'Vampire Diaries' exclusive: Nina Dobrev talks this week's steamy sex scene (and the resulting bruises)

vampire-diariesThe promo for Thursday’s midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8 p.m. ET) shows the unthinkable happening: Stefan (Paul Wesley), now trapped in the tomb with Katherine (Nina Dobrev), giving in to her. If the teaser is any indication (watch it below), it could be the hottest captive sex scene since a certain cage encounter on Lost. “First, Jeremy getting trapped in the tomb was like, Katherine wins! When Stefan came in, she’s like, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried. The one person I want to be stuck with, here he is, and now he’s got nowhere to go. I will seduce him, I will tease him, I will anger him.’ The line between love and hate truly is very, very thin,” Dobrev says. “So she has a chance to egg him on, and he can’t do anything about it. He has no choice but to listen, and yeah, it is a very kind of sexy, manipulative scene, and he gives in. It’s pretty crazy.” But is it real? “It’s pretty crazy,” she says again, coyly.

As we’ve noted in our recaps, the walls on this show’s sets must be seriously reinforced — people are always getting thrown up against them during fights and/or foreplay. (Not that we’re complaining.) “I especially have been thrown around the set on a number of occasions,” Dobrev concedes with a laugh. “They try to make sure we’re safe when we do those things, but we as actors can’t help but get into it. We want to feel the pain. We want to make it real. So sometimes, we go overboard and slam each other a little too hard. Like that scene in particular, they padded it a little bit, but you can only do so much before you actually see the padding. It was a lot of throwing around.” So she sported some bruises afterward? “Oh, I have bruises on a daily basis. I always have bruises on my body. I’m black and blue all over,” she says. “Thank goodness for Arnica.”

Moving on to Dobrev’s other role, Elena, the synopsis for the episode says, “Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.” Elena wanted to sacrifice herself last episode to spare the lives of her friends, who are trying to save her from Elijah (and the as-yet-unseen Klaus). Will Elijah work that angle? All Dobrev will say is this: “Elena is in a predicament in the sense that she has a challenge, and she is out of control for the first time in a long time. When Elijah comes into her life on this day, it’s even more challenging, and tempting. Elena is the one who has to make a decision, and this time, she’s not in control, which is very frustrating for her. Elena doesn’t like to not be in control.”

Dobrev agrees that the introduction of Elijah and the concept of The Originals has been great for the show. “It’s gonna keep getting gorier and better and darker,” she says. “It adds a whole other layer. As difficult as it was for all the characters before, now they’re faced with an even more epic danger. Everyone is at risk.” But not Katherine, right? She won’t be getting a stake in the heart anytime soon, we hope. “I can’t imagine what the show was before Katherine came around,” Dobrev says. For a second, you wonder if that’s the sleep-deprivation from her schedule playing the doppelgängers for half a season talking. But it’s not. “If she ever left, I think that would be a really big mistake. She’s like another Damon,” she continues, “but now Damon is getting a lot softer, and you still need that kind of playful bad character.”

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  • Lisa

    I love this show, but I hate mid season finales!
    They are going to use Stefan having sex with Katherine as a way to justify Elena and Damon hooking up later. Which is still wrong. Damon still killed Jeremy and had sex with Elena’s birth mother. Gross.

    • connor

      who cares. damon is the least annoying of the two.

      • souki

        If Elena hooks up with Damon, it would be awesome because I’m a DELENA fan.

      • t.t

        noo Stefan and elena forever!
        i love damon but he needs another love interest.

    • Larry David

      What the hell is this??? A sex scene in a teen vampire show??
      They are corrupting the little girls. First its Glee with their “be GAY” message. Now its this stupid show with their “have aggressive sex” message.
      They are ruining YOUR children. GOD HELP THE NEXT GENERATION. Everyone will be filled with STDs. Thank you TV for ruining the world.

      • Kate

        Because really, as a helpless female, I can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not on TV. Thank GOD you posted this to show me the error of my judgment!

      • Melissa

        You are out of your mind.

      • Sandy

        You’re either gay or not; TV shows really don’t change that.

        And to assume that teens didn’t have sex before the invention of TV, or before shows like this one began airing is really naive, too.

      • samantha

        congratulations on making the most offensive statement i have heard today.

      • Danielle

        Don’t feed the trolls.

      • Marina

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my god are you serious?

