'Stargate Universe' canceled

Syfy has confirmed to EW that Stargate Universe has been canceled. The series will air its 10 final episodes this spring. The show, which stars Robert Carlyle and David Blue, is currently in its second season.

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  • magreeda

    Obnoxious, I know, but: YAY. I am so glad to see this franchise die.

    • John Berggren

      Yes obnoxious. This was a weak entry, but the first 2 series were great. They shouldn’t be trying to be something they aren’t.

      • Seddie is meant to be

        SyFy was stupid to beat this series to death, Atlantis was decent and should have been the end of it. If SyFy were smart it would have picked up Legend of the Seeker, there are enough space dramas on tv but no fantasy outdoors/mythical type shows

      • Rob

        Too bad legend of the seeker is atrocious…

    • Corey

      You fools. Did any of you pay attention to this show? It was the only real high quality sci-fi show on TV. You all seem to love the more juvenile junk out there. SGU beats SG1 and SGA hands down! Realistic characters, situations that have actual consequences, beautiful CGI and design… Did you kids ever see the original film? SGU brings us back to that feeling of grit and reality that make the show more identifiable with ordinary people. I’m sad and sicked (and not surprised) that it was canceled. Most of you detractors loved the ridiculous SGA so much you never gay SGU an actual chance. I enjoy it more then BSG and anything else out there. Fools.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree. I loved the original film and the first series, but the only reason I kept watching SGA was for Weir and McKay. And then Weir died. SGU kicked ass. It was more realistic than either of the previous shows. Call me crazy, but I like a bit of believability in my characters. These guys had it.
        But to say I’m surprised it was canceled would be a lie. They always cancel the good ones. Farscape comes to mind. The Invisible Man, too.

      • Rob

        Agree in general, but SG-1 was fantastic. I loved SG-U but SG-1 was far better. I much prefer the tongue and cheekness of SG-1. That is what kept me coming back to the original, heck I’ve watched the entire series 5 times! I’d say I like SG-U better on the first run through, but I also think I would not like it as much on a second run through.

      • Rebekah

        I loved SGU, it was fantastic. Very beleivable and real. Good suspence. Not surprised, however bumbed as hell.
        People have the wrong idea about this show – it does not and did not try to resemble the privious ones. It was a nice and fresh perspective.
        Hope they change their mind :(

      • Steve

        I agree with you completely. As a scifan since the original “Trek” was on air, I always thought what distinguished scifi from other TV genres was the intelligence level. The best scifi series were always smarter than the best anyone else could offer. But something has happened here in the last few years; scifi fans are turning away from anything intelligent, and instead watching poorly-written, cliched drivel like “Sanctuary”, “Haven”, and “Warehouse 13″. I’m just AMAZED that those series are getting double the viewership of SGU. So here’s another one to add to the long list of early cancellations of intelligent, quality SF. And screw the SyFy channel, for cancelling so many of them, including “Farscape and “Caprica”.

      • A-Train

        you said it perfectly

      • Cheech Vs The Monster

        While I agreee with you about Farscape, Stargate SGU was most certainly not well written. I actually felt bad for the actors. It’s hard to convey the mess of emotion and forced drama the writers gave them to work with. There are only so many times you can watch them plot conspiracies, point guns at each other, have fist fights, and stare downs before you notice there isn’t much else there.

        Honestly I don’t think the premise was a horrible concept. Its their execution that sucked.

        For example, the cinematography. It tried way too hard to copy BSG. The poor lighting, and shakey cam worked for BSG because it was retro. The show made an effort to have a retro feel all around, not just the camera work, but the props too. (Telephones on the bridge). SGU showed what happens when the novelty has worn off. It just looks bad. We developed better cameras and lights to get away from that. Its not something to be aspired for. And you definitely can’t do it if your show doesn’t have a retro feel like BSG did.

