Portia de Rossi turns down 'Dancing With the Stars'

Portia de Rossi was asked to be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars, but she declined, her publicist tells EW. PopEater had reported that the hit show’s producers were keen on Ellen DeGeneres’ wife as one half of the show’s first same-sex dance couple. When she elected not to take part, the idea was reportedly shelved for the time being.

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  • Keith

    It was an insult to even ask someone of her talent and stature.

    • Zach

      oh, please, anybody who’s been on a failed show at this point is at least fair game as far as cast solicitation is concerned. and i see her wife didn’t take herself so seriously that she turned down the offer to judge and guest-judge on a pair of reality shows.

      • Todd Spaits

        what show? Arrested Development? And she was “fair game” she declined. Her wife taking her seriously? your points are very half baked and need work. What are you trying to say?

      • Flanders

        I believe he Zach is referring to “Better off Ted”. While it was a fantastic show…it did fail.

      • susanbellnc

        Better Off Ted ran for two seasons. I’ll admit that’s not much, but it doesn’t constitute a total “fail.” Many shows don’t make it past a few episodes, some not even past the first episode.

      • dla

        Todd is also correct. She played the sister on “Arrested Development”

      • chernobyl

        I believe she was also on Mr. Sterling, which could have been a great show.

      • Joycie

        Delighted to hear it. The show is cheesy and loaded with has beens and wannabes.. No one with any kind of a positive career would show up.. Jeez, Mike the Situation and Bristol Palin were on it! That should say enough.

      • Cygnus

        She was totally hot on Ally McBeal when she was still straight. ALso, anyone seen her early days in Sirens?

      • must watch Sirens

        Yes, I saw her on Sirens, a lot of her.

    • Sarah

      Agreed. Portia’s way too awesome to do the show.

      • UGH

        I like Portia but it’s kind of tacky to have your publicist announce these type of matter unless you’re just looking for attention.

      • Josh

        Not exactly? Dancing With the Stars made it known that they were going after Portia and even were the first to announce she wasn’t showing up. All her publicist is doing is confirming the facts.

      • dude

        Yo, UGH, um….step out of that small town. Publicists announce everything in the ‘big city.’

    • Ryan

      Amen, not that I’d ever watch Dancing with the C-List/ Has-Been Stars

      • Tommy

        Oh yes. Of course. You’re far too cool to watch such tripe. Of course you feel some weird need to read articles ABOUT the show for some reason….

      • MCS

        He might have (like me) clicked on it for Portia de Rossi rather than the show

      • Fred Evil

        No Tommy, it’s not ‘weird’ to poke fun at those who are amused by such tripe as DWTS, it’s quite enjoyable! Good lord, have you no pride?
        Good for Portia!

    • LOL

      Awesome. Now if only more people would just say no to this crapfest.

    • Lee

      Makes me really not want to watch the show again since all they are looking for is the next ratings gimmick.

      • Londongirl

        100% correct. Once upon a time this was a favourite show of mine. Then one of the final straws was seeing the ridiculous Kate Gosselin on there and obviously it was rigged to keep her face on tv for weeks. They lost me there. There are others who miraculously stayed on much longer than their talent permitted, such as if they were on another ABC show. I don’t watch any more…a once really nice show has gone horribly wrong and all in their quest for ratings.

      • Wendy

        It strikes me as funny that you don’t realize that yes it is all about ratings. It’s a business and the more people watch, the more they can charge for commercials and sell the show to the networks for. You may not like Kate Gosselin but alot more people watched the show because she was on it….a brilliant idea by some network honcho in my opinion.

      • henrietta

        @wendy – of course it’s a business. All of entertainment is a business. Including PBS. I think what you’re reading here is posts from people who truly do love the art of the (ballroom) dance…and back in the day, it was actually possible to enjoy that on this show. The show is called Dancing with the Stars, after all. IMO it’s devolved into “Dancing With The Next Nobody Who Tweets A Lot”. They now hire losers with not a modicum of dancing skill or potential (gosselin, palin). Truly a shame.

    • mark

      Portia needs some franks and beans…

      • wiener

        yes she does

      • dude

        and *you* are the reason she don’t want none. Oh he||z yeah

      • Maddie

        And you need a baseball bat to the head

      • 101flyboy

        That’s what straight men like you always say when it comes to lipstick lesbians, or straight girls who are with another man. Somehow, your d**k has magical powers that will MAKE a girl just fall into your arms. Hmmmm, perhaps that’s why you don’t have a lady, you know, you being a douchebag who lives his life through a body part.