        By the way, you either ARE gay or you are NOT, a tv show doesn’t change that… and thanks for telling me that Im a stupid little girl who doesn’t know the difference between tv and real life and that just because I see it on an (amazing) show, im going to go have “aggressive sex”… Id hate to be your child, sounds like you have children that don’t have a mind of their own and even at 16/17 are influenced by a tv show..

      • Dee

        What makes you think it is only tweens that watch the show. The targeted age group is 18 – 49. The Vampire Diaries fandom is all ages…. Truly don’t think a sex scene in the tomb will corrupt anyone.

      • Simone

        Oh Larry…I agree with you to an extint but it goes back to parenting. Children should know its not right to have sex before marriage and its the parents duty to make sure of that instead of using tv as a babysitter. My son loves Harry Potter but he knows he can’t jump on a broom and fly. We are also Christians and we know vampires do not exist and witchcraft is the devils work.

      • Emeri

        Um, “little girls?”

        Little girls shouldn’t be watching this show or Glee in the first place. 16/15 years at the youngest.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        You are so right, Larry. Next there will be a show that has a “Have aggressive gay sex” message. CAN’T WAIT!

      • Linda

        then dont watch it and dont let your kids watch it, moron, what kind of mother are you anyway?

      • Really???

        Sex is awesome and wonderful and (at times) the very means by which the next generation is produced. Aggressive sex is also enjoyable for some, as “gay” sex is for others. If consensual, it’s certainly not something to fear. And you know what? “Kids” start to figure that out as early as 7 or 8 years old. One can only hope that as they become sexual, they have a positive influence around to help them understand it. Also, all non-heteronormative sex doesn’t lead to STIs, just so you know.

      • justsaying

        Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen: I lol’d. A show will not turn your son gay or your pretty little girl lesbo. I’m pretty sure it’s their decision/they are born such. and fyi..brokeback mountain gives that same message. so go watch it, and enjoy it. :)

        & simone…please note that, 1. harry potter should not be for kids (books or movie they are not for kids.) It’s like saying animal farm by george orwell..only much more dangerous. (ahh yea and what about dirty jokes in disney movies?) the movies are not for kids, and neither is the “hidden” message in thebooks. 2. if witchraft is of the devil etc etc, then have you thought that witches could be good? to save the world perhaps? and what about all the evil humans eh?

        I wonder what you’d say if you watched Gossip Girl, Nip tuck, True Blood, ahh yea how about life as we know it tv series (FOR TEENS)

      • Missy

        7 an 8 year old watch disney and Nick channels . I love these shows . i what these type of shows when i was 12 , and I didnt go around trying to be like characters . you people make it sound like be gay is wrong, its a person choose and Glee is showing people you can be who are.
        and sex is normal. TVD isnt on the disney channel and you dont see them actually sleeping with eachother , so whats the big deal.
        and if parents have a problem with it block that show.

      • Lynsay

        RELAX! It’s not like you HAVE to let your kids watch it. Jeez. You, as a parent, decide for your kids.

      • anya

        Guys guys! He trolls this site all the time! Leave him alone and he’ll go away (probably).

      • Cindy

        There was sex in this show before this. More sex isn’t going to change anything. Also, Glee doesn’t have a “be gay” message. It’s a “everyone is different” message. If you watch Glee and all you get out of it is that everyone should be gay, I think you need to rethink your life.

      • greg

        Sex in a vampire show . . . horror!

        But vampires have never been about sex before . . . .

      • Crystal

        wow sex in a vampire show that isnt a surprise because they are sexy and that is wehat they do deal with and grow up and you are loser because you think being gay is wrong when it isnt and if somebody wants to be gay because ater watcing glee they relized the actual messeage they are sending is its alrighty to be gay or to be differnt then thats thhere choice and and ther life not urs, And if you are so cruel and you say that its WRONG to be gay then GOD HELP YOU AND YOU ARE PROBS FILLED WITH STDS, YOU REALLY THINK ITS OIKAY TO WRITE GOD HELP THE NEXT GENERATION WHEN YOU ARE SAYING BE GAY IS WRONG YOU HAVE TO BE EXCALTLY THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE IN ORDER TO BA A GOOD PERSON OR TO BE RIGHT WELL THEN GOD BETTER HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Crystal


      • Crystal


    • Michelle

      They’re not using the Stefan/Kat hookup to justify anything. Why can’t that be about STEFAN and how he feels about KATHERINE? Cause the feelings are still there. Stefan can delude himself all he wantsn but he still has feelings for Kat. And that has NOTHING to do with Elena. Or Damon.

