to last forever,” Edelstein told me. “She knows who he is. It’s just that when you’re at the beginning of a relationship, everyone is trying to be the best of themselves, and when somebody does something like he did, it’s frightening because it means that that’s still the best of what they have to offer. But she gets over it and life moves forward. Family definitely triggers a lot more stuff, but nothing that they can’t surpass.”

Those of us dying to learn more about the somewhat out-of-left-field new chief of police, Tommy Delk (Courtney B. Vance), won’t necessarily get an answer when the show returns on Dec. 6 with its first new episode since summer. He doesn’t appear that first episode back, but you’ll still feel Delk’s presence, especially in light of some rumored staff changes that would have a HUGE impact on the station. The mumbling frazzles everyone, even Capt. Raydor, who responds with a significant attitude adjustment. (Yes, she kind of gets that stick out of her aaaa-anyway….) When Fritz breaks the news to Brenda, let’s just say he’s left blue by her reaction — well, parts of him are.

Meanwhlie, Lt. Flynn faces possible career-ending allegations — one of a few reasons you’ll want to take Flynn out for a very strong alcoholic beverage (um, if he wasn’t in AA). And for @jenndeve, who wanted some bonus Brenda/Fritz scoop, I have two words: Workplace. Sex.

greekImage Credit: Elisabeth Caren/ABC FamilyI know you’ve spent the months since the March finale of Greek heartbroken over Casey and Cappie’s split. Well, you can dry your eyes now. No, they’re not reconciling, but there is a glimmer of hope in the Jan. 15 return episode, which is primarily set three months after graduation. Be warned: When Casey verbally bitch slaps Cappie, things between the now-former couple will seem about as dead as the last keg at a frat party. (Hey, the philandering snake deserves it; you’ll see.) Luckily, they take a turn during a cute bedroom window rendezvous. Also, Casey learns of a betrayal that will cause her to sever ties with someone (hint: someone did NOT want her to stay at Cyprus-Rhodes for law school — more here), and Ashleigh finds herself struggling with life in New York. Dale fans will also find themselves cheering him on when he faces off with new ZBZ prez Rebecca. Believe me when I say it’s a clash of bitch-oh-no-you-didn’t proportions.

What are the holidays without a little evil Santa action? This year, it’s brought to us courtesy of Wil Wheaton, who reprises his role as manipulating hacker, Chaos, in the Dec. 12 episode. No, Wheaton doesn’t don the suit (I know, drat!), but he commands a gaggle of convict Cringles in a scheme so complex it leaves Nate questioning his abilities.

Twitter buddy @reebsreiswig wanted scoop on Wheaton’s return, and while I can’t reveal if his scheme is a success or not, I can tell you that he takes off with something very important to the team: Lucille 2.0. (Oh, how we love to hate him.) You can also look forward to seeing Parker happily dressed as an elf, and Eliot rocking the big man’s red velvet and white beard. It goes without saying that Eliot is by far the unhappiest Santa since Billy Bob Thornton. And because I’m a big tease, next week, I’ll have more info about these exclusive photos (featuring yummy Goran Visnjic as Damien Moreau and Elisabetta Canalis as the Italian) :

Leverage-Goran-ElisabettaImage Credit: TNT

Goran-Elisabetta-LeverageImage Credit: TNT


@NewarkCrimeTV asks: Any scoop on Castle, Criminal Minds, NCIS or Bones? (I’m not picky…)
I’ll take Bones for $500, Newark. In the Dec. 9 episode, “The Doctor in the Photo,” Brennan will make a shocking move that honestly might leave you in tears. “She kind of goes out on a limb and says to Booth, ‘I’m here,'” dished star Emily Deschanel. “Brennan took that chance, and whether it works out or not doesn’t matter as much as the fact that she did take that chance. I think it is a happy ending in that way, even if it is hard and sad.” I leave you with an equation: Heroism in “Two Bodies in the Lab” – real danger + tear-worthiness of last 20 minutes of “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” + 1/2 of the weirdness in “The End in the Beginning” + Veronica Mars mini-reunion (Francis Capra and Enrico Colantoni!) = “The Doctor in the Photo”

