Exclusive: Eric Braeden on Neil Patrick Harris calling him a 'D-bag' on Twitter

Neil-Patrick-Harris-and-Eric-BraedenImage Credit: Emiley Schweich/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosEric Braeden to Neil Patrick Harris: You don’t know who you’re dealing with, young whippersnapper! After the star of How I Met Your Mother posted a message via his Twitter account calling the The Young and the Restless actor a “D-bag” for failing to make good on a promise to reprise his role as Robin’s dad on the CBS comedy, Braeden talked exclusively to EW about the comment and what prompted him to skip Thursday’s taping.

“I really don’t know who that fellow is. He’s a guy who stars in that series,” Braeden told EW, laughing. “It’s very unfortunate. First of all, I came back from hip surgery. I was off for three weeks. I’ve doubled my work, 30 to 50 pages a day for me, alone. Everyone knows that I’m exhausted. I was not about to appear on a show for two lines, because that’s what it amounted to.”

On his Twitter feed, Harris said, “Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. The actor, (Robin’s dad) agreed to a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough.” The reason for his so-called bailing? Braeden said he only learned about the size of his part the day before the taping, which he considered unreasonable. (He believes he should have been given the scripts weeks in advance).

Braeden originally agreed to take the gig because he enjoyed his first appearance on the CBS comedy in November 2008.  “I truly enjoyed working there last time,” Braeden said. “The cast and crew and producers couldn’t have been nicer.”

As for Harris, “His choice of words bothered me,” Braeden added. “It seems to me like a young whippersnapper, having seen himself on a few covers, who’s received a few awards, is now suddenly suffering from the first signs of hubris. I’ve been in the business for 50 years. I’ve seen people come and go and I’m still here.”

Braeden ultimately laughed off the whole situation. “If he is a worthy adversary, he’d better not cross my path. I will let bygones be bygones.”

It looks like Harris feels the same way. Three hours after his initial Twitter post, he added this comment: “Now I feel bad for the D-bag comment. Don’t know the guy personally. I’m just fiercely protective of our show.” Harris also said via Twitter that the role was re-cast with Ray Wise, “a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial’. Super excited to welcome him to the family.”

Braeden will appear on CBS’ The Talk on Jan. 14.

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  • Shane


    Let the fights begin!

    • Seddie is meant to be

      How I Met your mother is yuppie garbage – and NPH is overrated and overexposed, how many award shows can someone host? He is not as funny as he thinks he is

      • CrackedBlackPepper

        You hit it right on the effing nose.

      • ks

        Thank you I agree

      • erin

        I quit watching HIMYM because of Harris. I got tired of “The Barney Show”.

      • bg

        Mr. Harris is so impressed with his own press, that his bloated head leads him to think that he can insult an established actor with many more years of experience. Whether you like Eric Braeden or not, no one deserves to be treated in such a immature and demeaning manner. People will soon get sick of Mr. Harris, who has to his credit a couple of bad sitcoms, and then I hope someone treats him the same way.

      • Pete

        Mr. Braeden from a soap operas? Really? A…soap opera? A SOAP OPERA? My plant could act in a soap opera. I get it there are people who don’t like this sitcom. But a soap opera? A soap opera… SOAP…opera…

      • Jenna

        I definitely agree. I don’t hate HIMYM But I think NPH is incredibly overrated.

      • Jenna

        You are so ignorant its amazing. Soaps may not always be the best written genre of television but the amount of work those actors put forth (especially someone like Eric who is on it every day) is incredible. They shoot 300 episodes a year, must learn 50 pages of dialogue the day before they shoot, shoot 16 hour days, and rarely get time off. I am willing to bet YOU couldn’t handle that kind of pressure never mind your plant.

      • Taylor

        Totally agree. I like NPH but I do not think he is funny on the show. I don’t think the show itself is very funny, but I think I’m in the minority on that one.

      • Terry

        Y’know, I don’t care for soap operas, but I wouldn’t slam the acting. For sure there is some bad acting, but a lot of it is due to bad writing. And I won’t even slam the writing cuz, how hard would it be to come up with that much material every stinking day. Shoot look at movies, a 120 page script can go through years of development, 20 writers and still when it hits the screen, it often winds up garbage. As for Eric Braeden, I’ve enjoyed his acting for years. I remember him in Combat and in some movies(hey as a kid I loved Escape fron the Planet of the Apes) and didn’t know for many years that he’d turned up on a soap. But don’t slam the soap actors, they look like some of the hardest working actors out there.

