'Dexter' exclusive: Exec producer Sara Colleton answers questions about the season 5 finale! (Spoiler Alert!)

Dexter-finale-MillerTick… tick… tick… DING. That was the sound of season 5 running out. Showtime’s serial-killer drama Dexter wrapped up its fifth year on Sunday night with a knife in the chest—literally and figuratively—while weaving in a twist or two. [SPOILER ALERT: Do not proceed if you haven’t watched the season finale.] While “The Big One” didn’t pack the shock of last year’s Trinity-Rita send-off, there’s ample action to analyze—and character motivations to assess. Herewith, Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton sheds light on Lumen’s departure, Deb’s big decision, Dexter’s new outlook, and much more….

EW: Two years in a row, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has lost the woman he loves, albeit in two very different ways. Was it always the intention to have this season end with Lumen (Julia Stiles) alive, but not with Dexter?
From the very beginning we knew that Lumen would leave Dexter. In his season-long journey toward atonement [for his part in Rita’s death], this woman tumbles into his life and inadvertently becomes the way in which he does achieve atonement. But along the way this miracle happens—something that Dexter never thought would be possible in his life—he finds a soul mate…. Once she goes from victim to avenging angel, he realizes that she is the woman who has the kind of strength of resolve that Dexter has, and he exposes himself completely to her. Instead of turning away in horror, she empathizes and is so grateful to him for his courage and support. Their respective traumas have created this bond. So it’s devastating for Dexter to lose her, and he has never wanted anything before like this. But at the same time there’s something so incredibly direct about Lumen that when she tells him why she has to leave, it makes perfect sense to him. He understands that her dark passenger has left, that her need for vengeance has been quenched, and that he can never escape this, this is who he is, and he needs to let her go. As he said, “I will carry your darkness with mine.”

That might be the most romantic thing Dexter has ever said.
Oh my God, it’s so romantic. But he accepts that it’s his punishment. And at Harrison’s first birthday party, Dexter has realized with ruefulness and irony that the circle has come full and that he has paid his price—and the price has been one true love. He has let Lumen go out into the world. But she has left behind two very real gifts, two pieces of knowledge that leave Dexter in a place he’s never been before, which is the knowledge that he can be seen and that he can be loved. The other gift is that Harrison does not have to be doomed to a life of darkness, even though Dexter reproduces his own making, if you will, by being responsible for his son witnessing his mother’s bloody death. By witnessing what Lumen went through, Dexter realizes that you can vanquish darkness and go on to a normal life.

Yet with that optimism comes some dark resignation. As he says: “But wishes, of course, are for children.”
It’s rueful, it’s ironic, but it’s a healed Dexter who says, “I am who I am.” More than ever he realizes who he is, but not with an absolute sense of bleakness.  He felt what it was like to be seen, to be loved, truly. That is a huge thing that he’s going to hold on to.

Is the door open for Lumen to return?
She’s alive, so therefore the door is, of course, open.

Are you leaning to doing next season with multiple villains again, or returning to a single season-long adversary story?
We’re so grateful that our fans stayed with us and realized, “Even though they’re changing some things, they’re not changing the core of what the show is.” We can go back to the season-long adversary, we can go back to multiple adversaries, or we can open it up to some new way of plotting out season [6], which we haven’t thought of yet.