@xshley asks: What the heck is going to happen next on Dexter?
You’ll have to be slightly more specific. For example, “‘What is going to happen after Dexter ends up unconscious in the back of a white panel van this Sunday?” That’s a question I could’ve answered. Or how about, “Will Jordan Chase, who up until now has kept his hands very much out of the killing action, finally gets his hands dirty in the penultimate episode of the season?” Another really excellent question I could have answered.

Joe asks: Thanks for the Psych scoop last week. The Twin Peaks episode was great!! Anything this week?
In the show’s It’s a Wonderful Life-esque Christmas episode, Shawn has a dream and gets a glimpse of what life in Santa Barbara would be like if he had never come back. Tony Cox (Bad Santa, Date Movie) acts as his spiritual guide a la Clarence the angel. “I can promise you will see every character in a way you have never seen them before,” star James Roday told me. I know what you’re thinking (because my filthy mind thought the same thing): Does that mean nudity!? “In one particular case, yes it [does],” Roday said. Win! Erm, depending on who it is…

@iMJuniorBarbosa asks: What’s to come on Community ?
Well, we all know that the upcoming stop motion is getting all the buzz right now, and rightfully so. (Just check out these behind the scenes videos!) But if I were you, I’d start look forward to the Jan. 6 episode, which has some major movement in the Shirley-Chang hookup drama. I hate hiatus time. HATE. IT. Reruns will not answer life’s burning questions, like whether wiener dogs are born that way or born normal and then grow into their weiner..

Ray asks: Seeing Terri back on Glee during “The Substitute” was great. When is she coming back?
Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri) continues to be a series regular but is at the mercy of the writing staff regarding her appearances, according to an insider. My best advice? Demand more Terri. Feel free to sign my name on that petition, too.

Cassidy-FreemanImage Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW@cheesybones asks: What can we expect in the next two episodes of Smallville?
This week, look for Cassidy Freeman as you’ve never seen before when we go to an alternate universe where Tess has grown up knowing she’s a Luthor. “It’s going to be Tess but Tess with a lot more knowledge of her past and therefore a different outlook on her life.… It’s an interesting way for us to play a ‘what if’ game,” Freeman told me. As you know, the episode is also the long-awaited return of John Glover as Lionel, and the situation comes to blows as he and Tess clash for the first time in the other world. What you may not know? It was totally real. “He really wanted me to hit him, so I did,” Freeman said, laughing. “I kept faking it, and I said, ‘Are you going to react to that?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, when you hit me.’ So I was like, ‘Yeah!'” Note to self: Do not piss off Cassidy Freeman.

Meg asked: I heard you liked Off the Map. What can you tell us about Zach Gilford’s (<3) character?
Well, the slightly surly plastic surgeon has a rough time adjusting to the lax policies in the South American jungle and butts heads with a senior doc because of their difference in approach during the first episode. But that’s not what you were really asking, is it? I can read between the lines and emoticon hearts, so here you go: Expect shirtlessness as soon as episode 3. Now take a cold shower.

@Fallonam asks: Can you find out when the Gossip Girl writers will stop making Jenny look like an extra from The Walking Dead? It’s really out of control.
Don’t blame the writers! They come in peace. I’d blame the owner of said face — but that’s just me. At least we won’t see her that much in the second part of the season, right? Also good news: Y’all are loving this season of Gossip Girl! The show was No. 1 among females 18-34 last week, and that’s important, Gossipers, because ’tis the season to start talking about renewal.

Keep sending your burning questions about upcoming episodes of your favorite shows to @EW or @EWSandraG. Direct messages work, too.

Additional reporting by Emily Exton.

