'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' unveils trailer, an EW exclusive

Lucasfilm Ltd.

On January 7, Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns from its mid-season break with the first of 11 new episodes, and, judging by this trailer Lucasfilm provided exclusively to EW, they’re making the jump to lightspeed. Set to John Williams’ Wagnerian “Duel of the Fates,” the video emphasizes action and mythology, a change of pace from the first half of season 3, which included more cerebral, dialogue-driven episodes about that Galaxy Far, Far Away’s slippery political landscape (read our recaps here). And while so far this season Anakin Skywalker has played second fiddle to lesser-known characters (Sy Snootles, anyone?), the future Darth Vader is clearly the star from here on out, as the series gets ever closer to the events of Revenge of the Sith. Not glimpsed is the new Big Bad, Savage Opress (a relation of Darth Maul!), whose three-part arc, supervising director Dave Filoni tells me, kicks off Clone Wars’ January return. That hardly matters, because we’re in for a more chilling sight: Anakin’s earnest young Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, eyes yellow like a Sith, consumed with rage and battling her master! Take a walk on the Dark Side and check it out.

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  • chris

    looks so much better than the first half of the season (yawn)… I also thought Ahsoka would be killed, furthering Anakins difficulty with possessions.. her turning sith would be an interesting twist!

    • Altair

      That ‘nooooooo’ at the end of the trailer was, quite honestly, pathetic and just so gosh-darn funny!

      • Loki

        I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

      • Adam D. Hall

        Obi-Wan Kenobi shouted out a similar “Nooooooo” in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”.

      • link

        its edited in thats why

      • Damon

        That’s interesting you noted that, because it ties in nicely with his similar reaction at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

      • Bryan

        The “Nooo” is a staple of Star Wars, ever since Luke’s scream in ESB. Which, by the way, was quite campy and over-acted itself, but nobody seems to remember that when they’re too busy criticizing the prequels. All 6 movies are made in exactly the same way, it’s just time for the haters to stop because your hate is SO five minutes ago. Long live Star Wars, and the Clone Wars just gets better and better!

  • Grumpster

    Sorry…can’t buy into this garbage ever since Jar Jar Binks. Lucas has lost it.

    • C. Thomas

      Then why are you reading this?
      Enough with Jar-jar! He’s a third tier character, get over it!

      It’s Lucas’ story, not yours so it seems that YOU are the one who’s “Lost It”!

      • Adam

        love the comment

      • Un-Luke-E

        Lucas hasn’t written anything decent since he penned the ending of Jedi with the furball (oh-so-cute they’ll sell millions of dolls) Ewoks…he lost it somewhere along there and decided he’d rather sell toys and furry Ewok dolls than tell a good story. The first prequil bit big-time…and “Attack of the Clones” wasn’t far behind. Sith was better, but still very weak and horribly acted, non-dramatic. Made Anakin look like a spoiled brat rich kid that just took his ball and went home instead of standing up. WEEEEEK way to turn him to the dark side and look like a crybaby.

      • BloodySith

        Well said… we got over the Ewoks, get over Jar Jar already!

    • Tenkan

      Stop whining, man.

      • C. Thomas

        Haters have nothing to do but hate.

        Btw- trailer was spectacular… Star wars just gets better and better!

    • clever mccleverson

      well it’s good you took the friggin time to comment on this trailer!

    • JAM

      (with a sweep of the hand) This is not the post you want to comment on. Move along.

  • Brian

    I resisted for a while, but finally caved. This show is actually really good, and has become something I look forward to watching every weekend. I love that I can appreciate it on the level a kid does (colorful characters, crazy planetscapes, space battles) while also following the headier stuff, like the effects of protracted war on a Republic, from humanitarian crises to the dangerous precedent set by deregulating banks in order to take out loans to create/train/arm troops. Also, can you guys get the trailer back up there? It’s not working.

