Exclusive 'No Easy Decision' preview: Why MTV's special report on abortion is worth watching

MTV airs its stand-alone special about teen abortion, No Easy Decision, tonight at 11:30 p.m. — and having previewed it exclusively, I can report that it’s as sensitive, unflinching, and brave as the network’s hit series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom (which have yet to tackle, and have barely mentioned, the A-word). Most of the hour follows Markai and James, a couple featured in the second season of 16 and Pregnant, as they wrestle with how to handle Markai’s second pregnancy less than a year after giving birth to daughter Za’karia. At the six-week mark, they decide, through heartwrenching discussions with each other, a friend, and Markai’s mother, to end the pregnancy mainly due to severe financial constraints. (James explains that he wants a better life for his daughter than he had growing up: “I’ve been without water, I’ve been without lights, I’ve been without food.”) And while pro-life critics will likely find fault with the show just for existing, no one can accuse the documentarians of making abortion look easy or fun. We witness everything from Markai’s tearful (and informative for viewers) call to the clinic to ask about abortion methods, to a post-procedure argument with James during which he refers to the unborn fetus as a “thing.” As she snaps, “You will never feel my pain,” it’s clear that we won’t, either, unless we’ve been through a similar situation. But this special gets as close as possible.

Articulate in-studio discussions moderated by Dr. Drew Pinsky follow the documentary footage — first with Markai and James, then with two other young women who chose abortion as teenagers. With one in three women ending a pregnancy sometime in their lives, it’s certainly worth exploring in detail — and with the heated controversy surrounding the issue, it’s hard to overstate how courageous it is for these girls to share their stories with the world. “No one is pro-abortion,” Markai explains, “but you have to do what’s right.”

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  • whatevs

    What an irresponsible situation they’ve put themselves in. Oh well, you reap what you sow.

    • whatever

      How can a situation be irresponsible?

      • whatevs

        I meant the situation was created from irresponsibility on their part.

      • Karate Pants

        Obviously, people who don’t want to be parents should use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But the wave of judgment against people who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy is laughable. Have ANY of you have ever carelessly had unprotected sex with someone, only to be relieved that it didn’t result in pregnancy or disease??? I bet you have.
        The other thing that is important to note, when dealing specifically with the topic of teen pregnancy, is that they don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend the repercussions of their actions. The part of the brain that deals with risk, danger, and consequnce isn’t fully developed until later, in the mid-20’s. You could bury them in videos and pamphlets, and they still won’t grasp it. That’s why they’re often careless with driving, drinking, drugs, and yes – sex.
        But yeah, let’s all throw stones. It’s easier.

      • Betty

        Karate Pants – I think the issue is that these two had not one, but two unplanned pregnancies. The first one should have been a life lesson, but it wasn’t. It’s hard to feel sorry for them. And they are putting their story out there for the public; the public can then judge whether you or anyone else likes it or not.

      • Honk

        They want grasp it! How old do you have to be to drive? Smoke? Get a Job? Pay taxes? And you dont have to be responsible about SEX. Oh that makes sense. Throwing stones was exactly what they did in bible times. Ex 21: 22,23 says if a woman was pregnant and 2 men get in a fight and their was an accident and the UNBORN child died soul for soul. Now how hard is it to grasp that!

      • whatevs

        @Karate Pants. No, I haven’t. If I had ever been in that situation, why in the world would I be a hypocrite and say it’s their fault they have to make this decision?

      • Karate Pants

        I know, two pregnancies in such a short period of time is hard to understand, even for me. But I was speaking in more general terms about teen pregnancy/abortion.
        Maybe some of you are in the holy minority, those who have never made a careless mistake like having unprotected sex. Most, however, HAVE done just that and still feel comfortable judging those who did the same thing but weren’t so lucky – whether they ended up with a child or the emotional scars left by having an abortion.

      • Christine

        @Betty, you hit it right on the head. I am pro-choice, but the problem with this situation is that they had TWO unplanned pregnancies in such a short period of time. I understand that accidents happen, and birth control is not always 100 percent effective, but these two just seem incredibly irresponsible. People in their situation can usually go to planned parenthood and get free contraceptives. If you can’t seem to remember to take a pill every day there are plenty of other forms of birth control to choose from.
        Like I said I’m pro-choice, but I think it’s disgusting when people use abortion as a method of birth control. These kids obviously didn’t learn from their first mistake, and an innocent life was lost because they couldn’t be bothered to use birth control correctly.

