MTV to air special report tackling abortion Dec. 28 (Exclusive)

markaiImage Credit: MTVAfter documenting dozens of teen mothers’ heart-wrenching stories via its hit 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom series, MTV will tackle the sensitive issue of abortion with a separate special called No Easy Decision, EW has learned exclusively. The special, airing Dec. 28 at 11:30 p.m., will follow one former 16 and Pregnant subject, Markai, as she wrestles with the decision after becoming pregnant for a second time. Dr. Drew Pinsky will also talk with young women who, like 27 percent of teens who end up with unplanned pregnancies, have chosen to end them. MTV sources say the documentary will tackle all sides of the issue, including the importance of contraception and the devastating effects of facing such a decision.

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  • Lia

    These girls are going to get threatened and attacked for this. I really hope MTV tries to guard them a bit, it’ll get ugly.

    • Confidential

      I agree. I hope ppl hold back on savage and harsh comments. This is and has been part of our society and my heart goes out to Markai. She seemed like such a smart girl for this to happen to again. Sad.

      • Chris S.

        “happen to”? getting pregnant is quite easily preventable. don’t make it sound like she’s some sort of victim.

      • @Confidential

        She doesn’t seem very smart to let it happen again. As Chris S. said, it is easily preventable. She isn’t a victim.

      • Confidential

        I agree with the replies. She is in no way a victim especially since she already has a child and knows who to and not to get pregnant. Its still a shame.

      • JMP725

        I think there are two kinds of girls: ones who aren’t careful (probably the majority) and ones that are, but still get pregnant. One big problem, many teenage girls don’t know that antibiotics decrease birth control’s efficiency. There needs to be more education. Obviously no way besides abstinence is 100% safe, but teens are going to have sex. My mother got pregnant while correctly using birth control twice. Even when something is 99% effective, there are going to be unplanned pregnancies, despite the fact that you’re using the contraception correctly.

      • yayy abstinence only education

        many girls also do not know that you have to take birth control at the same time (or relatively close) every day…not doing so cuts down the effectiveness of the pills

      • confidential

        I see that there are a lot of comments about how the birth control failed. Most of the girls on this show said out right that they didn’t use any birth control (condoms or any other). The issue here is WHY aren’t they using ANYTHING. The last girl said that she was on meds that nulled her birth control but MOST of the other girls admitted they used nothing.

      • Kit

        Even while trying to prevent it, it is very possible to become pregnant. Don’t assume.

      • etm


        Well then maybe she shouldn’t be having sex.

      • whatevs

        Teens shouldn’t be having sex. Problem solved. Except society lets kids run the show so that’s why they do whatever they want.

        There are very few things that are more preventable than getting pregnant.

      • Confidential

        Kit: Please re read my post. They DIDN’T try to prevent pregnancy.

      • ashley

        I got pregnant at 19 while correctly using the pill AND condoms and with my husband at 23 on Depo (NEVER missed a shot)… I chose to continue my pregnancy and have 2 beautiful baby’s 18 months and 5 years old but not everyone has the option to keep. I had a lot of good people around me, no everyone is so lucky….
        But abortion is not my point here, my point is that you guys seem to think birth control is infallible, even when the packing and even your dr will tell you its not.
        Abstaining is the ONLY way to 100% not get pregnant, period, end on sentence.. its a good plan to wait, but at the same time it an unrealistic goal for most.
        Up until around the late 1800s it was more then common for women to be married with their first child on the way by 14 or 15, but once that became socially unacceptable teenagers that got pregnant were sent away to “exchange programs” and came back 9 months later with no baby. This isnt a new issue, just a far more publicized one with many more options now days rather than the days of old when you had 2 either getting married or being sent away and having your child taken away before ever even seeing it.
        I am NOT condoning teen pregnancy so dont jump all over me(it was hard enough alone at 19 with a baby before I met my husband when I was 22), I cant even imagine how hard it is younger then 18, I am just saying you cant lump everyone into one category, there are those who are really really careful and still end up pregnant and those who arnt and still dont get pregnant(or do). It doesnt matter what BC you are on, everyones body reacts differently and you cant pull the wool over biology’s eyes every time, or that box of pills/condoms/patches ect would say would say 100% not 94-98%
        Just saying…

    • Katlyn

      Yeah, this is a really touchy topic and MTV better not throw them under the bus.