A huge moment for Deb: She chooses not to pull back the curtain to discover the identity of Victim 13 and her partner, allowing Lumen and Dexter to go free. Why did you decide to go that way with the story?
Deb has had a really interesting growth over the past five years. If you remember her from year 1, her energy was all over the place and she was coltish and insecure—this delightful unfocused character who slowly over the years has learned to focus all of that energy and she has become a formidable detective. But part of becoming a detective and pursuing the dark side is an awareness that anyone who takes a walk on the wild side never comes back all the way. What may have started out as a rigid sense of what’s right and wrong—what’s good and evil—starts to turn into a bit of gray. And when Deb finally brings down Carlos Fuentes earlier in the season, she’s surprised that she feels nothing—and is intrigued by that sensation. And one of the most subtle conversations between Dexter and his sister takes place over a beer in Dexter’s apartment when she’s going on about how she didn’t feel anything, and Dexter gives her this look and goes, “Dad once told me there are people who deserve to die.” And she looks at him and goes, ‘Do you think there are people that deserve to die?” It’s this moment where Dexter has floated out this little trial balloon. So you see Deb starting to make that turn. And based on her experience with Rudy and in episode 10 when she sees all of those [Barrel Girl] tapes—it’s traumatizing yet strengthening for her—she comes up with the vigilante theory. When she finally gets to the camp and realizes that she has stumbled upon “13” and her helpmate, it’s not until the very end of her speech where she makes that change. And Jennifer Carpenter did a brilliant piece of acting because the character doesn’t know until that very moment that she’s going to do something. It’s a huge, defining moment for Deb. That’s a new Deb who says, “The place is going to be crawling with police in an hour,” and sails up the stairs and goes to Quinn and says, “I don’t care what happened—I love you.” It’s wonderful—and it also opens the door because eventually, some season is going to have to deal with Deb finding out about Dexter.

Didn’t part of you wonder if her curiosity would have won out in that situation?
But that’s what interesting because it shows a maturation in that impulse control. One of the things that Jennifer [Carpenter] and I talked about was the levels that Deb would have to go through in that one scene to get to that moment. Her first instinct would be, “I’ve worked too hard. Part the curtain for a minute, take a look.” But Deb being Deb, if she parts the curtains, she can’t let them go. So it’s a big choice she has to live with, never knowing that and letting them go.

Will we have to wait until the end game for Deb to finally find out the truth about Dexter?
[Or] it could be midway to the end game. We really want to figure out how long we want the show to run, so that we [can have] an end game. I will not let this show end with a whimper—it has to end with a bang…. What’s interesting is that we’ve laid the seeds in her character for a more nuanced reaction, so that whatever way we take, our audience goes, “Okay, that feels right,” rather than, “What???”

Let’s talk about the twisted self-help guru Jordan Chase, who, as he is about to die, seemed to take genuine pride that he had motivated Lumen and Dexter….
And he completely believes in the transformation from Eugene Greer to Jordan Chase—as he lay dying, that is still his greatest accomplishment…. The audience knows before Dexter knows that he’s a bad guy, and his advice to Dexter is so true and sincere that you have to constantly remind yourself that he’s a bad guy. And then his psychosis is slowly revealed, and once it is, he’s unhinged. [Jonny Lee Miller] plays it full-throttle in a way that’s such a pleasure to witness. I thought he gave an amazing ballsy performance.

When exactly did Dexter stash the knife that he used on Jordan?
It was before he got into the car—he realized that Jordan would know he was coming for him and would have a surprise prepared for him, so Dexter prepared himself for the worst possible scenario. When Harry says, “Be prepared,” and Dexter says, “Could you just trust me for once?,” he’s already had that knife hidden on his body in anticipation of something going wrong.

Looking back at season 5, what are you most proud of?
I think we pulled off Lumen. Society holds women up to a different standard of behavior, so having a woman who wanted to avenge what was done to her and is single-minded about it was a very hard thing to pull off. It’s a thorny, hard character that is not feminine. And yet Julia played it so real that you care about her, and you end up rooting for her and for this odd romance.

And what didn’t work as well as you had hoped?
One character that we didn’t have as much time to explore is the nanny [Sonia, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy]. But that could be something very interesting for next year. As Deb said, “Maybe I should call Interpol, because why this overqualified nurse from Ireland wanting to take this low-level job?” Sonia was able to call Dexter on his s—. She was absolutely fearless in dealing with Dexter. But we had so much going on that we could never really explore that character and that was a regret.

It’s funny you say that because some fans wondered if something sinister was going with Sonia, or if you were toying with us and she was just a red herring.
No, we always want to bring in characters with as much dimension as possible. If Harrison is going to have a nanny, let’s [make her] the most interesting character. And then we got [Maria], Catherine of Aragon from The Tudors. She is a wonderful actress. The season became so complicated with so many characters because we were breaking form a bit that we never got to explore hers to the fullest…. I hope we do so next year, because there’s a great deal of potential there.

