MTV selects new gals for 'Teen Mom'

MTV will bring us more tearjerking real-life drama in the form of four new teen moms starting Jan. 11 — and now, EW has learned, the network has chosen which 16 and Pregnant subjects will continue to open their complicated lives to TV audiences in Teen Mom 2.

The new cast will be: Chelsea, from Vermillion, S.D., who has a great supporter in her dad but a volatile relationship with her boyfriend; Kailyn, from Nazareth, Pa., who’s living with her boyfriend and his parents; Jenelle, a North Carolina surfer who’s struggled to put her carefree partying days behind her to focus on her newborn; and Leah, a West Virginia cheerleader raising premature twins with her boyfriend. Original Teen Mom participants Amber, Catelynn, Farrah, and Maci are still filming as well and will return to the airwaves in a future season.

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  • GinaBallerina

    Quick, change it before anyone else sees! The title should be Teen Moms (no apostrophe).

    • rob

      no, it is correct. the apostrophe signifies the title of the show ‘teen mom’ (singular).

      • GinaBallerina

        Ahhh, but she changed it. It used to say ‘Teen Mom’s.
        Still, I should have known by the first one that the second apostrophe was needed.

    • Turanga Leela

      Actually, there is a way it could be right the way it is. If the title of the new show is “Teen Mom 2″, then they could be correct in closing the quote around the title as ‘Teen Mom” and then adding the plural ‘s’. Still, it is very awkward.

      • Karla

        An apostrophe is for two things: contractions or possessive nouns. Possessive nouns show ownership, (John’s house). Apostrophes do not make words plural.

      • Turanga Leela

        It was obviously meant as a single quotation mark, not an apostrophe. And the apostophe can be used in plurals, especially in Britain, for constructions like the 60’s and DVD’s.

      • Kamala

        Actually, saying the 60’s is wrong. You don’t say the sixty’s, you say the sixties (no apostrophe). If you are referring to a decade, the apostrophe goes BEFORE the number to show that you are omitting part of the number 1960s becomes ’60s. Look up “That ’70s Show” and you’ll see it is correct.
        DVDs (or any other abbreviation) does not need an apostrophe either.
        Only time you would add an apostrophe to make something plural is if NOT adding it changes the meaning. E.g., I got three Bs and two A’s on my report card. “A” needs an apostrophe, because without it, it would be “As” which is a word, and doesn’t make sense.

    • Ding

      And technically, shouldn’t it be a double apostrophe…at least, here in the US?

      • Ding

        excuse me…quotation mark…

      • Ugh Lee

        Yeah..real literate crowd, the MTV watchers. Don’t you aks anyone else, ‘cuz dat’s shows mines fave.

      • Eugena

        partying days behind her to focus on her newborn; and Leah, a West Virginia cheerleader raising premature twins with her boyfriend. Original Teen Mom participants Amber, Catelynn

    • Aunt Sassy

      Holy cow – gove it a rest!!! Who the F cares about where the apostrophe is supposed to be? And further more who cares about who MTV is using as tools to glorify teen pregnancy by getting these girls on the cover of US magazine???

      • Aunt Sassy

        Oh, and now they are reporting that the skanky one who beats up her baby daddy is pregnant again and doesn’t know who the father is. Thanks MTV for adding yet another b@stard child to the world. I mean, why shouldn’t she get pregnant again? It’ll guarantee another US cover for sure! Like, oh ma god!

      • Meg

        I’m pretty sure it was the girl spreading her legs and not using contraception that led to the pregnancy, not MTV.
        And bastard? Really? Is this 1950?

      • Aunt Sassy

        You are right Meg, it was that skanky girl. However, MTV has a role in it too for if they weren’t giving this girl a platform for fame maybe she would be having unprotected sex with any dude that comes along. Although, based on what I’ve read about her it seems like she has the sense and class of a $1 wh@re in a NV hen house. And yes, BASTARD. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1950 or 2010 – the word means the same thing.

    • rerun

      I knocked up 12 teenagers and none of them got casted. Damn! Now, I’ll never be on “Dancing With the Stars”.

      • Samantha


    • Elmo

      your all rong. Its’ “teen mom’z”.

      • Samantha

        yes and you are WRONG too.

    • Jason

      Either way, the show makes me want to go to my doctor immediately, and ask for a lifetime supply of birth control pills….and I’m a guy. I hear people whine about these girls being glorified, but there isn’t a single thing that anyone could find impressive about the girls they’ve shown so far. The only smart one is the girl who gave her baby up for adoption. She showed that she cared more about that baby, than herself. The other 3 are just insane. Maci dumping the kid onto her parents every 10 seconds, Farrah being absolutely clueless and self-absorbed, and Amber just being a complete mess of a person, living in a trash heap of an apartment. There is nothing “admirable” about any of these girls, or their “baby daddies”.