      • Jenna

        I honestly think that Damon is the brother with stronger feelings for Katherine. His love for Elena only really started when he accepted he could never have Katherine and when Katherine came back he was completely willing to take her back. I think he’ll always love her more than anyone.

      • Michelle

        You can’t be serious. Go back and watch The Return again. Damon told Elena that he didn’t need Katherine to send him over the edge. The implication being that Elena could. Which is exactly what happened when she unknowingly repeated what Katherine said. It’s was Elena’s rejection that send Damon spiraling, not Katherine’s. Katherine doesn’t hold any power over Damon anymore. Damon loves ELENA, not Katherine. Stefan, however, is all kinds of conflicted. Who had something that belonged to Katherine? Stefan. Who looked guilty about it? Stefan.

      • Dee

        Damon is in love with Elena not Katherine. He never confused the two. Also, Damon closed the door (no pun intended) on Katherine when she told him she never loved him. For 145 years he had loved her. WOW! He realized she made a complete fool of him. Damon and Elena have so much chemistry fireworks go off and they do not even have to kiss or have a sex scene. Damon and Elena absolutely belong together. A true Damon/Elena fan would never say that they are now a Stefan/Elena fan. Would not happen!

        As for Jeremy, last time I looked he is doing just fine and almost kissed the semi-competent witch, Bonnie.

        Stefan has never resolved his feeling for Katherine and he is stil in love with her, as well as Elena. Why does everyone think Stefan is a saint? He is not. I’m pretty sure that was Stefan with blood all over his chin after attacking Amber in the episode Miss Mystic Falls and was caught by Elena, Bonnie and Damon while doing it. Stefan’s kills: His father for one, Vicky Donovan, Noah, Ben, Frederick, Beth Ann. Actually, after Stefan and Damon turned they stayed together for a while. In the episode Rose, a conversation with Damon revealed that Stefan enjoyed ripping his prey apart before feeding.

        Both brothers are capable of good and evil.

      • Mrs.Me

        Yes at times Damon can be irrational… HELLO he is a Vampire! He doesn’t sparkle. His entire being is irrational. For me when Damon told Elena he loved her and then made her forget it…. TOTALLY sealed the deal for me. Team Damn all the way. He is the far superior brother. He does not try to be something he is not, unlike Stefan.

      • Linda

        I think Damon is in love with KATHERINE. And Elena is a substitute, always has been, whereas Stefan is in love with ELENA. It was Stefan who could immediately tell the difference between the two, while Damon couldn’t, because in his mind they were the same person.

      • Crystal


    • dee

      Somehow, I always manage to forget the Isabel/Damon sex.

    • Jenna

      Yeah, I must agree. I’m not a Damon/Elena fan anymore. After he got tricked by Katherine, killed Jeremy (cause he was mad at Elena???), and slept with Isobel, I don’t see anything redeemable about that relationship. Season 2 definitely turned me into a Stefan/Elena fan.

      • Abby

        Omg Jenna no offence but give it a rest. You were never a DE fan ok! Don’t lie, no hardcore DE fans would ever turn to SE.NEVER!!!:)
        Am glad Stef gets his rocks off with Kat and has cave sex LOL, the boy needs to fall HARD.
        He needs to have a flaw am sick of his righteous and also it is not OCC for him to sleep with Kat since he’s in love with her:)
        I can’t wait for saint Stefan to try talk himself out of this one lol. Us Damin fans had to put up with the writers making Damon break Jer neck, which was OCC, so now it’s SE fans to suck it up.

      • Josh

        I’m sorry Abby but how was Damon breaking Jer’s neck out of character? Let’s list the things he’s done so far
        1. Mind raped Caroline and abused her for weeks.
        2. Killed Lacey
        3. Killed one of his good friends by ripping out her heart because she was just getting revenge for what he did to Lacey.
        4. Almost killed Bonnie(and would have if it wasn’t for Stefan).
        5. Threaten Elena with bodily harm multiple times.
        6. Tried to Al.
        7. Killed the coach of the football just to show he was dangerous.

        And I know I’m forgetting certain things. Damon lashes out all the time when he doesn’t get what he wants. That isn’t out of character for him at all.

      • Lisa

        I think her name was Lexie…

      • rehabber

        When Damon slept with Isobel was long time before he even knew Elena was around..in fact it was when he was turning her. So I guess it is going to be held against someone things that was done years ago?

      • nodnarb

        And plus Jeremy was being super obnoxious.

      • Louise

        I agree, Jenna! I am definitely a
        Stefan/Elena fan now. Although I think Damon and Elena should give it a go.