Speaking of loose ends, will we return to the Kyle Butler story line?
Kyle Butler—and Jonah [Brando Eaton]—is still a hanging chad. When Quinn shows him a picture of Dexter and says, “Is this Kyle Butler,” Jonah’s first response is not, “Yeah, that’s the guy.” He’s protecting Dexter. This is a door that can be reopened. Lumen being alive is a hanging chad. Dexter does not drop the dime on Quinn [Desmond Harrington]. I love the fact that Dexter decides to again flout the Harry law, which is: Don’t get caught. It could have been a dead cert to put Quinn away, and yet, because he is in the flush of first love, he wants his sister to be happy so he gives Quinn a free pass.

What’s one guarantee you can make about next season?
Hmmm… Deb will learn Spanish, I think Harrison will be seeing his second birthday, and Dexter will still be enjoying the Slice of Life.

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  • Amber

    I’ve really enjoyed Dexter this season, but every time I read an interview with the producers, they sound like total fangirls. Is this a trend?

    • Jason Sedakis

      Worst Dexter finale ever! EVER! That was extremely bad and it made the season worthless. Seriously, if people wanted to skip season 5 then its OK because all they skipped was HORRIBLE writing and acting.
      Showtime should fire Chip Johannesen (new Showrunner) and hire someone MORE capable, not a guy who worked on 24 where the writing was HORRENDOUS. And Julia Stiles couldn’t act to save her life! Lumen is THE WORST CHARACTER ever introduced on Dexter. This whole season was forgettable and TRASH because of the writing and Lumen.
      Dexter has went from my top show to a show that I couldn’t care less about. I’m disappointed, extremely disappointed. Debra lets them get away??? What the hell is this??? So freaking stupid!!!
      And it seems like most Dexter fans feel the same way I do from reading what is being said on various boards.
      You have broken my heart, Dexter. You have broken my heart…..

      • bruno

        i kind of have to agree. pretty weak finale, and weak season alltogether. what i expect most from dexter is the constant surprise its always offered me as a viewer and this season failed that big time. it became an episode by episode attack of knocking off the lumen boys to a full on predictable finale (really, hit the clues through the season over the head much?). of course the vigilantes were going to get their kills, of course lumen was going to leave (thank god. good riddens julia styles) and of course dex was going to do his best for deb and get quin off the hook. for a show that’s always kept me on the edge of my seat lemme say i sank into the couch this entire season…

        what i will say is that jeniffer carpenter did some amazing work this season. deb has really grown as a character and it’s so nice to see. she was by far the best part of the season…as for next?
        just hope 6 kills it. literally.

      • Mikey

        Yes, but Jason, stop sitting on your feelings and tell us what you REALLY think.

      • Devin


      • Connor

        Devin, your overuse of capitals increased the importance of what you said.

      • Lore to Jason S.

        Thank you for your brilliant comments. I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Bravo.

      • John

        I don’t think it was the worst season ever, but I would probably nominate the finale as the worst season finale ever, and here’s why…

        First of all, it was just rife with squandered opportunities. To have Quinn find out about Dexter but not 100% everything, yet Dexter to save his freedom would have inserted this suspenseful dynamic into next season – now we’re shambling into next season exactly where we were at the beginning of THIS season – Dexter doesn’t like him, Quinn doesn’t trust him. Nothing’s changed.

        We have similar Square 1 behavior in every other aspect… you know one of the most chin-bobbingly boring things about episodic television is that you know that the status quo will be preserved at the end of 55 minutes. “Dexter” as a show broke from that form for years, but this season as a whole is atrociously conservative. It takes “playing it safe” to a whole new level. Despite the rationalizations, it would have been a much more interesting plot to have Lumen stick around; or to have Deb find out it was Dexter; or to have Quinn find out Dexter killed Liddy; or for Jordan Chase to get away.

        Any one of these opportunities gives us something to actually look forward to next season. It gives us a dynamic to anticipate, a conundrum for Dexter to work out.

        How do you have a girlfriend when you’re a serial killer? How do you have a brother who’s a serial killer when you’re a cop? Far more interesting questions than, “How will Dexter get over losing yet ANOTHER woman in his life?” Doesn’t that sound recycled to anyone else?