      • SydneyKate

        I don’t believe you can say either was better, because SG! and SGU presented a series about gate travel in two very different ways. SG! involved humor and had alot of greater good qualities – alot of idealized aspects. As odd as this sounds coming from my mouth, SGU is realistic. It involves believable characters, follows military procedure closely instead of 101 incidents SG! commited and never faced consequences for. SGU has complex characters and alot of room to expand. I think it may have suffered due to the filler episodes which included alot of story preperation and little action. SG! had alot of action and little story per episode so it required a great amount of episodes to string together story/conflict. I absolutely loved both spin-offs for what they are/were.
        It’s just alot of people do not want to watch spaceship movies with well developed characters – who remembers Firefly? Everyone was like… WTF? Because it was really well done and formulated, but the average consumer of tv doesn’t find deeper stories, intellectual stimulation, or character developement to be a motivator. Most people want a show they can see one random episode in the middle of the series and pick up from there – it’s shallow in a way. : (

      • shawn

        dude you are so right smarten up kids sgu was the most real of them all

      • Freedom

        Your a fool.

        How in the universe is “angsty wanna be high school losers in space” more cerebral or intelligent then anything else on TV.

        I can’t believe the level of stupidity that seems to have permeated the US so that somehow reams of people believe that unorganized idiots with mental problems seem to be the best our military complex has to offer for super secret off world postings.

        Better yet, they think it is realistic that people in a dire situation would just immediately start fighting amongst themselves in any way possible to make the problem worse.

        Yeah, that is SOOOOOO much more realistic. I was like so blown away by the realism of highly trained, screened and educated adults acting like spoiled kids.

      • Kermonk

        And that is why people online hate SGU: The fans of the show are totally obnoxious and insulting.

      • mark

        Canceling this series is a complete waste! Each stargate series tried to make episodes more relatable to real life situations but keep the fiction on the edge and believable! Will be missed!

      • crave420fubar

        Realistic characters? How so after the incursion plot-hole? Half the time I felt like I was watching “Day of Our Lives”. It was poorly written and with the exception of 4 actors poorly portrayed.

      • E_C_Soup

        I went through leadership training and when also confined to a ship anyone barely understands one would think friction would be a constant or am I also just living in an imaginary world? Nope the real world where constant fighting is inevitable. Firefly amazing out in the first season. Caprica was okay. SGU was great and loved the first series and the movie. I felt for once the SGU franchise got it right finally. Creating strong back stories to allow an episode to not be completely wrapped around the ship’s failings but someones personal life crumbling or finding them back in an old lifestyle even in space. Toward the end they found a way to allow the viewers to loo toward a new mystery that allowed a whole new door that can be opened. The twist and arcs allowed viewers to be given new material and still have mysteries that are slowly unraveled. Yes sometimes the military system breaks down. Riddle me this though wouldn’t you have mental breakdowns when unable to walk to you favorite haunt for what looks like the rest of your life? I would probably multiple times no matter what military or civilian training I was given. And heads up these characters are human and aren’t perfect. I feel like SGU finally answered questions about what happened on earth when they moved to Atlantis. The CGI was amazing and they cancel this show instead of Sanctuary that had horrible CGI and green screen effects. I hope that Syfy realizes they made a mistake a bring back a series that has meat. And if people have problems with turnpike twist I merely ask, “Did you like Lost and the phenomena it became?” twist galore there. I think I had more to say but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was.

      • Kaze3224

        just have to say SGU is a great series, and a fantastic addition to the stargate franchise. i am still hoping for the SGA movie that was promised to us, let alone wernt there rumors about a third SG1 movie? either way, stargate is an amazing series, and amazing story, and i am really hoping the SGU cancellation is a lie, or at least for it to have a good ending. maybe not so much of an ending, but at least some good last episodes.

        and just for another opinion..yes..SGU went a completely different direction in storyline than SG1 and SGA, but thats the point! its new..its something different…same “universe” as the other series, just different outlook. i guarantee if carter and o’neill or even shepard and teyla got married…something like SGU wouldnt be seen as so random.

      • paul

        I totally agree that this is a very good show. It is far more real than SG1. Very adult story line. You actually feel for these characters. Sorry to see it go.