      • Murr

        I don’t agree I think Maci is an amazing mother for being so young. I do find your other statements as valid tho.

      • Lindsay

        i think that Maci is an absolutely amazing mother to bently! she does everything she can for him, and i dont think she ever dumps him onto her parents! shes an independent mom. and shes better then most adult parents!

      • Samantha

        katlyn is not smart.. yeah she gave up her baby and was being selfless and all but she’s not all that bright

      • Samantha

        I thought Maci was a good mother until she picked up and moved with her child just for a guy.

    • Erica

      MTV has this show to show teens the struggle of being a mother. I love watching this show. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. Its pretty simple!!!

  • Aly

    Ugh, this cast does not sound that great. The main problem is Leah; her episode definitely exposed her as stupid, selfish and ridiculous. She just is not likable in any way, shape or form. May not be tuning in for this one…..

    • Liv

      She’s the new Amber.

    • Kristen

      Um, Jenelle’s the new Amber, except her mom cares enough to sue her for custody of the baby.

      Leah made a mistake, but Corey is amazing.

    • etm

      UGH!!! I hated the way Leah acted. I see she still has that same ridiculous hairstyle too.

      • Maria

        I watched the preview for this show. Leah and Corey got married. Apparently Leah really grew up, and something is medically wrong with one of the twins, as well, so that is putting a strain on her. Corey was a great dad and I think he will be a great husband, too. I actually see a future for these two.

    • Tammy

      Are you serious? She is a classic case of ” you never know what you had , till it is gone”. She is/was a confused teen, as most of them on this show are!

    • Samantha

      I think Jennelle’s mom makes it harder. You see sometimes on the show Jennelle is trying to be around her child but her mother won’t let her.

  • Tony

    “Teen Mom’s”

    Is this what’s going on with journalists in this country? And where are the proofreaders?

    • rob

      lol thanks for the outrage but it is punctuated correctly. note the apostrophe BEFORE and AFTER the title ‘teen mom,’ which is singular. the “s” is not part of that title, and appears outside the punctuation. an alternate way to say it is using italics rather than quotation marks, which is what the rest of the article does. but, again, thanks for playing.

      • Turanga Leela

        And now they changed it and made it incorrect.

      • kj

        Those are not apostrophes! They are single quotation marks. It is correct!

      • GinaBallerina

        Actually, EW changed it…when it first appeared it said ‘Teen Mom’s. They corrected it by switching the ‘ and the s.

      • Samantha

        omg really who cares?

  • nunnya

    I am glad we are going to get an update on Chelsea. Her dad was amazing, the situation with the baby’s father was infuriating.

    I know that the show gets a bad rap, but Catelyn and Tyler with Carly last season was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen on TV.

    • Just Me

      I love Catelynn and Tyler but dont understand why they are on the show at all.

      • nunnya

        They may inspire someone else in similar consequences to choose adoption. I wish some of the others had made the same choice.

      • Cynddi

        I agree with you, I don’t understand why they are still on the show, Catelyn can’t be considered teen mom

      • Samantha

        I don’t see why they’re on the show either. They’re not inspiring anyone to give up their baby because all they do is sit there and wine about it. I understand they miss her but how much of their wining do you really want to see.

      • mshover

        I really think janelle is a bad mom going to jail yeah that would turn her around but it didnt. and maci is a good parent and i really think she has grown up i liked her

    • loriey

      I agree, these young teens made a tough decision in giving the baby up for adoption to an adult couple who could handle & afford the responsibility. These are kids who come fm unstable background but care for each other & wanted the best for their baby.
      I hope they can work things out in their own life & find happiness. They’ve done the best for their little girl, & they can be involved in her life as she grows.
      God Bless the adoptive family & these two youngsters who turned a teen pregnancy into something good for someone else & the baby.

    • etm

      I agree with nunnya about Catelynn and Tyler – especially the episode where they got to visit Carly. I cried when I watched that.

  • Jessica

    nunnya – I completely agree. They re-aired Chelsea’s episode this past weekend and I could not get over how much of a jerk her boyfriend was. Calling their daughter a mistake? If I was her father I would have been in prison and that kid’s face would have been on a milk carton! I’m also curious to see about Leah and those two little girls… one baby is a lot, but two?? And I think her boyfriend Corey was a really nice guy…

    • hannah

      Don’t feel too sorry for her. After her episode originally aired , I felt the same as you and googled them. Turns out she was still with him all the time and there were ALL kinds of pics of them at parties with beer bottles and bongs everywhere. She’s an idiot, too.