        Instead, the show is back to essentially no mystery. All we have to expect from Season 6 based on the end of Season 5 – is more of Dexter being Dexter. *snooooze*

        What happened to bathtubs full of blood?

        And finally, one of the biggest signposts that writers were asleep at the wheel on this episode, a show that is usually more detail-oriented than the most steely-eyed drill instructor allowed the following loose ends to lay dangling:

        1. Dexter’s blood is in an overturned car on Jordan Chase’s property

        2. A shell casing from Deb’s gun was on the floor in the house at the camp, and even if they picked that up, the projectile is embedded in the wall somewhere. Two things that a forensics team Dexter was sure to NOT be a part of are not going to miss.

        3. The recording equipment tossed off the pier where they found Liddy’s van. Any detective worth their salt who inspects a crime scene ON A PIER where surveillance equipment is obviously missing is going to send divers down into the water – and there’s a good chance that since the hard drive was left in the laptop, it might actually survive and be recoverable.

        4. Nobody saw a 6′ redheaded man smash the windshield of a car with a boulder in broad daylight?

      • dwight

        stop being so stupid, this is a tv show, this is not real life ok people sit down and make decision, i love this show. and when people have bad things to say about it, you will hear from me and that is a facts.

      • John

        Why does everyone assume these loose ends need to be wrapped up in the season they were introduced? Lighten up people, I’m sure these things will rear their ugly heads again in ways we don’t expect in the future.

      • Chris

        I understand your disappointment, it wasn’t my favorite finale. I wonder what qualifies you to write off the season as “Horrible”? With the huge shock of last season, of course it was going to be difficult to top that. And the only way to do that was by him getting caught. They did it to some degree with Lumen, but if it were Deb, the series would pretty much be over. I say give them a chance they’re going to bring something awesome into next season.

      • Dgently

        @Dwight – you must be the STAR of your debate team. John puts forth a well-reasoned description of Dexter’s flaws. Your response? “Stop being stupid.”

      • David

        I’m all for setting things up for the future, but nothing was really set up. “Will someone discover Dexter is a killer?” – Hason’t that been in play forever? The relationship with Quinn is pretty much the same as before. All this stuff was already in play, saying that it will “pay off later” is fine, but admit that nothing of a lasting substance happened here. (If Lumen never shows up again, then it has no lasting effect and might as well have been a dream!”

        And by the way… Rita’s death wasn’t shocking… they needed something “surprising” for a finale (although they clearly didn’t need anything for this one..) and Rira’s character had no where to go. It was the most “shocking” thing they could do… next time, go with a less obvious choice. =)
        24 fans know what this is all about.

      • Kathy Bergeron

        I seriously could not agree more! This was the first season we were eagerly awaiting its END. This season was boring, bland and just plain BLAH. We are going to re-think even bothering with the show next year!

      • metalraygear

        I completely agree that this season had so many logical plotholes; the first of which starting with the first episode where dexter burns down the shipping container, while being wanted for questioning involving the trinity killer case. The second is the random killing of some guy; and the CHARACTER not reflecting on it at all, much less it being a plot point. The third is the dismissal of the trinity killer case and the ongoing investigation in episode two- which could have provided a different antagonist for dexter than just the Barrel Girls thing.

        I was all on board after about episode seven but then plotholes return full force in this last episode taking what could have been a great season and turning it back into complete trite.

        And just for the sake of people who will call me “dumb” or say I’m “thinking too much” you can’t chop up a body, and clean the crime scene in an hour. Oh or get in a car crash with an exposed knife blade in your pants and it not effect you; unless you are superman or have braindead writers behind you. ‘Nuff said.

      • ryan

        was on the edge of my seat the whole episode people! What dhow would you hve rather watched ! I hear the Hasself hoffs is good on A and E why dont you watch that then fu88ers!

      • AT

        Still wondering what happened to the Asian IA officer that kept asking all the questions about Quinn… That plot went nowhere.

      • izzy

        All I can say is WOW!!

    • nikki

      what did Deb mean when she said tp Dexter at the party, “…[happy]. You should be too. Now that this is all over I mean.”