  • GregR

    I figured something has to happen to Ahsoka Tano. Since we never see nor hear from her after The Clone Wars. It looks like the season is finally getting exciting. I don’t know how anybody thinks all the political minutiae makes for an interesting animated series. It wasn’t interesting in the prequel films.

    • jmo

      I’ve been waiting to find out what happens to Ahsoka. I don’t really know about the books or the comics but I really hope she somehow survives the order to kill Jedi’s. Does she die? Turn? Yikes!

      • Jacob

        I like this comment! I am with you all the way!

  • Tony

    Holy bats8!t…
    I can only hope that’s Jar Jar frozen in carbonite.

    • Commenter

      That’s a clone officer who’s frozen in carbonite.

  • Fred

    Grumpster, sheesh, get over it! Jar Jar sucked, like a decade ago. Revenge of the Sith, The Clone Wars cartoon, Force Unleashed games all show that the Star Wars universe has grown up and moved on, why can’t you?

    Also, if so disinterested, why are you on here commenting and viewing the trailer? Just another “cool” geek that’s got to put a smart arse, sarcastic remark on here, huh? Sure.

    • Grumpster

      Contrary to your comment, I didn’t watch the trailer (blocked at the moment) and did get over it…why I really don’t give a sh*t and I just happened to cross this story and wanted to add 2 cents worth. The true ones still watching this show seem to be the ones stuck in time.

      • C. Thomas

        U can keep your 2 cents.

      • JAM

        keep your pennies, and here’s a quarter, go to the city and have a rat gnaw that thing off your neck.

      • California

        Uncle Buck for the win!

      • Bryan

        Excellent commets Jam and C. Thomas. These haters need to take their whining to the Star Trek boards where they belong, where they can watch “high brow” sci-fi. LOL

    • SithalltheWay

      I about to agree with you until you brought up the TFU. I played both games they are not good story wise other then cool force powers. The Force Unleashed actually destroys the story, so not sure how you can put that in mix saying it adds to Star Wars. Plus not one single reviewer of games gave it a decent review for a reason.

      As for Clone Wars it got good after season 1. Season 3 is picking up pretty nice. Some of the shows were boring but I take good with the bad.

  • Adam

    I didn’t see Ben Quadinaros or Kitster. Maybe season 4.

  • Tenkan


    Absolutely beautiful.

    I seriously can’t wait to see what will befall our courageous heroes of the Republic.

    What were those? Gargoyles? Magic…something more powerful than the Force itself?

    Scary…I can’t wait!

    • Oky-doky-wan-kanoli

      It had to be pixie dust…and Peter Pan’s about to show up. Ooohhhh…Magic…that’s the gimick…oooohhh….so interesting!

  • Rush

    They’ve got to explain how Anakin had an apprentice, but was never made a Master. If Asoka doesn’t reach Knight status because she turned to the dark side or was destroyed, then that would be a good reason. Otherwise it would be a conflict with Anakin’s feelings of betrayal at being added to the council but not made a Master in ROTS.

  • Commenter

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with Jar Jar, actually. Except for the dumb stuff in Ep.I, but that’s been 11, almost 12 years ago. Get over it, guys.

  • clever mccleverson

    where is the zirro the hutt murder investigation headed up by lt divo?

  • Gordon

    I tried to like this show, but I’m not nine years old. If I were nine, I would absolutely adore it. As an adult, I find it really very boring.

  • Sean

    o.k. So I saw the theatrical release of the Clone Wars and based on that monstrosity, decided to write this version of Star Wars off completely. I was even able to avoid the Clone Wars at Celebration V. As a die hard SW fan (yes I even like(ish) the prequels), I need someone knowledgeable to tell me why I should give this a another chance.

    • Brian

      The movie stank, but the show is good. I didn’t get into it until the end of season 2, but it’s actually character-driven, has smart plotting, and comes in easy-to-watch 20-minute packages. It’s like Star Wars fans have been given free reign to make the great SW show they want. It’s not lorded over by Lucas, who — though he did create and does fund all this stuff — can be a bit too obsessive when he’s in charge. Watch if you want to, don’t if you don’t, but take it from someone who really disliked the prequels and the Clone Wars feature-length: this show is a lot of fun.