      • Lisar

        I don’t believe abortion is right in situations other than rape, severe disease etc. But what do you expect? Theyre poor and ghetto and don’t have a lot of options.

      • KP

        @Lisar Of all words, why do they have to be ghetto?

      • Joe

        @KP – ghetto isn’t the appropriate word, trailer trash is probably a better choice… but seriously, so young and a second pregnancy inside of a year after birth? clearly they are inconceivably irresponsible and don’t give a crap about anything than their personal pleasure without any consideration of the consequences… birth control ppl, was invented for a reason! Abortion is ridiculous, if you can’t accept responsibility for your own actions (rape, etc excluded for the pro-abortion fanatics) how the heck are you going to mature into an adult. You can’t always take the easy way out of life’s difficult situations…

      • Maggie

        Actually, an unplanned pregnancy following the birth of a child (unplanned or unplanned) isn’t uncommon, as methods of birth control used during breastfeeding aren’t very good (the pill, gets into the milk) women tend to keep using these methods for while even after they finish breast feeding.

      • Mother of Four

        I’m a fifty-five year old mother of four lovely sons. Two of them were planned pregnancies and two were unexpected. I used birth control religously. It happens. People should not just assume that an unplanned pregnancy = irresponsibilty.

    • BFD

      @sadie, it’s people like you who just don’t get it and stigmatize people as one thing or another. The same people pushing anti-abortion are the ones saying that the only proper birth control is abstinence. Your ignoramus is showing.

      • mike

        well it is irresponsible to get pregnant without the financial means to care for a baby, plain a simple. And I bet if you asked them, they wish they would have practiced some form abstinence, so they would not be in this situation. Abortion is sad whether you are for it or are against it, no one can say its a good thing: it’s ending a life. Some consequences you literally have to live with.

      • Allison

        There’s only one kind of abstinence. “Some consequences you literally have to live with” – so the kid should have to live with the fact that it’s parents’ form of birth control failed?

    • Krystal

      @Karate pants you are a great commenter!

    • Zakry

      That’s one of things wrong with this country – we are so quick to look down our noses! How do you know it wasn’t a contraceptive pregnancy? There is only one 100% method – abstinence, but lets get real. Most teenagers are having sex, and as long as there is sex there is the possibility of pregnancy. It could happen, and does happen, to all races, creeds, and backgrounds. They don’t need you to feel sorry for them. Teenagers exercising bad judgement? Is this new, Whatevs? It IS a difficult decision. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is admit you are not ready/can’t handle any more and save the child a life of misery.

      • Stephanie

        You are so right Zakary. Too many people think abortion is simply convenience because they claim so much to care about someone elses unborn baby. They care until it comes out and is on foodstamps..then it becomes..”You’re a bad lazy parent”. It makes me wonder why on Earth someone would wish a life of suffering on a child instead of giving it mercy before it even knows what’s going on.

    • FromChicago

      I believe the young girl stated she was using birth control, but it ran out. She’s making a very mature decision; and it’s the right decision for HER. Not for anybody else, because there’s no guarantee the young man will ever be a productive ($$$) citizen.

    • Angie W

      No unfortunately they didn’t reap it. The poor innocent baby payed for their irresponsibility with its life.

      • Stephanie

        A fetus is a baby as much as an acorn is an Oak tree. Any time you pick a vegetable/fruit, step on a blade of grass, or squash a mosquito..you are taking an ‘innocent life’. Is a fetus different because it’s human? Why? Are we that selfish that we put ourselves on a pedestal over all other living things? Come on people.

      • emymegs

        @Stephanie – Yes, it’s different because you are talking about a human. Most ridiculous comment on here. The fact that it’s human life is what makes it valuable.

    • shawshank

      Read this and thought it was worth sharing:

      Alveda King, a spokeswoman for the organization [Silent No More] and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., also weighed in on the show. She knows about the devastating physical and mental health aspects of abortions, as she has had and regretted two abortions of her own.

      “I ached for Markai,” she said. ““Before one of my abortions, Planned Parenthood told me that my baby was ‘just a clump of cells.’ Decades later, this beautiful young mother was told the same lie. I pray that Markai and all women like her will seek true healing and restoration from a caring post-abortion program like Rachel’s Vineyard.”

  • Sadie

    What a brave young woman Markai must be.

    • etm

      Not really.

    • Johnie

      If by “brave” you mean “stupid,” then yes, she is “brave!”

