ABC greenlights pilot from Shonda Rhimes

ABC has greenlit its first pilot for the 2011-12 development season – a new drama from uber-producer Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice). Penned by Rhimes, the untitled project revolves around the life and work of a professional “fixer” and her “dysfunctional staff,” an ABC spokeswoman says. The character is based on the career of Judy Smith, a crisis management consultant who has guided corporations, politicians and public figures over the last 20 years.

Smith is a co-executive producer. The project will be produced under Rhimes’ Shondaland shingle for ABC Studios.

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  • fjas

    Gracious! Isn’t this woman already stretching herself too thin?

    • LOL

      Jesus, more unwatchable crap is on the way.

    • Sharlin

      At least its not another medical drama.

  • Amber

    Geez. PP, Grey’s, EP on Off The Map, and this new show. I wonder which of her current shows will suffer.

    • Tee

      They were suffering already.

    • Spike

      How come Jerry Bruckheimer can produce 5 shows and no one ever says “wow, he’s stretching himself thin?”

      And, also…Off The Map is one she’s producing…but it is not a “Shonda” show. Jenna Bans created it.

  • Jenz

    Maybe if she fully committed herself to one show instead of a new show every year, Grey’s might still be a good show.

    • Summer

      I agree. I stopped watching Grey’s after the first season that Private Practice had started. Shockingly, I find myself not missing the show at all.

      • K

        How can you comment on the quality of the show if you haven’t watched it in years? Grey’s has been GREAT this season.

      • D

        Grey’s is actually really good this season. Getting rid of Izzy and George was essential. Now it’s pretty good!

    • B

      Grey’s did stumble for a while, but has been improving over the last season or two, and this season has been fantastic – as good as anything they’ve done.

      • Jenna

        I must disagree. Grey’s hasn’t been able to surpass its truly great 5th season. Season 6 was only good for the first half and while Season 7 has improved over time its still a huge let down. Yes, the Season 6 finale was great but this aftermath stuff has just been a downer.

      • @Jenna

        Truly great 5th season? Seriously? The fifth season was the main reason I stopped watching. Ghost Denny was just too much, story lines were atrocious, George had no screen time or any kind of story (subsequently Mr.Knight left for greener pastures). I could go on. 4th season was meh, 5th season was horrid and 6th season was a melodramatic mess. Yet I have heard nothing but GREAT things about season 7 and how Grey’s from season 1 and 2 is back. I may actually give Grey’s another chance.

        Truly great 5th season? You be crazy!

      • Virginia

        I agree this season has been great, seasons 4 and 5 were a bit of a let down after the first really great 3 seasons but 6 was good and 7 has been as great as anything they’ve done

    • Michael

      Grey’s is as good as it’s ever been.

  • Mincha

    Okay, this is entirely too many trips to the well.

  • adriana

    Sounds like the show has potential as there arn’t too many shows about consultants, the field I work in. Makes sense that Shonda Rhimes is looking towards future TV shows rather than stagnating by solely focusing on older shows like GA and PP.

    • Heidi

      I do like the looks of Off the Map and this new series on consultants sounds interesting. I’m ready to let Private Practice go.

  • Fatima

    God, at least it’s not a hospital show. Off The Map looks like the least necessary show since Private Practice.

  • josephrileyland

    JJ Abrams signs deals for multiple shows and everyone is impressed. Shonda Rhimes does it and everyone complains that she is spreading herself too thin and her shows will suffer. The hypocrisy is impressive.

  • Calebin2004

    Oh God not this woman again, she will single handedly ruin ABC

    • Bee

      of course she will with how she has ABC’s highest program for years now (grey’s anatomy) and another notable hit for them (private practice).

      • Susan

        Private Practice is a notable flop Bee, sorry!
        Greys is great, Private Practice is a money making load of rubbish.

    • Hen

      Ruin them for you, that’s it. Other than that she’ll make them better than ever in terms of what matters, business. Moron…

  • Bee

    1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! now let’s hope it actually gets picked up.
    2. awesome that it’s not a medical drama (not that i don’t love GA & PP, but it’s nice to have something different.)
    3. again, something different! the life of a crisis management/PR person? could be interesting.
    4. i know that she had pilots, but like the above posters said, ANOTHER show? idk how she’s gonna handle it. maybe grey’s is ending after season 8 when ellen & patrick’s contracts are up? she keeps saying she doesn’t know when, but if she’s making more shows, then maybe she’s figured it out.

  • kyle

    i dont understand how it seems impossible to people here. um, jerry bruckheimer? she’s not stretching herself thin she’s just branching out.

  • Truthhurts

    “i dont understand how it seems impossible to people here. um, jerry bruckheimer? she’s not stretching herself thin she’s just branching out.”

    Yeah.. with 2 shows that could be considered grey’s anatomy in a different locale and then this piece of soon to be trash. She’s a one hit wonder but all the housewives just eat this garbage up.

    And for “no stretching herself thin she’s just branching out..” ya ever notice how branches are thinner than the tree’s that sprout them? Branching out is the same as spreading yourself too thin just a different way of sayin it.

    • Bee

      you must be joking. PP is NOTHING like grey’s anatomy. people having sex is the only similarity. and i’m pretty sure that happens on EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. PP is like a grown-up, adult version of grey’s anatomy. and even if you disagree with that or not, there’s no denying that they’re totally different, except for the elements that make them great: acting, music, writing, etc. if they were that similar, regardless of what you see as “bad” writing, PP would be as popular as grey’s. it takes a way a bit of the jokey-fun that GA has and puts in an extra dose of drama, but it’s still become an excellent show.

      and off the map is NOT hers the way those two are. i wish people would stop saying that. she’s just the producer. she didn’t create it nor does she write for it. it belongs to jenna bans, who used to write for GA before she started working with shonda and co. on this.

  • YES

    Sista doing her thing, that I like. Don’t hear complaints with all the Jerry Bruckheimer shows and all the L&O Dick Wolf had. Don’t knock someone with goals and ambitions.

  • Voodoo

    I won’t be watching.

  • Mya

    D-A-M-N! Getting it done girlfriend. And haters please spare us your idiot comments. If she were really doing a terrible job, wouldn’t you totally ignore anything about her and her shows, articles, video interviews, etc. Clearly she’s on your radar more than even you care to admit. And that show idea is the most original one I’ve heard of in a long time. It’s got huge hit written all over it. Mark that down, ABC. You’ve got your first hit of the fall 2011.

  • Yolanda

    Good for Shonda. I am in PR and am looking forward to this show!

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