  • TQB

    It’s about time MTV covered this. For or against, it IS an option, and one that many teens choose. If you’re going to have a show where you try and communicate to teens the gravity of teen pregnancy, a teen making this choice and living with the consequences is important. It’s not a magic solution that makes all the troubles go away – it’s still a life-altering situation.

    • the girl

      I completely agree. It is not beneficial to cover the issue of teen pregnancy and not deal with the option of abortion. I know it can be a heart-wrenching experience but having a child when you are not mentally, emotionally, or financially ready to care for it is also not a good solution. At the same time, I appreciate their attempt to be responsible and also advocate abstinence, birth control, condoms, and STD testing.

    • Dave

      I agree. I actually happen to be pro-life, but I’m also realistic. I know that this is something many girls do, and I know that, whether I like it or not, people will always have the choice to have an abortion. I think this could be an eye-opener for a lot of people, to see the struggle that women go through when trying to make a decision like this, and how they may feel after making the decision and/or after having an abortion. It’s a very important topic, and I’m glad that MTV will be tackling all sides of the issue.

      • The Devil

        @Dave – Something is wrong here. You’re pro-life but not throwing the bible at all of us? Haha, all kidding aside, it’s really nice to see people on both sides of the issue having a civilized discussion about abortion without reverting to name-calling and caps lock. I’m pro-choice, but am by no means pro-abortion. It really should be the very, very last option to consider. I’ve seen a baby at 8 weeks gestation – they are moving around in there like crazy. It should never be an easy decision.

      • jill

        Please do not call yourself prolife.

      • CrispyTina

        Yeah, I am also pro-life and I’m glad this topic is getting covered! I hope that MTV covers this fairly and really does show the full emotional consequences of abortion that most people don’t consider. It isn’t easy to have death on your conscience, even if it’s self-defense. Most abortion is more about lifestyle-defense.

        I have to disagree with some people’s implication that abstenence is too difficult for a teenager to be expected to adhere to. I know many people who never had sex until they were married. I myself am a virgin at 28. It isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible to have self control – contrary to what our society would have teenagers believe. It’s comments like “teens are just gonna have sex” that perpetuates this myth that self-control is too much to ask.

    • fireflystare221

      I completely agree. I said pretty much the exact same thing in the comments section of a 16 and Pregnant recap. I am what you would call pro-choice I guess. I don’t like the terms used to define what side of the debate you fall on because the term pro-life implies that I do not respect life or am not in favor of it. I am and feel that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare (as Obama said). I don’t want to see abortion used as a form of birth control (which I do not believe it is by the majority of women) but I also don’t think anyone has the right to force anyone to do something with their body that they don’t want to do. I am interested to see this issue finally covered as all other options have been explored on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Mostly, I am shocked at how mature the comments have been. Bravo to everyone. Civil discourse is possible!

      • J.Yo

        @ firelfystare “the term pro-life implies that I do not respect life or am not in favor of it” Could you please elaborate? I am just a BIT confused

    • Newt

      MTV is showing 16 and Pregnant as a fastrack to celebrity and magazine covers. Abortion is pain, suffering and conflict. And it’s only one special, not season after season of pregnant teens. I don’t think this special will talk teens out of risky sex.

      It would be smarter to focus on educating about contraception and preventing pregnancy, including long term contraception. The US is the only Western country with a high teen birth rate; the US ranks down with Third World countries ravaged by war and disease in teen pregnancy. These teens are at hi risk of HIV and hepatitis because they are having unprotected sex.

    • JennBell

      Apparently I’m the only one reading this who is old enough to remember them covering abortion on several episodes of Real World, Los Angeles (that was season 2, aired in 1993). One of the housemates found out she was pregnant and had an abortion while on the show.

      • etm

        I remember that too. It was Tami. That was back when The Real World was good.

      • Miz Liz


        Nope, I remember it… it was Tammy in the Los Angeles season…

      • Jeryl

        Tami! I really miss old real-world..nothing beats the very first one.. i liked how they paired people from different backgrounds(Heather B and the country girls friendship was cool)…now is about who is hotest and can ‘score’ quicker.