      • ken

        SGU was and is a great show, if I remember right its first 1/2 season was one of the most watched show in syfy history. Then they decided to move it to lesser show a chance. I do beleive this isn’t the last of SG. Its just a shame they had to rush the ending of such a great show.

      • Brett

        I 100% agree that SGU was fantastic SF. BE that it got better in the second season and I watched all of that. 1st season, I really got sick of Eli complaining all the time.

        To be honest the current generation in the USA wouldnt know good TV if it kicked them up the butt. They have been educated in (un)reality TV and suffer from poor education. What can we expect from the educationally regressed.

      • Connie Christenson

        SGU was the best of them all!!! Just like Star Trek no one listens to those that actually watch the series or thy would not end the series so soon. Does anyone know why a series that is so good gets canceled? I do not understand how it all works. Fire Fly and Star Trek and now the SG series! What the HELL?

      • Chris

        I’m still sad about SGU. It has been a long time since there was a series that main characters are not imune to having bad things happen to them. There was real character development starting and the story was great. I’m sad we will never seee Destiny finish her quest.

      • greg

        I agree completely. SGU was something altogether more and different than the others. It was profound, somehow. No surprise it lost a lot of the people who watched the earlier stuff. In the end it will be the one remembered, except thanks to these clowns, it won’t be a finished work, at least not finished the way it would have been.

  • Dave

    You can’t force magic.

  • Anneka

    As much as I loved the original (SG-1), and liked the follow-up (Atlantis), I’ve been waiting for this crap-fest to die. Up next on the cancellation train . . . Being Human?

    • Eviltweety

      Im not due why we have to Americanize everything. The BBC version of Being Human is quite good. I truly figured they would cancel this show though.. I liked the characters that had actual flaws…why announce it now though? The audience that might be hooked won’t bother…

      • Eviltweety

        Oops, not “sure”. Silly phone…

      • Wolex

        Guys come on SG1 was awesome,SGA was cool spinoff-wise but SGU STINKS!!! I mean no one could feel this much joy about a shows downfall. I was a loyal fan of the O’neills, carters,teal’cs, daniel jacksons(DJ),shephards,ronans(not so much,was kind of like a slimmy teal’c,but they were awesome not banging eachother in closets. Thank God SGU’s over,santa definately came early this year.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    YES!!! As a huge SG1 fan and a fan of SGA (before season 3) this just made my day!!!

    Thank you Malozzi and Wright for RUINING the Stargate Franchise! You wanted new fans? You got ‘em! All 10 of them LOL

    Malozzi needs to realize that ticking off a fanbase is the BIGGEST mistake any show writer/producer can make.

    • Damon Skye

      You *honestly* think that the reason this show last viewers was “ticking off a fanbase”? You mean, you honestly believe that that fanbase really matters in the larger scheme of things? I have some swampland in Death Valley I’d *love* to sell you.

      The reason this show was canceled: it was too dark and cerebral. Those are wonderful things, it’s just unfortunate that more people are into flash-bang and movie-of-the-week types of stories than they are into deep, well-crafted stories that take a while to unfold.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        The Stargate franchise is a franchise based off of fun, humorous, Science Fiction. It is team orientated, not afraid to make fun of itself while keeping things serial so that it is easy for fans to come in if they have missed an episode.

        SGU is the exact opposite of that.

        More than this there ARE a TON of ticked off SG1 and SGA fans, myself included. I left the franchise after Joe Malozzi came onto the GW forums and told the fans to “shut up because it is MY show and not YOURS” after fans started a petition to stop the direction SGA was going in.

        SGA was canceled to bring in SGU, seriously. They were told they could do 2 seasons of SGU or 1 season of SGA and one season of SGU…guess what they chose?

        The premise was that SGU would bring in new viewers…and it didn’t. In face it LOST viewers, nearly half of them. As Wright said “If we make a good show people will watch it, we don’t they won’t” and they didn’t.