      • Meg

        No, brave. She is brave because she would rather make the right choice then bring another child into the world and end up ruining two lives. Sometimes, you get pregnant, even if you’re using protection. It is sad and she probably wishes that it hadn’t come to that, but she truly is a brave woman.

      • Bobby

        No, Meg. Soldiers are brave. This girl is stupid.

    • Marissa

      No, stupid. Etm and Johnie are right. I was an unwanted pregnancy…my birthparents were brave enough to give me up for adoption. I know not all adoptions work out for the best, but I am thankful everyday that my birthparents chose to give me life. They could have easily aborted me but chose not to and I am forever grateful. Bringing a child into the world wouldn’t necessarily “ruin two lives”, Meg. I know my life was certainly not ruined by being adopted and perhaps Markai’s baby’s life would not have been ruined either if she had not been aborted.

      • mandi

        I’m glad you had a great adoption experience but not me. I feel unmoved and unwanted and I WISH my “mother” would have exercised her right to have an abortion.

      • Yolanda

        @ Marissa. Let me guess, you’re a pretty little white chick, right? Do you have any freakin’ idea how many non-white babies are put up for adoption, only to get no parents at all? All everyone wants is their perfect little white baby. They say they desperately want a child, but they really don’t. They want that picture-perfect existence they’ve always dreamed of. So, black babies and hispanic babies, where the mother thought she was making the best decision for their child, end up in orphanages and foster care. So, before you pass judgment on this girl for adoption, maybe consider her circumstances, and the circumstances of babies in her racial group before condemning her for not making the same choice your birth parents did. Adoption is not always the right thing.

      • Steph

        Marissa, how are you thankful they didn’t abort you? You wouldn’t know if you were aborted….

      • Millie

        We’re glad you’re here, Mandi!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    How about an hour special on contraception?

    • sarah d

      How about both?

    • The Devil

      I think “16 and Pregnant” is a great commercial for contraception. Either way, I agree with Sarah D. Contraception really needs to be taught more.

    • jp

      ‘Zactly. Or maybe one about adoption…

      • @jp

        They’ve already shown adoption on both seasons of “16 and Pregnant” and even selected a couple who gave up their baby for adoption as one of the “Teen Mom” storylines. Abortion has barely even been mentioned on these shows before.

      • mvb

        Adoption is an excellent option for a healthy white baby. Otherwise, it’s off to foster care.

      • Yolanda

        @ mvb. Thank you! Adoption is great, for healthy white babies, otherwise, welcome to the system.

  • Tom

    “No one is pro-abortion,” Markai explains, “but you have to do what’s right.”? Really? Are you kidding me? How about USING A CONDOM? Sterilization? Not having sex? Why is coping with irresponsible behavior “worth watching”?

    • SM

      Maybe they did use a condom… maybe they were responsible. It happens to even the most careful people.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        You really believe that?

      • whatevs

        It obviously doesn’t happen to people who don’t have sex.

      • t.t

        how about adoption?

      • Jay

        Agreed SM. I got pregnant on the pill at age 25 – I had my son, but seriously considered other options. 99% effective means that sometimes things happen.

      • sarah d

        Since condoms are only 70% effective, yes it can happen to people who are careful.

      • Swerds

        @t.t. Not everyone can afford to carry a child through a full pregnancy. Not every adoptive family is willing or able to pay all the medical bills or other incidentals related to pregnancy. Bless those that are, but it’s not available to all.

      • Beth

        I watched their “16 & Pregnant” episode and both of them fully admitted to Markai’s mother that they didn’t bother using contraception (despite Markai’s mother having taught both her girls how to use a condom because she didn’t trust boys). This leads me to believe that they didn’t bother the second time around either (or believed the foolishness that you can’t get pregnant again immediately after having a baby and/or while breastfeeding).

      • Adoptive Mom

        @swerds – As an adoptive parent, I want to say that there are many ways for a prospective birth parent to have her expenses covered during her pregnancy. A discussion with an adoption councilor could help her understand all of the options before ruling adoption out. I myself didn’t understand how adoption worked until it became my reality to create my family!

        I wish MTV would use their large forum to share the realities and help dispell some of the many myths out there about adoption – they have shared much on the topic of choosing to parent, and are now addressing abortion… the third choice when facing an unplanned pregnancy is adoption! Aside from one of the 16 and Pregnant girls (who gets nowhere near the attention as those that have chosen to parent), MTV have not really addressed this choice.