      • shelley

        Yeah, a soap opera! Talk about a D-bag! While Mr. Braeden surely has an over-inflated ego, soap actors work harder than any 30-something sitcom actor out there! I mean, a sitcom? A SITCOM??? Talk about dumb…

      • Paul

        Hell he is about as funny as a fart at a church social

    • RPM

      Victor Newman is the KING! That is all.

      • Jenna


      • lostidol

        A star on a soap opera, no matter how popular to a small segment unemployed suburban housewives, should be grateful that the producers of a hit show even know who he is much less want him on their show. Head guy on a soap does not a diva make.

      • Boo Radley

        The KING of overacting, maybe. YUCK.

      • ron

        Eric B has always been an arrogant @ss so its more then time he got knocked down a peg or two

      • LG

        Don’t mess with The Black Knight! Mr. Mumbles will beat you down NPH!

      • Barbara

        I totally agree. Eric B is a great actor and a wonderful man.

      • ChuckieInMT

        Eric is TOTAL CLASS and if I could be anyone, I’d like to be Victor Newman!!!

      • Sandy Tedesco

        Eric is the best, beyond compare………he is the king of the soaps, and no one can hold a candle to him. I truly admire him. There is none better.

  • Flip

    It’s true. Eric B IS a d-bag. He’s ruined Y&R with his massive ego and I’m glad NPH cut him down to size.

    • Touch

      Ruined it? HE IS Y&R.

      • talkin’


      • Flip

        Not really. He’s the WORST thing about Y&R. If anyone *IS* Y&R, it’s Katherine Fucking Chancellor. Creep.

      • sara

        you don’t get out much, do you?

      • trifoi

        Y&R isn’t much anyway, with Braeden’s ego or not

      • Dwight

        Yes, he IS, Y&R which is why I can’t watch that show

      • Boo Radley

        Which is why it’s such a bad show.

    • barr

      Flip, I agree his ego is incredible. And I’ve could never watch Y&R for him since he’s SO boring as an actor.

    • hijinxxy

      Y&R is one of the most successful soap operas going since 1973, with Eric Braeden being there since 1980. He’s been in the entertainment business for over 50yrs, so I think he deserves more respect than what NPH gave him initially & b4 NPH knew the reasons behind EB backing out. If NPH wasn’t in the wrong, he wouldn’t of tweeted back about his use of the D-bag comment. IF ANYONE IS THE DIVA HERE ITS NPH, ever since he came out back in 2006 & was widely accepted by ALL.
      Eric Braeden may play a bad guy on Y&R, but that doesn’t make him one in real life. He had the class not to fire right back at NPH’s initial comment, as many others would of done. BRAVO to him!! BTW would someone poke NPH in the head w/a pin to deflate his big ego/head. With all these hosting gigs he thinks he’s all that; tho he just reminds me of Ryan Seacrest!! LoL

    • angel

      you and the rest of you ass holes you are just jealous that you are so stupid that you dont have what it takes to be an actor like eric b eric is a great actor and he is the young and restless and i guess you had no damn up bringing or you would know if you cant say something nice about someone then keep your damn mouth shut

  • If you don’t like someone, that’s perfectly fine, but it’s incredibly tacky to do what NPH did.

    • ESS

      Agreed. Anyone who thought NPH was classy before this obviously didn’t see his “jokes” at the VGA. I get that there’s a supposed demo for those, but the host helps set the tone and his whole time on stage was just cringe worthy.

      • LMNOP

        Agreed. Maybe it’s from lack of sleep. He is a new dad….

      • D’s Advocate

        Yes, because NPH was also the entire writing staff of the VGAs in addition to being the host.

    • Tarc

      Nah, it’s called being honest. If a soap actor called any role ‘insubstantial’ it’s a joke of massive proportion.

      • harpier

        I’ve got to agree. How can you call someone a “whippersnapper” when they’ve been on TV (and I’ve known who they are) for over 20 years. Dude may have been around for 50, but I can’t recall ever having heard his name. He would have gotten broader exposure for two lines on “How I Met Your Mother” (an admittedly mediocre sitcom) than 50 pages on whatever soap he’s on. Foolish, man!

      • Jenna

        Do you honestly think that stupid little sitcom would give Victor Fucking Newman more exposure than Y&R. You my friend are a complete idiot.

      • Larry Tomasi

        Oh, yeah. I’m sure that an actor with Braeden’s resume is looking for or worried about “more exposure” for a walk on role in a middling sitcom.