      • etm


        I agree – the casts were so diverse back then. On another note…I think I saw Tami in a preview for an upcoming reality show – Basketball Wives or something like that.

    • Karen

      Yes it is a life altering situation for the mother, father, BABY, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, neices and nephews, friends….and eventually community. Why not give the child a home through adoption?

  • JRO

    What about the topic of adoption? If they are going to explore the options, they need to present ALL of them.

    • Jalal

      They did cover the topic of adoption. One of the girls in the original series gave her child up for adoption…

    • Steph

      This has been addressed through 16 & Pregnant and two seasons of Teen Mom, just in case you haven’t seen the show. There were 4 parents from the original 16 & Preg that had stories continued through Teen Mom, one was a couple who gave their child up for adoption.

    • SFar

      Adoption has been covered several times on the show

  • rick

    I appreciate not just the effort to be balanced, but even the fact that the commenters on this strand seem to be trying to be fair and balanced as well. Kudos!

    • Allison

      Good observation, Rick.

      • Bethany

        Agree! Pro-life or pro-choice, this issue needs to be discussed. No more pretending this isn’t an option. Although it’s LONG overdue, kudos to MTV to finally putting this out there…now….let’s just wait and see how it’s handled. Hope they don’t screw this one up.

    • Felicia

      I agree. I scrolled down with the fear of exactly how nasty some of the comments might be, to be pleasantly surprised.

  • dude

    I want to abort all of you.

    • Kathryn

      I guess we spoke to soon….

      • Katlyn

        We were doing so well.

      • Don’t worry, I’m sure his Mom cleans his skid-marked under-roos.

      • Tracy Murray

        I knew something bad was going to happen .

      • Maruthu

        Before I answer, sealpe understand that I am against abortion, I also am a councellor at a pregnancy care center. That said. Most of the time an abortion done in the second trimester is done while the patient is under twilight sleep or general anestesia. You would not remember anything.I have had three abortions in my life, the lives that I stole will always haunt me. I had 2 abortions that were done within 12 weeks of conception and one done at 20 weeks. As I was leaving the abortion clinic after the procedure, I saw a nurse inspecting an aborted fetus (could have been mine). It was an obvious baby. It was red and in several pieces. This happened when I was 18, I am now 38 and it still haunts me and I imagine it always will.I know what it is like to take a life, to give life and keep it and give life and give it away (adoption). Let me tell you that giving life is less painful than living with the acts of abortion for the rest of your life. It is a painful hole that can never be filled and the more you try to fill it, the deeper and darker it becomes.My oldest daughter was supposed to be aborted. She would have been the 4th. I had the laminara stips put in the night before the abortion. I was 23 weeks pregnant. I changed my mind, I went to another doctor, had them removed. I had a healthy baby girl a few months later. She will be turning 18 on August 29th. Today she and I are the best of friends, I cannot imagine my life without her. I have told her everything about her life inside my belly. She has learned through me that she never wants the same things to happen to her and she forgives her mother for almost ending her life.You need to know what you are going to loose with an abortion esp. this far advanced.

    • Candacetx

      the feelings mutual…

  • Truthhurts

    Yup musta been a tough choice on poor lil markai, i mean who would’ve thought with mtv paying her for her story for 16 and pregnant that she would go and get pregnant again and then try to market it.

    Good job mtv on turnin all the lil girls into prostitutes so they can be on their favorite channel and get famous for 5 mins.

  • tomm

    Should be discussed, especially with the huge population numbers we have.

    First, kids should know that yes they CAN get pregent the “first time”!! And, that boys are not ready to “love them forever” and NOT give in to pressure.

    Use a G-D condom is you have to “prove your love”.

    And, best to give baby up to a loving family if your are under 18 and not out of HS.

    • Monique

      True that. I agree 100%.

  • Jon

    Why are they letting Dr. Drew anywhere near her? He’s a total quack. He runs his “Celeb Rehab” as a TV show instead of a rehab, with people at different detox states and regular verbal screaming matches between the patients. His therapy sessions always come down to one thing: blame everything on childhood events. I hope she doesn’t listen to his advice.

