A&E yanks 'The Hasselhoffs' off the air

David-Hasselhoffs-dogImage Credit: Richard Knapp /A&EHoff he goes: After airing just two episodes, A&E pulled David Hasselhoff’s new reality series, The Hasselhoffs, from its schedule, the network confirmed to EW. (The news was first reported by Vulture.) The show — which offered a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of the former Knight Rider star/America’s Got Talent judge and his two daughters — debuted with Dec. 6 with a pair of episodes; the first drew 718,000 viewers while the second attracted only 505,000 people. A&E did not go so far as to make a terrible pun and say that the series has been hofficially cancelled, however.

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  • Gus

    How embarassing

    • Sally in Chicago

      He was just offered Simon’s chair in the XFactor overseas….he always manages to find work somehow.

      • michelle

        He was offered to judge on Britain’s Got Talent, not XFactor

      • David

        he should have been drinking in the episode, would have been ratings win for sure!

      • jeff

        He should have had more shows where he’s drunk on the floor eating hamburgers.

    • AK

      So he lasted one episode on “Dancing with the Stars” and his reality show was pulled after two. Will the networks finally realize that no one cares about David Hasselhoff anymore?

      • Mick

        Thank you! Stop giving these has-beens a spotlight. Do the network executives even research someones true popularity before deciding to air a show about them???

      • Kelli

        He is popular in other countries…send him there.. to stay!

      • TCP

        WOAH! We’re talkin’ about The Hoff here. NOBODY Fs with The Hoff…

      • portalpunk

        dont hassel the Hoff, he’s cooler than ice, women dig him, and he’s been living the GTL lifestyle forever.

      • Moe Smith

        Appearantly someone has F`d with the Hoff and it’s about damn time. F`ing alcoholic waste. Hope he chokes on a hamburger


        TO AK AND MICK
        substitute no one cares about the domestic problems of the palins and kardashians and you have said it all.

      • Patty

        I totally agree with you!!!!

      • teddy

        Who ever did care about him? He’s always been GROSS.

      • MadCharles

        The first show pulled 740,000 viewers. That’s huge for cable. Those ratings would get you right into the next pay scale asap. Something else went on behind the scenes for not A & E not to pay. I’ll bet theirs another reality show their.

      • thin

        740k is not huge for cable. Several million is huge for cable. There’s nowhere but public access where the 500k it got for its second episode could even remotely be considered good.

    • Rush

      This was a show? Didn’t even know it was airing.

      • dreamkeeper

        You forgot the Gosslins…their 15 minutes was up 14 minutes after it started. What Kate has done to those children while the world watched should be a crime. Childrens’ services is not doing its job.

      • sarah d

        So I guess Jon G. is off the hook and it’s all mommy’s fault? Jon is sackless and if he had such a problem with what was happening to his family he should have produced a pair and stopped it.

      • jennie

        Sarah Jon and Kate were already seperated in reali life when he got caught they were simply putting on an act for show to keep the money train comming in.. Kate ended the marriage in october 08 he got caught in feb 09 and beside his galavanting with women isnt nearly as bad as kate potty trainingb the tups on national television and that is only the tip of the iceburg

    • chinada

      Surprised they even started a pilot on this relic from the 80’s I didn’t even see a second of it as I was washing my hair at the time ha ha ha.

    • sarah

      didnt he get booted first off dwts? you think that would be an indication that he doesn’t have public favor.

  • Luiza

    They didn’t make the pun so you did? Sometimes it’s best to let it gp.

    • Confused Hoff is Confused

      “Best to let it ‘GP'” Can’t say I’ve ever heard that expression before…

    • Jase

      i enjoyed the pun. Thank you Dan.

      • Dave

        As did I.

  • KT

    Ugh, those early promos with the little “David” with chest hair running down the beach made me feel a bit sick.

    • Cris

      I thought that commercial was hilarious … but apparently the show itself was nowhere near as funny

    • Peggy

      The baby with chest hair was definitely creepy.

    • Me 2

      That was SOOO gross! I would always turn the channel when I saw it. YUCK!

  • Mike

    That show was seriously lacking in both the A & the E.