      • Rachel

        I’ve been wondering the same thing. I keep hoping someone will mention it. I also think it would be obvious to Quinn that Dexter was the one who killed liddy. Quinn knows what that recording equipment had on it, if it was destroyed the only one with a motive would be Dexter. I think there were more cliffhangers in this finale than people realize.

      • JLD

        Dexter should be happy now that Harrison’s first b-day party is over.

      • ryan

        exactly ! why didn’t this writer explain that? i think she suspects dexter of at least being in on these murders? and quinn is just happy its done he has forgotten about dex for the momtent

      • libby

        She meant their real-life divorce. JK!

    • Zan

      What about the photos of Dex and Lumen dumping body parts in Quinn’s possession? I guess now that Dex gave Quinn a pass, Quinn may give Dex a pass – but it is certainly a plot hole.
      Perhaps Deb will find these photos when she’s sleeping over at Quinn’s house – now that could be interesting!

      Also, Dex’s blood is all over the car he stole. I guess he can surpress this evidence just like he did for Quinn but it’s another hole.

    • David

      maybe he’s not Superman… maybe he’s just the new Jack Bauer!

  • Ailite

    This was an incredibly disappointing finale with lots of plotholes.

  • Jason Sedakis

    Worst Dexter finale ever! EVER! That was extremely bad and it made the season worthless. Seriously, if people wanted to skip season 5 then its OK because all they skipped was HORRIBLE writing and acting.
    Showtime should fire Chip Johannesen (new Showrunner) and hire someone MORE capable, not a guy who worked on 24 where the writing was HORRENDOUS. And Julia Stiles couldn’t act to save her life! Lumen is THE WORST CHARACTER ever introduced on Dexter. This whole season was forgettable and TRASH because of the writing and Lumen.
    Dexter has went from my top show to a show that I couldn’t care less about. I’m disappointed, extremely disappointed. Debra lets them get away??? What the hell is this??? So freaking stupid!!!
    And it seems like most Dexter fans feel the same way I do from reading what is being said on various boards.
    You have broken my heart, Dexter. You have broken my heart…

  • Jodie

    Why doesn’t E! ask her about all of the plot holes? Ask her what happened to the Sante Murte killers, what happened to Kyle Butler, why was Jordan wearing Emily’s blood around her neck, what happened to the new lady cop who got Deb in trouble, why did Jordan not particiapte in the killings and what exactly was his relationship with Emily. And last but not least, can you ask her what it feels like to take a great show and run it into the ground?

    • Lore

      right on!

    • Hobbes

      I agree that there were some unresolved issues. However, those of you wanting answers to the Jordan and Emily questions, may want to switch to a show that requires less intellectual acuity, say, Jersey Shore or a Real Housewives. The chubby kid Eguene Greer used manipulation to control others and thereby create a person that was greater than others. He therefore, was not going to lower himself to participate in the actions, he got all he needed by getting the others to do them. He wore Emily’s blood around his neck as a trophy to remind him of when “Jordan Chase” was born. Emily had Stockholm Syndrome, and Jordan stayed in contact with her because it was a constant stroking of his psychotic ego that he could still control her.

      • vicky

        right on HOBBES where’s your imagination people. Do the writers really have to tell you every nuance of these characters, some things are pretty obvious if you simply use your brains

      • scooter

        ! HOBBES ! A voice of sanity in an insane world! I’m hoping that some of these people who sit around complaining about everything they don’t like won’t need a degree in psychology to understand what seems to be obvious to you and I. The car accident Dexter was in caused an injury, but maybe they burned the car on their way out. Also is anyone worried about what they did with Jordan’s car after they were finished with him? No they are not because they only concern them selves with things they want to complain about. The simple point is that there isn’t enough time to worry about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in this series, and if we did then it would be a lot longer than an hour! I loved this season although I might rank it a little under the others, but again they are developing characters and building up the plot. Jodie HOBBES didn’t mention the female cop, but I’m sure the Lt realized her mistake of crossing Deb and is trying to set things right so put her back where she belongs for now. Geesh! Don’t any of you have any sort of imagination or does everything have to be spelled out for you?