    • Candacetx

      I think at one time he was a good doctor- but I do fear that his celebrity is getting to him and he is falling in love with the sound of his own voice

  • ATK

    Their are things in our society of value and things that undermine our ability to grow and peosper as both a people and a nation, MTV’s programming is very much the latter.

  • Chelsey

    While I’m glad that MTV is covering the issue of abortion, I don’t really have any sympathy for this girl. She got pregnant once, you’d think she’d be a little more careful after choosing to have sex again. Of course I’m not overlooking the fact that maybe she did use birth control and it failed, but I highly doubt that’s the case. I’m pro-choice, but I certainly don’t agree with it as a form of birth control.

    • Melissa

      Yeah, I feel the exact same way.

    • Life for all

      Me too

    • Laura

      I have to agree. After getting pregnant once, you’d think she would be careful enough to use multiple forms of birth control to prevent it from happening again.
      I suppose she could have been doing so, but I highly doubt it.

  • megan

    “unplanned pregnancy” that phrase gets me every time. Most of these girls are not the 1% that gets pregnant while on birth control or using condoms. They know where babies come from and most know how to prevent it , so CHOOSING not to use protection means they were planning to get pregnant. This is just my opinion.

    • Derek

      I’m sorry but your opinion is wrong. That’s like saying that anyone who gets into a car accident planned to do so, because all they had to do was not get in the car and they would have been fine.

      • Jen

        Yes, Derek. If you head into on coming traffic, you will get in an accident. If an unprotected ween goes inside Fertile Myrtle, they will produce children.

      • michelle

        Derek, Getting pregnant is NOT accidental. Especially 2 times in less then 3 years. It is however totally preventable. I watch this show with my 15 yr old daughter and we talk. Use a condom! There are more things she could get other than a baby, Markai was so upset he cheated on her and even admitted to NOT using a condom with the other girl. Markai is just as nasty! and irresponsible as is her baby daddy

      • the girl

        @michelle, women can get pregnant on accident. Others in this thread have mentioned women who were on the pill and still got pregnant. I have known people who used condoms regularly and still got pregnant. There are so many ways to prevent pregnancy so if you are attempting to prevent it and it happens, it should be called accidental. Now, if you weren’t actually using condoms or birth control, if a woman is being reckless in her sexual habits, then I could understand your point. But to imply that pregnancy cannot be accidental is unfair and inaccurate.

      • michelle

        To the girl, I just might give u that one, but she(Markai) did not use any protection.I have never been on birth control and I only have 2 children 10yrs apart,so I Do believe u can prevent it. Even if a woman takes the pill, that doesnt prevent STD’s. That she was so concerned about in her episode as she started to punch her boyfriend and leave her new born in the car as she chased him to get some punched in. she is irresponsible.

    • just sayin

      exactly. i had a friend who moved in with her bf when she was eighteen, slept in his bed every night, never used protection and lo, and behold, got pregnant! We never called that an “accidental” pregnancy because she did nothing to prevent it. It is only an accident if you do everything you can to prevent it and it still happens.

    • Danielle

      What I love are the girls who say ‘Well, he didn’t want to wear a condom’? Like that is some okay for not taking measures themselves. And where are the parents in all this? My parents taught me how to have self-confidence and to rely on myself. These girls need to take care of the birth control themselves and force the condom issue. My husband says his first girlfriend (and his FIRST) told him it takes a real man to wear a condom. He was 16 and he was going to prove he was a real man and wore that condom.

    • Mildred K

      I don’t think it’s as easy to be on birth control as you seem to think…I was lucky to to have supportive parents at that age who talked about sex and birth control with me, but I think most parents would freak out if they ever found a condom or other contraceptives in their teenage daughter’s drawer. It takes a doctors appointment to get put on the pill, some girls might be afraid to see their family doctor about it or worried that their parents will find out they’ve been to a clinic. Plus there is the whole social stigma here… getting birth control implies that you are planning to have sex. According to society, Women aren’t supposed to want to have sex, if one plans ahead with contraceptives that shows an intention to sleep around, right?
      If we stop shaming girls and calling them sluts for having the same biological urges as every other adolescent in history, perhaps they would feel more confident about being prepared should they decide to actually have sex.
      As for those who want to have an abortion, the more power to ya. It’s a difficult decision for some, but I happen to be of the school of thought that the decision to start a family and bring a new human being into existence should be based on a little more thought and discretion than an “oops, forgot a condom.”