    • scott in IL

      She must be tall becuse she is certainly not that talented.

      Why do lesbians want to imitate married people? This wife title is ridiculous. Is Ellen her wife too?

      • Garry

        Scott in IL:
        Yes, Ellen is her wife. Legally.
        Is this affecting your life in any adverse way?

      • Jerry

        Scott: I so agree with you. The WIFE title makes me want to throw up!! I NEVER watch Ellen anymore because I am sooo fing sick of her forcing her lesbianism on the world. WHO CARES!! KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!

      • Zebula

        Jerry, I am SOOOO sick of you heteros forcing your straight ways on the world. Get over yourself.

      • LW

        Jerry, how does The Ellen Show force lesbianism on the world? That’s way too funny!

      • Lucinda

        Scott, Jerry — Perhaps you could stop forcing your hateful ignorance on the world instead?

      • To Scott

        Yes, they are each other’s wife.

    • Damion

      Agreed! This woman has far too much dignity to have even considered it for a minute…I bet she laughed before feeling somewhat insulted. Portia is an actual star…everyone with a brain knows no actual big name stars are on this misnamed fiasco of stupidity.

    • kristen

      omg how dare she

  • Mr Bond

    Someone needs to hire her, she’s an excellent comedic actress. How about replacing Steve Carell on The Office ;)

  • Levi

    I’m sorry but SYTYCD tried this during their auditions and it is extremely awkward to watch two same sex individuals do a ballroom dance. No offense to gays or lesbians, but I don’t think this would work on a show like this anyway.

    • Henry

      I’m sorry but SYTYCD tried this during their auditions and it is extremely awkward to watch this show….period.

      • Yolanda

        Hilarious! Troll and troll response fail!

    • Dominic

      Awkward for you to watch…ain’t awkward for me. Works fine for same sex ballroomdancing all over the world so don’t see why it wouldn’t work here – except that you think it’s ‘awkward’.

      • henrietta

        Admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about it and certainly dont’ think the concept is “awkward” – actually, I think it’s very cool and forward-thinking (in the real world. In the TV world, it’s just a ploy for drama and ratings). All THAT said, the one thing that puzzles me is how the lifts will work for same-sex female dancers. Unless one of the women is significantly larger than the other, will she have the strength to lift her over her head? Or would there be different standards applied? I know that lifts are important at some stage fo the game…

      • Joshua Chavez

        Im no expert but Im pretty sure they dont “have” to do lifts. Bristol Palin’s fatass never got carried around. That would have been pretty funny tho.

      • Lisa

        If they were truly being cool and forward thinking, they would ask two people of the same sex, regardless of their sexual orientation, to dance together. I feel like they were going for something to “shake things up” and thought this was it. If I were gay and were asked to participate because I was gay, I would probably say no too. I don’t understand why they want to define people by one part of their total being.

        I think a vast portion of the viewing audience would find it awkward to watch. I can hear all the “I watch this show with my children” outrage already (because watching gay people dance {knowingly} would make their kids gay). Unfortunately, I know many people who watch the show (I don’t) who are just uptight and prejudicial enough to object.

      • dogman

        I’d like to see them do same sex dancing so the stupid show would go off the air

      • bill

        I’d like to see a threesome dance, guy-girl-guy; girl-guy-girl, 3 girls, 3 guys–I don’t care; why is the world so biggoted against multiple partners? Stop the hate!

      • Lola

        I sort of agree with Lisa. While I don’t think that people should stray away from a topic just because some people find it “awkward,” in this case, DWTS would not be promoting acceptance of all sexual orientations. Just because Portia is gay doesn’t mean she is incapable/disgusted with dancing with men. Dancing does not equal twoo lurv.

      • henrietta

        Well, the only thing I was curious about was the technical piece of the lifts…which apparently are either not a big deal, or required (who knew?)…I think I was aware that bristol was not lifted often, if ever, due to her weight – but I guess I thought they’d suffered for that absence. What IS very clear from this board is that if DWTS wants to even approach the numbers they reached with mizz bristol, they had better move heaven & earth to get SOME sort of same-sex couple into this cast.