      • googliezoo

        @sarah d- If condoms are used properly they’re 98% effective in pregnancy prevention. People who use them improperly , or not every time cause their typical effective rate to drop to 82-90%, still higher than the 70% you quoted. Look it up. They’re also the only bc method which also protects against STDs which means all these kids should be using them every time, even if they are on the pill.

      • googliezoo

        @Adoptive Mom- 16&P has featured three girls who chose adoption, Catelynn, Lori and Ashley.

      • Christine

        Condoms do break and people to get pregnant and then have to make a choice. It is not always becuase they are irresponsible and didn’t try to prevent the pregnancy.

      • dk

        condoms are not enough protection. The best solution would be for all Men to have some sperm stored for ivf if they ever really want kids, & then get a vasectomy… interesting how it’s usually the poor & undereduacted of all races who get knocked up…it doesn’t take a genius to use a condom with spermacide & take your bc pills

      • murphm

        I was on medication that you could NOT get pregnant on otherwise the baby would be born with birth defects…i had to use TWO…count ‘em…TWO forms of birth control.

        Use two forms of birth control, use them correctly, and there is no chance you’ll have an “accident”. I pass no judgement on this girl, she’s in a tough situation and probably doesn’t have the support she needs to make the truly “tough” decision to have the baby, but all I can say is Contraceptives, Adoption, or Abstinence.

        It’s purely selfish to have an abortion because “YOU” can’t handle it and someone should stand up for those who have no voice!!!

    • Stacie

      The prevention part is long gone, what they’re left with is consequences. They had to decide for themselves what was best (and available to them). You hope they’ve learned something from it, but it may take them years to get to what happened.

    • katie

      so that others can see the consequences of acting irresponsibly.

    • Angie W

      Way to go Tom. You hit the nail on the head. How about doing whats right before you have to take a life. That would be real bravery.

  • mb

    Kudos to MTV for tackling such a sensitive and controversial topic.

  • Larry David

    How appropriate that Mtv is airing this since it’s an abortion of a network

  • Rusty Shackelford

    I’m sorry, did she get pregnant after being raped? Is there something medically wrong with the baby that would endanger it’s or the mother’s life? Sounds like she is using abortion as a form of contraception because they weren’t responsible enough to do so in the first place.

    • BP

      I think you meant to say “as a form of birth control” since she obviously has already conceived and therefore has no need of contraception. And you do know that all forms of contraception can fail, right? Maybe watch the show and find out before you make such a broad accusation.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        Why do I need to watch the show. Some contraceptions fail, so what? That’s the risk you take.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        If you are already in financial trouble, don’t have sex if you can’t deal with the consequences. This is her second time, so don’t give us the “forms of contraception can fail” routine.

      • BP

        You assumed they weren’t using contraception in your first comment. Perhaps you don’t remember. You can read it above. Then you made the leap that she decided to have an abortion instead of using contraception because they are irresponsible. Maybe you’re just a jackass who will never know the pain of having to make the decision to have an abortion. Or maybe you just like to judge and put people down. Either way, STFU until you watch the show.

    • Colleen

      @ Rolo Tomasi & Rusty Shackelford- how compassionless you guys are. Obviously this wasn’t an easy decision for her or anyone put in that position. It’s easy to point fingers, blame people for their mistakes but you have no idea what she must be going through. You two are quick to judge people, how sad.

      • googliezoo

        I agree, and this may not be PC, but I don’t think any man can really have a valid opinion on this matter. They’ll never be in that situation, so who are they to judge and accuse?

    • Zakry

      So this means Rolo and Rusty aren’t having sex then? And I’m sure they are using contraception every time, right? Oops, that won’t necessarily prevent a pregnancy, will it?

      Sorry, can’t see the point of judging so hard.

  • S

    I think some people are missing the point. This isn’t about how she could have avoided being pregnant. Preventative measures fail sometimes. Even the most responsible people can be put in hard situations. This special is about how she made a decision that will effect her for the rest of her life. She isn’t being rewarded, she is just telling her story. I think its good that MTV is looking at both sides of the issue, if just to open lines of communication. I am personally against abortion, but I can respect others decision.

    • Larry David

      It’s funny that you think they took preventative measures.

    • whatevs

      She isn’t being rewarded? Are you saying she isn’t receiving monetary compensation for this?

      • Heidi

        Some of the teen moms have made 60K a season.
        That said, I will reserve my opinion on this special until after I see it. I have done post abortion counselling for several years and it is a very hard choice to make, let alone live with and keep your relationship with your partner on track. I hope that when Drew meets with her it is not a one time thing and that if she needs to receive counselling it is provided for her and her boyfriend.

