'Walking Dead' writer Robert Kirkman talks about Sunday's finale: Spoilery bonus extras

the-walking-deadYesterday, I posted a — spoiler-free — Q&A with Walking Dead comic writer and TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman in which he ruminated on Sunday’s season finale, “TS-19.” When I talked with Kirkman, the conversation at times referenced events that have already happened in his comic but which still lie in the future — or may do so — for the characters in the show. Given the potentially spoiler-filled nature of those portions I excised them from the original Q&A. As previously promised, you’ll find them below.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLYy: Would you mind telling us [what Dr Jenner whispered to Rick]?
ROBERT KIRKMAN: [Laughs hysterically]

Come on, it’s just the two of us. it’s not like I’m going to go and blog about this — he said, with fingers crossed behind his back.
He said, “I’m just joking. The doors aren’t locked.”

Do you mind if I make a guess about what he said?
Go for it.

Does it have something to do with the blood tests and the parentage of Rick’s son? Or should I say “alleged” son?
If Lori is even pregnant.

I was actually talking about Rick’s son, Carl.
Oh! Because in the comic book, she reveals pretty early on that she’s pregnant.

I didn’t even think about that.
Well, look at that!

Is that all you have to say on the subject?
You might be barking up the wrong tree. Anything can happen! I don’t want to give anything away! Look, it could have been just like, “Hey, watch out for those zombies out there, dude!” But it wasn’t. It’ll probably be revealed in season two, what he said. And it’s pretty monumental.

The finale was very much a roller coaster episode in terms of my — and I suspect a lot of other viewers’ — thoughts about Shane. We really saw the extremes of his character.
I agree. There were some great scenes in there with Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies. One of the things I like about this episode is there’s a very big, cataclysmic thing that happens in the sixth issue of the comic book series involving Shane and Carl and Rick and Lori. I’ve been asked countless times how many issues these first six episodes cover and does it cover the first six issues. Because a lot of people think that would have been the perfect end to a season. And there are a lot of scenes in this episode where it seems like it could be building to that. But I like that it seemed we were building to that at times and it didn’t actually go there. I think for comic book fans especially, this episode probably held quite a bit of tension because they were thinking it was going to go somewhere that it ultimately didn’t. I think that’s one of the great things about this show, that it’s always playing with people’s expectations.

Any EW reader who would care for more illumination about just what the hell Kirkman was talking about at the end should check out the collected volumes of the Walking Dead comic. The thirteenth tome, Too Far Gone, is now available in all good zombie graphic novel-selling stores.

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  • James

    Yahoo! The finale rocked!

    • Larry David

      Wait a second, did you just write “Yahoo!”? YAHOO!?? Are you stupid? Did your mom drop you when you were a baby? Did she hold you close to the microwave? Are you “special”?
      This is EW not Yahoo, you moron. Please check yourself in to the closest mental hospital near you. You need SERIOUS MAJOR help!

      • myprettypony

        Larry David: Honestly what do you do all day? You must have a great job to be able to post on every single article on EW.

      • Altair

        Larry’s back!!!
        I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was actually beginning to miss to poor little bastard’s comments. Does anyone else think that he’s just a construct of EW designed to get people debating?

      • Connor

        I doubt very much this is the Larry David who usually posts. It doesnt sound like him at all.

      • Betty

        You should be ashamed of yourself for using Larry David’s nom de plume. It really doesn’t sound like his rants.

      • Larry David

        Silence FOOLS! You don’t know me! You don’t know that i’m about to go put on a pretty little dress and have a nice teaparty!

      • Shotgun Samurai

        Yeah the really Larry David never replied to peoples comments.

      • anonymous

        Lunatic needs to go back to the asylum !

  • Paul

    I think that Dr. Jenner is still alive and is using the woman that stayed behind as TS-20!
    They were told by Jenner that they were underground when the woman with the short hair said that she was clostriphobic(sp?) and Jenner told her to try not to think about it. We only see the building explode, not the whole facility underground, and according to Jenner the door could withstand a rocket launcher. (hint hint)
    In short i think the whole thing was a big ruse by Jenner to get at least another 1 test subject, as there already has been 19!!

    We haven’t seen the last of Dr. Jenner.
    (btw, i have not read the comic books.)

    • Richard Whitman

      That doesn’t make sense.

      • Paul

        Hey Richard, I realise that my theory has a ton of holes in it like the lack of power and no signs of an exit after the explosion. I know i could be totally wrong but what if…

      • RCB

        But what if they all stayed, what’s next for Dr. Jenner? He would have a lot of explaining to do.

    • who cares

      whether you are right or not, i like your idea.

    • ZackBauer

      But the woman who stayed behind wasn’t infected. Do you think maybe he infected her on purpose to study her? He seemed pretty off, but not that grim.