      • Warren

        Actually, saying that they shouldn’t have to worry about every single detail due to the time limit, the ‘bad writing’ of showing Dex in the car crash [with obvious skin, blood, hair evidence in the car] could have been fixed by something else, say the car runs out of petrol (seems ‘convenient’ but well, suspenseful) and he runs to the camp bit and hits his head and/or falls somewhere so Chase hears him and the next scene can be shown without leaving a “plot hole”

      • icewater

        This show doesn’t take much brainpower to follow, so don’t get too high on your horse there. Heck, this show over uses voice-overs so you don’t have to think.

    • amber

      I never read comments and very rarely respond to them, but I feel like you are confused as to what a “plot hole” is. A plot hole doesn’t exist just because you, clearly, don’t understand what is going on. 1. The santa muerte killers were wrapped up during the club incident: one was killed, one wasn’t. 2. Kyle Butler is Dexter.. so I’m pretty sure you know what happened to him. 3. Jordan was wearing her blood around his neck because she was the very first victim and the person responsible for his “transformation” which was obviously something significant to him. 4. Jordan didn’t participate in the killings because he liked to watch. He liked to coach people and “transform” them.. he liked to be in charge and dominate them without getting his hands dirty. His relationship with Emily was clearly explained within the show, she was a counselor (a CIT) and he was a camper and was two years younger than him. She felt bad for him and she invited him on a walk once, and he took that opportunity to torture her via his camp friends like he would do later in life. Clear enough, dumbass?

    • Brandon

      Jodie, I bet you are still wondering what happened to the Russian in the woods too.

      • Mim


      • Deebo

        Lol…best comment I ever seen!!

    • libby

      Maybe they’re attempting to make the show realistic. Cops have horrendous caseloads and some killers are never caught. Just a thought, but season 5 was BORING! I always looked forward to Dexter and never forgot to be in front of the television to watch. Season five found me forgetting to watch and not really caring that I forgot. Definitely looking forward to Season 6. It can only get better from here.

  • Rick

    Yeah the finale sucked big time but what do you expect from the guy who wrote for 90210. Hopefully Showtime wises up and fires Chip because he took a great show and shiat on it.

  • Joey

    Why didn’t you ask her about what deb said at the end when Dexter asked her if she was happy and she said “you must be too” “now that this is all over, i mean”….what was she referring to? Is she hinting that she knows about him?

    • Kat

      My thoughts exactly! What did Deb mean? We need clarification!!!

      • Dan

        I thought Deb was referring to Cody and Astor returning home.

    • JLD

      She waas referring to the first birthday party.

  • Keith

    It seems, from the interview, that the producer feels like they took on too much content to make it a satisfying season for fans. I, personally, am not satisfied. It is almost like they are just dragging the show on because they know it’s popular. Maybe the writers were afraid that if Deb found out about Dexter in this finale they wouldn’t be able to top that next season.

  • Lucy

    That curtain gimmick was the dumbest thing in the history of TV. The producers should be ashamed.

    • Lore

      It was a hugely disappointing scene – I couldn’t believe that after building to that crescendo of Deb making her way through the basement to find the killing scene, they opted to deal with the moment in such a lame way — I felt deflated.

  • Charles

    I’m not sure why so many people are hating on this finale. While it wasn’t like the past finales with a strong conclusion, I thought it was a huge step forward in Deb and Dexter’s character development. Dexter over this season has really shown emotions that we never saw before dealing with loss and human connection. As for the behind the curtain scene, I thought it was the most tense scene of will she or won’t she. I just think season 4 was such an outstanding season that to follow it up was going to be a disappointment from the start.

    • Lucy

      No it was a cop out. The writers didn’t want to deliver what the fans wanted which is for Deb to find out about her brother. Instead they threw up that dumb curtain and wanted us to believe that Deb would just walk away from a killing in progress.

      • GregR

        Who said fans want Deb to find out about Dexter? That would be the end. Deb would turn him in or shoot Dexter (like she did in a fantasy sequence in Season 1). Deb isn’t Lumen. She wouldn’t just go along with it. She would instantly feel so betrayed. You know how she is. The way she let the two people behind the plastic curtain was lame. She didn’t know who they were. She was just assuming her theory was correct. She just assumed that the two behind the curtain was #13 and her helper.