        Did they own up to the fact that SGU isn’t doing well? NO instead they blamed the fans AGAIN saying that SGA fans are responsible for bringing down SGU…when in fact Malozzi said “WE don’t need SGA fans, they are only a tiny portion of the Stargate fanbase”….really? Then why are they responsible for the bad ratings?

      • Jane

        You are so right, Damon. I agree with you completely.

      • Martini3377

        I totally agree with you. Think series actually kept me wondering. The others were good, but just for a quick fix of a little action. This had a better story than the others by far.

      • Eviltweety

        See FOX Millennium…same exact type of show…sadly, if you have to think..it will surly be canceled.

      • waya

        This show was horrid. Whole episodes where nothing happened. Characters who did nothing but whine and spew hate at each other. No one was likeable. Nothing happened. It sucked and deserves what it got – cancelled! Cerebral sci-fi is embraced (Fringe for example), but SGU was poorly written and poorly acted (with the exception of Caryle). Good riddence!

      • Phil

        I loved the movie Stargate with Kurt Russell and that drew me to SG1. I soon found that SG1 was a diluted and unbelievable version, and quite far from the theme, of the original movie. I was a fan when SG1 started, but eventually lost interest when it went further into ridiculousness overdrive.
        Eventually every episode seemed to be the same plot over and over, and character turnover was similar to employees at a neighborhood McDonalds. In addition, the characters’ actions and reactions became so simplistic and predictable. There was neither depth nor dimension to their personalities and so far from the complexity of real human beings.
        I can’t say anything about SGA because I didn’t watch it. My disappointment with the direction SG1 went biased me against watching SGA.
        SGU on the other hand is a very fresh and exciting twist on the old Stargate concept. The characters have far more depth and complexity than those in SG1 and are much more like real people. Still a lot of fine tuning that needs to be done, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear that SGU is destined for anything further.
        If you still want ridiculous Sci-Fi you can get it from Warehouse 13. Just like SG1, it started out good, but soon started walking with the dogs. Another show in ridiculousness overdrive.

      • Kermonk

        Given how the producers have lately whined about the damages done by fans – I’d say they don’t agree with you.

      • crave420fubar

        Cerebral? Did you get a lobotomy? Plot-holes, bad acting, unrealistic military reactions, etc. It was dead from conception stick a fork in it.

    • paul

      yeah, now its all dead. thanks to people like you. you will never get to see any new stargates for now on. how’s that for the real fan like you, loser.

      • Mark

        I completely agree with you Paul!

      • Kermonk

        Nonsense – Stargate will return – they just need some new producers first.

      • Bummerman

        I will miss SGU, as diffrent as it was, having a little bit of Stargate, eventhought it was not jack oneal, or mckay, and even though there was not real witt in the movie, I felt a nice warm blanket like feeling to have the movie and its new episodes. I am sad to see it go.

      • Kaze3224

        nicely put..and i have to agree…people hate things too much, and whatever good was in something will disappear. granted i truly enjoy SGU, i do feel that because of all the hate shown to this show is going to have the stargate buried forever.

    • esbliss

      So it really was him? I have not gone and joined their message boards, or look into who’s saying what. Though as I watch the extras on all the SG dvd’s, by the time I got to the end of SGA all I could think was, “why do they let this petty little guy even talk?” It was obvious no one even wanted to do a commentary with him. I died laughing when they had DeLouise do them.
      Thank you for mentioning it, I would never have known.

  • Monty

    i hope they get to wrap this arc up in some way. doubt they can, as it sounds like they’ve already done all the episodes. I actually liked the feel to this show.

  • Quirky

    Apparently I’m the only one who liked this show. It was refreshing to see a sci-fi show (like BSG) that actually had flawed central characters instead of the same, perfect “white knights” that you see in all of the other Stargate and Star Trek series. Robert Carlyle’s character was one of the most complex sci-fi characters I’ve ever seen.

  • Steve

    I will never understand individual tastes. SG-1 was cheesy and terrible and Atlantis was dull and repetitive. SGU was the only one made that assumed its audience had a brain. I guess that was their fatal mistake. Have fun gloating about the death of your beloved franchise. I’m sure your fan fiction will be enough to keep it alive in your eyes.

