Jillian Michaels leaving 'The Biggest Loser'

Jillian-Michaels-BiggestImage Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBCTrainer Jillian Michaels will leave NBC’s weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, after Season 11, according to her official Twitter page. On Dec. 7, she wrote “Season 11 of Biggest Loser will be my last :) have to finish out my contract.” According to Michaels, her female replacement has already been chosen and they’ll use Michaels’ final season to help introduce her. (The finale for Season 10 of The Biggest Loser airs next Tuesday.)

“I want to take a year off TV and focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work,” Michaels tweeted. “Shooting Losing It also had a big impact on me. Living with kids I saw first hand what I was missing.”

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  • Michael

    I absolutely love Jillian. She will be missed, best of luck to her in all her future endevors.

    • BruceMpls

      Another thing I will miss is her bending constantly towards the cameras, time after time after time and showing off her cleavage. I love petite ladies and she certainly is one. Oh, how she will be missed.

      • Cara

        She is the reason that no one in this country should ever be obese or overweight. If you follow what she says, you will be healthy. Sadly 2/3 of the US is obese. And by the way she has a perfect body, no fake boobs and solid muscle. More people should try to look like her.

  • michelle

    im so happy jillian is finally doing something for herself! she lived with us and we are so happy to hear the news she wants to be a mommmy!!!!

  • Liv

    Well that’s the end of this show.

    • downtown diva

      To be sure, we viewers and the BL contestants and crew will miss Jillian after Season 11 ends in May, but Bob contributes to the show, too.

  • Brett

    SHE’S going to be a MOTHER? What about all the ruination that pregnancy supposedly does to a woman’s body, Jillian?

    • Sara

      I read in a Women’s Health interview earlier this year, that she would like to adopt.

    • Sara

      Oh…and I think she’d be a great mom.

    • L

      She actually can’t have kids due to health issues. I think she had cysts or something

      • tom

        This stuff about her not being able to have a kid is BS. She is obviously a lesbian.

      • Todd Stevens

        Tom, I’m guessing she turned you down, flat?

      • jared4ever

        Tom, you’re an idiot. No wonder you’re alone.

      • Claire

        Tom…newsflash!! Lesbians are indeed women. And women, if they are able, can have babies. I know, SHOCKER right!?!?

        And fyi…Jillian admits to being in relationships with women AND men. So she’s, technically, bi. Not so much a lesbian.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Brett, since you asked: She has endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, and, since fertility is difficult in those conditions, she is adopting.

      • Heidi

        Yes, she does have issues that can affect fertility but she also admitted candidly that she does not want to distort her body and since she was heavy as a teen, she has a phobia of having her body grow and change; losing control in that way is something she was not prepared to face when adoption was a viable option for her.

    • DGH

      Well Brett its called exercise my wife looks just as good after our baby than she did before. Also kegel exercises works wonders!!!!!

      • sockgal

        You can also have a “husband stitch” just ask your doctor. Helps get things back together.

      • RK

        Kegel the Elf?

      • Anna

        There wouldn’t be any need for “husband stitches” if doctors – in their efforts to get the baby born 5 minutes faster, would just quit cutting episiotomies the size of the San Andreas Fault. I’m with DGH kegels work wonders.

      • Amber

        WOW this thread has taken a turn for the worse. I am perfectly open to talking about childbirth, but there have to be more appropriate places. I certainly don’t come to ew.com to read the word episeotomy. EVER. And yes, I have children. But ew.com shouldn’t become Ewwww.com

      • Fred

        Amber, you are hilarious (and correct).

      • Andrea

        Kegel the Elf. HILARIOUS RK!! The League has become one of my new favorite shows!!

    • Holly

      Pregnancy “Supposedly” messes up a woman’s body? Obviously a comment from a guy. :) If you only knew. I agree that it seems a little odd for her because of that reason.

  • MiaS

    She will be missed. Good luck in the future.

  • david

    Ive been watching her since 2004,she will be missed.Good Luck Jillian.

  • Kate

    I think she also probably sees the writing on the wall. BL isn’t what it used to be and the ratings have steadily declined. Unless the show finds a new angle it will probably only make it another season or two anyway.

    • Anna

      Biggest Loser has wandered so far away from it’s roots I don’t know if there’s any coming back for it. It’s all about gameplay and circus freakshow lately, there’s nothing and no one left to root for and there’s certainly nothing relevant for those of us watching at home by which to be inspired. Good on Jillian for bailing off this sinking ship of fools while her credibility and integrity as a trainer are still intact. I wish her all the best.

  • Truthhurts

    That’ll be nice that theyre finally going to have a female trainer on the show now…

    • Josie


    • Alphawolf

      You obviously aren’t in tune with the meaning of the word “female”…Have you looked on any of the “top sexiest women” lists lately? Maybe your “taste” is women is…Shall we say “different” than most ???

      • RK

        Oh please.

    • Freewheelin Franklin

      She looks like a man.

      • Sara

        Uh…you’re kidding me, right?!? Have you tried googling “Jillian Michaels” and looking at the images!

      • Freewheelin Franklin

        Uh….. No.

      • Greg


      • teri

        heh heh heh you said googling jillian michaels. heh

  • Ann

    Not to be a pain, but why did it take Entertainment Weekly a whole day to catch wind of this? This was everywhere including non-entertainment sites yesterday. I feel like since Ausiello left the scoops around here have gotten slow.

    • Ana

      EW’s always been late with news, even with Ausiello. Sometimes they don’t report things at all. The upside is that you don’t get Huffpost style reporting where you have to hear about it every time Kim Kardashian changes her clothes.

    • RK

      They are too worried about writing Glee stories to work on anything else.

    • liz

      Me too!!! where is Ausiello now,does he have something online I can look up?? thanks

      • Ann

        he is on twitter and facebook right now. I don’t think the new site starts until January. I just read the other day Michael Slezak is going now too!

  • redwingswin39@yahoo.com

    Her body is rockin!! Wish I knew a chick who looked like that.

  • Melissa

    The show will not be the same without her. In fact, it pretty much sucked the couple of seasons she wasn’t on. But she is a FANTASTIC person; I wish her nothing but the very best.

  • Liv

    MAybe now one of Bob’s trainee’s will win. Poor Bob, hustling the Extra sugar free gum and still can’t bring home a W.

    • dally

      LOL, the final 4 this season are all black team… Bob will be happy she’s going.

      But wonder who the new trainer will be….not the blond from the last time Jillian left, I hope.

      • @ dally

        And I agree. No Kim! She was awful.

    • @ dally

      Trust me…I’m a HUGE Jillian fan! (I used to root for her team over Bob’s every season) But I’m not sure it’s fair to declare “black team” and “blue team”. They were only in teams for a couple of weeks.

  • Josie

    There goes the show along with her….

  • RenĂ© De Beaumarchais

    Megan Fox as her replacement, you heard it here first!

  • RicardoCabeza

    and a loud chorus o “who and why should I care about this bimbo” is heard when America is told of this irrelevant news, except by the fat broads that watch this garbage.

    • Excelda

      I’m pretty thin, but I like to watch BL when I’m eating. I swear it makes food taste better. I’m serious. Try it.

      • Melanie J

        I think so too! And I thought it was just my imagination.

    • Abbey

      Oh RicardoCabeza – perhaps you have forgotten that you are reading *entertainment* news. So it is actually pretty relevant. It’s ok though, I understand if you are just not smart enough to understand the difference, but please remove your thumb from your a** and get a life.

      • ger

        Wow, someone needs a little reading comprehension.

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