      • ryan

        I like shows formulas! House had a great formula and they just finale got back to it. Burn notice has a good formula, dexter has a good formula, him getting baddies that are worse than he is. We dont have to have dexter almost get caught every season.ARe there really that many people who want dexter to be caught and then all saprano like have it fade to black at his electocution? screw you people who want it to go down like that. give us a little more time with our favorite serial killer before you take him away and make us have to settle for the show that comes after when he is gone!!

      • @Gregr

        No way would that be the end, that would just be the begining. If deb found out that Dex was helping Lumen it doesn’t mean she is finding out that he is a serial killer. She could would assume that he was helping her to help himself get over Rita’s death. What would make a great season 6 is her slow discovery that Dexter is actually a serial killer, created by their father. That the Ice truck killer was dexter’s brother. That Dex has destroyed most of her cases, by killing all of her prime suspects, including the Trinity killer who murdered her FBI boyfriend. If deb found out the show would have so much more to play off of. I was so disappointed that the writers coped out. I think it was just there own fear that they werent good enough to get the job done in season 6. Either way that was totally wack.

      • Rowan Hawthorn

        A writer’s job is to *write their own story*, not to “deliver what fans want”.

    • bruno

      they really could have monopolized on season 4’s awesomeness if they’d have let dex get caught by deb. her being torn would make a great season 6..i think they had the opportunity and just blew it. in theory? sure, great idea: female guest star vigilante thing. in reality? julia styles is no john lithgow.
      and what was with the terrible writing this season? yeesh? not an episode i didn’t wince at least once.
      boo on chip 90210.

      • libby

        Would’ve been cool if Deb pulled back the curtain and saw that the killer was her brother. Fade to black and in season 6 we find Deb was dreaming. That would show she subconsciously believes Dexter was the helper, without us losing our Dexter. It would’ve also made a great cliffhanger.

  • MCS

    I will be extremely disappointed if Deb doesnt find out until the conclusion of the series. I would love to explore their relationship after Deb knows about him and how she reacts. It does feel a bit drawn out now, after she was so close last season, and again so close. As others have pointed out, she is the only cop in Miami Metro to actually have a brain, so it is a bit insulting to her character to drag it on this long.

  • Larry

    LOL…..To prove how awful the current producers are, Sara can’t even get Jonah Mitchell’s right. She calls him “Josh” in this interview. FAIL

    • Amy

      Um… if you are referring to the written interview above, I am going to call “reading FAIL” on your part.

      • Larry

        Did you even read it when it was first published? E! has gone back and changed the wording of the interview so Sara doesn’t look like such a dumbass.

      • MCS

        He is right. It originally said Josh

      • Stacey

        Did you even consider that maybe it was a typo on the writer’s part, and not the fault of the executive producer? Perhaps they realized THEIR error and corrected it…

  • Karen O

    I am a true Dexter fan. I loved this season and loved the finale. Sure it wasn’t perfect but it is the best show on TV now and I still thought it was awesome. Wished that Lumen was staying, but understand. Loved that Deb let them go. I thought that was done really well. Realistic? No. Good TV? Yes. These people that write in to trash the show – go find another show to watch that will make you happy. Peoples negative comments remind me of scorned ex lovers who just talk sh*t about the person they “loved” instead of practicing acceptance and moving on. Go try writing your own hit TV show and get back to me.

    • MCS

      So fans aren’t supposed to voice their unhappiness with changes in the show? Its been proven time and time again that showrunners listen to their fans. If fans voice their opinions rather than just switching the channel, the show can fix it’s problems rather than face a decline in viewers or cancellation. Common sense.

    • Keith

      So you are saying only true fans enjoy every thing about Dexter? They just accept what is given to them and try to find the good in what they are given?

      Also, this season was mostly written by different writers…so it isn’t even the same writers that made it a hit show. There are just so many points wrong in your paragraph.

      I have watched this show BECAUSE it makes me happy. The season finale of 5 shows me that the writers didn’t have any chutzpa and I feel let down.