    • M

      I agree S. The point of this special is show the consequences of some choices. Maybe her sharing the story of her actions can help someone not repeat the actions.

    • CC

      I think it’s funny that S uses the word “responsible.” There’s no way I’d use that word in a discussion about these two individuals.

    • levelheaded

      I think these same people who are bashing her would be bashing her if she kept the child.

      I think they see this as a very simplistic issue “Don’t have sex!”

      I dunno. I’m married and we can’t financially afford another child, we already have two, but we still have sex…

      So I guess we’re irresponsible too. (And yes I’m on birth control, but I also got pregnant on birth control with my first.)

      So, I guess I do think that these two have made some irresponsible choices but I also think that compassion is better at this point.

      Also, the objectors tend to either blame them both or just blame the girl, yet no one just blames the boy… I find that interesting.

      • Angie W

        Sorry! I am having compassion but my compassion is for the unborn baby who will never have a chance to take a breath and not the irresponsible kids who already made that mistake once.

      • Merel

        Nice comment, levelheaded. I, too, got pregnant while married with an IUD. Stuff happens *all* the time. And I had an abortion. My compassion is for my existing children who needed my undivided attention and all of my income. I never in my life thought I’d be someone who needed an abortion, but life is full of surprises and difficult decisions. Am I happy about having an abortion? Of course not. But I’m happy I did the best thing for my kids.

  • Adoptive Mom

    “Ending the pregnancy” is a euphimism for ending the life of a baby. While it makes abortion sound clinical, it makes pregnancy sound like a malignancy. I personally see no bravery in this solution to an inconveneint baby.

    • BP

      Your body certainly thinks its a malignancy. Why do you think it tries so hard to make you lose it? Why do you think you get so sick? Why do you think that at least 1/3 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage?

      • BP get a clue

        What an idiotic reply.

      • BP

        Prove me wrong.

      • It takes two

        True. The fetus is a parasite.

      • Bleepers

        With BP here. Currently 8 mos. pregnant (planned pregnancy) and will obviously love my child. I will also tell her that while she was in my womb she was pretty much a parasite that got me sick every single day.

      • Trix

        O.K. BP here is your proof, between my sisters and I, there were 10 pregnancies and only 1 of those ended up in a miscarriage. That is 1 out of 10!

      • Bleepers

        @Trix – yes, because the world and scientific data revolves around your one family. It’s actually true, though, despite how amazing your family is. 1/3 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Just look it up.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Prove you’re right.

      • Bleepers

        @Rolo, look up the website for the American Pregnancy Associate, and other “official” sites (EW doesn’t allow links), and then search for miscarriage statistics. It’s alarmingly high. However, I don’t think BP is stating it correctly by referring to the fetus as a malignancy because of the miscarriages and the sickness that many pregnant women experience. Just because it FEELS like a sickness, doesn’t mean it actually is. Either way, this info is going off topic since this is a thread regarding abortion and the original comment was that abortion made pregnancy seem like a malignancy. Well, pregnancy in general, does seem like a malignancy.

      • InMT

        BP, you get sick from the hormones in your body not the baby. Babies are not miscarried because the mother’s body thought it was a parasite. The mother’s body is made for having and carrying a baby. The only time the mom’s body attacka a baby as a parasite is when the mom is RH-neg and her first and second baby were both RH-pos and she didnt take care the second time to get a RHOgam shot to make sure the mom’s body does not react to the baby.

      • Adriana

        1/3 of pregnancies do end in miscarriage, however, most of those miscarriages happen very early in the pregnancy. So early, in fact, that most mothers don’t even know they were pregnant.

      • ani

        @bp: Mommy didn’t love you much, eh?

        You do understand why so many pregnancies end in miscarriage, correct? These babies are often those that wouldn’t have survived birth, would have had chromosomal abnormalities/major malformations, would have had medical issues, etc. Sometimes the uterus or the cervix can’t support the child. Sh*t happens. I think you sound like a moron for calling it a malignancy. Maybe if you learned some science, you’d be able to interpret the stats more appropriately.

      • BP

        Just because you dont agree with my terminology, doesnt make it not true. 1/3 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

  • mvb

    Who are these people calling for “responsibility” on the part of teenagers? They must have skipped adolescence. Condoms, pills; these were the last thing on my mind when I had a chance at sex. I have since grown up, but I haven’t forgotten the fact that I was a teenager.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      So then it was a fail on your parents part not to educate you enough about birth control.