    • Lisa

      I agree. I have no issues with anyone’s sexual preference BUT I don’t think this would have worked. I bet Portia would have said Yes if they paired her with Max! They dont need the gimmics!

    • JC

      What on earth is so uncomfortable about watching a same sex couple dancing on TV? Did you think they were going to come out of the TV and try to seduce you? Get a grip on reality.

      • Lisa

        Unfortunately, some people are just that clueless and idiotic. They think it is “cathching” or something. These are the same people who say “I don’t care if he/she is gay as long as he/she stays away from me” as if the person is going to be interested in them. These are the same people who think all gay people are perverts and pedophiles.

      • K

        Just beacuse you don’t want to watch a same-sex couple dance doesn’t mean they think they will “catch it.” It is amazing judgemental people are on both sides. Quit being so dramatic.

      • JL

        Not all, just 98% of them

      • Marcus Moore

        JC–get your head out of your butt. We’re not afraid we’ll “catch the gay bug,” we just don’t want to see it, just like we don’t want to watch someone take a dump on TV! Idiot.

      • Levi

        Could you guys overreact anymore? Like it or not, the majority of ballroom dances are for couples who fit the roles of man and woman. I said nothing about “catching” anything or that it was “awkward for everyone on the face of the planet”. I stated my own personal opinion without putting anyone else down. Some of you should try it sometime.

      • @ K

        K – work on your reading comprehension skills. Lisa’s comment said “SOME” people not “ALL” people.

      • Anne

        Sorry, but quite obviously there are ALOT of idiots out there who either think being gay is contagious or think that all gay people are constantly on the lookout to “score” or “convert” another person. I’ve heard and seen enough moronic behavior/comments to confirm this opinion over my lifetime.

    • JS

      Your homophobia makes you uncomfortable with watching two women or two men dance together on DWTS. Get over it.

      On the other hand, I respect Portia for declining. The only reason they would pick her is because she is a very feminine lesbian. They would pick her years before they would pick her spouse. Which is ridiculous. Go Portia.

    • David

      It was awkward *for you*. You just assumed it was awkward for everyone else.

    • Jessi Smith

      Yes, they are married. They had a wedding. Which has already lasted far longer than some of these 18-hour heterosexual sham/impulse marriages in Hollywood.

      • Jessi Smith

        Sorry, that was meant for scott in IL.

  • Jay

    Good for you, Portia!!! All the “… of the Stars” shows are dreadful, and you are better than that

  • Zo

    From what I’ve seen of her on “Ellen” and talking about her book, she seems sooooo shy. She was practically apologizing for talking about her book. Other than acting, which is different because you are portraying a character written for you, I think she would never be comfortable putting herself “out there” like that. It’s not her thing, from what I’ve seen.
    She seems so sweet, and I’m glad she wrote her story! It’s so honest and raw.

  • T.C.

    Having same sex couples in a dancing competition is just a dumb idea. I know Hollywood wants to support gay culture (and by extension gay rights), and I’m on board with that. But placing same sex couples in an art form that does not normally have same sex couples just seems kind of desperate. I would be insulted if I were Portia, not only because she’s too successful to be considered for this show, but because the producers have decided to define her *solely* by her sexuality and not talent. They are treating her differently than every other actress that has been on the show because of her sexuality. It is actually kind of ironic that in an effort to support gay people, they have pigeon-holed her and therefore actually disrespected her.

    • Zach

      i do agree they were pigeonholing her if they didn’t give her the option of dancing with a man.

      • Cody

        I feel the same, and I think that may be part of the reason she announced that she was turning the show down, because she felt insulted by the producers trying to use her sexuality as a gimmick.

      • Jamie

        Well, I for one am glad she declined. It is insulting to her and I would be curious to hear if they offered her the option of dancing with a man – I think she & Maks would be an AWESOME couple.

      • anya

        I agree too. And I have a feeling they didn’t give her that option. She’s not exactly someone who belongs on this show anyway as she could probably land another gig on a tv show if she really wants to, but I think they were treating her differently because of her sexuality.

    • Katja

      I so agree. People semi-freaked out when Lance Bass was picked because “OMG would they pair him with a DUDE???” and I kept telling people that of course he would be dancing with a woman – this is an art form that relies on the complementary differences between the sexes to look its best. While I appreciated the times that same-sex couples auditioned for SYTYCD, it just didn’t work right, and I’m saying this as a big fan of gay people, gay marriage, the performing arts, etc. It absolutely would have been insulting to pair Portia with a female pro just for the gimmick of it, AND it simply would not have looked as good with two women.