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  • Bill

    You know next weeks Bones episode will be nothing special .So why are you trying to make it something it’s not

    • Fridge

      I didn’t want to sit and figure what parts from each of those episodes she was talking about. I think I’ll live until next week without knowing what’s going to happen though.

      • Kristin

        Let’s not forget that they showed half of this scene in the previews – so why is it being listed here as a “spoiler”?! I miss Aussiello!!!!

      • AT

        It’s pretty much the same thing she did last time for the Fringe episode that aired yesterday. Basically recapped the preview. *yawn*

      • Aussiello

        If you miss Aussiello go to facebook he is doing the same thing there as he use to do here. I follow both so I don’t mind the new spoiler room.

      • holly

        wow did that bones spoiler confuse me!

    • @Bill

      The scenes they showed last night suggest it may indeed be something special, so I’ll wait and see for myself, thanks.

    • Jason

      You know your “spoilers” are horrible when someone longs for Ausiello. This Sandra person picked worse shows to start with than even Ausiello did. I guess I’ll go back to finding out what happens, the old fashioned way: by watching the show. Besides, these spoilers are usually only 1-2weeks off: my TV guide has the same info for the next 2 weeks of TV- Thanks Program Guide!

      • Gisele putnam


  • Liz

    I’m sorry but I so do NOT care about Cuddy and her family – since when is this the Cuddy Show?! Huddy better comes to an end soon.

    • Louise

      I actually like her better than Emma. Emma irks me, something about the way she talks.

    • Aussiello

      I hate house now it has lost so much in the past two years gone down hill

    • Katyo

      You know, I wasn’t a huge Huddy proponent in the beginning, but I appreciate how the writers/actors are always trying to keep things new. House is the one show I’ve continued to watch week after week for every season. I love every episode. People just expect too much from TV.

  • Sarah

    Terri from Glee? You like her? SERIOUSLY???????

    • charles

      Don’t worry. There won’t be more Terri. Kurt would have to give up some of his screen time, and it’s not likely that’s going to happen anytime soon.

    • tracy bluth


      • Mon


    • Kiki

      Bhahahahaha … exactly what i thought … no one can possibly like her

    • Zoe

      I wouldn’t mind Terri if she had a different storyline other than pining and scheming over Will. Have her get involved with a new teacher at the school, for example. Have her become frenemies with Will. Just give her something new to do. I think the character is just annoying because the storyline regarding her romantic involvement with Will became overused a full year ago.

    • Katyo

      Terri sucks. Jessalyn Gilsig, however, is a really good actress.

  • hazel eyes

    When are we going to get any Wilson/Hilson spoilers please?????

    • erin

      Who are Wilson and Hilson?

    • Calleigh

      I love [H]ouse! I just finished catching up on the whole show and House, Cuddy and Wilson are my favorites. They’re great together. Since I’m new to the online stuff I had to look up all the slang the other night that the others refer to and Huddy and Hilson came up. I can’t believe people ship House and Wilson together. I thought that was hilarious! Not in a mean way but they’re just so straight. House and Wilson’s friendship reminds me of the guys from “Grumpy Old Men”. Just imagining Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon getting it on [which is the equivalent to me] is so not hot. But they are funny and totally awesome like the guys from GOM.

      Can’t wait for new episodes in January. Thanks for the scoopage.

  • AN

    Love me some Gossip Girl. Little J and her racoon eyes can stay gone! :)

  • sarah

    Can i remind you that the lovely Robert Sean Leonard is nominated for the PCA Awards, too. He is the most under-appreciated actor by the media and obviously the House producers.

    I can´t believe what this one`s so great unconventionel TV show HOUSE_md became. The great unusual Genius is such a wuss now.House is stuck into soapy plots about Cuddy`s family. This is as interesting as shoeshine. *yawn

    • Tianna

      Oh, come on. I think it’s interesting to watch House try to change. I agree that Robert Sean Leonard is sadly overlooked as Wilson, but fans have to allow the show to change and evolve without getting upset. If it stayed the same, House would be boring. Now that it’s different, people hate the difference. It’s just complaining.