    • Patty Mayonaise

      What the hell does the “A” even stand for? “The Arts”? Because honestly, they haven’t shown programming related to “A” or “E” in years. Gene Simmons Family Jewels? DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER?!

      • Suzy Creamcheese

        You got that right, Patty.

      • Terry

        True but you could say the same thing about the varous crappy shows on mtv that have nothing to do with music or the gosselein and palin crap fests on, what is it, the learning channel?

      • Pablo03

        Most importantly, it lacked T and A. (Patty, do you need clarification?)

      • Mick

        Add to the list Nat-Geo! How many shows about being a prisoner can they keep recycling. The channel is nothing like the magazine – pure crap!

      • Karl

        Yeah, you probably couldnt learn anything about Alaska, or how to raise 8 kids on “The Learning Channel” You guys are idiots…

      • Simonster

        Most of TV is crap – no matter how many channels are offered. Give me more shows like “Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition” and “Eli Stone” and keep the rest!

      • SANDY


      • Brett

        You think A&E is bad, look at the history channel. To be historic, you have to be an American Picker (nose or garbage), one of the Swamp People, a Pawn Star, an Ice Road trucker or be in a Dogfight. Yeah, the History of our country is going straight to the dogs. In fact, watching the History Channel is like watching an episode on Sanford and Son without the charm of Red Foxx but swamp people instead.


        I agree….and whats with the Conspiracy Theory on “Tru TV” what an oxymoron!

      • randy


      • jam

        Doesn’t it stand for “Arses & Egomaniacs”?

      • Befuddled

        Yet another reason the Chinese are going to replace the US as the global superpower. Can’t believe where our priorities are. Snookie? Hasslehof? Real housewives of wherever? I can’t wait until the other shoe drops on our economy & we’re all standing in breadlines. Good luck finding a TV to watch..

      • Brett

        How often does “VH-1″ play “video hits” anymore? They should comobine with TLC and A&E and just call themselves “Tabloid TV.”

      • Jenny Jones

        Patty, I was going to say that as well; they KEEP Gene Simmons’ crappy show so my guess is Simmons either pays for it himself or someone in programming is his relative.

      • thin

        I just want to say that I think “Patty Mayonnaise” is an awesome name!

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    This is a good start. Now if only every other has been and quasi-celebrity would get their shows yanked…

  • Tracy Murray

    Remember the time when A&E showed real drama , as good scripted fictional dramas ( and sitcoms ) ?

    • Tim

      Yeah, I liked that courtroom drama with Alan Arking from about 10 years ago. I think it was 100 Centre Street but I could be wrong

      • Tim


    • Doug

      I honestly can’t remember a time when A&E was good for anything. I’ve always thought it to be a network, that shows programming like biographies, for old people. Seriously, they play shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. A&E as a network has NEVER been good.

      • Garry

        That’s not true. Way back in the early 80s, A&E aired things like classical music programs, ballets, period dramas, British sitcoms, etc. It really was “Arts & Entertainment”, but the great American public wasn’t interested. So A&E had to adapt to survive.

      • DON White

        Next they will be putting Mel Gibson reality show on. Come on AE cant you do better than this

      • Bob bob

        Oh come on. Nobody else shows as many CSI: Miami reruns as A&E. Where would we be without David Caruso. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

      • hot potato

        I use to love to watche the A&E movies. They had remakes of some of the great classics. Now I get Dog, and Gene. Wow, not very classic. I still can’t figure out has Intervention and Hoarders are either Arts or Entertainment.

      • Ishkabibble

        A&E used to have ‘high class’ programming and slowly dropped that in favor of reaching people who y’know.. actually matter. One or two hundred thousand viewers just cannot keep a network afloat so the switch was a good idea.

        As for some of the programming, about the only thing on A&E that I watch anymore is Family Jewels. Say what you want about Gene- you cannot change the fact that he, unlike most other stars, is unflinchingly honest and sticks to his beliefs no matter what.

        Dog the bounty hunter, growing up twisted, hasselhoff…all pointless and each is more annoying than the previous one.