      • mvb

        Yes. They were the worst parents ever. Why weren’t they in the back seat of that car with me? Hope you don’t have any children Rolo.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        If I do, I will let them know about birth control and how important it is and that it should be the first think on their mind if they decide to have sex.

      • Jay

        I had GREAT parents… a good education, and knew full well the risks of unprotected sex
        However, when I was lucky enough to actually “get some” back in high school, I ignored everything I knew.
        Why…? Because I was a stupid kid…. because I was horny… Whatever the reason, to criticise the parents for this is just a mistake. Kids break rules and do stupid things. Thats just what they do

      • Lena

        I have to agree with MVB & Jay. I too had a great mom who I could talk to her about anything. My friends came to her with questions and problems. I knew the consequences and I knew what to do but there were a few times that my hormones took over and I didn’t use protection and you know what I was being stupid and thankfully nothing bad happened, pregnancy or worse some disease. No matter how much you educate or talk their will always be a time when their is an oops and if you’ve never had that moment then I say BRAVO to you but don’t judge anyone else for their oops moment you don’t know the whole story.

      • Bleepers

        Yep, had fantastic parents who drilled into me the importance of contraception, too. Unfortunately, I was still a hormonal teenager that sometimes couldn’t be bothered to run to the store to buy condoms. Yes, everyone should be more responsible, maybe even wait for marriage. But too late, that doesn’t happen sometimes. People like Rolo live in a world where the sky is always blue.

      • moons

        I’m sorry…but if you “couldn’t be bothered” to do the responsible thing then I guess you deserved whatever happened. Yes everyone has sexual urges but you don’t have to let it control you. I really don’t see how that is so hard to understand…

      • Jay

        No-one is denying the fact that it is “irresposible” to have unprotected sex, etc…
        All we are saying is that teenagers simply do not care

        I really dont see how that is so hard to understand

      • Bleepers

        @moons, yes and? It’s irresponsible, stupid, etc. You can say anything under the moon about how idiotic it is to not use contraception…but what? How does that solve anything once the pregnancy happen? Get out of your goldfish bowl.

      • moons

        I’m not saying it “solves anything once the pregnancy happens”. I’m saying that if you “couldn’t be bothered” to at least try to prevent a pregnancy and one does get pregnant, you won’t get any sympathy from me. Once someone gets pregnant, its a whole different story…but unfortunately I didn’t mention anything about that in my original comment. Can I at least have a conversation with someone who doesn’t try to put words in my mouth?

      • moons

        I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m pro-choice, but its not to say that there aren’t any strings attached. want to have an abortion? Go ahead, I won’t stop you, but if you didn’t at least try to prevent the unwanted pregnancy, I’m still going to judge you. You have the coice to get one. Personally, I believe that it is a last resort solution, but whatever you want to do, go ahead and do it. It’s like getting drunk. Want to get drunk, go ahead, I won’t stop you, but take the necessary precautions if you don’t want to get in an accident. Get a designated driver, or choose not to drive at all. But if you choose to get drunk and don’t take necessary precautions and you get into a wreck, I won’t feel sorry for you. Yes, this “advice” doesn’t “solve anything” once the wreck happens, but the point is that you can at least TRY to prevent unfortunate things from happening.

      • Bleepers

        @moons, likewise about not putting “words in my mouth.” No one is asking for sympathy from anyone. Just stating reality. The discussion revolves around contraception and unwanted pregnancies, no matter how the unwanted pregnancies occur. Now, if you stated that you don’t believe in abortion once the pregnancy occurs, well, then that’s a different argument that I would respect (although differeing from my own ideology). But the argument is that unwanted pregnancies happen, no matter how prepared you think you are, or how much you think you’re preparing your child. To just say: “well, should have used contraception/abstinence” because having sex doesn’t solve anything unless you go into an argument of how we can make contraception available 100% of the time, or drill it into a teen’s mind to stay abstinant.

    • Mikey

      MVB – Some kids are responsible. They know what the consequences are and decide to wait.

  • Shannon

    Two of the women who appear on the show became pregnant because of failed contraceptives. How about you watch the show first before you start judging people?

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Oh well, that’s the risk you take.

      • me

        oh so simple for you, eh?

      • Bleepers

        That’s the risk you take…sure…now what? That saying doesn’t solve anything or anyone’s problem.