      • etm

        UGH!! That makes me so angry that she’s back with him. WTF?!? He was so cruel to her and indifferent toward their baby. This show is so friggin depressing.

      • Maria

        Those pics were all taken before she got pregnant, though. She may have stopped. I don’t know. But it’s pretty immature for them to be posting them on their pages, I agree. I saw the same pics.

  • Liv

    I’m excited to see some of these girls. Chelsea was one of my favorites, and Leah’s baby daddy Cory was really great. I hope she is allowing him to make it work because he really wanted to be involved in his daughters lives.

  • Lauren

    Ugh, Jenelle? Isn’t she the chick who later admitted she used drugs during her pregnancy?

    • etm

      She said her doctor told her to, to help with the nausea? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? What kind of Dr. would suggest that? How selfish of her to put her babies at risk like that.

      @Jennelle – toughen the f*ck up,you ugly b!tch.

  • RC

    I like Teen Mom and all, but honestly, is there a need for two? They should either stick with the original cast or replace them all completely.

  • geekgirl

    No Maci, no care. I’ll wait for her season.

    • Sammi

      I agree completely – i watch of Maci, and in my opinion she one of the teen mothers who actually care about her son – ill wait for the next season!!!!

      • Mads

        Yeah, I probably won’t watch it. Maci is the only person on Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant who I really care about. She’s a great mother and lnows exactly what she’s doing. She’s very put together and a great role model for other young mothers. In my opinion, Amber and possibly Farrah shouldn’t be on Teen Mom because they are just a mess.

    • Murr


  • jiminy

    true sign of the apocalypse, 16 year old moms, strutting their prolific means of reproducing on the MTV, and every goof on here is worried about spelling of “Teen Moms”…heaven help us!

    • Aunt Sassy

      Finally, someone with some sense on this topic. And can someone PLEASE tell me what teen pregnancy has to do with “MUSIC TELEVISION”????

      • dharma swan

        Sadly MTV no longer stands for Music Television (not quite sure what it stands for now(maybe “Medicore Television”?) I say bring back the original MTV – I watched this religiously when I was young when it was THE channel to go to for anything cool & hip (not anymore!) A show like Teen Mom belongs on a channel like Lifetime.

  • Beverly

    Still like to see the orginal girls and how they are doing. I would like to find out about Amber

  • Why?

    This makes no sense. First off, this is a major problem in our country; too many teens are getting pregnant. Then what happens, some overrated television station that does not even stand by its name anymore (Music Television, sorry I have not seen a music video on this station for years now) airs this issue for entertainment. How entertaining is it to see a teenager struggle with pregnancy? If anything, they should be taking this show off the air. That is the problem with this country, I just cannot wait for the next show “A day in the life of a Terrorist.” Wake up people.

    • Ding

      So, unless you’re saying the TV show promotes and/or more importantly is a cause of teenage pregancy, what’s your problem?

      And the actualy problem with the country is being unoriginal, as in complaining that MTV doesn’t show vidoes anymore. Who knows, maybe this will help…

      • Why?

        Did not say that it is the cause!! Well, if it is not promoting it, what is the purpose of this show? Ok, another problem with our country is teenage drug use. Why not start a show targeted to our teenagers where people are doing nothing but getting high all day long. How many people would have a problem with that?

      • Luiza

        There is a show about drug use, it’s called Intervention

      • Samantha

        and also alot of the true life shows are about drug users

    • Mads

      I think the point of the show is to really teach kids about being a young parent and the consequences that come with it. You don’t really know how hard it is to juggle a child, a job, school, and friends until you either experience or see someone go through it. Though some shows that come out of MTV are crap (I’m looking at you, The Challenge) I think Teen Mom is a great program that approaches the subject honestly, educating viewers about teen pregnancy.

      • etm

        The Challenge is crap…but I love it!!

      • Tammy

        I agree, my 14 year old and I watch this together. We discuss all the things these girls have given up , and also how not all of the fathers stick around. I myself was a teen mother oh so many years ago , and know what it is and never want to see one of my children struggle as I did. I also have seen so many parents that have a VERY hard time talking about sex with their daughters , and have used this show as an ice breaker. Just my opinion , Merry Christmas to all !

  • paradiselost

    pretty messed up show. i tried to watch once just to figure it out, nearly got sick watching it. why are they basically promoting this? teenage pregnancy is a problem, not a tv show.

  • kelly

    great … 15 year olds %$#%## all day to get on a show . perfect

    • Why?

      Those are my thoughts as well. People will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame and if it takes getting pregnant to try and get on this show, so be it. MTV really needs to take a step back and look at what they are actually doing here.

  • Frank

    If Chelsea Handler thinks this show is sick, it’s GOT to bet REALLY SICK!

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