      • Jill

        I find the show more boring now than in the first three seasons because it’s focussed too much on the personal lives of Cuddy, Foreman and Thirteen, and House himself has become less interesting as he’s become more mopey about Cuddy.

        I wouldn’t hate any difference, I just hate this difference.

  • brandinb

    I miss Ausiello. No offense to Sandra, but the spoilers on here are COMPLETELY uninteresting to me. Thank goodness Ausiello is still posting scoop on his FB and Twitter.

    • Jill

      Why are you still reading it then?

    • Jill

      She just doesn’t have Ausiello’s contacts yet (I assume). Give this column some time to develop.

      • Jill

        Haha, didn’t realize it before, but this is a different Jill than the previous poster.

    • BLM

      Sandra is amazingly funny recap writer. The spoilers will get better, just give her a chance.

      • Jeff M.

        I agree give her time keep working hard Sandra I believe in you.

    • Bob

      He’ll be back in full force come January-ish, so don’t sweat. So until then, cut this columnist a break or two.

    • MCS

      I miss people not complaining on the comments. No offense to brandinb, but the comments on here are COMPLETELY uninteresting to me. Thank goodness not all the comment boards are people missing Ausiello.

    • Tianna

      I miss Ausiello, too, but Sandra is doing great.

  • Alex

    Thank god this column finally improved. It’s sort of like Ask Ausiello now, but with less snarky comments from him.

  • freckles

    ok but OMG @ the Dexter spoiler!!!

    Dexterrrrrr!!!! (but i know he’ll come outta this unscathed)

  • MiMi

    I don’t care about Cuddy. Even another Foreman storyline would be more interesting.

    • machu

      I can accept that you don´t like cuddy, but say that foreman storyline would be more interesting is really really insulting!

      • MiMi

        Well, it’s my personal opinion. I think.I have the right to like Foreman more than Cuddy.

      • MiMi

        * correction: “I think” without the extra “.”

      • Jill

        But not nearly as insulting as the stupidity of what they are trying to sell as the “adult” relationship of House and Cuddy.

        I know more people who dislike Cuddy than like her and who would prefer any character, even the over-used and hated Thirteen, to yet more Cuddy storylines.

    • erin

      Whose Foreman?

      • Bob

        Um, that would be Who’s Foreman? or Who is Foreman.

    • nitemar

      I dont understand why people keep watching a show they always complaining about and hate.

  • billk

    God, there is only one show in this column I actually care about (Leverage) and the ‘scoop’ has been out there for some time.

  • Curt

    House really needs much less Cuddy. An “intelli-com-drama” simply does not need extended romance. ANd that seems to be most of what we’re getting this year with House/Cuddy and Taub’s marital problems. It’s crushing this once entertaining show. I keep hoping that at the end of the episode House will wake up back in the mental institute after a shock therapy treatment or something and everything the last couple of years will have been a withdrawal nightmare.

  • Joy

    I’m so excited for what’s to come on House, I could cry.

    VOTE for Hugh, Lisa, Robert and the show, folks! Voting ends in 4 days.

  • David

    FINALLY something interesting on this column. A ‘House’ scoop! God, it’s been a while.

    Thank you!

    • ITA

      I’ve actually missed Ausiello because I *needed* some new ‘House’ news. It’s been so quiet and boring lately. I’m glad someone’s doing it. And I *cannot* wait for Candice Bergen and more Cuddy backstory.
      Come on January 17th!

  • mary

    My god so much verbiage to get to the spoilers I fell asleep twice trying to read all that and gave up.

    Aussiello I so miss you.

    And Jill who are you the reading police?

    • Oh, I forgot, people who love Ausiello need EXCLUSIVE!!!!! before every headline and “quippy” responses instead of actual information. Hey, mary, reading is fundamental.

      • MCS

        And all the spoilers also need to exclusively be about House and Glee.

    • Jill


    • Bob

      Ladies, please. Where’s the love?

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