  • etm

    Argh!! This is just so disappointing. Don’t these girls ever learn?

  • JWilson

    It is time for MTV to give coverage to a perspective that has largely been left out of the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom discourse. When a woman terminates an unintended pregnancy, that is one of several options she may elect to choose. A woman must be allowed to make that choice if that is the best option for her individual situation–without government intervention. She should be allowed to make her decision and afforded her right to privacy. This very personal decision is one that is made between a woman, her doctor, and her conscience or God. We must defend each woman’s right to have a child or to choose NOT to have a child. Women deserve access to comprehensive sexuality education so that they can prevent unintended pregnancy, but also to ensure that they know about all of the safe options they can consider when faced with this deeply personal decision.

    • SB

      couldn’t have said it better myself! in full agreement.

    • Beanie

      Very true. Your body, your choice (although I wish Michelle Obama would get out of the business of telling me what i ought to put in mouth) The problem is that while she does have a choice, there are consequences. To take out the shame and not call out the girl because she made a stupid choice, you are in essence letting her not “feel bad” about her choice. If I choose to eat french fries, yes, that is a bad choice of food to eat, but it is my choice. Others have the right to make judgement of my bad choice. I believe that she ought to have the right to do what she wants with her body, but I have the right to call it as a see it. A dumb thing she did and she ought to feel shame about her choice so that perhaps she won’t repeat it.

      • smith

        Mrs. obama is doing no such thing.

      • just sayin

        shame is not the best tool to change behaviourisms. education and intelligence is. If people actually took responsibility for the choices they make in their lives instead of blaming others, instead of acting live victims that life just “happens” to, we would make better choices. but we have an epidemic of young girls with low self esteem who are too focused on “love” and boys at too young of an age. having sex is the only way they know how to show love (very sad) and they lack education about how their bodies work. it makes no sense that we don’t have sex ed in schools. it’s basic biology and i don’t know where these religious zealots expect their kids to learn it if not in school. How is it ok to know about animals’ reproductive systems work and not your own? Schools needn’t teach the morality of sex. That IS for parents to do. But the science of it? Yes. Kids should learn that for when they become sexually active- whether it’s in their teens, twenties, or thirties and whether or not it’s in the framework of marriage.

    • Space Girl

      after an abortion a woman usually feels relief, I hope the show interviews women several years post abortion and shows the feelings she has then. BTW there are post abortion healing groups. Will MTV be talking with post abortive fathers as well?

      • Beanie

        Some relief, some shame and LOTS of regret. How do I know? I had one at 18. If I knew then what I know now, would I have made the same decision? Probably. Didn’t become pregnant again though for 11 years. During those 11 years, I DID have sex and also did everything HUMANLY possible not to repeat my mistake. The end game should not just be relief. It needs to be much deeper so that she does not repeat the mistake. Post abortive fathers? really?

      • just sayin

        everyone’s reaction to pregnancy and/or abortion is different. your reaction would not be everyone else’s. i’m sure some people are seriously scarred emotionally and i’m also sure it doesn’t phase some people in the least. I know if i had to have an abortion the only regret i would have would be that i was in the situation in the first place. Having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy is plenty deep enough for many people to do their best not to end up in the same situation twice.

  • Candacetx

    it is unfortunate that the ’16 and Pregnant’ girls get magazine covers, fan clubs, paychecks, and red carpets…while the girls/women of ‘No Easy Decision’ will receive death threats and villainization.

  • J

    You pro abortion baby killers make me sick. Not respecting life and killing for convinces.

    Go on a say it not a easy decision which is a lie. Because you don’t people to know how horrible you are.

    • Candacetx

      @J – I supposed I would be offended… if your statement remotely resembled English.

      • Katy

        lol nice

    • Derek

      J, there are VERY few if any people out there who are pro-abortion, we simply believe that people who are capable of making informer decision should have authority over their own bodies.