        The trick is to accept what you cannot change and roll with it.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Ishkabibble (I like your screen name!), thanks for defending Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I was never a fan of Gene’s until I started watching the show, but the guy has won me over. Anyone who trashes the show has obviously never watched it. It’s not like the Kardashians or crap like that. Gene’s family really love each other and the kids are well-raised and well-adjusted.

    • Kevin M.

      Is that like remembering when MTV used to show music videos? Or AMC used to show classic moves made in America, rather than new British TV shows and Catwoman? Or Sci-Fi used to show science fiction instead of wrestling and horror flicks? Or Cartoon Network used to show animation instead of live-action movies? Or ABC Family used to show stuff actually suitable for families? (OK, maybe not ABC Family, but certainly one of the Family predecessors. And don’t get me wrong, I actually like a lot of their shows, but I wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near most of ‘em…)

      • Noelbelle

        Of all those examples, I’d have to say Cartoon Network is the one that weirds me out the most. I mean, it’s not an abbreviation like the others, it’s there in the title, plain as day. And it’s not like cartoons went out of favor. BTW, I think SciFi has always shown horror movies. I remember watching Halloween for the first time on SciFi when I was a kid.

      • Layla

        Seems to me there are way to many stations and not enough ideas and programming to go around. I like USA and TNT these days. In the last few years they have developed some “new idea” shows like Burn Notice, White Collar, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal,In Plain Sight, The Closer, etc.

      • Keith

        MTV2 was supposed to fix the fact that the original MTV no longer showed music videos, but even MTV2 has gone the same path as the origina MTV….kids today don’t know what music videos are like those of us who grew up in the 80s did – cable has gone to crap

      • Nokwurst

        Oh, but it’s not “Sci-Fi” anymore, it’s “SyFy”, b/c they wanted to disassociate from Science Fiction. Riiiiiggghhhtt…..

        And don’t forget “Raising the Bar” as original fare on TNT…another great show that got cancelled to early

    • Ryan

      I really enjoy first48 and Intervention though… both are on A&E I think.

      • Charisse McGuire

        I like The First 48 also

    • portalpunk

      Yeah, but that crap didnt pay the bills. TV is not here for moral goodness, it needs to pay the bills and make some money.

    • NYMike

      Remember when MTV (Music Telivision Videos) actually had music and/or videos?
      Remember when AMC (American Movie Classics) actually showed classic movies?
      Remember when the History channel actually had historical shows?
      Remember when A&E (Arts & Entertainment) actually showed…oh, never mind

      • chic

        I know exactly what you mean. Cable use to have programing worth paying for. But like so many things today, the younger generation has taken charge and the older is being phased out. The new gen have no appreciation for the “finer” things. It must be fast, obnoxious, rude, inane, unsanitary, gross or violent to be worth airing for them.

      • Noelbelle

        Re: Chic
        Oh, please. Don’t give me that “kids today” crap. There’s plenty of good programming on cable. The argument here is that none of it has to do with the channels’ original programming intentions.

      • Jen E.

        Chic, please don’t give me the “kids today” schpiel either. I’m in my 20s. None of my friends watch reality shows or any of this mindless drivel. The people that I know who live for “Dancing with the Stars” et. al are baby boomers. My mom and all her friends argue over American Idol. The receptionist at my doctor’s office was yapping about Bristol Palin versus Brandy. I overheard a group of menopausal coworkers discuss the Situation’s haircut.

        My “new gen” rallied for Arrested Development. We pay extra for HBO to watch Curb. We can not only name a good show’s actors, but their writers too. We follow our shows to Friday nights, begrudgingly knowing that people would rather watch has-beens and wanna-bes dance & sing than smart, thrilling scripted television. You can join us in our crusade but don’t you dare blame us for the crap.

  • Lisa Simspon

    Well, he lasted one episode more than he did on Dancing with the Stars.

    • Mr. Holloway

      No kidding. He’s basically the Bizarro Entertainer of the Year for 2010.

    • Fevans

      …well that must mean he’s improving! Maybe he’ll manage to stay on the XFactor for 3 appearances before he’s booted hoff….ahem.

