'Glee' exclusive: Production halted due to tonsillitis outbreak

glee-cast_320.jpg Image Credit: Miranda Penn Turin/Fox Production on the Fox hit Glee has hit a snag or, more appropriately, a virus. EW has learned that due to several members of the cast coming down with tonsillitis, production on the series has been canceled for today. The cast and crew are currently in the midst of shooting their big post-Super Bowl episode and were set to film one of the biggest musical numbers this evening on location. But don’t you worry, Gleeks: Production will resume on Monday and the scenes planned for tonight will be rescheduled for January.

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  • LOL

    Just cancel this crapfest!

    • Excuse me LOL

      Why did you read this article if you hate the show so much…you are such a hypocrite for A.) Taking time to read an article about a show you want canceled B.) For taking the time to post a comment about a show you want canceled.

      • LOL

        You’re a dumba$$ for thinking a story about an outbreak shutting down production on a show isn’t worth my time.

      • lolisafool

        You are calling others a dumb ass? Please stop loser…

      • SANTANA


      • Rolo Tomasi

        You don’t have to read an article in order to comment. Plus it’s called feedback. Learn the concept. Not all feedback is positive. If he doesn’t like articles about a certain subject why can’t he voice his opinions? Stop being narrowminded. HAHAHAHA LMAO.

      • Linde

        because it is a stupid article and I just need to read the stupidity that happens in our lives and the people that really care about it-like you

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I happen to love Glee, but not all people have to

      • Richard Whitman

        Great! Stop this junk show!

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Aww, how cute, somebody has to steal my name and say I love Glee because I proved them wrong.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        …but I really do love Glee!

    • Frank

      Let it go, see a therapist you seem to have anger issue. It is just a tv show that you can turn off. Breath…….count to 10……

      • ……..

        Why do you add …… to the end of your posts? Count to 10…… and go back to school and learn to proper grammar

      • alan of montreal

        If he decides to make a stylistic choice, then it has nothing to do with grammar. And perhaps you need to “learn to proper grammar” yourself

      • Also Learn to Spell

        I’m assuming you meant “breathe.”


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    • cathie

      don’t like it…don’t watch it. Simple isn’t it???? It doesn’t even take a lot of thought or intelligence so it should be easy for you.

      • bill

        Agreed. Besides, this show has got a serious case of retardillitis.

    • God I hate Trolls

      yup hate trolls

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Why is he a troll. Because he doesn’t like a show you like? Is that the best comeback you could come up with. Instead of defending a show you like, it was easier for you to post something so unoriginal?

      • Gleek and Proud

        There’s nothing to defend. People coming on a board for the sole purpose of riling people up get what they want this way. The best part is it just gives more hits to the articles which tells EW, hey, people like this, we should write more.

        You’re just adding fuel to the fire, and as a Gleek, I love it.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Yeah, keep believing that.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        And of course since I am troll, I would recognize another one

      • Taylor


        “God I hate Trolls” isn’t assuming the person she doesn’t like is a troll like the gruesome mythical creature. A Troll is also an internet slang term for one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

        Which is what the person did. They said a comment meant to get a knee-jerk, negative reaction.


    • Kristen

      lol Keep dreaming. This show brings in the money.

      • Zombie Jesus

        So does Jersey shore but that doesn’t make it a good show

      • David

        +1 for Zombie… It’s sad how tv shows that do not have or promote positive morals are always the most popular. Goes to show how demoralized americans truly are.

    • Seriously

      Get a life loser and quit reading and commenting on show you don’t even like. That is so lame.

      • LOL

        Rolo Tomasi is the one making sense.

    • Scytherius


    • Meli

      Okay, LOL, we get it, you hate the show. Everyone got the point about the 10 billionth time you mentioned it. Move on with your life.

  • tigger851

    hope they all feel better! get some rest!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Me too I can not wait for the SuperBowl show

      • Rolo Tomasi

        You realize this isn’t my real name and nobody knows who I am so if your trying to embarrass me you’re kind of failing.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        It’s funny though, knowing that I upset you enough you have to use a anonymous screenname i created to try and discredit anything I said. Thanks for the compliment, knowing I can get on your nerves that easily.

  • Beck

    They are trying to make it sound WAY more serious than it actually is.
    Tonsillitis is simply an inflammation of the tonsils or adenoids caused by any number of viruses or infections.
    These kids could just have bad colds.
    While I agree they shouldn’t work sick,I hate Hollywood’s penchant for making things sound more dire than they actually are.

    • Frank

      They are also singers so …..

    • Ronnie1

      I suffered from tonsillitus when I was a kid…it was NOT just a virus. It hurt like hell. My doc told my mom the infection could affect my ears, so I had to be careful when I got bouts of it. May not seem like such a big thing, till YOU have it.

      • Brea

        I would think that if a lot of people have it at one time…it’s a virus.