      • Meli

        Yep, that comment came from a male. All you have to do is go around playing Johnny Appleseed, and if there’s a pregnancy, you don’t have to deal with it. And if one of the ones you get pregnant decides to come after you for child support, you simply pick up and move and quit your job. All easy for you, right?

    • Rolo Tomasi

      You want to be mature enough to have sex, then be mature enough to deal with the consequences with the decisions you make.

      • mvb

        I’ve just concluded that you aren’t mature enough to have sex or to comment in this forum. Something tells me that won’t stop you from either.

      • BP

        I’m fairly certain they are dealing with the consequences. That’s why they have decided to end the pregnancy. Like it or not, it’s legal. And it sounds like it’s a good decision in this case.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        What’s the matter mvb and BP, somebody has a different opinion than you and you attack them personally? And you guys are calling me immature.

      • Cult of Heather

        @Rolo, I don’t take issue with your obvious pro-life stance. I just find your callous, flippant “you play you pay” responses appalling. You would think you would at least show some concern or sympathy regarding the potential child. The child has no choice one way or the other. Regardless, it’s a tough decision to make one way or another. To paraphrase Parenthood “You need a license to drive a car but any moron can become a parent.”

      • BP

        I never attacked you personally or called you immature. I attacked your arguments and statements which are false and misinformed.

  • Chris

    This is tough – while there are people who have abortions because the condom broke or something else happened, there are a host of other women who knowingly don’t use protection and use abortions like it’s a form of birth control.

    • It takes two

      Men are responsible for contraception, too. What about holding them accountable?

      • whatevs

        They’re not the ones who deal with the consequences. As soon as a man learns someone he slept with is pregnant, he bails. That’s how they are.

      • Karate Pants

        @It takes two – my thoughts exactly. We could safely attribute 80-90% of the “they/she should have used protection” comments on this board, to men – none of whom will EVER really understand what any of this is about.

      • Chris

        @Karate Pants,

        Yes, the man is as equally responsible but, in the end, it’s the woman, not the man, having the abortion.

        I knew a girl that, unfortunately, used abortions like birth control. The same guy knocked her up, and he didn’t go with her one time. So sure, it is the man’s responsibility as well, but we women, adults, can’t continue to put the blame on someone else before you have to accept responsibility.

      • Karate Pants

        They were equally culpable.
        The woman ultimately being the one getting the abortion doesn’t mean that she’s any more irresponsible, it’s just that she’s the one physically carrying the baby.
        Women who repeatedly get abortions (“like birth control”) are the minority of those seeking the procedure. Usually it’s someone who had unprotected sex and isn’t ready to be a parent. Both parties contributed to the circumstance, but only one is left to “clean up the mess”.

      • Ian

        “They’re not the ones who deal with the consequences. As soon as a man learns someone he slept with is pregnant, he bails. That’s how they are.” — This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in any debate on abortion. I think you may need to reevaluate the type of men you’re around, the type of men you attract and are attracted to. That will give you some clues as to why your perspective is warped and why your massive generalization is damaging. It would be the equivalent of me saying every woman is incapable of keeping her legs shut, or that they all nag, or whatever other chauvinistic stereotype people might believe. To say “That’s how they are” with “They” being men in general is irresponsible and dumb. I am a man, happily married, a father to a 5 year-old, and a man who has never run out during tough times, including an unplanned and difficultly timed pregnancy that was not only a risk financially, but also a health risk for my then-girlfriend. The pregnancy was aborted, and it was never taken lightly, by either of us, and it was a decision we made together after a lot of very emotional deliberation, and I was with her every step of the way. Just as I was years later, when, as a married couple, we had another unplanned pregnancy that thankfully had no health risks for my wife, and we now have an amazing son that I will never forsake or “bail on”. So take your narrow, prejudiced, sexist views and shove them in your mouth so we don’t have to listen to any more of your poorly thought-out views that seem most likely to be based on watching too much daytime television. Moron…

  • Alexis

    Agree with Shannon no one here has watched the show yet so how do you know the situation of these girls besides the one they describe in the article….and also MTV has done plenty of specials on contraception..the rise of aids…but never on how abortion effects the girls/women who go through it and they have also spoke about adoption as seen on the first season of 16 and pregnant and teen mom with caitlynn and tyler…and @Larry David its funny how you assume they didnt when you werent even there!

  • rey

    i guess the both of them are allergic to condoms or any kind of birth control.

    i remember in one episode, shortly after the birth of the child. the mom went to the doctor immediately to get the uterian implant.