      • 4real

        Braeden is a 70 yr old veteran actor of TV and film, who’s won Emmys and assorted other acting hardware proving his worth as a performer. He works his azz off every day of every week on a CBS daytime drama that pays him millions in return (FYI: he’s been in enumerable tv and film productions, including the biggest blockbuster of ALL time, Titanic, he played John Astor – get back to me in 50 years and compare NPH resume and longevity to Braeden’s) – if the guy, who is a senior, has had hip surgery, is recovering, and still holding down his day job, and gets word at the 11th hr, his part on some TV sh*t-com is two lines, I don’t blame him for not being able to muster the energy to drag his old azz to NPH’s schlocky little yuk-yuk show.

  • LOL

    Old people suck.

    • FU LOL


      • ger

        I hope that when I’m old I at least know how to work the caps lock key.

    • Barbara

      I wish everyone a long and happy life, have a wonderful christmas, come on everybody, let’sbe happy.

    • Sandy Tedesco

      NPH, is so in love with himself, I truly can not stand him. I do not think he is a bit funny, nor is that show, he even thought he was good enough to replace Bob Barker, you have got to be kidding me !! It is time he grew up and looked in the mirror and saw he is just a kid with a big ego and is going no where, !!! He is no actor that’s for sure.

    • PAK

      Braeden is 3 years younger than ME! I’m 70 and have been watching Y&R since it’s inception, recording it everyday, while I worked full time at managing financial instruments and NEVER lost a cent for anyone! The show has slipped, the writing is not nearly as good, but it’s been the #1 SOAP for decades! Braeden is the character we all love to hate!

  • BillyVictoriaYRfan

    Go Eric Braeden.

  • yo

    I agree with Eric. Working on a daytime soap must be ALOT of hard work considering they air episodes EVERYDAY! no wonder he didn’t wanna come in on another show for just TWO lines or so.. ridicilous.

    • Ally

      Calling him a d-bag was unnecessay but a cameo on a 1/2 hour show is going to be short by definition. He had to know it would be similar to the last time he was on…which was also short.

    • Stefanie

      He agreed to it. Then he backed out. Not sure why people don’t get that.

      • K

        No kidding. And the fact that he doesn’t even know who NPH is….

      • @K

        I think you’ve failed to see the sarcasm in Braeden’s early comments. He later says “…(NPH) seems to me like a young whippersnapper, having seen himself on a few covers, who’s received a few awards..”, so obviously he knows who is he is.
        Yes, he agreed to do it, then changed his mind, and the world continues to turn. I think NPH could have expressed himself in a better way, bottom line.

      • Stefani

        If you had read the article, it said that he had recently had surgery, was facing a sharp increase of work and was exhausted. Being at that place with his health I can understand why he would want to pass on a thirty second cameo appearance and try to rest. The fact that NPH would just lash out like that towards a very respected actor that, by his own admission he barely knows, and insult him like that says a lot about his character.

    • sara


  • Ann

    I was a huge fan of Y&R growing up, but you can tell by reading the Eric’s responses who is actually showing hubris. While he was lucky to find an iconic part on a soap he hasn’t achieved nearly as much as NPH who has been successful in t.v., broadway, etc. Not saying that NPH should have called him a D-bag, but it certainly seems that Eric deserved it if he thinks he’s above keeping promises. Even if he’s not a d-bag, he certainly seems to be a diva.

    • 4real

      CBS has been paying Braden millions for years for his portrayl of the iconic Victor Newman, he’s also won at least a couple Emmys and been nominated for dozens more. That to me is the very definition of ‘success.’ Money, and accolades for what you do. Maybe if you pried your face from between NPH’s cheeks, and watched something other than his weak TV crap com, you could google these simple facts, and not put your foot in it, like your snarky little idol.

      • mike

        Braeden has won one Daytime Emmy in nine nominations (so maybe you should’ve “pried your face from between Braeden’s cheeks and watched something other than his weak TV soap opera and googled these simple facts”.

        And btw, NPH has won two Primetime Emmys in six nominations. So maybe we should compare resumes?

      • sandman

        Quick note from wikipedia:

        Braeden won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1998 for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his work on The Young and the Restless.[1][2]

        On July 20, 2007, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

        Braeden received the Gilmore Award from the Pacific Pioneers, a radio and television industry group, in 2007.[7]

        Daytime Emmys -Winner, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (1998)
        Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (1987, 1990, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004)
        Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (2004, 2005, 2008)
        18th Annual People’s Choice Award for Most Popular Daytime Actor
        Distinguished German-American of the Year 1990

        He received the 2009 Friend of German Award from the American Association of Teachers of German.

