Canada's 'Being Erica' getting U.S. adaptation on ABC: Exclusive details!

being-ericaImage Credit: Stephen Scott/Temple Street ProductionsABC is developing Canadian cult-hit Being Erica — which has been running stateside on SoapNet — for U.S. audiences. Maggie Friedman (Dawson’s Creek, Once and Again) will write the pilot script for the dramedy, which follows the adventures of a 30-ish woman whose unique psychotherapist allows her to travel back in time to redo her greatest regrets in life; it will be set in Philadelphia, EW has learned exclusive. The original version of the show is still awaiting its fourth-season pickup on home network CBC, though exec producer Aaron Martin promises the season, if it happens, will answer “every question” about Erica’s therapy and her time travel — “no Lost mystery, no Inception spinning-top teasing.” The theme of the final season will be, he says, “coming full circle, fulfilling your purpose, and finding joy.” Being Erica‘s third season airs on SoapNet starting Jan. 26.

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  • sean

    this means its only a matter of time untill the american adapation of HEARTLAND…which judging by cbc commericals is a show about horse love

    • Janeen

      Already been done in the late 80’s, so technically CBC’s is an adaptation of the US version.

  • Andre

    There is no creativity left in the world it seems. Hey ABC, how about developing an ORIGINAL idea and just paying for the rights to air “Being Erica” if you like it so much?

    • Canadian

      Agreed!!! Why remake a show thats still on the air north of the border???
      @sean – Heartland isn’t about horse love, but I can see how you’d think that. :-)

    • Janet

      What is the problem with you? If you are the biggest fan of make it or break it you can watch it even if it is midnight.

  • Jenny

    Why does America always feel the need to adapt everything? Canada did a fine job with the show. I’m American, if that matters.

    • Jenna

      I agree. They show the Canadian version in the states, why not just leave it at that? How different will the American version be? Its not like they’re adapting a show from Germany or Korea. Canadian customs aren’t that different from the States.

      • ash.


    • laylagalise

      Agreed. The show’s great, there’s no need for a remake.

    • Sean

      Other countries do it too, you just aren’t aware of it. For example, the BBC has a Brit version of Law and Order.

      I didn’t care for the orig show, it started strong and then got a bit dull. I think it’s just Disney/ABC buying a tested concept, an adaptation rather than going with something new. Dumb move on their part, as the show isn’t all that great. But it’s what they do. Business types making the creative decisions always turns out badly.

  • Dave-O

    ABC are morons because all it would take is them to put their marketing machine behind the original product versus them recreating the thing at ginormous cost comparitavely, HOPING that it has some magic. They need a Czar of Common Sense at AMC stat!

  • Dave-O

    * ABC! amc has their shi*t together…

  • MM

    I’m Canadian and have long been anti-Canadian fare for no particular reason except that they appear to lack the ‘gloss’ of American productions but I just marathoned Slings & Arrows and Being Erica and have changed my opinion. This seems really strange to me. It’s not like it’s an Australian adaptation or UK where there are many cultural differences; it’s Canadian. It seems like a big waste of money to redo something that is very good (and could pass for American) already. I also find it very similar to Samantha Who? that ABC already produced and shamefully cancelled WAY too early.

    • ss

      I agree completely. I am Canadian and usually do not watch Canadian shows.. BUT I rented the DVD of the first season and was hooked.. I cannot see them doing a better job then Canada’s version. The acting is great and the stories are interesting. Just pay for the show and air it as it..

  • Betty

    They are going to take a great, entertaining Canadian show, and just turn it into a train wreck. Sad state of TV unfortunately.

  • Kevin

    I’ve caught a few episodes of Being Erica and I always thought it was a pretty darn good show. The lead actress is incredibly charming and deserves a shot at global (or at least trans-American) stardom. I agree with those who say ABC should just air the original series since it’s pretty much great as-is.

    • Brenda Barrett

      I’ve gotta chime in here and agree with everyone else. The cast of the original show is incredible. I cannot wait for season 3 to star airing here. A remake is not needed, as it cannot improve on the original. In today’s entertainment industry, with a few exceptions, creative minds have been replaced by hacks in suits…

  • Tajah

    Not sure about this. I (being Canadian) try to watch Canadian shows. I highly recommend Being Erica, Lost Girl, as well as Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Canadian shows that are fantastic and deserve a wider audience.

  • stickittotheman

    Woo hoo! Hey America, get ready for Corner Gas and The Beachcombers!

    • bootsycolumbia

      The Littlest Hobo and Danger Bay!

      • JR


      • Katie G

        goddamn I love Danger Bay

    • dee

      and Little Mosque in the Prairie.

    • Abigail johnston

      Corner Gas- one of the best thingsto come out of Canada since poutines!

  • Kaiulani

    Love watching Being Erica and it is a shame the ABC is now going to ruin it. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just acquire the US network rights and show it in it’s original format?

    • Jenna

      I think they’re afraid Americans wont watch anything Canadian.

  • dropper

    I can (kind of) understand adapting shows from different continents. But a Canadian series; one that is still airing new episodes? That makes no sense, plus I expect that ABC will screw it up. I’ll just stick with watching the charming original.

    • Alice

      There is some adult language and sexuality on the show that is no big deal in Canada (where you can be naked and drop the ‘f’ bomb in prime time)that simply wouldn’t fly on network television.

      • ss

        O YA and lets not forget almost gay love scene between Erica and her hot for US censors

  • Ena

    The reason Being Erica works is because the actress who plays Erica is so great. It won’t work nearly as well with someone else in the lead role. Plus, if you’ve watched the Canadian version, there is more adult language and sexuality that they won’t be able to get away with on US TV. Bad idea as far as I’m concerned. I love the original, one of my favorite shows. The third season (which just ended in Canada) is awesome!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It would be a watered down version… nowhere near as good. It would be ‘sanitized for your protection’.

  • aoyst

    Americans sure love picking up our worst home-made “entertainment”. Nickelback, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and now you’re raiding our awful TV shows. The sad truth is the best Canadian writing and acting talent moves to Los Angeles. Our best shows are cheap procedural clones and sappy family treacle. We haven’t produced a decent TV show since Kids In The Hall. It’s sad.

    • Anonymous

      While I can’t disagree with you (it’s a bit laughable really), ‘Being Erica’ is actually a really good show. It’s almost shocking that the CBC is responsible for it.

      • Eli

        I’m sorry but I have to correct you, it WAS a really good show. The 3rd season ruined it.

  • leo

    it will last 9-10 episodes before get canceled, remember my words.
    being erica is too clever and sophisticated for the audience of grey’s anatomy, and basically talk about psychoanalysis, while usa tv only have to talk about religion, and just one religion.

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