      • Dee

        Damon slept with Isobel long before he met Elena. Isobel sought Damon out after John Gilbert sent her to him. Isobel begged Damon to turn her into a vampire and Damon did what Isobel asked. Isobel at age 15 gave Elena up for adoption immediately after child birth. For 17 years Elena knew nothing about her birth mother. So please, don’t make it sound like Damon sleeped with Isobel while being in love with Elena. It did not happen that way.

      • Crystal

        her name was lexie

    • Alyssa

      Ummm Stefan and Damon both slept with Katherine who is Elena’s ancestor. TVD is all about the incest lmao

      • axn

        ummm I don’t think you know what incest means…..

      • Can’t Stop the Signal

        To quote Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

        If Elena and Katherine were to sleep together, THAT would be incest.

      • Rashida

        I don’t agree with the fact that Jeremy was being obnoxious. He was coming into the room because he heard Elena telling Damon to leave and Jeremy was being protective.

      • Lori

        Yeah it would be incest if Isobel and Elena fooled around

    • Scarlett

      Why is everyone ganging up on damon? Doesn’t anybody see what a complex character he is? If you can’t, you are obviously too narrow minded.

      • Josh

        Being dark, brooding and attractive doesn’t equal complex. If Damon showed any sort of remorse for his actions, showed that he struggled with the choices he made or anything of the like, yes that would make him complex. But right now he’s just a bad boy who’s doing a poor anti-hero impersonation.

        Yes Damon is a badass and fun to see sometimes but honestly, he isn’t very complex. He’s frustrating because the writers keep sending him over the edge without repercussions from anyone but Elena. He just doesn’t seem to give a fig..

      • JasonInDFW

        I don’t know, sometimes he seems like he does things because it is expected, but then looks remorseful or sorry about it.

      • Josh

        He looks remorseful or sorry to Elena. He’s upset because she’s mad at him. He’s not upset over what he did, more that Elena is angry.

      • Michelle

        Um, Josh? Are we watching the same show? Damon’s shown remorse. He apologized for snapping Jer’s neck. Heck, he was sorry right after he did it, you could see it on his face. And the fact of the matter is he has NOT lashed out since. Not once. In fact, he’s been the calmer, more in control brother.

      • TKay

        @ Josh Damon is sooo complex! do you not pay attention to his facial expressions? he shows remorse, especially when it comes to Elena related incidents. He just never talks about it.and he does have the hero/villain complex…one time he is saving someone the next he is killing someone.
        Damon is not one-dimensional.

      • Josh

        I pay attention to his facial expressions. Though honestly, sometimes his eye widen thing annoys me.

        The thing is Damon only shows remorse towards Elena. That’s it. He shows remorse to the girl he is obsessed with. Not to Jeremy, not to Bonnie, not to Caroline or the other people’s he’s hurt.

      • Michelle

        So sparing Caroline’s mom, then telling her that Caroline was still Caroline means nothing? Nor repeatedly telling Jeremy NOT do the stupid things he does while trying to “help”? As for Bonnie, she’s kind of a hypocrite, so we’ll just not talk about that. Damon shows remorse in his own Damon way. Just because he’s not shouting it from the rooftops doesn’t mean it’s not there. And he’s not obsessed with Elena, he’s in love with her. If anyone’s obsessed it’s Stefan, what with the stalking and all.

    • lidia

      You write like you didn`t know this show was going to be about a love triangle. I think that Elena and damon should get together at some point because she teached him to act almost human. I don`t say that they`re like soulmates or something, but still dele is something that has to happen sooner or later because the show would get really boring otherwise

      • katikees

        Damon told Stefan that he has remorse, he apologized to Jeremy for his part in Vicki’s death, he wanted to save Annabelle as John killed her. Damon told Stefan that he would not allow anyone
        else to kill him. He did help save Caroline’s life when she was kidnapped by the vampire reporter, and he spared her mother’s life with no prompting from anyone else. Damon was a heartbroken, enraged vampire for 145 years, he is now reconnecting with his human side and making emotional connections, all of which go against a vampiric nature.

      • the heart

        I agree. and I think they are right about him showing remorse. He is very evil but and he is always nasty about it but he does try to protect jermey. He does give advice to caroline. stefan always wants to look like the good guy but damon knows that sometimes you cant be the nice guy and you have to make the hard choices and kill so he does.

    • Erin

      Who says Elena and Damon have to hook up? Is that a definite? I love Damon but that is just wrong, too much has gone down that it will denigrate Elena’s character if she were to go that way.