    • Inimical

      Completely agree, I was loving SGU, actually acted like real people. All of these people happy about the show being canceled…do you really think they’re going to make another SG show now? Highly doubtful, nice going.

      • ajmalzx

        Word. Just like the death of star trek on the silver screen.

      • Freedom

        I try to answer all morons who say “the characters were more realistic” the same way.

        1) You know NOTHING about the military, or you would think the characters were horribly stupid.

        2) If all the people you know are selfish emo kids, you need to get out more. Maybe meet a class of person above “early high school” in reason and angst.

    • Tyler

      You are sooo right. The other ones were cheesy. People don’t seem to understand that this was a different take of the SG series. It was real. I was absolutely in love with this series. Soo sad to see it go. They better at least not leave us hanging…

  • margarita

    I’m not surprised, the cast really didn’t click and the story wasn’t thought up properly. Plus you can only have RDA on so many times.

  • Fido

    Put me in the “this sucks” group. Hopefully the ptb will be able to tweak the last ep to give the series a fitting ending.

  • John Berggren

    SyFy and MGM would do well to greenlight a series of films based on SGA and SG1. Get them on quarterly and there should be a ratings and DVD/blu-ray bonanza.

  • alex

    This really blows say what u want about ticking off the fans or whateva stargate all of them are awesome in their own right they need 2 figure something out if not they can call me I got tons of ideas we can keep the starGate universe going until the end of the world! Ie 2012

  • John Berggren

    I’ll do my best to respect the people who liked SGU and have not so much regard for those of us that loved SG1 and enjoyed SGA.

    Unfortunately SGU never really came together as a show. They tried to replicate the tone of BSG, but didn’t succeed. They tried to be more serialized, but only succeeded in drawing out single episode plots into two, sometimes 3 episodes.

    It got to the point where we were calling it SG2fer1.

    I watched the first 18 episodes, but I still didn’t care about any of the characters. If a show can’t draw you to characters in 18 hours, they’re doing something wrong.

    • Al

      I agree but I’m not sure the writers every really had a grasp of what they wanted to say. Shows like SG1 don’t have to be about anything besides action and adventure. Like most procedurals it’s the interaction of the characters not so much the story lines playing out.

      I got the feeling that SGU was launched as an idea, “Hey lets darken it up and cross pollinate BSG and Star Trek Voyager” “If we dance around long enough we might bleed this out over 5 years and make big bucks on residuals”

      In BSG the main characters were all flawed but competent. In the process these characters grew and changed. In SGU one central premise is that the people don’t belong, they are unprepared and incompetent. So how are we supposed to care about them? If we want to spend time with incompetent people with no sense of purpose or direction we could just stay at work.

  • Jason

    All good things must come to an end, I’m just sad to see SGU end so soon. For the first time we had a Stargate-esque show that had the depth of a Battlestar Galactica or Caprica. I was a big SGU fan. I can only hope that the series can be reworked in the final 10 episodes to give it the ending SGU so richly deserves.

  • B

    Syfy=imagine that it did have science fiction.
    This is what I set to them I just heard about your decision to cancel Stargate Universe. What the heck are you thinking? The best show that you have and you shut it down? This season has been fantastic. I know more people that have watched it this year then last year. Are you going to put more cheap shows on that we won’t watch? Or will you decide to put some quality on that we will follow week after week? While it is true that I like Warehouse 13 and Eureka, SGU was your best. The acting and the writing made it a must see in this house. I am sad to see your channel loose the Scifi in Syfy. Instead I bet we get more wwe smackdown that just screams Syfy.
    You are loosing your audience.

    • KWhitmore

      The ratings have been in a steady downward slope. How can you say more people are watching it this season as opposed to last? As for the best thing SyFy has on the air – if SGU is the best then they might as well pack it in and air WWE every night.

  • KWhitmore

    About damned time! What a horrible piece of work SGU was! And may I add my congrats to Brad Wright for successfully killing of the Stargate franchise on SyFy!

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