      • Paul

        Hey Zack, yeah i think he wants to experiment and do further testing, when we 1st see Jenner in ep.5 he is pretty annoyed at running out of human tissue to test on.
        When watching the last few seconds of Jenner and the woman in the control room, I could swear i seen an evil glint in Jenners eye!!

      • MCS

        You dont get much more grim than holding a group of 10 people for their impending death just because YOU decided thats how it should be.

    • Vivi

      I really don’t see this scenario happening, but it would make for an interesting and unexpected (not to mention sad) twist.

    • melissa

      Sounds like it could happen…me likey!

    • Marcus

      I have to disagree, too, not so much because it is impossible, but because I know AMC, and I know how dedicated they are to making deaths real and permanent. There are no resurrections, no secret ways of surviving. Jenner and Jacqui are dead; the CDC is destroyed. Let’s see where the story goes from there.

      P.S. I should also add that the comic book series doesn’t end that way, and Frank Darabont is too good of a director to let crap like that happen.

      • Fatima

        The comic book series hasn’t ended!

    • rerun

      That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard…and I’ve heard Sarah Palin speak!

  • Steven

    The blonde is pregos…the morning sickness says it all.

    • who cares

      i think you are confusing morning sickness with hangover puking

    • Vivi

      Andrea didn’t have morning sickness. The alcohol and her depression overwhelmed her.

    • jared

      Do you guys remember if Lori was drinking at the party?

      • Claire

        Well she took Carl’s wine and poured it into her glass. I don’t remember if we actually see her drinking but I think she was.

      • megumi

        Yes she was. The son (Carl) wanted to try some to and hated it so Lori poured the rest of his in her glass.

      • meliot

        She probably doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet, especially if it’s Shanes baby. It was a really great episode. I hate wishing my life away, but I wish it was October, 2011.

      • myprettypony

        how would she know she was pregnant? the zombie apocalypse has been going on for, what, 2 months tops (although I am pretty sure it was only about a month when Rick woke up). Most women wouldn’t know they were that early pregnant unless they had a pregnancy test.

      • BJG

        FTR–The zombie apocalypse has been going for somewhere between 63-150odd days. That is according the info Dr. Jenner provided in Vatos.

  • Loyal

    No, I never thought Carl would kill Shane during the season finale (and I’m a huge fan of the comic). I thought the CDC stuff might replace the events of Wiltshire Estates (a safe haven turned nightmare). But it turns out the CDC stuff was simply the CDC stuff, it’s own separate from the comic.

    Ultimately more viewers watched the finale than any other episode this season which is unfortunate since it was by far the weakest of the six episodes.

    Back to the spoiler, I reckon Shane gets it midway through next season. And Dr. Jenner whispered one of two things to Rick, either Lori’s pregnant or that they’re all infected with the virus.

  • Hillary

    going way out on a limb, but I think the doctor told rick that he is immune to the virus, or was infected but did not die, or that instead of only the brainstem coming back, the whole thing reanimated. Time was up and there was nothing he could scientifically do about it, but with them leaving perhaps he thought it would be of use. Remember when shane told laurie that he did not hear a heartbeat. Rick looked pretty dead in the hospital and we never see that shane chained those doors, he only blocked rick’s door.

    • allie

      interesting but I doubt it. If, after all this time & work, Jenner had found someone who was actually immune – don’t you think he’d have left with them to study him? He wasn’t glued to the CDC building after all. Plus, if Rick was told he was immune I imagine he would have demanded that Jenner figure out a cure from his blood to save his family. No, I suspect he told him Lori is pregnant.

  • Migo

    Its either Carl is not his or Lori is pregnant.

    • MCS

      Third but unlikely option is that he saw Shane attack Lori on cameras?

      • Rosa

        That’s what I was thinking.

  • Shane

    When Rick asked about the blood tests, the doctor replied that ‘there were no surprises.’ What he whispered into Rick’s ear was what that really meant – for every one of them.

    • charlotte

      I noticed that too. I don’t think it was about a supposed affair that might have happened between Lori and Shane, I mean you have minutes to live, why would you want to give someone that useless information? I think it he told him what they find out in the comics – everyone is infected. That would be useful information to have.

  • Rack

    This was a little short on the “spoilery bonus extras”. I don’t know anymore than I did before. I would really hate for Lori to be pregnant; yet another reason not to like her. Who gets knocked up during zombie apocalypse?! I think the show is straddling the line between great zombie/survivor elements and soap opera elements with the love triangle/jealous lover/possible pregnancy. I would hate for it to go fully into the soap opera realm; I think AMC should accelerate the October timeline for next season.

    • Herb

      I agree. If that was the secret, who cares if she is pregnant and/or who the father is? ay too soap opera-y for me. Can’t we just stick with zombies before we start careening into All My Children territory?

      • Dave

        Lori gets pregnant eventually. Deal with it.