      • Damon

        Lucas does indeed have a hand in EVERYTHING that occurs here, from the outlines of each episode, to the way that they’re edited. But fortunately this is the best style for his serial-inspired stories to be told. I daresay it shows the best facets of Star Wars all-around!

      • Brian

        Oh, whoa. Well, agreed!

    • C. Thomas

      The movie was really just a slice of the possibilities, with the success of that venture the series got downbto some deep story telling, continually building the universe.
      Although others have commenting on the political heaviness, perhaps it it mearly mimicking the very world around us, which all good art does.
      I love star wars, all six chapters, i never felt that Lucas let me down because he didn’t write what “i” wanted him to.
      He’s telling children a story. Get it?
      These films are him telling us a story, how tipically rude of the critics for being ‘spoiled brats’ and blaming him and assuming to know his motivations for what he does. You don’t have to listen, but those that do, those who listen and think without talking, running their mouths like fools, they will be rewarded.

      This series is like a hyper text link to the universe of the six films, the canon.

      series is like a hyper text link into the clone wars period

    • maddog62

      This show has blown up since the the clone Wars Movie. It has only gotten better. It has made the Galaxy seem more epic and has broad interesting side stories. If you don’t watch you are the one missing out. This series is widely popular and for a good reason. bravo top the work that these guys are bringing to screen visually and story wise. Katie Lucas will you marry me. Oh yeah I got to get divorced first.

    • Reznor24

      I saw Clone Wars in theaters as well. From the get go, I couldn’t stand it. I hated that the music was changed, I didn’t like the animation or art style. I pretty much dispised the entire thing.

      Years later, my nephews tried to get me into watching it because they started having Mandalore related stuff in it. So I gave it another chance and watched the Mandalore and Boba Fett related episodes…I dare say I have a completely new opinion on the Clone Wars show now.

      After you get over the fact that it is geared towards a kid (Ziro the Hutt…WTF!), you really start to see several adult themes played out in it. The galactic politics are actually interesting (and fill in questions I had during the prequal trilogy), and it really fills in several holes I had after seeing the prequel trilogy.

      The Jedi stuff is done well, the war stuff is done well, and the characterization is done superbly! I never thought I would give a crap about the clone troopers, but several episodes really flesh out a few of them.

      I say give it a chance again, watch a couple of the popular episodes to get back into it. I was honestly shocked how much I got addicted to the show even after despising the theatrical release.

      Hope that helps!

      • WTFM8

        You’ve got to be kidding me. You watched the Mandalore episodes and were not outraged? The mandalorians that GL introduced are ridiculous, they don’t follow any of their codes or story that other authors have contributed to the SW universe. GTFO, now.

      • harry

        Glad to have you on board Reznor24

      • Bryan

        @WTFM8, this is the trap that “fanboys” fall into. To say that the Mandalorians GL introded are “ridiculous” because they don’t follow some rules made up by expanded universe authors…do you realize how dumb that sounds? Lucas CREATED the Mandalorians. He created this whole universe, so the way HE tells us the Mandalorians are is the way they REALLY are, not some hack writer’s version of his creations. The Mandalorians were awesome, as is everything about the show.

  • Brian

    Agreed, C. Thomas. It’s just a really great way to spend time in the SW universe, and it finally gives the “Clone Wars,” mentioned so many times but never really portrayed in the movies, the reality they deserve: a gorgeous, long-term, part episodic, part serial treatment in HD.

  • Henry

    If only Lucas had put this much effort into the prequels.

    • jmo

      Yeah. The series helps me forget Hayden Christian being casted as AS. But, if George made it today, he’d chosen emo Robert Pattinson.

      • WTFM8

        If GL did that I’d have to work out an assassination attempt on him.

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