'Simpsons' exclusive video: Katy Perry as Moe's girlfriend? Homer as a puppet? Check out clips from Sunday's Christmas episode!

Katy-Perry-SimpsonsImage Credit: FoxThe Simpsons would like to wish you a very Perry Christmas: The animated Fox comedy’s holiday episode on Dec. 5 includes a special live-action segment that features pop star Katy Perry hamming it up with Simpsons characters that have been transformed into puppets. Can’t wait until Sunday to get a peek at Perry and the puppets? You may open this present early: Two exclusive clips from the episode! But first, let’s hear about the plot that brings Perry into the world of Homer & Co. “Maggie has a Muppet-type DVD that no one will let her watch, so she has this puppet dream with the Simpsons, and Katy Perry shows up the way Elton John would on The Muppet Show,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean tells EW. Clad in a flashy red dress that would have stressed out the folks at Sesame Street, Perry sings “The 39 Days of Christmas” with the Simpsons, Mr. Burns, and Moe, who, believe it or not, is her boyfriend. “Moe can’t actually reach her — he’s too short — so there’s a slightly risqué joke at the end of the show,” hints Jean. “Don’t tune out during the credits.” The episode, which is titled “The Fight Before Christmas,” also boasts an appearance by (an animated) Martha Stewart.

Moe sets up a hot date, Katy Perry surprises the Simpsons….

Bonus clip: Perry sings “The 39 Days of Christmas” with the Simpsons, Mr. Burns, Moe, and a sock puppet dog….

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  • jondoe

    Homer’s puppet is nowhere near fat enough. I don’t really care though, Katy Perry is a complete turn-off. Will just have to forward through her bits.

    • Richard Whitman

      I will do the opposite and fast forward TO Katy Perry and away from tired old Simpsons which should have been canceled after season 13.

      • bill

        Well, be careful what you wish for. If The Simpsons get canned, there will be a new Seth MacFarlane show called “The Yellow Parent”.

      • Richard Whitman

        Haha! Exactly.

      • darclyte

        Actually, last season’s Simpsons was one of the best since very early. This season has had some decent episodes as well. If you took the Halloween ep from this season, and put it on the DVD box set for last season (in place of the Halloween ep from last year,) you’d have a pretty great collection of episodes.

      • Ambee

        Darclyte, I’ve been thinking the same thing… the last season or two feels like the old Simpsons and has had some emotional resonanance… and some actual lol moments :D

      • Jacob

        Is this another of those “The Simpsons hasn’t been good in years! I stopped watching in 2002!” comments? Because if you stopped watching, you kinda have no real right to say the show still sucks… Just sayin’…

      • seanftd

        Richard Whitman got to be honest if u think it should have bn cancelled why u bothering to watch it

      • joshua

        you should have been cancled when u was 13

    • redcat

      you missed a funny bit then

  • Derd!

    Katy Perry, Please just go away. Please.

    • Buxxer

      Yes please, and take all your latex dresses with you.

    • Tanya

      Totally agree … who are her fans anyway ! She has absolutely no talet and couldn’t sing to save her life …

      • Liz

        Here’s a fan right here. I would like to see you do half the things Katy Perry can do.

      • Phil E. Drifter

        I would eat the sh(t out of Katy Perry’s ash hole and you can’t even dream of being half as talented as Katy is. Now get out of your parent’s basement and let go of your tiny penis.

      • tom

        well,Katy is HOT and she has great songs but if you are stuck in your ways and refuse to like anything new,you are just shooting yourself in the foot.I’m 51 with two young kids,so I have to hear this stuff,and I’m letting go of my disdain for anything written after 1989!

      • sly

        I’M 47 and have been dj’ing for 25 years..and to me me her music is insignificant and meaningless…I do not listen to old music at all, there are plenty of great modern artists and katy is and will never be one of them…she is a consumer Product like Preparation H and i consider what she does is polluting the planet as in 3 years you won’t be able to give her records away.furthermore her markett aims gullible teens and tweens who don’t know much about the world yet and are easily manipulated.

      • Big Salbowski

        Katy sings? girly too fine for me to notice, idk what she did 2 piss u people off but just ignore her, change the channel/station & live on

      • BB

        Dear “LIZ” STFU ’cause Katy SUCKS! n I bet everyone here who hates Katy can do a BETTER job

      • Uppriver

        I love katy perry <3333 and Im boy so screw you

      • Rebel

        u cant sing for ur life meanie she is beastley and an amazing idol

  • It’s Me, Mario

    Come on be honest, who wouldn’t want to own that Mr. Burns puppet.