    • BP

      You know nothing about that since the show hasn’t aired yet. Maybe reserve your JUDGING until you’ve seen the facts?

      • BP Not

        Well, we all know that they didn’t use birth control when she got pregnant the first time. Chances are, she didn’t use it the second time.

        And if you’re going to back them up and support them, remember that people are entitled to do the opposite since that is their opinion.

      • BP

        Maybe since they found out the hard way what happens when you DONT use protection, they decided to use it this time, and guess what, its not 100% effective. Your opinions are useless unless you have facts to base them on.

      • Sam

        BP – You’re useless. We now know she thought she had more time after her shot. Um, why didn’t she pay more attention to when she was due for another one and take care of it? Oh, because she’s irresponsible. Quit defending her and her pathetic actions.

  • Liz

    Without saying if I’m for or against this special, I’m just curious if people are reacting poorly because this is MTV and the girls are from Teen Mom? Would you react poorly if this was on PBS?

    • etm

      No it has nothing to do with what network it’s on. People are reacting poorly because Markai clearly is not ready to be a parent, especially for the second time! People are reacting poorly because you’d think she would have learned her lesson the first time, but no, she and James are in the exact same situation. It is frustrating, whether on MTV or PBS.

      • Laura

        Exactly, etm! I am completely pro-choice and don’t condemn Markai for getting an abortion. It’s her choice to make and it seems like it was the right choice for her–what’s incredibly frustrating is that even after one unplanned pregnancy, she found herself in those circumstances again, less than a year later!

      • choice

        @etm (and other dissenters of choice in this comment thread): “It’s frustrating…” To whom? To you personally? Do the decisions of people on an MTV reality show, or the nameless and faceless women you have never met and who are represented in national abortion statistics, bother or effect you personally in some way? Does it prevent you from living your life and making your own decisions? No. None of it does. People just loves to push their ideals and morals on people they don’t even know because they are on some crusade. This is AMERICA. And thank the constitution that we have CHOICE. And shame on the anti-choicers that spend so much time considering the “life of an unborn child” that they simply reduce the female down to nothing but a vagina and uterus to be subjected to political and public scrutiny. Shame. On. All. Of. You. You all can talk when you have been in a situation where you had to make a tough decision like these girls.

      • What

        Choice – It’s frustrating to people who can’t have children and see the life of this one literally flushed down the drain. It’s frustrating to people who work and end up taking care of people like this couple because they don’t do anything with their lives but have kids. It’s frustrating to people who go to work and get a paycheck, but see the idiots on these shows make money just for getting pregnant and having a baby/abortion.

        And shame on you for thinking that you have a right to share your thoughts and opinion, but not wanting others to do the same.

      • choice

        The problem, my dear, is when people’s “opinions” infringe on others rights and decisions. When someone takes their opinion and points it at people (protesters and crisis pregnancy center workers who try an persuade women to do/or not do something) You can have your opinion. I’m certainly not stoping you, nor is anyone else. And you’re right… It is unfortunate that women who can’t have children have to see abortion represented in pop culture… the same way it is unfortunate that rape and abuse victims have to watch violence in movies. Life can be frustrating- but that doesn’t mean we should take it out on others and say what they’re choosing to do with their life is wrong. I do want others to share their opinions- and I even respect them… that last comment was a bit flippant and not meant to be taken all that seriously. I am human after all. Appologies for implying a one-sided 1st Amendment guarantee. Bring it on….

      • etm


        I can be frustrated by something that doesn’t personally affect me, but how do you know this issues hasn’t personally affected me? I could have had an abortion, or my sister, or my friend could have…

        Markai had an extremely difficult pregnancy the first time – extreme nasuea from her own saliva, craving soap, etc. It is maddening that she and James got pregnant again within 1 year!!

        And I certainly don’t think I am pushing my opinions on anyone, nor denying anyone the right to choose.

      • Michele

        @Choice – The girl had two unplanned pregnancies in approximately one year. Most women don’t have that many in a life time. That is frustrating because it shows she is careless, immature and irresponsible. I am actually pro-choice. I don’t want to know though when someone is making the same type of decisions this girl did and getting a paycheck for it.

    • Zakry

      Isn’t the point that they are facing choices they didn’t consider the first time? Maybe BECAUSE they didn’t consider them the first time? They are a little older and wiser and know they can barely afford the child they have? Whether people disapprove of their situation or not, they are In The Situation. I applaud MTV for tackling this issue – just look at the opinions here? I wonder if people would be so harsh if it were their own relatives.

      • choice


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