      Although I don’t mind Katherine and Stefan. I thought the way he crsuhed on her in the flashbacks was very endearing and I love how that particular episode truly showed that Katherine does care for Stefan, which is a beautifully rare thing since she’s all about herself and her survival.

    • Janneke

      It will ruin the show if Elena and Stefan break up, please dont go in that direction with the show, keep a couple together for once.

    • Crystal

      uh he has sex with her mother before he knew elenA ANd by the way they already broke up so he wouldnt be cheating and the scene is fake, elena and stefan got back together

  • S.

    I can’t wait!

  • Ellie

    I LOVE these spoilers – so happy the SK is real. And I agree with Nina, Katherine needs to stick around, I love/hate her like crazy.

  • Liv

    I say leave Stefan and Katherine in the tomb forever. Stefan is too mopey. I would miss Katherine I guess though.

  • P

    Ughhhhh More Bonnie and Luca (ANGRY FACE) I can’t stand them together! Please bring on the Jeremy Bonnie lovin or at the least give us some Bonnie Damon exchange.

  • Nat

    Stefan = Angel 2.0 lol broody and boxy ;)

  • JoJo

    This show will be the end of me. I agree with the poster who said this is about Stefan and his feelings for Katherine. He is fooling himself and those around him by pretending he no longer feels anything for her. And it was evident that something sparked inside of him when she told him that he was never compelled into having feelings for her.

  • Luna

    oh wow I really thought that this scene was going to be a bad dream or something. Doesn’t sound like it anymore!

    • Lisa

      I know! I thought that she had gotten into his head and dreams like she has before.

  • Jay

    People are actually watching this show?

    I tried giving it another show because I’m really missing vampires in True Blood’s absence, but I cant get into this show at all.
    It feels juvenile

    • Agreed

      Yeah, totally agree…this show was OK at first, but now it’s pretty lame. I guess after that year over year double digit drop in the ratings, they’re desperate for some new viewers.

    • Maddie

      I prefer Vampire Diaries than True Blood.. last season was pretty bad!

      • rehabber

        Yes year 2 of True Blood was just about orgies, not much story to it. I thought this year was much better, but still not as good as TVD. Love this show.

      • Veggie Burger With Bacon

        I like both TB and TVD but TVD is so predictable. Season 3 of TB IMO was great.

    • jj

      How far did you get? The first few episodes aren’t that great but I thought it got a lot better around episode 6

    • nodnarb

      I want to hate this show, but it is actually quite fun (which may or not have something to do with Thursday being box wine night at the nodnarb household). It is juvenile, but I think that’s the point. It’s like Dawson’s Creek with vampires. And I can’t help but giggle each time they come up with another festival or town function to bring everyone together. It’s so absurd. But I remain thoroughly entertained.

    • Beauty

      Then you havn’t been watching this show is HOT! Let’s face it TB does not have much of a story/plot it’s just vampires having sex. TVD has twists and turns great nonpredictable writing. You should give it a chance after about episode 6 it really does pick up and never looks back. I used to be a fan of TB but it doesn’t bring much to the table. So glad I gave TVD a chance. This is must see TV baby.

  • Cindy

    I would rather see more naked Damon.

    • Abby

      I concur wholeheartly:)

  • Rachel

    It is interesting I can not wait to see Katherine and Stefan however, I hate the idea of Damon and Elena because his character is completely ruined. I know that Katherine is horrible but Stefan fell in love with her prior to knowing her true nature. Damon has shown his true nature since day one. He used Caroline for sex and food, he tried to kill Bonnie, he thought her killed Jeremy in front of Elena, and sleep with Isobel. I just don’t understand the attraction for Elena.

    • rehabber

      What is with the slept with Isobel thing? This was a long time before he even met Elena..dang people grow up and watch the show.

    • Michelle

      So, what? People can’t change? Damon doesn’t deserve a second chance? There is good in Damon, otherwise Elena wouldn’t even bother with him.