    • etm

      Great post, T.C.

    • Lisa

      Exceelent TC.

    • Blame Leno!!

      But there are several same sex couples in this art form. There are whole ballroom events dedicated to this. So on that point you are wrong.

    • huzzah

      Well said, T.C.
      I agree with you on all notes.

  • reason

    I am not gay, but wouldn’t a same sex dancing team be more degrading than beneficial? I am not a bigot either, but putting them in a same sex dancing team does not demonstrate equality to me at all???

    • Tarc

      The equality part come in when there is no option to have a same-sex couple. Everyone already has the ability to have an opposite sex dance partner.

      • anya

        Yeah, but they were using her sexuality as a gimmick to draw in ratings. That’s how it becomes degrading. They are treating her like she is defined by her sexuality over her talent.

      • Sam

        Tarc, I doubt many people will catch the subtlety of your brilliance in that post, but I did. Well done.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Good for her – she’s too good for it.

  • Pablo

    It’s a gimmick and I’m glad Portia turned it down. Unfortunately even if she was good (I suspect she would be) I’m sure she’d be out early.
    The Portia de Rossi curse needs to be broken; she is always funny, a good actress, but the sitcoms she picks don’t last. She needs a solid role, she’s underrated and not enough people recognize her talent.

    • Garry

      I loved her in “Better Off Ted,” but it’s just possible that she has reached her fullest potential. Not every actress is destined to be another Meryl Streep. I’d be fine watching her in another quality sitcom.

      • Pablo

        I agree with you. I want to see her in another quality sitcom too; it is unfortunate though that they have been too smart for the wider audience. So I was saying hopefully in her next role she gets some luck, because I’d like to see her not just for the short term.

  • Mirrener

    I’m so glad she turned this down. I never watch dancing shows, they bore me to tears. And she’s way too talented, not at all D-list enough. She needs another part like “Better Off Ted” to showcase her incredible talent. I also hope she writes another book- what an amazing writer she is.

  • Chris

    I think Dancing With The Stars should change to Dancing With Kate Gosselin. All of the dance pros can take turns dancing with this courageous woman-someone who can be a bright shining beacon of light in this dark troubled world.


    • jj

      oh. my. gosh. speechless.

    • MrWriteSF

      Dude, time to give up the crackpipe and get some help.

    • henrietta

      oh, for pete’s sake. Chris is clearly a troll…or demented. Or both…Right??

    • Olive

      Bahahahahaha! Beacon of Light..Bahahahahaha! Do you have a blog? I have to hear your thoughts on everything.

    • KarlHall

      @henrietta Or… he could be cracking a hilarious joke.

      • Chris

        Good God, it’s clearly a joke. I can’t stand her-I’m just making fun of EW’s obsession with her.

      • henrietta

        @karlhall & chris – LOL. This had occurred to me, and as we all know, many of the most truly hilarious jokes have been cracked by demented trolls. i.e., kate gosselin & bristol palin. I rest my case.

  • Henry

    LOL. Why would the wife of one of television’s biggest celebrities and successor to Oprah Winfrey stoop to Cha Cha Cha with a bunch of glorified, well oiled gay porn stars? Please….somebody tell me?

    • MrWriteSF

      OK so you defended Portia by pejoratively describing the dance pros. I’m guessing your efforts to land on a debate team didn’t pan out.

  • SaraS

    Eh, I’d love to see her do it. What else is she doing?

    • Henry

      Post-production for the “Arrested Development” film.

      • Karate Pants


    • Mole

      Signing on for a two-to-three season run of another brilliant but underwatched comedy.

  • Cult of Personality

    I don’t understand why there would have to be a same-sex couple on the show? Gay men and women ballroom dance with members of the opposite sex all the time. It makes no sense to have two males or two females, as ballroom dancing is supposed to compliment the strong athletic type of the male along with the graceful lighter type of the female.

  • Al

    Dancing has a lead and a follow. Just because she’s gay doesn’t mean she would need to take the masculine lead. Gay women are still women.

    • Jay

      Besides, I’m pretty sure when she dances…. Ellen leads. She IS the one who wears the pants, after all! LOL

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