  • Neal

    Maybe he should just disappear for a while, i think America has had enough of the Hoff. I watched about 5 minutes of that show, and it was 5 minutes of the girls whining. Please do not count me as a viewer. No one cares about him or his family. Just find a freaking beach and retire already.

  • god of blunder

    Hopefully this idiot will realize that just because people make fun of you, doesn’t mean you are popular


      I think he was popular before because people laughed at him for being cheesy and it was hilarious because no one knew what the hell he was doing at the time and he wasn’t in the spotlight. It was a little bit like an inside joke, so whenever he popped up at like C-list events it was funny. THEN, like all hasbeens who are dying for the spotlight again, he started to embrace “the Hoff” and started saying it and popping up EVERYWHERE, thus, killing the irony and hilarity of the whole thing.

  • ks

    I didn’t even realize it was a show, the knightrider curse strikes again haha

  • Redvector

    The moron who greenlit this should be fired.

    • jado

      Agreed. I watched it out of curiosity – it was like a car crash – so bad you couldn’t beleive it, so you just keep staring out of disbelief. It was over-directed and the scenes were too set up. It was also shot and cut oddly. It didn’t know if it wanted to be a scripted show (with all those planned cutaways/insert shots) or a cinema verite docu-soap. And who thought wrapping a episode around not drinking caffeine was enough story for 30 min? Really A&E. The daughters were not compelling or interesting enough to justify all that screen time. So in the end it was badly directed, weak storyline, boring characters….who is responsible for this mess? I imagine the production company as well the Production Exec at A&E who guides this through should take a hit. hopefully now A&E will improve the quality of their programming now.

      • dd

        Jado…OMG, it sounds almost like a ‘real’ persons life…boring and not much to report on, much less have a reality show about!! hahaha!


    I think the show would be a little interesting if A) It didn’t seem so incredibly fake B) He would lay off all the “the Hoff” talk (yay rhymes!) and C) if the very first episode wasn’t such a tired cliche of “My dad is famous but I want people to know me!” “I want to sing, dad!” “I want to act, dad!” “Ok, we’ve filmed one episode, can I record an album now?”

    UGH. Seriously I’ve had enough of the whole, “I want to record an album and make a name for myself” that comes out of the mouths of these offspring. Especially since it is always coming from the offspring of C list celebrities! (Gene Simmons Family Jewels anyone?) SO FAKE!

    • SANDY


      • dd

        Personally, I don’t watch ANY TV…life is too short. Especially too short to sit in front of the TV watching someone elses life…GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!

      • DreamKeeper

        dd, if you don’t watch any TV, what are you doing here? Apparently, life isn’t too short to sit in front of a computer on Friday morning dissing strangers.

      • Lu

        dd, we should get married and not watch TV forever!!

  • jake

    the show was awful and so obviously scripted. M aybe this shows that not every has been celeb will be given a reality show to rehab their career.

  • John

    This is absolutely Hoff-ful.

    • Want some Hoffee?

      Seriously, I hope he doesn’t fall Hoff the wagon again after hearing this news…

      • Cris

        Ouch …

      • huxley

        his next gig is at burger king teamed up with Canadian club.

  • JPX

    OMG, I totally predicted that this show would be yanked quickly before a single episode was shown. The narcissistic “Hoff” fails to realize that he doesn’t hold any appeal to anyone in 2010. When I think of Hasselhoff I just think of him drunk of the floor in front of his young daughter. What a jerk.

    • Oh, Old People…

      Cool do you expect to win a prize or something? Seriously though, you are a little wrong on the whole “doesn’t hold any appeal” thing.. The young kids made fun of the Hoff in an ironic fashion a while ago, but he kind of ruined that whole thing himself.

    • Katja

      Hey, people make mistakes and grow from them. I don’t feel like we can’t hold the cheeseburger incident against him indefinitely. When I think of him, I think of that RIDICULOUS “Hooked on a Feeling” video. It’s fantastic – *that* is the David Hasselhoff I like to see!

      • dd

        What was the cheeseburger incident? I feel like I missed something important. OH, I am sure the USA will put it in the history books :)

      • John

        That video is so ridiculous, it’s an instant classic!

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