    • tom

      I want all those puppets!

  • Casey

    …I like how her hair is styled in the video.

    • DJ

      Yeah–that’s what I was looking at–her–hair.

    • homer simpson

      I was looking at her boobs.

      • brandon


      • cool girl

        katy sucks she has no talent. she sings like a dead cat even my cat sings better than her

  • dee123

    The Simpsons have made more $$$$ for Fox than Avatar & Titanic combined, trust me they will get to 500 episodes, to 25 years and probably a
    lot more.

  • Alex

    Oh, Katy Perry. You’re so boring.

  • Pasquale

    Dude, are you gay?

    • JJ

      Exactly! haha

      • Tyang

        I think he is gay! Katy Perry is too fine!!!!!

  • Mike

    i would pay$ to see that girl naked…my god man.

  • Miffy

    Puppets! *They’ll* save The Simpsons!

  • jpratm99

    luv ya KATY !!!

  • Barry

    Who gives a rat’s a$$ about this no talented person? The animated Simpsons are more real than her.

    • canadian gal

      for the people who think she got no talent how much have u made from ur cd sales lol

      • KT

        You know, having CD Sales and a fan base does not equal for talent

      • Tyang

        LOL! And KT must think being a nobody is talent?

      • sly

        what a stupid comment…as if talent is proportional with cd sales….she belongs to record companies who finance stupid reality shows and use you as guinea pigs to see how gullible and stupid people are then thet fabricate a product in this case kate perry,britney,aguilera,lady caca,madonna and all those crappy boys band….just check glee they passed the beatles in sales, come on..there is no comparison

      • mark

        um if madonna didnt do what she did in the 80s none of this crap today would even exist, she came up with it. madonna is not a fabicated singer she actually has talent unlike the other female singers you listed

  • Sean Lanes

    The Simpson must be desperate to put this no talent hack on the show. In 2 years no one will ever remember this person and yet The Simpson will have mistakenly dated their series by adding her.

    • tso

      no one knows who you are! so shut up! she is really cool! and more talented than… YOU!

      • sly

        she sucks…and so do you..you shallow sheep

      • rebecca

        wow tso, you have a talent for making really stupid comments! besides, who are you?… exactly, so why would we care who you think sucks?
        she has no talent, just a pretty face according to many, and that’s just a matter of opinion. albums are sold based on popularity, based on what the current hype is and how good your commercial agent is and has nothing to do anymore with actual talent. i have no reason to think she’s not a nice enough lady but is that a reason to pretend she has any kind of singing talent? so really, keep your dumb remarks to yourself and think before you talk. that goes for a lot of other people here too!

  • Lynda Fuller

    I look forward to seeing Katy on the Simpsons! After Sesame made the mistake of banning her song with Elmo, the Simpson’s picked her right up!! Good people. Katy is a great young woman!!

    • Joe

      This was recorded before Katy Perry was on Sesame Street.

  • hehe

    Sean Lanes says:In 2 years no one will ever remember this person?

    Everyone said that 2 years ago when she debuted. Try harder. Next…

    • Sean Lanes

      Spoken like an idiot defender of bad taste!

      • phxcowbot

        Katy Perry exemplifies bad taste – that’s her ongoing joke on the world; she knows it and she thinks it’s funny and I do too. she’s a natural comic. at the end she asks the little Moe puppet ‘what are you doing’, he says i’m kissing your belly button’ (that’s as high as the little puppet can reach) she says ‘that’s not my belly-button’ he looks up at her; she says ‘i didn’t say stop!’ that’s funny.

      • Rebel

        u suck shut the @!#$ up !#$@% u know crap bout pop so i wouldnt be talkin and move into a real house out of ur moms basement

  • Del Taco

    Katy Perry rules. so smoking hot. No woman comes even close.

    • Flip

      She’s a disgusting harlot trollop. Yuck.

      • Flip Mo

        True true. But she made it on a Simpsons episode so she’s gonna be remembered for the next oh… thirty years. In my book if you made it onto a Simpsons episode you’re in the history books.

      • sly

        please god help us,you guys get to vote it is scary…no wonder guys like bush get elected ,you are easily manipulated, gullible, and think you’ve seen everything + you will violently defend your bad taste and stupidity by grouping together like sheep to hide your insecurities…how sad, there is so much to discover in this world.

    • rebecca

      wow, aren’t you nice to women. good luck finding yourself a good one that will stay. or did you just like the condom-like dress she was wearing?

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