        1963 Combat! Hans Gruber
        1965? Combat! Ecktmann
        1966–1967 Mission: Impossible Andrei Fetyakov
        1966–1968 The Rat Patrol Captain Hans Dietrich
        1969 Hawaii Five-O Dr. Paul Farrar
        1969 100 Rifles Lt. Franz Von Klemme
        1970 Hawaii Five-O Klaus Marburg
        1970 Colossus: The Forbin Project Dr. Charles A. Forbin
        1970 The Mask of Sheba Dr. Morgan
        1970 The Young Rebels Major Zanker
        1971 Escape from the Planet of the Apes Dr. Otto Hasslein
        1971 Gunsmoke’s episode Jaekel Carl Jaekel
        1971 Bearcats! Col. Reinert
        1972 The Judge and Jake Wyler Anton Granicek
        1972 Hawaii Five-O Djebara
        1973 The Adulteress Hank Baron
        1973 The Six Million Dollar Man Findletter
        1974 Kolchak: The Night Stalker Bernhardt Stieglitz
        1974 Banacek Paul Bolitho
        1974 The Ultimate Thrill Roland
        1975 Wonder Woman Evan Donaldson
        1977 The Mary Tyler Moore Show Karl Heller
        1977 Kojak Kenneth Krug
        1977 Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo Bruno von Stickle
        1979 CHiPs Senator Lerwin
        1980-present The Young and the Restless Victor Newman
        1981 Charlie’s Angels John Reardon
        1990 Lucky/Chances Dimitri Stanislopolous
        1990 The Ambulance The Doctor
        1994 The Nanny Frank Bradley, Sr.
        1995 Diagnosis: Murder Himself
        1997 Titanic John Jacob Astor IV
        1998 Meet the Deedles Elton Deedle
        1999 The Bold and the Beautiful Victor Newman
        2008 The Man Who Came Back Reese Paxton
        2008 How I Met Your Mother Robin Scherbatsky, Sr.

        hmm seems he is more than just a soap opera star

  • Alex


    • Tarc

      Yeah, people skip the part about calling the part (which he did before, no less) ‘insubstantial’. Hello, Mr. Career-insubstantial!

      • Erin

        I actually took the ‘insubtantial’ part not as a diss on the part/role and that he’s ‘above’ such a small part, but due to the timing. If he currently has a huge workload on his regular show and he’s expected to go in and spend hours on another show for just two measly lines, well it’s not really worth it.

        Though pulling out at the last minute isn’t cool. But NPH is a D-Bag for his D-Bag comment. Out of two wrongs, NPH’s is worse.

    • Candy



      Oh, by NPH can? I love the double standard!

  • Team NPH

    Team NPH – 1. loved the calling out on poor excuse: a role not substantial enough – he’s too tired? then 2 lines should be doable for a show he so enjoyed last time.

    2. Then he apologized – and darned it all if that doesn’t make him even “awesomer”!

    3. EB has been in the soaps biz for 50 years? That’s not the real biz – and NPH is not far behind year-wise and on actual shows with actual acting.

    NPH is legen – wait for it – dary! EB’s only claim to fame for regular TV watchers is he once played “Robin’s dad” on an awesome TV show and then didn’t come back to reprise it and was replaced by a stellar actor.

  • Claire

    How is he looking down on him? He works on a soap, where he is on a front burner storyline almost all the time. Soaps air episodes EVERYDAY!!! The guy said himself, he’s exhausted, so he wasn’t going to go there and just say two lines.. when he could be at home enjoying some FREE time which i’m sure there’s not alot of working on a soap.

    • Linda C

      Hmmm. He certainly didn’t claim to be “exhausted” when he took the role. It was only after he discovered that he had a couple of lines that he bailed!

      Remember, Eric. There are no small parts; just small actors!

      • cattyfan

        I think it has more to do with Braeden still recovering from his recent surgery than the minimal size of the role. Sorry, but NPH is being a jerk.

      • Bob

        He just had surgery. Read the article.

      • Ncdrew

        Ditto, Linda C. Apparently, braeden’s recent hip surgery wasn’t going to prevent him from doing HIMYM if the part had been more “substantial.” Well. I love Ray Wise and I think he’ll be great as Robin’s father.
        NPH should’ve thought about his words before he tweeted, but I don’t blame him for being upset.

    • Stefanie

      Then he shouldn’t have agreed to it in the first place.

    • ron

      so by your reasoning a guy who does a great job flipping burgers should be as respected as a chef as a top chef? quantity is not quality. and he turned down the role because there weren’t enough lines so obviously it wasn’t because he needed the rest, just a bigger ego stroking

  • Claire

    Ann, i think Eric has achieved more, since after 50 years he’s still in the business. Lets see if we can say the same thing for NPH in a few decades.