      • Kevin

        It is actually revealed pretty early in the comics that Lori is pregnant and one of Rick biggest issues is wondering if the baby is his or not….

    • Nate

      People don’t stop hooking up even in an apocalypse. Also, the show is not about the zombies. It’s about the characters. You might as well give up on the series now if all you care about is zombies.

      • Rack

        The major theme and basis of the show is man vs. zombies/apocalypse; then the sub-theme of man vs. himself/man. The show should never lose sight of the zombies in favor of focusing on personal issues cuz it’ll be the end of the show. In a previous article Kirkman said that at times the show will stray from the path, but then get back on–meaning adapting directly from the books. I hope this “pregancy” is one of those times they stray from the path.

      • Herb

        Guess what? If it wasn’t for the zombies, nobody would be watching this show. My point was that it is way too early in this series to be delving into this hackneyed, overdone, crap like every other network tv show. I can watch Greys Anatomy for that.

    • Mole

      Yes, no one would get pregnant in a zombie apocalypse, what with the plentiful birth control and the magic disappearance of all sexual urge, especially in desperate, high-emotion situations.

      A pregnancy is just one more interesting real world situation changed by the zombie apocalypse. (Yikes, can you imagine what birthing would be like?)

      Also, Rick doesn’t know the situation that went down before he came back. He’s such a big-picture idealist that I think the conflict between that and mere human betrayal (in a situation where they both believed he was dead) will be an interesting internal struggle for Rick.

      • Rack

        Of course people are gonna hook-up during zombie apocalypse; but this goes to the larger issues I have with Lori’s character. When she thought her husband was dead–less than a month and she’s having unprotected sex with his partner? (I suspect she probably was screwing around prior) Its not like she doesn’t have enough to worry about with keeping herself and her kid alive. She relies solely on Shane or Rick to protect; as a central female character, she is lacking.

      • aries

        Dudes, read the comic! The Walking Dead is a soap opera surrounding by the dead. It is about how people live in a world of the dead. In the comic Lori does gives birth to Shane’s baby in the prison. Dale and Andrea have a heated sexually relationship, Glenn gets married, etc. LOL, where does one find birth-control in apocalypse?

    • BJG

      I don’t. It should be more like an annual event. 13 eps of The Walking Dead starting every October. It twould be perfect.

  • Nona

    This article was a waste of my time. There is nothing but speculation here and NOT spoilers.

  • Nick

    She definitely is preggers. I won’t spoil the daddy for you all. And the whole series of books is VERY melodramatic and soap opera-ie. WHEN IS A NETWORK GOING TO MAKE A SERIES ABOUT Y: THE LAST MAN!?!?

    • Jane

      No kidding! Y:the Last Man = awesomeness!

    • NYC

      Nick-The comic never says who the fater is, so what are you talking about?

    • NYC

      Nick-The comic never says who the father is, so what are you talking about?

  • Chris

    The doctor had destroyed his last sample of contaminated tissue. Andrea is the only one seen being injected, and vomiting is a clear sign of infection. I believe he infected her to continue testing, but ran out of time. The doc told Rick Andrea is going to turn soon, or where another lab/survivor complex exists. Andrea is annoying, I’d actually like her to go zombie…

    • rowan729

      Sorry Chris, but the doc wasn’t injecting her with anything, he was drawing blood for a sample. There is no reason to think they had samples of the zombie virus or whatever-if so he wouldn’t have been so upset about losing the sample in the previous episode. No one had a fever, certainly not Andrea, and that’s how you know they’re infected-it’s been plenty of time for that to happen by now.

      The most obvious answer to what Jenner whispered is that someone, possibly Lori, is pregnant. A pregnancy in a post-apocolyptic raises the stakes for survival for the entire group, since a baby is more vulnerable to attack but also offers hope for the future-it’s too rich of a story line to pass up IMHO.

  • Chuck

    I think the Dr wispered in his ear could have been that he has the entire complex under survalence, and he saw that his wife was almost raped by his friend, and to keep an eye on both..

  • Siansonea

    I think Dr. Jenner whispered something along the lines of “the disease is a pandemic, everyone is infected, those who aren’t sick are just carriers, but it destroys unborn fetuses, like the one your wife is carrying, which is totally that dude Shane’s baby”.

    • The Other Anne


  • Tom

    To Rack above, it wouldn’t let me reply directly to your comment. Umm, Lori gets pregnant in the comics too so I don’t see how this could be a time when they stray from the path. Don’t act like you’ve read the books if you haven’t.

    • Rack

      I never said I read the books; I think its pretty clear from my comment when I said I hope they stray from the book on the pregnancy issue. Kirkland said she’s pregnant in the book; but he also said they’re not going strictly by the book on the show. I hope this is one of those times; what’s your problem?

  • Ben

    carl is not shanes son he is ricks she had the affiar when she thought rick was dead also when will tyrese and michone come they are the most badaass people

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