    • Jamie

      I thought Deb letting them go was realistic. She found out that her vigilante theory is true, and she’s stuck with a choice, either pull back the curtain and find out who they are or don’t pull back the curtain and leave it as a mystery. Considering the gigantic pile of crap she’s been dealt with in life, especially her experiences with being kidnapped by Brian, I think her ultimately deciding that Jordan Chase deserved to die for this and that they don’t deserve to be caught is an incredibly realistic decision for her character.

      What annoys me about this finale, season and actually, about this interview, is the total discount of Rita’s existence. This season and the writers are acting as if she never meant anything to him. She clearly did, watch Season 1, you can tell he clearly has feelings for her. He clearly loved her. I hate that all the writers are saying that Lumen is the only woman he’s loved cause it’s complete and utter crap. He also clearly loved Rita, just in a very different sense. That’s not to say I hate Lumen or her character development, I think she was an intriguing and well-written character.

      I also don’t like how they say how Lumen is the only person that can embrace who he actually is. Um, Lila anyone? Sure she was batshit crazy, but when she figured out Dexter’s secret she killed Doakes to protect him.

      • Dawn

        I agree that it makes sense both for Deb to let them go and for her to let their identities remain a mystery. I don’t think Deb would send a victim of torture and attempted murder to jail for life. This was a development of her character. What this season accomplished is that many of the characters develop. A good show is one in which characters are nuanced and can change within a certain range. In this season, Dexter loves in a completely new way. I’m not sure I would say he really loved Rita so much as he felt responsible for her. He was always faking it with Rita, asking himself how a person with feelings would respond. This season, he really feels things. I hope that he doesn’t return to the robotic character he started out as. I find him much more interesting and sympathetic now. I hope that it result in his feeling less of a compulsion to kill. I think the Dark Passenger should be transformed as well, and become something that remains a temptation, but one that doesn’t have to be listened to, in the end.

      • d.jamieson

        I still miss Doakes.

      • ks

        I’m with Jamie on the matter of Rita and how Dexter felt about her. Their last night together where it appeared they were so close emotionally, in spite of Rita’s not knowing about Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” was ample evidence his feelings. Also, Dexter’s punching out of the next-door neighbor who made a pass at Rita says something — that he did it actually surprised himself ! It’s a shame the show’s Producer does seem to have completed discounted all of that previous history. He loved them both, why not say it ?

    • Aaron

      Dexter isn’t even CLOSE to the best show on television, either. Breaking Bad is clearly, clearly MUCH better of a show in the same genre that doesn’t shy away from not making its main characters likable or having people close to them find out, for instance, and it’s a MUCH better show because of it. I can name 10 shows better than Dexter currently is that have aired this year, which is a shame because the show has such a great premise.

    • sharone

      Well said!!! So many are truly missing the beauty in Deb’s growth (Seasons past) would have never seen Deb’s compassion and empathy supersede bringing the mystery people in to arrest: after what Lumen endured- she deserved vindication! Dexter has thought his entire life he could not be truly loved for who he was, but he realized he could! I am saddened to see Lumen leave after losing Rita! I want him happy!

      • sharone

        Amen- Karen O!!!!

  • Jason

    This finale failed for one huge reason, Quinn lived.

    He’s a waste of space.

    • d.jamieson


  • zainab

    julia stiles better be back next season! stupid move to cut her off

    • Lore

      Why? She’s a big reason why Season 5 FAILED big time.

      • creed

        Hell ya shes a big reason why this season flopped. DONT HIRE HORRIBLE ACTORS ON GREAT SHOWS!
        Julia Stiles pulls me out of every story she’s ever involved in. I cussed at her all season, hoping, praying that Dexter would come to his senses and slice her up.

        I actually didn’t mind the Lumen character. I think the writers should have projected Rita’s resolution onto Lumen better, rather than having Dexter find his “soul mate” barely 4 months after his gf/wife of 4 seasons was brutally murdered.

        Bad writing, HORRENDOUS casting. Go back to your roots Dexter. Go back to your season 1 and 2 persona.

  • frank

    I have to be honest, IM a BIG Dexter fan… Now i wasnt up to date on new writers coming into this season, but I Do however feel that there was “ALOT” missing… They seemed to Jump around to much, and that was the down fall.. Missing to much

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