    • Team NPH

      Just look at the difference in awards already – think EB can catch NPH with his remaining years? NPH has already outperformed EB in other media as well. And just compare the IMDB pages – this is ridiculous. NPH has already done more in his 22 years in the business than EB has done in 50 and NPH has not peaked yet.

    • Kate

      I think the point is Eric has had one role his whole career, nothing to frown at but he certainly isn’t a titan in the entertainment industry by any stretch of the imagination. While he certainly wields some power in the Y &R kingdom (as evidenced by his salary debacle), he certainly doesn’t have the clout to act like he is above a spot on a prime time sitcom. As someone else mentioned, it’s about professionalism. He agreed to the part, and if he is as tired as he said then he shouldn’t have agreed to take on more than he could handle. On the flip side, if he’s that tired he should be happy the role was such a minor commitment. Either way, Neil Patrick Harris has been in the industry for over 20 years so he’s certainly not the rookie Eric makes him out to be.

      • Torrin

        I think he had another role back in the sixties, playing a WW2 German tank commander in a show called ” Rat Patrol”.

      • 4real

        I’m pretty sure there’s this thing called Google, and IMDB, where one can easily find out that Braeden has been a working actor for over 50 years and has hundreds of roles in TV and film (including the biggest blockbuster of ALL, Titanic as John Astor). Come back in 30 years if you’re still alive and let’s see if you remember NPH. Right now, Doogie and his current TV sh*t-com should have never resorted to berating a veteran actor in his same industry, it was a mistake of mammoth proportions and he probably doesn’t even realize how big. The acting industry is pretty incestuous, Braeden is a member of SAG, the Academy, and other influential little enclaves in H’wood. It’s just not done. Obviously Braeden didn’t break any contracts, legally – and backing out was something that he was permitted to do under the terms of his agreement…so he did it. Two lines, when you’re already working like a racehorse and are recovering from surgery, is ridiculous. NPH should have understood, kept his mouth shut and recast.

    • Julie

      Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Eric Braeden before- yet I’ve heard tons about NPH. Braeden seems to think being a star on a soap is worth something, but in reality the demographic for soaps is tiny. Though I don’t agree with calling him a d-bag, clearly Braeden has also shown quite a bit of hubris and lacks a lot of professionalism as well.

      • laura

        If you’ve never heard of ERIC BRAEDEN, you don’t know crap about an entire segment of the TV industry. The guy is a daytime legend, and daytime TV is nothing to turn your nose up at. He’s big time, even if YOU, whoever you are, have never heard of him.

      • x

        calm down Laura fact is daytime tv is not big or taken seriously by the rest of the business and you know that if you know anything. Get real. GH is about the only soap that get semi coverage in EW and YR only when someone big leaves. Soaps are dying and never were that respected.

      • Shotgun Samurai

        Soaps are a dying breed. Thank god.

    • Mac

      Ah, America – where the sheep flock to whoever is most popular. Neil even realized he was being a jerk and apologized you idiots!

  • Andre

    It’s all about professionalism. Do not accept a part and then back out. Name calling is also not professional. For Eric to claim to not know who one of the stars of the show he guested on before and agreed to guest on again suggests his lack of awareness of his own industry/work.

    • camille

      Maybe Eric didn’t know he was going to have to have hip surgery.NPH was just wrong!

      • iWoman

        Nope. No wonder Eric has only done Y&R – no one else wants to hire someone so unprofessional.

    • Harry

      How is calling someone a d-bag professional? Circumstances sometimes change and it is not a sin to change your mind about something and to have a hissy fit on Twitter is not what I call professional. How many of you have changed your mind about something? His show is not the be all and end all for everyone on this earth. Its just TV, no one died and his response was just plain tacky.

    • CC

      Oh, but I guess NPH’s response was professional! That’s it; keep backing that D-bag!

      And to iWoman: EB has been every where! Have you ever heard of a little movie called Titanic? Yes, he was in that!

      • K

        If you blinked during Titanic you easily missed his appearance.

      • D’s Advocate

        You know who else was in Titanic? Hundreds of extras.

  • Maura

    I wonder how many times they had to have The Mumbler repeat himself before getting his full comment.

  • angeljake

    you gotta respect Victor!

  • Tony

    This is so uncharacteristic of NPH. Isn’t he considered one of the nicest, most humble, most amiable people in showbiz? I hope he doesn’t become so enamored of his own press that

    • K

      He is one of the nicest and he did apologize later on his twitter. I think he felt like Eric not only disrespected their show, but also left them in a bind since he cancelled the day before shooting.

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