      • Candacetx

        @Derek – EXACTLY.

      • dm55

        @Derek: There is no pro-abortion. It’s pro-choice.

      • Swerds

        @Derek. Thank you!

      • Ember

        @Derek…I think your point about “informed decision” is the key. Abortion providers are not required to actually inform pregnant women (or girls) what is going to happen (specifically) during the procedure, or let the woman know (via ultrasound) how developed the baby is. For many women, they are not informed.

      • finnyd420

        @ember. I was “informed”. Actually asked question throughout the procedure. It didn’t bother me, just like going to the gynie. If parents actually talked to their kids from a young age about sex, secuality and personal knowledge of their bodies they wouldn’t have to be told by a doctor performing a procedure in the first place. Knowledge is power and I was on BC when I got pregnant and I wasn’t 16. It happens even when you’ve been educated.

      • Ember

        @finnyd420…I’m glad you were informed. But, as I said, many women are not informed (and doctors are not to inform them). For example…in my home state, abortion providers have fought against legislation that would require doctors to show women seeking an abortion an ultrasound or have full disclosure information of what will be happening. Yet, in this same state, I had simple (but elective) surgery (not an abortion) a few years ago. Before even meeting with the doctor the first time, I had to read documents and watch videos showing every step of the procedure, including what happens after the surgery.

      • Wil

        Doesn’t matter what you call yourselves, you advocate that mothers be permitted to kill their children. Your morals are sadly lacking.

      • Rox1SMF

        I’ll admit I’m pro-abortion for teens. People who act as though it’s a noble act for a teenager to give birth are just trying to make themselves feel better about supporting the worst of all choices, which ruins the lives and futures of young women every single day.

      • MKE

        @Wil, mothers aren’t ~killing~ their ~children~. The human cells that are forming are just as alive as a tumor. A fetus is not a living breathing child, it does not have personhood.

    • Miz Liz

      I love killing for convinces.

      • Candacetx

        …but you obviously aren’t in love with spelling…

      • Miz Liz

        @ Candacetx

        J wrote “You pro abortion baby killers make me sick. Not respecting life and killing for convinces.”

        It’s awesome when you have to explain a joke.

      • just sayin

        candacetx= joke killer

    • Swerds


      If you are entirely against abortion for any and every case of pregnancy, are you also one of the people who rail against Welfare moms who keep popping out kids every 2 years to keep getting government checks? Or are you putting your money where your keyboard is and donating to help the families who have more children than they can afford?

      No one is perfect. Abortion will happen whether it is legal or not. My opinion is that as long as it is going to happen, keep it legal, safe, and as free from judgment as possible.

      • Ember

        The problem is, even though it is legal, it is still not safe. Not only are there still “botched” legal abortions (including those as a result of the morning after pill), women who have abortions go on to have higher rates of depression, suicide, drug & alcohol abuse, and an increased risk of breast cancer. Not to mention, the baby girl (or boy) is not so safe.

      • Swerds


        I’m not going to debate that depression is a consequence of abortion. Suicide, drug & alcohol abuse are symptoms/side effects of depression. The increased risk of breast cancer is inconclusive.

        However, illegal abortions kill women. If a woman is lucky enough to survive, there is a high likelihood of sterility.

        I do feel that the life of a child is important, but so is the life of the *potential* mother.

      • Rachelle

        @Ember…the morning after pill is NOT the abortion pill. They are two different things. The morning after pill doesn’t work if you are already pregnant. Perhaps you should do some research before spitting out so called “facts” like that

    • Quati

      honey, learn your grammar and spelling. then come back and yell at us for having opinions.

    • Brenda

      Hold on…Im gonna have an abortion right now. Watch me take my morning after pill because life starts at conception, right? Tool.

      • Wil

        Life does start at conception. You ought to go offline and spend more time studying biology. Typical liberal.

      • namelessbanana

        @Wil- Ahh typical conservative that whines and complains about the “goberments gettin in my business and my wallet” while trying to use the government to police my uterus.

    • KP

      Seriously J? You’re clearly very misinformed, sweetie. Your grammar is proof of that.

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