    • Kate

      I had tonsillitis recently and a few times as a kid, it hurts like hell, you can barely talk, eat or drink and it comes with a neat fever and vomiting. I’d say that’s pretty dire for a show with speaking and singing as its main focus.

    • Scytherius

      Really? If they say production continues Monday, how does that possibly make it soud “more serious than it actually is”? It’s a 3 day delay. That makes it sound pretty tame to me for singers.

      I really wonder about you people sometimes.

    • b

      It doesn’t sound like they’re making anything sound particularly dire/serious – although I HAVE seen cases of tonsilitis that left the person feeling really shitty for several days, worse than a usual cold. But the article just says they canceled shooting for *today* and will pick up on Monday – how is that so dire? It’s a show full of singers about to shoot a big musical number, not exactly shocking that they’re not doing it if half the cast has sore throats.

  • Micahel A

    Tonsillitus = hold out for more money

    • Katie

      they should for as much as they do they aren’t getting paid enough. RM is getting paid out the a$$ for the kids hard work.



    • Scytherius

      True. But where’s the fun in that?

  • Lilly

    The problem is the show is everywhere. It’s infesting everything. I wish I could just turn it off and be done with it and let the Gleeks have their fun but quite frankly I’m sick of Glee and I don’t even watch it. So when I saw that production was shut down, I had wonderful flash forward to the day when Glee would be no more.

    • Gleek and Proud

      I love the self-centered attitude of these people who say “I’m annoyed by the show, so I can’t wait till it shuts down!” Because YOU’RE annoyed, you would deny hundreds of people their jobs, and millions their enjoyment of the show? Because reading the word “Glee” hurts your eyes? Because the occasional promo is irritating to you?

      How very very sad.

      I don’t watch DWTS. I laugh at how ridiculous the promos are. You know what, I don’t read those articles, and I don’t watch the show. But kudos to those who like it – glad you found something you like.

    • b

      Well, adding to the hit and comment count on articles about it will definitely help to bring about the day when you don’t have to hear about it so much.

    • anonymous

      ~first world problems~

    • Kristine

      This. The over-exposure of this show is aggravating. I don’t even watch it and yet everything about it is shoved down my throat on a daily basis. Very annoying. Can’t wait until that stops.

  • Linde

    who cares

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Actually I care Linde, I care very much

  • orville

    Don’t they just lip synch over their pre-recorded songs? And any dialogue could be looped later.

  • Melany

    poor gleeks! I got tonsilitis this week as well, seems like a season problem! hopefully they’ll be better than new for monday =)

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Why do people keeping using my name, it really is starting to piss me off

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Hey someone else is using my name here again. I guess I will have to change my name again So if you see anything by Rolo Tomasi ever again, it will not be the real Rolo Tomasi, I will be back soon with a different, though maybe not better name

    • Rolo Tomasi

      I am going to keep using your name until you change it. I will destroy you as I have done Lisa Simpson and Larry David

    • miss k

      omg shut up!!! idk if there’s two of you or if you’re actually the same person with a serious lack of purpose in life. who freaking cares about your name?!?

    • Rolo Tomasi

      You shut up! I’m Lisa Simpson!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      No, you aren’t! I’m Larry David!

    • Rolo Tomasi II

      Stop using my fake name or I’ll change my fake name might be the lamest threat in the history of lameness.

  • LOL 2.0

    Why do they need tonsils to lip-synch of bunch of songs?

    • Kristen

      Well, they do need to you know, RECORD the songs?

    • Alex

      Great question! It’s not even like they are very good at lip-synching…you don’t need tonsils to do that.

    • Cxxli

      They need to be able to speak their lines when singing is not involved.

  • Twyla

    Too many trolls, too many people feeding them.

    To Gleek and Proud: Your response reminded me of something my mother said while we were watching The Salt Lake Olympics opening ceremony. A gal came on and started singing and my mother said “Why is she on there? They know I don’t like that kind of singing.” Some people are so self-centered, they don’t care about what anyone else likes…and they make sure everyone knows it.

    • Kwini


  • Lizzy

    While I love the show and hope they feel better, why is this a news story?

    • erin

      Good question.

      • JMB in FL

        Ummm… not really a “good question.” This is an entertainment website, and for fans of this particular bit of entertainment (i.e., Glee) this information is news of interest. If you want hard news, go to another website.

  • jess

    @Lizzy i agree too much hype but-
    Aww. for a cast that sings, this is bad. Tonsillitis sucks! poor people!

  • Poopsie von Sheldon

    Oh for crap’s sake. It’s a stupid TV show. They’re not curing cancer. Why get so worked up over a show? It won’t matter in 20 years anyway.

    • Kristen

      Whose getting worked up? There’s nothing to get worked up about…

      • Poopsie von Sheldon

        Perhaps you need to reread the thread. You don’t call “get a life, loser” getting worked up over a TV show?

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