    • Dee

      At the beginning of season one, Damon, as a vampire, did use Caroline for sex, food, and to get to the pendant he needed to get Katherine out of the tomb he thought she had been sealed in. She was his way into the Lockwood mansion. At that time, he did not care at all about her or anyone else in Mystic Falls. His goal was to get the woman he loved out of the tomb. Bonnie’s ancestor, Emily, that made the pact with Damon (he was to protect her lineage, which he did) and gave him the pendant needed to get Katherine out of the tomb took over Bonnie’s body. Emily inside Bonnie’s body destroyed the pendant in front of Damon. Damon was attacking Emily, not Bonnie. Also, if he wanted to kill Bonnie she would be dead. As far as Jeremy, Damon was hurt beyond belief and extremely vulnerable after his encouter with Katherine in the season 2 premiere. Damon was drunk and extremely upset..not a good thing for a vampire. However, last time I looked Jeremy was just fine and wants to hang with Damon as much as possible. Also, Jeremy is wanting a romantic relationship with Bonnie, the semi-compentent witch. As for Isobel, that happened long before he met Elena and it was Isobel that sought him out. Isobel, at age 15, gave Elena up for adoption right after childbirth. For 17 years Elena did not know she existed.

      If you don’t understand Elena’s attraction to Damon then you obviously have not been watching the show. Damon, unlike Stefan, will challenge Elena. He does not go along with her every whim. Damon makes Elena think for herself and accept herself for who she is. Around Damon she can be herself and not what other’s want her to be. All her life she did what other’s expected of her. Damon does not give her a pass for her stupidity and she gets angry with him. Actually, he is her punching bag. Their relationship is a lasting bond full of fire and feistiness. Damon has repeatedly let it be known that she is the one person he would die for. Damon respects loyalty, honesty and friendship. Sheriff Forbes, Caroline’s mom, is Damon’s friend and as seen in Kill or Be Killed, he would not harm her. Also, Alaric Saltzman has turned out to be Damon’s loyal friend. To say the character of Damon is ruined because he is in love with Elena is not true. Actually, it just gives him more of an edge, a reason to fight for the people he loves, which does include his little brother, Stefan.

      Damon and Stefan have to battle their Vampire instinct on a daily basis and are both capable of good and evil. Damon, however, will operate more in the gray and does not mind getting his hand dirty. The way he looks at it, he will do whatever he needs to do and the end justifies the means. Damon can be extemely deadly and dangerous.

    • Holly

      Yeah Damons done a lot of bad things and seems like he couldn’t care less about it, but he shows Elena another side, a caring and remorseful side and extremely protective. Hes also extremely protective of his brother even though he denys it to others. Elena understands Damon and understands his hurt and bitterness. Elena is portrayed as little miss perfect but I can guarantee she has a dark side and that dark side is drawn to damon, while Damons good side is drawn ro Elena. they even each other out making them really hot together.

    • Erin

      I don’t think his character is ruined. Damon has always been the bad boy, the evil protagonist. As you said he’s shown his true nature from day one. He is a fanatastic bad boy, we don’t want a cast full of nice guys. That said though I do agree with you that this makes the romantic pairing of Elena and Damon absolutely abhorrent. For her to love a guy who killed her own brother (who cares if he came back to life, he snapped his neck. I hate my brother and that action would never be acceptable to me), slept with her mother and turned her, killed Lexi, abused Caroline and also went after Bonnie… Awesome as the bad boy, not as the love interest. Some things are iredeemable.

  • Liz

    Oh joy, recycling soap opera cliches. So which character sees it happen? After all, there’s no point in cage sex unless someone sees it and can carry tales, right? My guess is Jeremy, just for added angst and Drama.

    • S.

      I’m pretty sure that Katherine will tell everyone she meets when she has a chance.

  • Susan

    I definitely prefer Damon to Stefan, but it’s because I find Ian to me a much more charming, convincing actor than Paul. Obviously in real life, Damon’s charm wouldn’t matter when one considers all of the things he’s done, but the fact that it’s a TV show, and that he’s a vampire, allows me to still enjoy his character, lol. I definitely prefer Damon/Elena to Stefan/Elena.

    • Susan

      ” to be” not “to me”

  • mwinchell

    Can not wait for this one!! I like Stefan and Katherine together. Kat brings an new and exciting energy to Stefan. Damon and Elena are great together.

  • Doug

    Nina Dobrev is the hottest lady on TV. Wow!

    • Lisa

      Agreed. She is so talented! I often forget it’s the same actress playing both Kat and Elena.

      • Crystal

        The scene was just Katerine Playing mind games, i also agree the damon should find a new love intrest like maybe Bonnie,and wow there a sex scene in a teen VAMPIRE show that is sooooo surprising……not they are not telling people to have sex, they are vampires are sexy , and they have sex deal with it!!!!!! and being gay is bad , so how is that ruining the world and glee isnt telling people to be gay they are telling people its okay to be gay . if you think being gay is wrong, then you Larry David are sexist and racist, and you are a loser. Also Abby stefan isnt in love with katherine, and the scene was fake!

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